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Grand Canyon University Smith Family Case Study

Grand Canyon University Smith Family Case Study.

For this assignment, you are to review the Smith family case study, research treatment plan options, and provide the details for a treatment plan for the Smith family. Write a 1,500-2,000-word paper, describing the typical characteristics, rules and roles of the Smith family as well as the details you would include as the counselor in a treatment plan for the family. Include the following in your paper: Describe some of the treatment issues that the Smith family may be facing in their recovery.Describe at least four interventions that might be indicated for the Smith family as they move forward in their treatment.Details for a treatment plan for the family that includes the following:Include at least four scholarly sources in addition to the textbook to support your findings. Social planningSupport groupsGoals and objectives for the familyProcedures and rules to try to abide byRelapse prevention strategies and how the family can respond to John when they are concerned about his sobriety Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
Grand Canyon University Smith Family Case Study

executive summary about Non-profit performing arts center called “Breakout performing arts center”. Located in South africa Bringing arts to an underserved country through a non-profit organization. Attached are 2 example pdf’s and a swot analysis . I only need you to write the executive summary which could be 1-2 pages long and you need to include a business descriiption overview of the business mission statement and management team.
AML 1000 KU Desiree Baby & Characters Who Having Multiple Identities Narrative Essay.

In Desiree Baby, Chopin used her characters who having multiple identities through out their life to express that his/her reputation could change dramatically and could negatively effects affected his/her life later. Let Desiree be the example. As we know she had her identity changed many times through out her life. From being an abandoned baby to being adopted by a loving family, she grew up became a beautiful, sweet, kind and affectionate Desiree – “the idol of Valmonde.” (Chopin p 443). Armand and her met, got married and her identify changed from nameless to Armand’s wife. After their baby was born, Desiree was the happiest mother, but as it grew up they could see the different with the baby. Things went down, Armand was certain that since the baby was not white meant neither was Desiree, to him it was a shame. Armand kicked both of Desiree and the baby out of his life. Desiree was no one after all. Clearly it badly affected her because she didn’t know who she was anymore. Everything was meaningless, then she decided to kill her self at the end. “She disappeared among the reeds and willows that grew thick along banks of the deep, sluggish bayou, and she did not comeback gain.” (Chopin p 446). The Memoir introduced some gendered events taking step by step to self-discovery. Maia went to grad school, where she was requested to list out a list of secrets on her first class. She called them her “demon” (Kotabe). She wrote a short comic about them, but too embarassed to show. As her puperty development, she was trapped with many confusions: the clothes she wore, the bra, her questions about shaving her legs, an unisex name “I wish I had been named Robin” (Kotabe), her crushes for boys and girls, her struggles of how to come out to her family, society and bonding with friends. She wasn’t born knowing all these stuffs about queer gender, so it made totally sense when Maia came to think that she might be a lesbian, “My deepest emotional relationships have always been with women, did that mean I was a lesbian? But my sexual fantasies involved two male partners. Was I a gay boy trapped in a girl’s body? The knowledge of a third option slept like a seed under the soil.” (Kotabe). Reference Chopin, K. (1893). Desiree’s Baby. The Norton Anthology American Literature 9th Edition. W.W. Norton New York LonDon. Kotabe, M. (2019). Gender Queer: a memoir. to a classmate. Do you agree with your classmate’s perspective? Why or why not? Be specific. What is the most convincing part of your classmate’s post? Why?Criteria:150 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations)There is a no-research policy in place for this class. Using any material other than the assigned readings and lectures, even if it is correctly quoted and cited, will result in a failing grade for this assignment. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this policy.
AML 1000 KU Desiree Baby & Characters Who Having Multiple Identities Narrative Essay

University of Sydney CUMI Indias Global Strategy The China Puzzle Case Study.

1. What is driving CUMI’s success? Is it sustainable? Which part of it is transferable internationally
2. What is driving CUMI’s internationalization strategy? Specifically analyze the industry level drivers, as well as country level (India) drivers? 
3. Evaluate CUMI’s Russian and South African ventures. What is the level of success in each of these two markets and what would you attribute the success or failure to?
4. Evaluate CUMI’s experience in China? What is CUMI’s problem in China? Why do you think CUMI is not able to translate its Russian success to China?
5. How important is China to CUMI? Is the management right in thinking about China centric strategy?
6. What are CUMI’s options in China? What would you recommend CUMI as China strategy? How would you implement this?
University of Sydney CUMI Indias Global Strategy The China Puzzle Case Study

Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Do you think Student-Athletes should be paid? If so, what structure/guidelines would you use to pay them?, ,Do you think Student Athletes should be paid?-what structure or guidelines,Do you think Student-Athletes should get payment? If so, what structure/guidelines would you use to pay them?,Being a college student-athlete is a full-time job, bouncing between the weight room, the court/field, classes, and film sessions. College athletics are extracurricular activities, but the schedules of the ,National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA), tournaments require an extended period in which the student-athletes must miss school. Not only do they miss class, but they are absentees for nationally televise games that make a lot of money and receive millions of viewers. According to Marc Edelman in his article “21 Reasons Why Student-Athletes Are Employees and Should Unionize.”,Since student-athletes also bring in revenue for their team and college or university, especially in the championship games, those who debate in favor of paying them say the students could receive a small portion of the profits. Yes, pay would vary, just as the universities with the more successful teams receive more television time or money than those with less successful teams., ,Payment of Student Athletes?,College football and men’s basketball programs earn far more than any other athletic program, so these athletes would likely earn more as well. This may not be considered fair pay, but many of those who argue in support of paying college players point out that team popularity and consumers generally determine what is “fair.” These sports also tend to support other less popular sports that do not bring in a lot of money on their own.,Student-athletes are the ones working hard out on the court and field. Coaches might have a big effect on a team, but it is up to the athletes to work. Coaches receive bonuses for breaking records, reaching the off-season, and winning the big games; the athletes receive none of it, writes Tyson Hartnett for HuffPost.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Philosophy homework help

Outsourcing a Division

cheap assignment writing service Outsourcing a Division.

Assume you are a manager in a large Middle East manufacturing organization. You have been asked to consider outsourcing a division of the organization to another country.Describe the steps you would take in evaluating this decision.Explore whether or not you would use prescriptive or descriptive decision-making and explain your reasoning.Evaluate the critical thinking skills you believe would be necessary to make this decision.You must demonstrate your ability to describe the steps you would take in the decision-making process rather than merely providing an answer to this scenario. Your paper should be well-crafted, demonstrate careful development of thought, and exhibit critical thinking skill as appropriate to graduate level academic writing. Further, providing a narrative is not enough. You must tie in the concepts gained in the course and integrate those concepts throughout the main body of your discussion.Directions:Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:- Be 6 pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.- Formatted according to APA writing guidelines.- Be sure to use at least 3 current, scholarly references those published within the most recent five-year period and scholarly sources are those from peer-reviewed journals other than the required reading articles above.- Support your interpretation with evidence from the textbook (Bazerman, M. H., & Moore, D. A. (2013). Judgment in managerial decision making (8th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John
Wiley and Sons. ISBN 13: 9781118065709)- Citing references as appropriate in each paragraph. *** very important***- Utilize headings to organize the content in your work.
Outsourcing a Division

HIM HI380 Rasmussen College Module 7 Benchmarks and Productivity Paper

HIM HI380 Rasmussen College Module 7 Benchmarks and Productivity Paper.

When looking at productivity standards for an HIM department, you need to take into consideration if the department has a paper based environment (medical record is created and maintained in paper form), hybrid environment (medical record is a combination of electronic and paper documents) or EMR environment (medical records are fully computerized either through direct entry by clinicians into the electronic medical record software, scanning of paper documents to the electronic medical record or a combination of both and after discharge HIM processes are based on an electronic medical record).There are two parts to this assignment. The first part will be developing productivity standards and the second part will be developing benchmarking standards for the HIM department.Part 1For part one of this assignment, refer to the following AHIMA article Management Practices for the Release of Information , Bock, Linda J, RHIA; Demster, Barbara, MS, RHIA, CHCQM; Dinh, Angela K, MHA, RHIA; Gorton, Elisa R, RHIA, MAHSM; Lantis, James R, Jr, MHA, RHIA. Journal of AHIMA79.11, to work on the assignment of developing productivity standards for the new position that was hired to work for you. You can also use other sources for this information and include your references on your paper. In this paper, be sure to include the following:Develop productivity standards for the newly hired position.Include standards for low, medium, and high performers.Part 2For part two of this assignment, you will need to develop a benchmark for the Release of Information position. Benchmarks or Best Practices are based on the performance of similar organizations by gathering data on the standards by national or local professional associations and standard setting organizations. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals has a standard stating that History and Physical examinations need to be done within 24 hours of admission to a hospital. Thus, HIM Directors have used this guideline to measure the hospital compliance with this standard. When establishing benchmark for the HIM Department, the manager should first select key functions that will be benchmarked and relating this to the specific function. When the key indicators have been identified, research can then began on the benchmarks by reviewing published sources. The following benchmarks steps can be followed:Identify departments that have achieved outstanding performance based on the key indicators (98% achievement).Studying the best practice used that make it possible to achieve the outcome desired.Implementing the best practice in the HIM department to achieve the goal.
HIM HI380 Rasmussen College Module 7 Benchmarks and Productivity Paper

Troy University William Blake Condemned Authority of All Kinds Essay

Troy University William Blake Condemned Authority of All Kinds Essay.

Below is linked an outline of the details that you will want to follow as you complete your mid-term essay exam. It may look very detailed, but this is just a refresher of essay formatting that we address in Comp class. So, choose one of the 20 or more writing prompts that I’ve forwarded to you in an earlier Announcement. Write specifically and clearly–don’t try to impress me with fanciness–and use quotations to support your assertions. This perhaps is the most important aspect of the assignment. If you use quotations, then hitting 1,000 words shouldn’t be a problem.You do not have to bring in outside sources other than what is in our textbook. I’m interested in YOUR head, not some other dude’s.
Troy University William Blake Condemned Authority of All Kinds Essay

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