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Government in War Time Essay

Government in War Time Essay. Many nations today have had to ask themselves whether the US really respects the sovereignty of other nations. The US has been accused of conspiring to oust heads of state in foreign countries to assert its economic objectives. Countries like Iraq have been attacked by the US in which Saddam Hussein was captured and later killed. Iraq is an oil-rich country. Other countries whose leaders have been overthrown by US-sponsored armies and agencies include Afghanistan and Venezuela. The military actions by the US against other countries may be viewed as invasive, calculative or personal depending on the impact generated by particular attacks. Human rights activists and some social diplomats have always criticized the US for its actions which seem to be founded on economic interests. Certain nations perceive these actions by the US as inclining towards a show of superiority and dominance. With a variety of analyses and scrutiny, the conflicts that existed in history still run up to date and the same reception that America received from the afflicted nations a hundred years ago is still maintained up to date. The feeling for the US by its enemies is that of bitterness, resentment, and malevolence. America has been affected by successive terrorist attacks by its enemies. The most remarkable of the attacks was evidenced by the September 11, 2001, attacks on Washington and New York City by al Qaeda adherents. Many Americans do not see the attacks as retaliatory but instead feel that the US invades certain countries to deliver justice to the perceived oppresses citizens of those countries. With the wars, rebellions, and revolutions in place, certain scholars argue that America will never be safe and even investors tend to fear and deviate from the code of investment. Many investors fear to invest in the US and instead resort to investing in fast-growing economies in the Middle East and the northern parts of Africa and Asia. The US is viewed by political experts to be strong in military strength. Many of its enemies do not prefer showing open resentment towards it. China’s effort to launch a nuclear attack on the US failed due to fear of possible retaliation by the US. It, therefore, becomes apparent that no nation is ready to launch an effective attack against the US apart from the few cases involving independent associations and terrorist groups. The American military relations The American military is believed to be highly trained and an intelligent force is encompassing the air force, US marine, and other military forces. Most military reports claim that the force’s primary role is to protect the state and civilians including their rights and property (Shelley,12). The citizens of the US expect the military to execute their duties and respect the outcome of their actions. The actions of the US military are thought to safeguard the interests of its citizens. However certain actions by the US military have been termed excessively outrageous as they have infringed on the sovereignty of the said countries. The killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 was a case in point. The US Marines did not consult the government of Pakistan before invading the town of Abbottabad where Osama was hiding. The killing of Osama by Obama’s regime is considered a major achievement by the regime against the fight on terrorism. Certain Muslims believe that the US did not follow the right diplomatic protocol by invading Pakistan territory. It is, however, true that certain operations by the US military can be described as retaliatory (Robert and Robert, 23). In 1855, an expedition of marines attacked the islands of Fiji killing 14 natives and set about 115 houses ablaze as an act of retaliation following the murder of a pair of American citizens in Wada. According to many Fijians, the action by the US was malicious, and Fijians still bear feelings of hate for America. Causes of hatred Hatred is a feeling that is developed within a person following an experience with something or someone and in some cases with no genuine reason at all. The mind and the heart play bigger roles in the determination of a particular feeling like hatred. Certain countries who view the US as domineering on others have developed mechanisms of fighting it. The form of hatred for America by certain countries has been analyzed to be physical through attack or use of technology by the creation of nuclear arsenals and ammunitions. During the 1950 to 1953 war on Korea, the US threatened to drop nuclear bombs on North and South Korea and China. The Asian countries have always taken precautions when it comes to nuclear war. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 may have brought about hatred of the US by the Japanese due to the adverse effects the bombs had on the victims and subsequent generations. They Japanese may probably hate the US because of its superior technological advancement. The US has enormous financial resources that it uses in promoting military, economic and social programs. The US as a superpower usually has a military and logistical advantage over its enemies (Rangel, 34). During the Middle East crisis in 1958, the US deployed her marine to stop a rebellion involving Iraq and Lebanon. It applied the mechanism of blackmail by purporting to use nuclear attacks. Most countries hate the US due to its interference in other countries’ internal affairs. The US has always shown interest in many matters happening in various states of the world to assert its authority. Most attacks perpetrated against the US are attributed to resistance and opposition or resistance from dissenting nations. Conclusion War causes damage and loss of lives and property. Both civilians and the military lose their lives in the event of war. During the Quasi-war in 1978, an argument between France and the United States on Britain brought about strained relations among the three countries which affected trade among them (Edwards, 23). The three countries were rated highly economically in the world and were among the world’s superpowers. Diplomacy among them was broken, and the good neighbor policy was basically overwritten. The land became a challenge in the crisis and the US found itself in a dilemma and hence had to take sides. The argument was focused on British impressments on American sailors, the intervention of ships and hindrance of the US during the British versus French confrontation. Finally, ceasefire was declared between the two superpowers. This kind of ceasefire is however not extended to third world countries causing resentment and hatred for the US. Works Cited Edwards, Sebastian. Left Behind: Latin America and the False Promise of Populism, Chicago, USA: University of Chicago Press, 2010.Print. Rangel, Carlos. The Latin Americans: Their Love-Hate Relationship with the United States, Connecticut, USA: Cengage Learning, 1977.Print. Robert, Art and Robert, Jervis. International Politics: Enduring concepts and contemporary issues tenth edition, Boston, USA: Longman, 2011.Print. Shelley, Bardes. American Government and Politics today; Separation of Power, 17th Edition, Connecticut, USA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2013.Print. Government in War Time Essay
GIT Gainesville Georgia Comprehensive Plan Research Paper.

Choose a favorite city, maybe your hometown or another small to medium size city that interests you. (I HAVE CHOSEN GAINSEVILLE GEORGIA) Find their comprehensive plan and other information that sheds light on the planning processes in the community. After reviewing the comprehensive plan and the community’s website answer the following questions in a paper/report format:Describe the community (use more sources than just the summary in the comp plan) giving us location, population, brief history, key economic and cultural features, etc.When was most recent version of the comprehensive plan created?What topics were included in the comprehensive plan (denoting which are required and which are optional)What are five of the key recommendations from the comprehensive plan?Why are these important to this particular community?Do you consider the strategies for implementation innovative?What other planning documents do they have in place to support the areas of focus?How is the community working regionally to accomplish the goals for the comprehensive plan?What forums for public process are available? How is the planning director inclusive of the various needs of the community and other interests? What are other hot button issues for the community that have not been addressed in the comprehensive plan? This paper should be approximately 7-10 double spaced pages (exclusive of graphics, tables, references, appendices) and include citations and references. Integrate throughout the paper references from the readings or other media you have reviewed this semester. All sources should be able to be found with online searching. PreviousNext
GIT Gainesville Georgia Comprehensive Plan Research Paper

Operation management practices of the Apple company Essay

Forecasting Forecasting is the ability of a firm to plan for its future. The future of firms has different parameters such as costs, inventory, interest rate charges, and capacities. The constant changes in the business environment demand that organizations must prepare to adapt to the environment in order to continue realizing continuous growth. The forecasting process enables organizations to predict the future behavior of their internal activities like financial flow (“Industry Forecasting Methods” par. 1). They can also evaluate the external activities like the customers’ tastes and preference. This approach enables firms to satisfy their customers’ needs. Therefore, the forecast helps firms to come up with strategies that they can employ to go through the future challenges. This gives organizations competitive advantage over other competitors. Methods and Techniques of forecasting Firms employ various forecasting techniques in order to understand the nature of their customers’ demands. Forecasting entails research and development with the purpose of replacing old trends with new trends. The various types of forecasting are in two broad categories that are qualitative and quantitative approaches. Under qualitative approach, there are Delphi method, market research, product life-cycle analogy and expert judgement (“Forecasting” par. 6). In this method experts are presented with a scenario and are tasked to make initial predictions based on a questionnaire to write opinions. Afterwards, response analysis is carried out, and another summary is given to the experts for further predictions. This process undergoes several repetitions until a consensus is reached. Market research involves the use of questionnaires and surveys in testing the market trends and customers’ behaviors. There is also the product life-cycle analogy which analyzes the performance of a given product in the market. This method studies the general life-cycle of all products that firms produce. Lastly, expert judgement is carried out by the entire management and other technocrats. On quantitative methods, there are the time series forecasting methods; it is analyzes historical information over consecutive periods (“Forecasting” par. 8). In this method, analysts assume that they can use varied precedent data patterns to foresee future data points. In time series, there are moving averages, Box-Jenkins methods of autocorrelation, exponential smoothing and mathematical models. In this broad base quantitative forecasting method, firms plot to determine the characteristics of the plotted data. The components are trend, cyclical, irregular and seasonal component. Smoothing methods is an example of forecasting approaches, which show a fairly stable time series of no notable cyclical, seasonal effects, and trends. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apple’s Forecasting Technique The Apple Company uses time series analysis. The use of historical data has helped the company to redesign new products to constantly changing market, for example, the iPod (“Industry Forecasting Methods” par. 5). Apple has overtime altered their product models and sizes. The company forecasts on music portability in light gadgets. This strategy made the company gain competitive advantage over their competitors like Microsoft. Through continuous research and development, Apple which for a long time had been under the Windows operating system, became a leader in mp3 player, in the global market. Apple is continuously using trend forecasting to study the market nature 10 years ago and 10 years to come. The old trend system has made Apple remain at the top as they can predict the future tastes of their customers. With the current technological developments like large gigabytes of storage in computers and ability of customers to stream live and download videos, the Apple Company has inculcated these features in their iPod in order to remain in the forefront in the near future. Process Design Apple’s Process Design Process design is the means by which organizations construct and reorganize their products to be above par in the competitive market. Apple has truly succeeded where others failed in the design process of their products. The firm uses the experimental object design process of design, that is, their design process aims at removing ambiguity in operation of products by the consumers. Even though the process takes a lot of time and involves a large amount of work, it corrects past mistakes. In addition, the designers use the 10 to 3 to 1 mock up (Walters par. 3). This enables them to design without restrictions and choose the best standard out of the available designs. Clearly, the variety of products allows designers to make strong decisions on the best designs to meet the present and future market demands. The device is redesigned to avert any situation of leaks that may arise from nations like China. Afterwards, there are paired design meetings where engineers and designers brainstorm on how their idea will solve a problem in the market. The meeting encourages openness in accepting new ideas in developing any app (Walters par. 5). Lastly, the management meets to decide on the best design that they believe can offer long-term solutions to the market demands. This process helps to manage the entire design process. After product development, it is launched under a well coordinated action plan that is confidential. The landmarks of the product development are entrusted to a responsible individual who does not leak the information to wrong parties. An attempt to release this information before the product launch leads to dismissal right away. We will write a custom Essay on Operation management practices of the Apple company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Management of the Design From the onset, Apple agrees that this process is time consuming and involves a large volume of work; however, they contend that the product will create a difference in the market. Apple produce products that are expensive, but they are more efficient than other cheap products in the market. The company holds that even though their products are expensive, they fail to disappoint the customers. Clearly, Apple follows its devotion to ‘good products first’, and from their historical performance, they have succeeded massively in the past 10 years (Panzarino par. 7). Additionally, the company ships 99% of the products that exceed a certain threshold. This is in comparison to other firms like Philips which kills 9 out of 10 projects that the institute. This approach of management by Apple encourages innovative ideas among the designers and engineers as compared to other competitive firms. Moreover, the firm raises the employees’ morale hence creating a corporate culture where employees work together to achieve the objectives of the Apple Company. Therefore, Apple’s design process makes employees achieve personal goals of skill development and support. The process enables employees to evoke their fresh knowledge in coming up with possible solutions to counter the problems. These behavior changes enable Apple to use their employees’ potential fully towards meeting their strategic objectives. The current Nest CEO Tony Fadell agrees that when he joined Apple in 2001, the entire original iPod design process was fascinating and even encouraging as they worked as a team. The designers are highly valued as all the end products match their vision (Panzarino par. 5). Jonathan Ive heads the design department at Apple, who decides on the design process of any product. The designers at the Industrial Design Studio do not engage the finance department at any time. Jonathan Ive is powerful as he has absolute control of the product designing process. This responsibility helps in focusing on delivering standard designs even if they are expensive. From this management style, the company is not following its strategy of low cost orientation. Capacity Apple’s Capacity Management Capacity refers to the number of workforce, customers, suppliers and variety of products that a firm has. In the 21st century firms have been reducing their capacity through layoffs, salary cuts and foregoing recruitments. This can be attributed to some effects like the recession and mismanagement of companies. Not sure if you can write a paper on Operation management practices of the Apple company by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Apple Company, on the other hand, focuses on software, hardware and digital services provision. It is the best innovative product development company and the most profitable and fast growing firm. The design strategy that Apple uses has made its customers patient as the customers believe in getting value for their money. At present Apple supports 307,250 US jobs with 50,250 jobs at Apple (“Apple – Job Creation” par. 1). Notably, the firm has supported other jobs in companies like those under healthcare, transportation, professional, scientific and technical services and consumer sales. For example, employees at Corning in New York create glasses for the iPhone and manufacturers of processors for their iOS products. Capacity management can also be seen from the economic perspectives, that is, Apple was able to supply over 800,000 apps. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 has added over 290,000 jobs in the US. They have managed to sell these gadgets to over tens of millions of their customers worldwide and receive $8 billion to developers. This firm has been able to develop strong trust among their customers with their quality and efficient products. The final users love the technological applications on Apple’s products. Moreover, Apple recorded a profit of $20billion during its first quarter; this was far much ahead of firms like Intel, HP and IBM (“Apple’s amazing run” par. 1). Apple had higher market capitalization than the computer company giants, Microsoft. Apple has also put down vast emphasis on the consumer market; an initiative that aims at customer satisfaction at the expense of profit maximization and cost minimization. A close study of the historical sales patterns for their various products shows an increasing trend. For example, the iPod sales history shows 2.5 times in sales during the fourth quarter in comparison to the third quarter. This translates to over 10 to 11 million iPads during the fourth quarter. Surely, the company has a capacity that needs proper management. This is derived from the comparison with other firms in the same industry. This capacity is not enough given that the company has a strategy of producing costly products that are accessible to a certain group of customers. Apple should continue with this strategy of ensuring quality products go into the market; however, they should cut some extra costs on these products like iPhones, Macs, iPads and iPods. Additionally, the selected strategy of differentiation, low cost and response do match the company managing capacity. For example, they outsource production to a firm in a country with low labor cost and flexible employees. Apple’s concentration on meeting the customers’ needs makes it be above other competitors in capacity management. This process enables them to forecast on the expected trends hence remaining under high liquidity even during economic challenges like the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Therefore, capacity management remains a continuous process that organizations should institute all the time in order to remain viable in the market. This process assists them in understanding the forces of demand and supply in the market. Works Cited Apple – Job Creation. Apple. Apple Inc, n.d. Web. Apple’s amazing run. Matching Supply with Demand | Current events and issues in Operations Management., 19 Oct. 2010. Web. Forecasting. Operation Management Page. N.p., n.d. Web. Industry Forecasting Methods. HubPages. HubPages Inc., 9 July 2010. Web. Panzarino, Matthew. “How Apple’s Top Secret Product Development Process Works.” The Next Web – International technology news, business

PSY 104 Ashford University Psychosocial Development Activities Report

nursing essay writing service PSY 104 Ashford University Psychosocial Development Activities Report.

I’m working on a psychology Essay and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Creating three activities that will become part of the infant room, early childhood room, and adolescent room of your center that address psychosocial development.Using Erikson’s and/or Kohlberg’s theories of psychosocial and moral development, you will continue to build your Community Center Proposal by identifying activities that promotes psychosocial development.Focus on the primary developmental tasks of each age period. For each of the three activities, write a paragraph that addresses the following:Describe the age-appropriate activity in some detail as it relates to developmental theory (provide more than just the name of the activity).Identify the specific concept from a psychosocial theory that supports the use of this activity.Identify how the activity enhances psychosocial development (this can be emotional, cultural, and moral development) in the child and adolescent.The Psychosocial Development Activities paperMust be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust utilize academic voice. Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.Must use at least one credible source in addition to the course text (Mossler, R. A. (2014). Child and adolescent development (2nd ed). Retrieved from document any information used from sources in APA style Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style
PSY 104 Ashford University Psychosocial Development Activities Report

Female Empowerment and Women’s Health Movements Essay

When I was growing up, the concept of feminism was not mentioned often in my surroundings. I cannot recall when I encountered it for the first time. However, I can remember that for many years this term, for me, was associated with the aggression of women and with the idea of women “acting out” or “not being traditionally feminine”. I remember that feminism was regarded as something ridiculous and useless. However, I am glad that this concept eventually made its way into my surroundings as something that needs to be re-evaluated and approached critically. Having started to wonder what feminism really represented and where it originated, I learned that this phenomenon has significant historical and social weight and value that should never be disregarded. Unfortunately, the ideas that feminism is pointless and silly are still common. It is possible that they come from old-fashioned beliefs about gender roles and the so-called “male” and “female” spheres of careers, lifestyle, and even social behavior. As feminism first started to appear, many men felt threatened by it, as women seemed to claim for themselves many areas in which men used to dominate (Kimmel 262-264). Also, it is possible that the community where I was growing up took old-fashioned norms for granted. As it usually happens, people may stick to sets of beliefs and views that are passed from one generation to another without ever questioning them. When it comes to my personal encounters with people who do not agree with feminism, I could share one story that is particularly memorable to me. A person whom I had considered a good friend for many years turned out to be quite a radical misogynist. He came from an old-fashioned patriarchal family. His father promoted the idea that women are only good for kitchen and cannot be trusted with anything else. Moreover, my friend was also sure that women shared his beliefs. Once, he tried to convince the mother of his other friend that cooking meals, being a housewife, and serving her husband was her only sources of happiness. When I tried to let him know that he was extremely offensive, he laughed and accused me of being “one of those feminists”. In response, I tried to explain that not all women are fond of being housewives, but he laughed again and called my statement nonsensical. It is interesting to note that healthcare, as an industry, has seen a series of changes as the women’s health movement brought women into healthcare specialties. Naming five prominent historical moments that were parts of this movement, it is necessary to mention the Middle Ages when women practicing medicine were considered witches and banned from this field. The second key moment is the entrance of women into traditional medical practice in the 1800s. This event was followed by the formation of an official movement in the 1830s and 40s when “Ladies’ Physiological Societies” were created (Seaman and Eldridge 16). While in the 1860s the profession of a nurse was created, by 1890s women were forced to nursing specialties, a majorly oppressive breach of balance assuming that women are natural nurses who could not match the requirements of being a doctor, a predominantly male profession. The following timeline can reflect these key moments: Middle Ages (female healers are witches) – 1800s (women in official practice) – 1830s-40s (“Ladies’ Physiological Societies”) – 1860s (the establishment of nursing as a profession for women) – 1890s (women are forced to nursing specialties). Today, there are many organizations focusing on female empowerment and support that deserve attention. One of them is EWDNA (Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association). This organization provides help to women who cannot access health care services on their own or require specialized education. EWDNA helps women with disabilities become more independent and self-reliant. Works Cited Kimmel, Michael S. “Men’s Responses to Feminism at the Turn of the Century.” Gender

Rasmussen College Social Media Marketing Trends Discussion

Rasmussen College Social Media Marketing Trends Discussion.

InstructionsWe have been looking at successful ad campaigns using social media. Let’s apply this directly and see how this compares with older methods of advertising.Choose a recent social media campaign, possibly one you interacted with. Below are some possible examples:ALS #IceBucketChallengeAlways #LikeAGirlCoca-Cola #ShareaCokeIKEA bookbook videoMcDonald’s Super Bowl 2015Taco Bell #OnlyInTheAppVirgin America Boo videosThen consider an older commercial, before social media was (as big) an influence. You can look at famous ads on Youtube.In a minimum of 3 pages, please do the following:Provide an introduction with a summary of the ads you have chosen, and an explanation of what the stated intent behind the ad is.From there, look at what the ad actually says (like a beer ad might actually be demonstrating that women are sex objects).Describe how social media plays into the intent and the actual message. What’s different between the two you chose?What made the ads successful (or not successful)?What ideas and opinions do you have about the product or brand after reviewing the ads?What can we learn about how businesses use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc. to communicate, network, broaden their customer base, and promote their products/services?Summarize your analysis.
Rasmussen College Social Media Marketing Trends Discussion