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Government and Democracy Report (Assessment)

Table of Contents Problem of decreased rates of voter turnout Lobbying Proposed National Primary The Supreme Court and partisanship American health care system American core values Problem of decreased rates of voter turnout It is possible to increase voters’ morale by reducing the number of restrictions in voter registration process. For example, extending the registration deadline will increase the number of voters in an election. In addition, if America declares the Election Day a national holiday, people will have time to spend on the voting queues, which will increase the rate of voter turnout. Lobbying It is necessary to increase the number of restrictions on lobbying. For example, the ‘revolving door’ phenomenon should change in order to increase restrictions. For a person to join lobbying, it is necessary to undergo a vetting process to check his or her credibility. In addition, a person who has left politics must spend at least 5 years before becoming a lobbyist. Such changes will decrease the influence of lobbyists on national matters. Proposed National Primary Politicians like Senator Spencer Abraham argue that a national primary is likely to create the phenomenon of frontloading. Aspirants will need to have huge amounts of money to fund their nation-wide political campaigns. A national primary is the best way to conduct the US presidential primaries and caucuses because it will reduce the influence that outcomes of some states have on others. Normally, some candidates gain an upper hand in the outcome of certain states just because winning in other states create euphoria. The Supreme Court and partisanship In some cases, justices act from partisan positions, but this should never be the case. Permitting this will allow personal convictions take effect, with people getting the wrong justice. Although the American Supreme Court has the last say, Americans have some available recourse that could reduce partisanship in the courts. For instance, the people have the power to vet the judges. The people, through mass actions and popular politics, can press for changes in the law. This will leave the congress and the senate with no other choice than to hear their public voices and amend laws in order to allow vetting of judges. This will determine their credibility and capacity to make partisan rulings. American health care system Although European democracies provide the government-paid free health care for their citizens that Americans lack, the American system is the best for the nation. It is not good to judge the American health care system in comparison with European systems because of some differences in their social and economic systems. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More First, unlike the European nations, America faces the problem of illegal immigration, which makes it difficult to provide government-paid free health care to every citizen. Unlike Europe, America has low-income neighbors such as Mexico and the Latin America, where people are looking for any possible way to get into the US. If we adopt free healthcare for all citizens, American will attract a large number of illegal immigrants. American core values In an ideal America, equality, liberty and self-government should play an important role in national security policy. Liberty is a core value that should provide the people with their rights to security. Equality should ensure that every American citizen enjoys his or her freedom and rights, regardless of the ethnic, social, cultural, political and economic background. Finally, the value of self-government should allow states and local authorities practice their jurisdictions to provide security to their citizens to the best of their ability and in respect to the constitution of the United States.
Lehman College Korean Women & Experiences of Gender Stereotypes as Exotic Essay.

PLEASE READ THE PHOTOS I HAVE ATTACHED 7-10 pages, double spaced. Times New Roman 12 pt font. Margins 1 inch. In your final paper discuss the production and operation of at least 2 types of identity categories as they operate intersectionally- either at the level of experience (micro) or structure (macro). The paper should ultimately discuss the relationship between power and identity. Think about systems and institutions like education, work, religion, the law, the criminal justice system, etc when writing your paper. Your paper should engage in some form as well. I have attached some essay topics I can use for my paper. PLEASE CHOOSE 1 TOPIC FROM THE LIST.
Lehman College Korean Women & Experiences of Gender Stereotypes as Exotic Essay

FIN 362 Marymount University The Risk and Returns Discussion.

I will attach 2 file to this question, the first file is an article and the second is the case methodology, and the last file is the answers to two questions. So all you need to do is to complete the other two questions left. The two questions left are based on the 2 questions that I answered. for the two questions left for you to complete you just need to write the answer in one med-length paragraph. The two question you have to answer are: 1: Analyze the risk and returns of the options. 2: make a decision and develop a plan of actions. The answers do not have to complicated, it has to be correct and clear. In the case methodology file the questions are below the solving the problem facing the company section, number 4 and 5
FIN 362 Marymount University The Risk and Returns Discussion

ECON 122A Questions. Can you help me understand this Economics question?

Do Problem Set 1 on the web I give to you.… I will provide my account and password. Multiple choice questions, blank questions, Unlimited times. total 35 questions.
Course Description and Objectives: Econometrics deals with estimating and testing economic relationships. This course introduces econometric analysis of linear regressions.
ECON 122A Questions

1. HiAfter the first day of cost accounting your friend says, “The role of accountants is to report what

1. HiAfter the first day of cost accounting your friend says, “The role of accountants is to report what happened. Why do we care about value creation? That’s not my responsibility.” Do you agree? Explain in detail offering examples of uses of cost accounting for business purposes. 2. As a marketing manager for an airline, would you sell a seat to a passenger who walked up to the gate at the last minute at the variable (marginal) cost? Why or why not? Do the costs from the accounting system include all relevant costs for the decision? 3. “Cost allocation is arbitrary, so there is nothing gained by it. We should report only the costs that we know are direct.” Do you agree? Why? Please be specific in supporting your position.

Grantham University Week 2 Macroeconomics Demand and Supply Exercises

essay order Grantham University Week 2 Macroeconomics Demand and Supply Exercises.

Directions: Fill in the boxes (QD, QS, D, S, P, Q) in the next three demand and supply exercises. Based upon the event, what can we expect to occur for the market? Use a “0” (zero) if nothing will occur for that particular variable, a “+” (plus) if an increase, or a “-“ (negative) if a reduction. QD stands for Quantity Demanded, QS for Quantity Supplied, D for Demand, S for Supply, P for Price, and Q for Quantity. see attachment
Grantham University Week 2 Macroeconomics Demand and Supply Exercises

Saint Leo University Week 1 Investigation Methods of Violence Discussion

Saint Leo University Week 1 Investigation Methods of Violence Discussion.

Borum, R. (2014). Psychological vulnerabilities and propensities for involvement in violent extremism. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 32(3), 286-305. doi:10.1002/bsl.2110I attached a pdf copy This research explores violent extremists including suicide bombers and all other potential violent fanatics. There are several processes identified by the researcher. Considering these new perspectives, discuss how you would utilize these perspectives within your area of responsibility and community to investigate, intervene or prevent violent extremists from harming your community. You do not have to be a law enforcement officer in order to address these issues, be creative and innovative. APA Format and 600 words
Saint Leo University Week 1 Investigation Methods of Violence Discussion

Urine Culture and Urinalysis Experiment

Urine Culture and Urinalysis Experiment. Abstract This lab report analyses the findings of two important tests. These are microbiological analysis of urine on CLED agar plate (urine culture) and biochemical analysis of urine (urinalysis). Urine culture test examined urine sample cultured on cystine-lactose-electrolyte deficient agar plate for any possible bacterial growth after the incubation period. Gram positive or gram negative bacteria growth can be found or not. However the presence of 10 colonies of each in this experiment which were E. coli and S. aureus bacteria indicated either possible contamination of the urine sample or infection of the urinary tract by various disease and disorders of the urinal tract. The biochemical analysis of urine was also done where by the sample urine both positive and negative controls were subjected to tests for presence of different constituents not normally found in normal urine using test strip with absorbent pads capable of testing different constituents by observation of color change. Presence of unexpected urine constituents indicates infection of the urinal tract and sometimes certain diseases, disorders and nutrition imbalance. Introduction Urinalysis which is also termed as biochemical analysis of urine is a biochemical test on urine sample purposely meant to assist in diagnosis of a wide range of urinary tract diseases. Examples of such diseases include high urinary glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes, high ketone bodies levels in urine in situations of ketunia among other urinary disorders. Urine is also subject to immunological analysis and these tests are the ones used to detect pregnancy (Carricajo, 1999). Microbiological analysis of urine also termed as urine culture is a microbial test responsible for detection of pathogenic microbes capable of causing urinal tract diseases and disorders (Martinko, 2005). The enumeration of such microbes for our case is by use of cysteine-lactose and electrolyte-deficient agar mostly abbreviated as CLED agar. However other types of agar media that can be used instead of CLED agar include blood agar and MacConkey agar. CLED agar medium is a non selective medium which is able to support growth of many pathogens found in the urinary tract and has the ability to give a clear differentiation of such pathogen’s colonies with minimum or no proteus species spread (Kee, 2001). Methodology For biochemical analysis of urine, both positive and negative control samples of urine were conducted by strict following of the instructions by the manufacturer. A test strip detecting eight different substances was dipped into the urine sample, then the strip was taken out and the extra urine was removed by wiping the edge of the strip to the inner side of the tube. The color of the pads on the strip was observed for any changes and the pads were read in the direction of the arrow and within the time given in the container. The reading was recorded and the test was repeated for a negative control urine sample (Clarridge, 1998). For the urine culture test, the cysteine-lactose and electrolyte-deficient agar medium was prepared according to the instructions provided on the label by the manufacturer by first weighing accurately and dissolving in appropriate amount of distilled water. Sterilization of the media was then conducted at 121 degrees Celsius for fifteen minutes in an autoclave (Nunez, 1995). The sterilized media was the poured on to several sterilized plate for solidification and this was done on a clean and sterile microbiology working bench. After obtaining the urine sample for microbial analysis, the sample was mixed gently to avoid foaming and the end of a sterile 10 micro-liter calibrated loop was dipped in the urine sample to just below the surface and was removed vertically. Then the volume of urine within the calibrated loop was inoculated over the entire surface of CLED agar plate, which was then incubated in ambient air overnight at 37 degree Celsius (Chernecky, 2001). Results For the urine culture test, this examined a urine sample cultured on cystine-lactose- electrolyte deficient agar plate for any possible bacterial growth after the incubation period of 24-48hours. Urine culture was positive with two bacterial species growth observed according to the typical colonial morphology and colors on the CLED agar plate. A count of 10 colonies of Gram negative bacteria E.Coli were recorded  on the CLED plate as well as  10 colonies of gram positive S.aureus. The number of colony from each bacterial species isolated on the agar plate was then multiplied by the dilution factor of 1.000.000 to obtain a density of 10.000.000 CFU/L of urine. For urinalysis, a test that enables us detect abnormal constituents of urine such as glucose, protein, ketones bodies, blood and bile pigment, the positive control urine test results showed abnormalities in its constituents by the presence leukocytes, blood, nitrites, proteins and ketones bodies in the sample compared to the negative control urine which showed normal results in its constituents. Discussion of the results Urine is a by product and it is produced in the kidneys and then into the urinary bladder where it accumulates till enough stretching of the bladder walls is achieved which leads to its release via the urethra. Urinalysis is very important to determine whether the urine is normal or if it is from unhealthy individual since it contains different ranges of waste products which should be present in normal urine and others which are not expected in normal urine thus there presence indicates certain diseases and disorders. Urinalysis gives us a clear indication of the internal biochemical processes of the patient under test. According to this experiment, the presence of leukocytes, blood, nitrites, proteins and ketones bodies in the positive control urine sample indicated the following. Presence of leukocytes indicates shows us that the urinary tract from which the urine was obtained was infected and this is evident due to detection of esterase enzyme which is normally absent is normal urine. This indicates that this sample of urine should be subjected to further tests like culture test, sensitivity and even microscopy (Kouri, T. (2000). Healthy individuals do not contain ketone bodies in their urine. Therefore presence of ketone bodies in the urine sample tested indicates that the individual was deprived of carbohydrates since ketones and acetones are actually the byproducts of metabolism of the fat. This shows that the individuals was either suffering from diabetes mellitus or he individual was lacking carbohydrates since both of them are possible causes of presence of ketones and acetones in the urine. When urine is detected to have blood, it indicates a condition known as hematuria. Sometimes the blood may not be visible to our naked eyes and this is called microscopic hematuria while sometimes the blood stains are visible to our eyes and this is known as frank hematuria. Many renal conditions exhibit this condition of henaturia. “These include renal, urethral and ureteric calculi, acute nephritis, malignant papiloma, renal ca, and chronic kidney diseases and sometimes the administration of sulfonamides or anticoagulants may cause hematuria” (Wallach, 2000, p. 26). The salt of nitrous acid is known as nitrate. So when the urine tests positive of nitrates, it indicates firmly that the urinary tract is infected and possibly by bacteriuria which is an indication of pyelonephritis, cystitis and sometimes urethritis disorders. But sine the second sample of urine did not show any of this constituents, it indicates that the urine came from a healthy individuals. However other dangerous constituents that should not be found in normal urine include urobinogen, glucose, Bilirubin, urobilinogen among others (Henry, 20005). In the case of urine culture test, E. coli is a bacteria that is often found in the gut and it is harmless unless it if finds its way to wrong venue of the body like the bladder. Therefore presence of these bacteria which is a gram positive bacterium detected by pinkish color on the plates and S. aureus which is a gram negative bacteria indicated by bluish or purple coloration on the plate indicated that the person from which the urine was obtained from might be suffering from urinal tract infections mostly the bladder infections. It might also indicate contamination of the urine sample as the results obtained suggests a probable contamination as two bacterial species were isolated and there was no predominance between the two of them (Aspevall, 2000). Conclusion In conclusion, these test results were expected and significant in both urine culture and urinalysis. Urine culture on CLED agar plate was very useful for the growth and enumeration of gram positive and gram negative urinary tract microorganisms while urinalysis was equally essential for providing critical information to assist in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of wide range of diseases. Urine Culture and Urinalysis Experiment

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