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Grantham Management Approach for Sun City Boards Letter

Grantham Management Approach for Sun City Boards Letter.

ScenarioTom is struggling to identify a management style that he would consider a fit for him and Sun City Boards. He has asked you to review the history of management and propose a management approach that would be appropriate for Sun City Boards. A key challenge for Tom is how to balance the need for creativity in surfboard design and development with the need for control of the manufacturing process to maintain the high level of product performance that the company is known for and that supports it’s premium price.Your TaskI have added some detailed explanation on how to answer the assignment questions below. Review the management practices and operating assumptions covered in the History of Management module with Tom’s request in mind.Review the management practices and operating assumptions covered in the History of Management module with Tom’s request in mind. When it asks for the management practices, you are going to be looking at the current development in management practices; operations, consistent, contingency, information.Outline a management philosophy and operating processes that would address Tom’s concern for balancing creativity and quality control. A management philosophy and operating process is just telling what type of guidance you can provide as a manager and how do you are going to preform/operate that plan in some type of hierarchy or structure. Write a three paragraph email to Tom outlining your proposed management style/structure and rationale. Include in your email three terms from the module, properly defined and referenced in case he wants to research further. Take the research from question 1 & 2 and form your email to Tom in three paragraphs. Make sure that when detailing your email, you make it so that Tom can review your answers for future reference. Given that Tom has been more of an anti-manager than a manager, propose an approach that would allow for a smooth transition rather than an abrupt change in culture and operations that might cost the company valuable talent. Give your opinion on what you have read from the either the Management style of the Founders or the current management practices in your Study Plan or lecture video; operations, consistent, contingency, information. Also, please reference the Forces Shaping Management Practices (see page 28-29) in your book to get an idea of the ever-changing ways we need to look at to make smoother transitions for change.
Grantham Management Approach for Sun City Boards Letter

English Language and Literature homework help. InstructionsDirections: Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should beÿtwo (2) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.PartÿI (a 1 « page response is required)Objective: Explain the approaches to ethics and social responsibilityMKD Transportation owns and operates a fleet of container ships and tankers that transport goods around the globe. Company executives have just been contacted by the media with a credible report that one of their ships is leaking an oily substance off the coast of Belize. If true, some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs could be in danger. On the other hand, the captain of the ship in question has not notified the company of any problem, and cleanup could be very costly. Environmental groups and the government of Belize have demanded that the company admit responsibility and immediately begin cleanup.1. Managers at MKD claim to exercise ethical behavior toward their employees. Describe three (3) matters this behavior might cover.2. What might the general public begin to think about MKD’s responsibilities toward the environment? Provide one (1) example.3. If MKD adopts an obstructionist stance, how will the company respond to this media report? Provide one (1) supporting fact.4. If MKD adopts a defensive stance, how will the company respond to this situation? Provide one (1) supporting fact.5.If MKD adopts an accommodative stance, how will the company respond to the media and demands by the government of Belize and environmental groups? Provide one (1) supporting fact.6.How might this situation have been different in the event that MKD had initially adopted a proactive stance to social responsibility? Provide one (1) supporting fact.?Part II (a « page response is required)Describe one example of a situation in which a company might adopt a pricing objective other than profit maximation. Provide two supporting facts.English Language and Literature homework help
Earth Where Hurricanes Develop Rough Map Questions.

I’m working on a environmental science discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Question 1 25 ptsPlease draw a rough map that includes where hurricanes develop that hit North America and the path they take?Question 2 25 ptsHurricanes
have hit the United States with drastic impacts on major cities. Please
describe one of the hurricanes that hit a coastal US city. Include the
year, time of year, name of hurricane, estimated damage in dollars, and
loss of human life.Question 3 25 ptsDiscuss how tropical cyclones or hurricanes develop, meaning how do they develop from tropical depressions to full hurricanes.Question 4 25 ptsWhat is a storm surge and where is it the largest as the hurricane moves onto land?Part 2, movieThe movie to watch this week is “The Perfect Storm.” 1 25 ptsThere are two storm systems involved in the movie. What are these?Question 2 25 ptsWhere is the Grand Banks and why was the Andrea Gail there?Question 3 25 ptsThe boat, Andrea Gail, experiences various problems. Which of these problems ultimately sunk the boat?Question 4 25 ptsWhat other tragedies occurred in the film?
Earth Where Hurricanes Develop Rough Map Questions

ethical problem in workspace. Paper details identify and analyze specific ethical problem in your current or past organization. Pick a problem of manageable size. The nature of the ethical problem is up to you but make sure there is an ethical component to the problem since you will be analyzing it. Remember, this is an application exercise not a history lesson or presentation of abstract course material. This is a mini-paper, which means it should be only 3-5 pages long (12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced). Brief does not mean superficial. You will have to think carefully to best use the concepts from the course to help you answer the questions. In narrative form, address the following areas: What is the nature of the ethical breakdown? What about the situation do you question ethically? What about the situation do you find acceptable? How common is this problem? What guidance does the organization provide? What actions would you recommend? What did you learn new about managing ethical challenges? APA guidelines are required. It is strongly suggested that you use these questions as sub-headings in your mini-paper to ensure you address each area and that the instructor can locate specific material expected to address each of the questions.ethical problem in workspace

Organizational Culture at Vice Media

Organizational Culture at Vice Media.

Organizational Culture at Vice MediaVice Media—a multimedia conglomerate—built its organizational culture around some features that were attractive to its young employees. It was a media company on the edge of digital content. It provided more opportunities to people in their 20s than other companies in the same industry. Vice’s co-founder, Shane Smith, had the appealing pitch to employees to “come with me and change the world.” The company kept growing. It started as a free magazine but then became the tenth-highest-valued private company in the US. At its height, it had 3,000 employees, a cable network, many websites, two HBO shows, an ad agency, a film studio, a record label, and even a bar in London. And it was full of energetic, young employees.There was another side to the culture at Vice. Sometimes the company was less than honest with clients as it grew. When a meeting with Intel was on the calendar, Smith convinced the architecture company next store to move out to make the office look larger. The day that Intel visited, Vice employees were asked to bring friends to work with laptops. Everyone was told to act more professional than usual. The company grew so fast that it led to a chaotic atmosphere that sometimes crossed the line. Acknowledging this at some level, they asked employees to sign a “Non-Traditional Workplace Agreement.” The agreement said employees wouldn’t find the workplace environment to be offensive or disturbing. Beyond allegations of harassment, there was tension from widespread consensual interoffice romances.Departing employees have described Vice Media as a creative environment that provided professional growth, but also included low pay and overwork. A senior manager was once quoted saying that the company had a “22 Rule” hiring strategy: “Hire 22-year-olds, pay them $22,000, and work them 22 hours a day.” All the while, Vice Media was valued at $2.5 billion. Smith told employees often that most of them had stock options and would be rich soon. But the stock options and high pay never seemed to pan out. When Smith bought a $23 million house in Los Angeles, employees decided to unionize.Change in the culture at Vice Media was reportedly underway when the New York Times reported multiple confidential settlements with employees for gender pay inequities as well as misconduct. Company founders wrote a letter to employees apologizing for the company’s culture and promising change. The company promised to pay men and women equally by the end of 2018.Vice Media co-founder Suroosh Alvi described part of the company’s problem, saying that “there was never any specific plan that took us anywhere. We have not followed any path other than growth. We didn’t adhere to any business philosophy other than ‘survive.’”Nancy Dubuc, who used to be the top executive at A+E Networks, took the helm of Vice Media in April 2018. Dubuc calls being CEO at Vice Media “the opportunity of a lifetime.” Smith will remain at the company as executive chairman, focusing on creating content and partnerships.Case QuestionsWhich of the six organizational culture dimensions apply most clearly to Vice Media’s culture?How do you think the new Vice Media CEO needs to help employees learn about changes she decides to make in the organization’s culture?If you were the new CEO at Vice Media, what actions would you take to improve the culture?Other high-tech firms have been accused of creating “college dorm” cultures. These type of cultures were unheard of in start-ups thirty years ago. What might have changed? How do you make cultures like this more professional?PREVIOUSNEXT
Organizational Culture at Vice Media

Perceptions of Parents With Down Syndrome

i need help writing an essay Perceptions of Parents With Down Syndrome. A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON THE PERCEPTION OF PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME: THE CASE OF A FAMILY IN BAMENDA, CAMEROON AND A FAMILY IN LEUVEN, BELGIUM ABSTRACT Down syndrome is a form of disability which retards the growth of children. This form of disability is perceived differently in different cultures and these different perceptions affect the relationship between the rest of the family and the Down syndrome child. While some cultures see Down syndrome children as abnormal beings that have come back in human form to torment families, others see them as just children who have retarded growth and needs an extra help to grow in their own world. These different perceptions therefore enhance the type of treatment granted to these children by their parents. This article is based on evaluating the perception of parents with Down syndrome children within an African context and a Western context. Case study for the case of African will be based on my experience with Down syndrome children in Bamenda and other available literatures while that of the West will be based on ethnographic study with a family in Leuven. This research will examine the different views on the causes of Down syndrome and how this influences the relationship between the Down syndrome child and the family. Also, this article will analyze the type of treatment provided in these different cultural setting. INTRODUCTION Down syndrome most often is caused by trisomy due to no segregation of chromosome 21 in the formation of the oocyte or spermatocyte and it can also be caused by translocation of trisomy 21. This translocation takes place in instances where a piece of chromosome 21 becomes attached to another chromosome often number 14 during cell division. This disability occurs very often in 1 of every 1000 live birth children. This always leads to impairment in cognitive ability and physical growth which could be very mild of severed with some affected children. The recognition of this is very limited. A great number children suffer from Down syndrome disorder in the world today. Not all these children have the means of being diagnosed to know what they are suffering from due to socio economic reasons. Not being diagnosed is a major problem because it affects their development. The number of children who actually are diagnosed and given adequate treatment is greater in developed countries more than developing countries. The perception parents have about the cause, diagnosis and treatment of children with Down syndrome is an interesting aspect that has a great impact on the development of these children. In the light of different cultural point of view, biomedical and socio-cultural factors play a very important role. BetancourtPerceptions of Parents With Down Syndrome

SWRK 3903 University of Memphis Treatment Plan for Depression Discussion

SWRK 3903 University of Memphis Treatment Plan for Depression Discussion.

Each student will complete a treatment plan, including treatment plan goals and objectives, as an assignment in this class. A sample treatment plan template will be provided to you (it is in eCourseware under the left side Treatment Plan Template Samples Tab), and you will have the ability to use a sample case from your service learning experience, a sample case from the book, a sample case I provided in eCourseware, or a sample case you come up with (please maintain confidentiality if you use a client case). You will not need to focus on diagnosis, but you will need to focus on assessment (screenings from your previous assignment), goal development, and the identification of specific interventions for each of the identified needs of the client. This assignment does not require APA formatting, but must be written well and with appropriate grammar. A template is provided for you on eCourseware
SWRK 3903 University of Memphis Treatment Plan for Depression Discussion

ISSC481 discussion response

ISSC481 discussion response. Can you help me understand this Computer Science question?

I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.
1. Why is it important for organizations to have a business continuity plan in place?2. Why is important for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan?3. If companies have both a BCP and a DRP in place do they need to have an incident response plan? Please explain.

Student one:
1. Why is it important for organizations to have a business continuity plan in place?
Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process involved in creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. BCP involves defining all risks that can affect the company’s operations, making it an important part of the organization’s risk management strategy. Risks may include natural disasters—fire, flood, or weather-related events—and cyber-attacks. Once the risks are identified, the plan should also include how those risks will affect operations. Additionally, there should be safeguards and procedures in place to prevent further damage/future risks. Education and testing procedures should be implemented regularly to ensure that everyone understands their roles and that the plans are up to date with current threats.
2. Why is important for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan?
Disaster recovery is a part of business continuity, which focuses more on keeping all aspects of a business running despite the disaster. Because IT systems these days are so critical to the success of the business, disaster recovery is a main pillar in the business continuity process.
3. If companies have both a BCP and a DRP in place do they need to have an incident response plan? Please explain.
I believe they do still need to have an incident response plan. I prefer to use a military mindset when thinking of these. To me, a business continuity plan is sort of like a National/Organizational plan on what the end state should be and how to get there. An incident response plan is more tactical in nature and it gets down into the weeds on how to accomplish specific functions or respond to a specific incident. As soon as the incident is dealt with, you stop and move onto something different. There will be parts of both plans that overlap each other, but there are differences.
Kenton, W. (2019, June 1). Business Continuity Planning. Retrieved from Investopedia:…

Shaw, K. (2018, January 23). What is disaster recovery? How to ensure business continuity. Retrieved from Network World:…

Student two:
1. Why is it important for organizations to have a business continuity plan in place?
A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) focuses on the creation of adequate responses to a given scenario such as disasters, exploitation, etc. In this creation, the BCP seeks to anticipate a threat, a response, and desirable outcome. The importance of a BCP is two-fold. First, in the obvious observation, the BCP positions an organization into proactive, rather than reactive, threat response. Secondly, in a less obvious consideration, the BCP creates a level of intimacy with the organization’s architecture, meta-data, operation requirements, and overall resiliency to outages.
2. Why is important for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan?
A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a subcomponent of the BCP. As the DRP specifically focuses on recovering from an actual disaster, is an important need of the BCP, and should not seek blanketed approaches to methodologies. As the BCP aides in dictating the acceptable outage time, and monetary loss by the organization, the DRP aligns itself with these key requirements and thus dictates items such as secondary sites, equipment requirements, necessary personnel, and data backup/recovery.
3. If companies have both a BCP and a DRP in place do they need to have an incident response plan? Please explain.
Yes, a DRP and BCP do offer guidance regarding events causing a loss of operational status. However, the events relating to Incident Response (IR) require a somewhat different response. The BCP can determine the use of internal or third party IR support, which the latter is in itself an IR Plan, but lacks specificity given the event of an IR. Therefore, internal IR support should have dedicated plans, frameworks, and expectations, outside of the BCP and DRP.
ISSC481 discussion response

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