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Globalization International Trade & Innovation Discussion

Globalization International Trade & Innovation Discussion.

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International trade was once thought to be only for large businesses. That has changed. For this assignment, you are to write a brief paper on small business and international expansion. Be sure to view the globalization video provided in this module, then read the following resources. You may also read other resources on globalization and small business. SBA Office of International Trade (Links to an external site.)…Small Businesses Should Consider International ExpansionReauthorize key small business programsAddress the following prompts:What opportunities and threats do organizations face in the next five to ten years related to globalization?How can small businesses take advantage of globalization opportunities?What are the resources available to help small businesses engage in international trade?What is the role of innovation in globalization?How can laws and regulations impact global trade?Thinking radically, how could your client expand globally?Your paper should be around 750 to 100 words in length and include any sources you use. The total word count does not include your list of references.
Globalization International Trade & Innovation Discussion

What is Vingette

What is Vingette.

5-6 pages total plus a title and reference pageJackie is a 35 year old European American woman who is referred to youby her primary care physician. Her husband George, a 45 year old manof Native-American descent, is present for this first session. Jackietells you that her doctor is overreacting. “Just because I lost 10more pounds, he thinks I have an eating disorder. He’s ridiculous.Don’t I look a bit pudgy to you?” You notice Jackie is dressed inloose fitting clothes, looking painfully thin. Jackie tells you, “Igained a lot of weight as a kid hoping to keep my old man off of me.It didn’t work, so I started cutting to stop the rage. A lot of myfriends were cutting back then. And making yourself throw up was thenorm in high school. Sure was a quick way to knock off those pounds!Jackie and George have been married for 5 years. The couple has a 4year old daughter. Prior to George, Jackie admits to being in several“mutually-abuse” relationships. She describes George as, “ a passivesoftie. He hates conflict. Sometimes he’s so boring, but he loves meno matter what.” George is reluctant to comment on his wife’sbehavior. He does tell you, “I worry about our little girl. She looksso scared sometimes when Jackie is having one of her episodes. WhenJackie doesn’t get her way, things start flying across the room.”Consider Eating and Personality Disorders Taking into account the genetic, neurobiological,sociocultural, familial and environmental factors of assessment anddiagnosis, what are your diagnostic thoughts for Jackie? What might begoing on with George? Use the DSM-5 criteria to formulate yourdiagnostic impressions for Jackie and possibly for George, supportingwhat you see in the vignette that supports your diagnosticimpressions.2. Using the psychotherapeutic and pharmacological interventionsdiscussed in the text, describe an initial treatment plan for Jackieand George. Remember to treat the persons in the vignette, and not thediagnosis. Also remember to consider culture and legal/ethical issues., or
What is Vingette

CNUAS The Economic War China & Us Paper

essay help online free CNUAS The Economic War China & Us Paper.

Q1This 15-18 page paper must be typed with a 1” margin on all sides, 5-space indentation, font 12 Times Roman, double-spaced. The paper will include a cover page, a 150-200 word abstract page, an introduction, the body of the paper, conclusions, and references on a reference page. The paper should include at least six academic references. It must comply with APA rules.Use APA style quotations/references following the guidelines shown in the links below:APA Style Quick Answers – ReferencesAPA Style Publication ManualRecent Trends in the economic war between China and the United States – its implications on other world countries.The United States and China are two iconic economies across the world, but conflicts between these two countries are also affecting other countries associated in terms of trade. Thus, this paper will discuss how other countries are under influence and what measures can be taken to avoid these implications. This is another current topic because everyday US-China conflict is taking a different dimension.Q2Select a topic of current interest, such as “Offshoring in the Global Economy”, “Impact of Oil Prices on World Business,” “The Yuan Devalued,” etc. Write a two-page description (700-800 words) of the main issues involved in this current event.No APA or specific formatting is required for this paper. Please cite the article and supporting materials used as references. APA format for references onlyBy submitting this paper, you agree:that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy;that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.note:Q2 should be submitted in 24 hours then sequantly you can send the Q1
CNUAS The Economic War China & Us Paper

SUNYOW Risk Management Skills & Cybersecurity Course Response Discussion

SUNYOW Risk Management Skills & Cybersecurity Course Response Discussion.

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Assignment: When you respond to your peers, share additional resources that will help you and your classmates be successful. What commonalities do you share with your classmates? What opportunities can you explore for collaboration and peer support?PEER POST # 1My name is Amanda and I am from NYC. I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Cyber security. I have no prior experience in the field because I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. I decided to make the change 4 years ago and have been getting knowledge of cyber security from SNHU for the past 2 years. The only experience I have in project management or risk management would be from the classes I have taken online here at SNHU. Management is a great tool for projects in the computer science field, as well as in any other. After reviewing the course outcomes risk management is an important part of IT. The execution is probably the main focus to manage these risks in a project. By understanding how to identify it right away and explaining it to others can be essential in your career. To be successful in this course by completing assignments, I will gain some experience in risk management. Also, I believe the course resources can help a lot. PEER POST # 2My name is Neal Roberts and I am currently pursuing my second degree information systems with a concentration in data analytics. I currently have a degree in computer science but I wanted to take it one step further and learn more about data analytics. I have encountered one thing to with mitigation and risk is a process within walmart for an associate to request a new software to be added to environment. This is done by fill our a form called an SMP. Then Security goes in and run risk analysis on the application to see what vulnerabilities it might have. In this course I hope to be able to gain a better understanding of the processes for mitigating risk and what is done when risk analysis is performed. This will give me a strong baseline for understanding the processes of protecting a business. In order to be successful in this course I will need a textbook/online resources to read and understand the topics. I will also need hands on learning by way of project that allow me to use risk analysis software.
SUNYOW Risk Management Skills & Cybersecurity Course Response Discussion

Maintaing A Work Family Balance Social Work Essay

Maintaing A Work Family Balance Social Work Essay. Achieving a balance between work and family is important to everyone. A balance between work and family responsibilities occurs when a person’s need to meet family commitments is accepted and respected in the workplace. Helping people achieve a balance between their family needs and their work commitments supports productive workers as well as committed family people. Provisions to assist with the balance between work and family must be available to everyone in the workplace. However, not all people in the workplace will need to or wish to access these provisions. These provisions reduce the barriers that may prevent people from entering and remaining in the workforce. They enable people with caring and family responsibilities to have equitable opportunities to progress in their career in the same way as those without these responsibilities. Work and family balance provisions contribute to equality in the workplace by recognising that some workers have caring responsibilities. They enable those workers to have fair access to workplace opportunities. Work-family facilitation, or the extent to which individuals’ participation in one life domain (e.g., work) is made easier by the skills, experiences, and opportunities gained by their participating in another. Frone (2003) suggested that work-family balance likely represents multiple dimensions composed of bidirectional (i.e., work-to­family and family-to-work) conflict and facilitation. Finally, Hammer (2003) called for an explicit expan­sion of the work-family paradigm to include work- family facilitation. Unfortunately, work-family facil­itation remains conceptually and empirically underdeveloped (Frone, 2003), and its distinction from conflict remains unclear. Background Work-family conflict is “a form of interrole conflict in which role pres­sures from the work and family domains are mutually incompatible in some respect” (GreenhausMaintaing A Work Family Balance Social Work Essay

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