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Grant proposal final draft

Need you to add the following changes:Hi Avery, thank you for sharing. Remember this project is a persuasive piece to seek funding to support your project. Be sure to demonstrate the benefits of your program to the participants in the program. Give some specific and concrete examples of how your program will benefit participants.
Dear Grant Provider,
My learning institution (ABC Middle School) is delighted to hand out this proposal for your appraisal. As a learning institution, we look forward to working with you in making accessible several learning intervention programs for some of our learners who have poor reading habits, known as Learn to Excel project. My learning institution is a middle school that contains over eighty students who have been experiencing a poor reading structure for at least three years. The aim of the Learn to Excel project by our school is to help learners who experience poor reading habits develop positive reading skills in at least grade levels and improve their speeds of reading effective studying styles.
In the past two years, ABC Middle School has been steering the Learn to Excel project with a small fraction of learners’ who were by that time having poor reading culture, and ever since the inception of this program, most of the learners involved have reported great improvements on their ways of reading and academic performance. The Learn to Excel program provides learners with easy access to convenient reading organizations. In addition, this program provides a lot of training to the teachers involved and reading experts in our school. Since the adoption of this project, we have recorded measurable success. We are looking forward to growing our Learn to Excel program in order to improve the reading habits and best performance of all our students.
Our proposal requests a total amount of $21,900 in funding to procure some of the necessary reading materials such as hardware, software, and expertise and technological tools needed to properly furnish our library and resource centers with modern reading systems inclusive tools like computers, scanners, and printers. As an institution, we sincerely thank your organization for showing interest in assisting our learners improves their academic performance and reading habits through our advanced learning program. Please feel free to reach me if you ever need any additional information concerning this proposal.
Thank you,
Avery Wells
Learn to Excel: Improving Reading Habits for better Student academic performance.
Executive Summary
ABC Middle School is located in the United States of America and is requesting a grant to enlarge our Learn to Excel program with the significant goal of assisting all students in improving their reading cultures and obtaining good academic performance. The aim of this program is that all our learners will have improved on their reading habits and excellent academic performance towards the end of this year. The Learn to Excel program is based on advanced technologies and research on reading skills. Financing the program, an amount of $21,900 is needed for resource acquisitions, staff training, and technological furnishings in the school library.
Statement of

ABC Middle School has a population of 400

students, from which 100 of them have been identified to be in great jeopardy in their academic performance due to various reasons such as poor reading habits, language-based complications, learning disabilities, and economic constraints among many other reasons. According to Nalusiba (2010), some of the poorest nations worldwide lack the motivating factor to acquire books because of tough economic conditions like prioritizing food, shelter, and clothing. Consequently, our institution is highly qualified for the funds mentioned above. This is because in the event that learners from ABC Middle School are not provided with an opportunity to work on their reading habits, the more they are going to give up on reading and discontinue their education (Hecker et al., 2002).
Goals and Objectives
The goal of Learn to Excel program is to enhance improved reading habits of students to improve their general academic performance to the level where they can independently establish proper reading skills that will put them together for further learning systems. Different studies have argued that poor reading habits have contributed to devastating impacts on the students’ academic performance, and it has also disrupted the theory of education with the poorest readers discounting.
The primary objectives of this program include,
1. Provide students who have learning disabilities with a multi-sensor reading substitute that will significantly aid the students to work their reading speed to the level that they can comfortably read by themselves (Elkind et al., 1993).
2. Develop the status of book learning among students with learning and reading disabilities.
3. Recognize suitable strategies to increase the reading habit of students with reading challenges
4. Pinpoint the bigger challenges to reading among students and policy-makers.
The program will focus on various strategies necessary for the establishment of an effective reading habit among students with reading and learning disabilities. The program will subsequently develop the status of reading habits in our institution, the various challenges faced by students, and the likely plan of action that should be taken to increase the reading habit among learners. The study will be carried out in ABC Middle School in the United States of America. The basis of selecting these students depends on the status of their academic performance in schools. The timeline for this program is two years. School teachers may benefit from this program because they would acquire knowledge of how to guide students to promote reading habits. Education policy-makers may also benefit from this program because it would provide them with appropriate curricula that make reading a fundamental concept of school policies.
In the first initial stages of the Read to Excel program, standardized reading tests will occasionally be tested out after every academic year to find significant improvement in reading speed and understanding. In addition, students with attention defiant disorder, which is part of a reading disability, will be subjected.
Project Sustainability
After completing the grant money, the Learn to Excel program will have to develop plans to ensure project sustainability through various means. The first sustainability plan for this program is developing a financial habit (Spurrier, 2021). A well-organized analysis and update of all the program’s finances will help Learn to Excel program to strategize and improve on its financial life, hence promoting the sustainable project. The second plan is to establish financial objectives that are attainable and realistic; this way, the project will remain sustainable in helping to promote academic performances by enhancing a reading culture. The third financial objective toward project sustainability is to establish a budget and utilize it in controlling the project’s spending, thereby remaining sustainably. Through thoroughly following a budget plan, our institution would be able to significantly revise the concept of sustainability in the school by controlling income and outcome. ABC Middle School will also invite authors into the project’s sustainability to establish an interesting experience for learners and, in turn, increase their reading habits. Finally, our institution will provide students with an opportunity to recommend books to their fellow students; in turn, it would create an atmosphere of fun, thereby promoting project sustainability for the future plan.
Organizational Information
The organizational structure of our institution encourages a lot of teamwork which has been operating as a strong pillar towards improving reading habits for students in the Learn to Excel program (Reeder, 2022). Consequently, the high-ranking qualification of our staff members boasts as key drivers towards the success of Learn to Excel program. For instance, the school’s education coordinator is a certified professional with a special education degree from a reputable university. Additionally, the speech-language pathologist at ABC Middle School is also a certified professional from a reputable university. Our institution tends to abide by the standard organizational structure, which provides pecking clear orders that employees or departments follow on the basis of delivering effective task operations. The school teachers are segregated into separate teams and departments depending on the student’s grade level and critical academic areas of study such as science, mathematics, and languages, among other areas.
Dell PC with Monitor
3 day
Epson 300 Scanner
Software Maintenance
Elkind, J., Cohen, K.,