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Got this feedback, Tom, You must write a report that’s built around your own original research — your own

Got this feedback, Tom, You must write a report that’s built around your own original research — your own data-gathering and analysis (i.e., interviews or a survey).

(You can do real ones, or fake it, up to you)

PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED DOCUNMENT, and add on to it, the research aspect is already there for the most part.

The Research aspect is done and attached, add the the existing document, and do some fake data gathering, and create a project that reflects on how social media is targeting journalists. You can use existing surveys (if there are any) or create ones

Make it look like there was research done, and people were talked to.



If you select this assignment, you will

conduct an original investigation into a timely issue, problem, or question related to one of the communication studies major areas (human/speech communication, mass communication, media studies, journalism, professional writing, group communication, interpersonal communication, and so forth)
write a research report that defines the issue, its history, and its significance, and offers a meaningful analysis for a specific audience, including recommendations for change, possible solutions, or comparative advantages
Sample Topics/Questions
The following list offers some guidance on developing a topic for this Senior Capstone Project.

What is the impact of social media on organizational public relations efforts in a specific realm/industry?
What is the current state of diversity training in the US corporate environment or among multinational corporations? Based on current research in the communication studies field, what recommendations can you make to improve the training?
Select a public issue or problem and analyze the public discourse surrounding it from five different stakeholders.
Investigate the current trend in journalism toward hyperlocal journalism and offer some perspective on what impact this trend may have on the journalism industry.
Investigate, analyze, and evaluate a particular communication plan and/or procedure for a specific issue or organization. Make recommendations to specific stakeholders to make the plan/procedure more effective.
Required Components
The report’s content should be compiled in this order:

1. A Cover Page formatted according to American Psychological Association manuscriipt rules.

2. An Abstract summarizing the contents of your proposal and concluding with a list of key terms as a separate line (or lines). Include keywords list at end of abstract.

3. A Table of Contents with the page numbers where each section begins.

4. A List of Illustrations (title and page number only). Two illustrations are required.

5. A series of text sections introduced by Boldface Headings that include the following (but not limited to): Introduction, Theme, Background, Conclusion.

6. At least two informative (not merely decorative) illustrations presented on the same page as the text that discusses each; these graphics should be numbered and properly sourced in APA format. If they were generated by yourself then the source for each is Author; if you got their information from another source (Jones, for example) and presented it in a table or chart, then the source is Author, derived from Jones 2012.

7. A References page where your eight or more sources are presented in alphabetic order. These sources must actually be cited in the text and presented in this section and in the text in American Psychological Association format.

You will need to locate at least eight sources from at least 3 different source types. No more than two of your sources can be from interviews. No more than three of any other type of source may be counted toward the minimum number of eight references (although you certainly may use more sources). These eight sources must include peer-reviewed scholarly or professional journal articles.

The bulk of your research should come from the UMGC library’s databases.

8. Appendices.

9. Pagination. Front matter (Abstract through List of Illustrations) should be in lower case Roman numerals; the remainder in Arabic.

10. Word count. The body of the report should be at least 5,000 words.

These components should be submitted as one file.

Required Style
All elements of the report should follow American Psychological Association (APA) manuscriipt and documentation style rules.

It should follow American Psychological Association (APA) documentation style and include a minimum of eight sources (at least five of which are academic secondary sources).