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Although not as widely anticipated as the release of”Insomniac” or “Nimrod,” Green Day’s newest album released inOctober had the punk, and even pop, scenes buzzing. After all,”Warning” could very well be the Berkeley trio’s final album. Green Daymembers are now in their 30s and, reportedly, the stress of touring and producingmusic in the studio is getting to them.

A few years ago, to say that GreenDay’s sound fit into the mainstream pop category would have been incorrect. Withtime, however, the band has added more mellow sounds to its music. The songs on”Warning” are slower than ever, although the famous guitar riffs arestill present.

Some of the pop-sounding tracks from “Warning”are just what they should be: a mix of pop and punk that pushes the envelope forboth genres. One example is the title track, which combines harmony and arepeated guitar beat.

Green Day didn’t succeed with all of its popendeavors. “Misery” is a marathon (by Green Day standards) five minuteslong, and accomplishes nothing but boring its audience almost to tears. Still,Green Day found time for the pulsating, three-chord songs that made them famous.”Castaway” is probably the only one that could legitimately pass for atrack from “Dookie” or “Insomniac,” but “Jackass,””Minority” and “Church on Sunday” are well worth listeningto.

If you bought “Dookie” and “Insomniac” because youliked the energy and vigor Green Day brought to the table, this album is not foryou. However, if you purchased “Nimrod” only after hearing “Timeof Your Life,” this collection will suit your taste. Being a diehard GreenDay fan, I bought “Warning” the day it came out and was disappointed atfirst, but it grew on me and now I appreciate what the band is trying to do.Basically, I encourage anybody to buy the album, but I wouldn’t guarantee it’slike any Green Day music you’ve heard before.

Insert surname3 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Quiz Problems Question

Insert surname3

Professor’s name

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Course title


Quiz Problems

Question 1.1 which statement concerning an operational audit is not true? (Points: 5)

An operational audit has a finite time period in which it is conducted.

Question 2.2 a complete history of a prospective employee is recommended when hiring for sensitive positions. For example, it is _____. (Points: 5)

All of the above  

Question 3.3 Reference checking (Points: 5)

Is covered by federal regulations.

Question 4.4 Built-in unintentional access to software code is referred to as a what? (Points: 5)


Question 5.5 which of the measures below is not an element of security’s role in labor disputes? (Points: 5)

Recover keys from employees who will go out on strike.

Question 6.6 why it is possible to recommend less than a total integrated approach to security? (Points: 25)

Most institutions now use software-based security mechanisms. Therefore, integrating several components or personnel is unnecessary. The provided soft wares can work much faster and efficiently in identifying potential security threats. After this, their responses are almost instantaneous as complexity in identifying and handling the problem at different stages is minimal.

Question 7.7 why does management have a moral obligation to provide controls to prevent theft? (Points: 25)

In many cases, thefts inside premises do happen amongst the employees. As such, the owners need to strategize on an approach that dissuades or identifies such cases. The hiring of personnel who monitor potential thefts is a good idea. The employers’ plan should not be to fire or prosecute the caught thief. Instead, they should be meant to help them avoid such scenarios of theft which can affect their future lives and investments. This way, an employee will have a chance of leading a profound future with fewer entanglements from their past.

Question 8.8 Explain at least five preventive measures that can be employed to detect retail theft. (Points: 25)

Hiring of personnel to monitor employee accounts within the premises. It will help detect if there are any imbalances in employee’s respective work-stationaccounts.

Installation of video surveillance systems. It will dissuade potential thieves from committing their crimes.

Having a detailed referencing approach when hiring. That way, they will be able to identify and monitor employees or potentials that may be inclined to steal.

Posting theft deterrent notices in and around the premises. Itcan range from simple warning such as, ‘Shoplifters will be prosecuted’ to serious one like, ‘All activities monitored by video cameras.’ It will reduce chances of having theft cases.

Identifying the most prone areas where theft can happen. Also, it will help to determine the areas where actual thefts are occurring. It will have a significant impact as theft loopholes will be handled.