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As a child and grandchild of veterinarians, I have always had an interest in animals and their health. Ever since I can remember, I have been following my father around his office to observe, learn and help. One dark rainy night when I was ten, his beeper sounded around dinner time. When he called the concerned owner, I heard his half of the conversation. “Hit by a car … can’t walk, and she’s bleeding? Can you be at the office in ten minutes?” Dad asked, looking at his watch. Before he could say another word, I barged in and asked if I could go with him. He agreed, and we went to set up the office for emergency work. Carrying her “baby,” the anxious owner arrived in eight minutes and was a wreck, as anyone would be. The dog, Brandy, was a mixed breed, about 60 pounds and young. Wet and bloody, she was harmless despite her fear. We carried Brandy to the treatment room for Dad to examine her thoroughly as I held her still and comforted her the way he had taught me. The real doctor worked quickly and carefully as the amateur one observed in amazement. The x-rays I took as Dad held Brandy on the table determined that she had no breaks or fractures. A sigh of relief came from the owner. We washed off the grime that covered Brandy and when she was all cleaned up, we could tell she was feeling a little better. She even licked my face as if she wanted to say, “Thank you!” With a soothing voice my dad told her owner, “She’s going to be fine. Just a few cuts and scratches.” He then told her about his bicycle crashes and all the road rash he’d had after his dates with the pavement. These anecdotes calmed and distracted the woman, and it was apparent that she left a lot looser than the tightly wound ball of panic she had been when she arrived. Weeks later, a letter arrived from Brandy’s owner. She thanked me for helping heal her baby and being there for her, too. Enclosed were two photos of Brandy as a puppy. Looking at them made me feel as if I’d saved a life, that a puppy would be able to grow up and become a family dog, to be loved and give love back. It is one of those feelings that is indescribable. I have learned that there are emotional as well as medical factors in being a veterinarian. Emotionally, the pictures of Brandy cannot compare to the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine I hope to earn. While the degree will state that I am capable of providing medical attention, the photographs come closer to the heart, saying, “I helped her! I saved her!”

106790-ECN-2220-DEA1 Principles of Macroeconomics

Watch “Keynesian Predictions vs American History” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr..What are the main points of this talk? Choose at least two and explain why they are important. You should also use the other videos on Keynes to help with this assignment. I am just using this one as a focal point.Do you see Keynesianism in your text book for this course?Please write at least two to four sentences for each point that you see in the video. Develop your ideas. Use the economic points that you are learning from the text. You may take any position, but I will be looking for a logically consistent development.I will grade this critically, looking for your thinking process. I will be looking for how creative you develop your points and your logical consistency.The instructor’s grade is final. My evaluation has to be subjective. I am not usually able to answer in less than a couple of pages why you might have gotten a 18 instead of a 20. Sorry, that is why I use objective questions mostly. I have made this worth 50 points.Usually students today have atrocious critical thinking skills. Sorry! I know, it may not apply to you, and if it doesn’t ignore this. They argue with emotion as their main tool. They will want to know what we are going to do about the poor people if we don’t have big government? Well Ayn Rand used to say something to the effect that you will be free to take care of them. I will ask only one question, “How do you justify taking from some human beings, against their will, to give to others no manner how bad off they are. Please answer me that one, because I too want to help the poor, sick, etc., but I can not justify stealing from others to do it. I really don’t believe in stealing – by government or anyone else.