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Global Warming and Its Consequences Essay

Because of the increasing pace of global warming and the drastic effects it has on the environment, especially on the variety of species, the effects of global warming have to be reconsidered and re-evaluated. Therefore, the issue deserves immediate research and consideration. Once working out the solutions for the problem of species disappearing from the face of the Earth, the humankind will be able to face the rest of the challenges that global warming poses. Among the most important concepts that require explanation, the following terms should be mentioned: 1) endangered species, which are the species currently facing extinction; 2) the extinct species, which are the ones that are no longer in existence; 3) habitat, which is the typical environment for the given species; 4) non-native species, which are the species migrating from their natural habitat to another one due of the change of climate. It is important to mention that, of all the concerns that touch upon the issue, the one demanding endangered species protection is the most essential at present. According to what the researchers say, “Unless we get our act together soon, we’re looking at committing ourselves to this kind of thing”, Handrewk, the author of the article “Global Warming Could Cause Mass Extinctions by 2050, Study Says,” emphasizes. Therefore, the primary concern is to come up with the solutions on the space extinction problem. As for the secondary problem that the opposition is facing in relation to the species extinction due to the increase in the pace of global warming, the change of the natural habitat of the species is the key concern. Since the environment conditions change, animals migrate, which causes severe changes in the environmental processes and decreases the life expectancy of various non-native species, leading the latter to complete extinction. Indeed, according to Powers, who wrote in 2008 the article “Effects of Global Warming on Snowpack in Colorado River Basin,” Contained beneath the snow of the Colorado Basin is a layer of frozen ground. The layer of soil which freezes in the winter only to thaw out again in the warmer months is known as the active layer. In areas that are cold enough there is another layer below this which never fully thaws out. This is known as permafrost. As the average temperature of an area rises, these layers will decrease in size and duration. This has the potential to create lasting atmospheric effects. (8, Effects of global warming on snowpack in the colorado river basin). To address the primary concern of the opponent as for the effects of the global warming, namely, the fact that the species extinct due to the increasing effect of the global warming, one must keep in mind that the process of extinction is enhanced by the unceasing poaching, as well as by constant air pollution and the environment contamination. Therefore, the change in the attitudes towards the nature can help prevent the consequences of global warming harm the live forms on the Earth. Addressing the secondary concern of the opposition, namely, the change of the species’ natural habitat, one must mark that the same measures against pollution must be undertaken. In addition, it is necessary to add that the change of climate has not only negative, but at times neutral or even positive effect. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, Eisenhauer, Fisichelli, Frelich and Reich claim in their article published in 2011 that “the biomass of exotic plants was directly positively affected by warming and the presence of A. caliginosa and L. rubellus. Moreover, L. terrestris and L. rubellus had an indirect positive effect by reducing the litter layer”. Still, they also admit that “L. terrestris had a marginal direct negative effect on the biomass of exotics, as well as an indirect negative one by decreasing soil water content”. Thus, it is evident that, to address the first concern mentioned, one should take care of the habitat in which the endangered species live. Thus, making everything possible to prevent the melting of ice and the increase of temperature, on can possibly help the species survive. As for solving the second issue, one must admit that more serious measures are to be taken. As Endangered Species Coalition says, “Working to lessen the impacts of climate change alone will not be enough to protect wildlife”. To make sure that the habitat of the species does not change, people will have to come up with the ideas not only on how to prevent the effects of global warming, but also how to fix the current damage and restore the habitat for some of the endangered species. Therefore, it can be concluded that the effect of the global warming are mostly negative and have a harmful effect on the environment, the species and the human race. However, it is also obvious that the effects of the global warming can be dealt with and that the development of the global warming can be hindered. Once enhancing the care for the environment and starting to work out the means to protect the endangered species, the humankind will be able to stop the dreadful effect of the global warming. Works Cited Eisenhauer, Nico, Nicholas A. Fisichelli, Lee E. Frelich and Peter B. Reich, “Interactive Effects of Global Warming and ‘Global Worming’ on the Initial Establishment of Native and Exotic Herbaceous Plant Species,” Oikos, 000.001-013, 2011: 1-13. Endangered Species Coalition. “Global Warming Legislation.” Handrewk, Brian. “Global Warming Could Cause Mass Extinctions by 2050, Study Says,” National Geographic News, 2006 We will write a custom Essay on Global Warming and Its Consequences specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Powers, Michael. Effects of Global Warming on Snowpack in Colorado River Basin. Worcester, MA: WPI 2008
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays. Bringing up such topics as love, fate, jealousy, desperation, and magic, it is a beautiful and deep romantic comedy full of contrasts and illusions. The play is also very controversial depicting interactions between the characters from different worlds, backgrounds, cultures and epochs. But it is still fun and educative to read. What fascinated me about A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the Shakespeare’s portrayal of life on the verge of the real world and the world of magic and dreams in the forest with fairies. It is so skillful that sometimes you together with the main characters start asking yourself “Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream” (Shakespeare IV.i.200-202). What is also impressing about the play is the way of depicting love through a prism of magic it brings to our lives as well as desperation and disappointment, “The course of love never did run smooth” (Shakespeare I.i.136). It also reminds us that there is no need to be in a rush as we live because everything happens for a reason and “things growing are not ripe until their season” (Shakespeare II.ii.124). What is even more spectacular about A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the atmosphere it creates and makes a reader lose himself in. It is not only about a constant interweaving of real and magical worlds but also songs, dance, music, and festival setting a rhythm of the story. The play is delightful to read because it elevates emotions and sets on thinking. It is and will be loved because it brings up a true-life issue – how powerful love is in transforming people and their lives. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Logan, IA: Perfection Learning, 2004. Print.
BUS 497A CSUN Wynn Hotels Hospitality and Gaming Strategic Analysis Capstone.

5 pages! need to use these data bases google scholar ebsco host data bases footnotes as well this is the prompt i tried doingpart 3 In this section, you will specify in-depth the strategic challenge that your firm is facing and then specify (at a broad level) the move that your firm should implement. This is one of the areas where you will integrate all the pieces (internal and external analysis) together. This includes doing the following:1. Specify the strategic challenge that your firm is facing and the likely impacts that it could have on the firm going forward.1. Designing the strategic move: Here you will use your imagination and deep understanding of the firm’s external/internal position to craft the trajectory of the strategic move that you are recommending. 2. Indicate how the business/corporate level strategy of the firm will change based on the strategic move.3. If the strategic move involves an acquisition, analyze the firm with the acquired target. If the strategic move is a partnership, analyze the ramifications for all firms in the partnership. The ramifications of a partnership is that all the partnesare held liable for the actions of the other partners. It depends on the form of partnership (LLF,LLP).4. Highlight the competitive dynamics that are unlikely to unfold as a consequence of the strategic move. .Now that you have analyzed the implications of the strategic move, you will:A. Indicate whether the strategic move will allow the firm to address or change industry conditions.B. Discuss whether the firm has sufficient resources to implement the strategic move. Also, discuss whether the strategic move satisfies the firm’s objectives.C. Establish the overall effectiveness of the firm’s strategic move. Briefly summarize the conclusions from your strategic analysis – for instance, if your analysis suggests that the firm is better off by the strategic move summarize why this is the case.D. Highlight any other critical issues.file:///C:/Users/alber/Downloads/Capstone%20Paper%20-%20Dell%20-%20The%20Gold%20Diggers%20vF-1.pdf a reference
BUS 497A CSUN Wynn Hotels Hospitality and Gaming Strategic Analysis Capstone

NEU The Healthcare Industry Adoption of Technology Case Scenario Discussion

NEU The Healthcare Industry Adoption of Technology Case Scenario Discussion.

Create a system of 10 icons (5 primary and 5 secondary) based on one imaginary scenario… “if you were… an astronaut / a movie director / a writer / an athlete / an artist / a musician / a woman who codes / an actor / a chef / a pilot / a peacemaker / a president / a scientist / a first responder”The scenario is yours to choose. (As this will feed into the main projects of the semester, I might suggest making it personal to you.) One of the 5 primary icons will be of yourself and the other 4 will be that icon adapted to fit the scenario you’ve chosen. The 5 secondary icons are objects and actions related to your idea. Collect data and images for reference. Your icon system must be designed based on constraints for visual unity: grid, size, line weight, solid or outlined shapes, textures. Do not frame your icons. Icons should be black and white. No color. These 10 icons must be digital design, No hand draw.RESOURCES FOR INSPIRATION :
NEU The Healthcare Industry Adoption of Technology Case Scenario Discussion

five year plan after graduation

custom essay five year plan after graduation. I’m stuck on a Health & Medical question and need an explanation.

1- write a summary about the following aspects of your chosen career (nursing) field: 1) training and other qualifications 2) potential earnings- nationally and Florida 3) additional career related resources you might find helpful in further career research 4) general current employment information 5) future job outlook
2- summarize your current marketability based upon your career research include the following information: 1) two skills you need to gain or improve upon 2) what typeof education could help you developed those two skills 3) a realistic estimate of where your skills place you in the salary range of your career field 4) your experience level of your career field 5) describe two strengths that will benefit you in your nursing career.
SN: as of right now i’m in school for my AS in nursing and i will be graduating in December 2019. I’m plaining on continuing my education further to be a nurse practitioner.
five year plan after graduation

History homework help

History homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the corporate social responsibility and ethics in corporations assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Corporate social responsibility and ethics in corporations assignment,In this assignment, you will learn about corporate social responsibility and ethics. You will have to choose a corporation that displays social responsibility. Your essay content must be a minimum of two full pages and also the essay must be APA format guidelines with in-text citations and both a separate Title page with a Reference page listing sources.,Write the essay as if you were the Chief Executive Officer presenting this information to a stockholder’s meeting. Your first paragraph should start with a brief introduction of the corporation–what it does, makes, sales, financial status… Hint: You might try researching the published “,Code of Conduct,” for the corporation you choose: this should give you plenty to write about. Many times a company’s Annual Report contains/highlights its corporate social responsibilities (CRS). Corporate social responsibility is an emerging trend for businesses in today’s environment.,Regardless of the nature of the industry, corporations are held to higher ethical standards. This assignment will give you a chance to think as an executive and take into consideration the importance of ethics and social responsibility. Your task is choosing a corporation and also discussing the importance of ethics and social responsibility in relation to that particular corporation. Think about the stakeholders associated with the corporation and how they benefit if the organization displays social responsibility. Start with a brief introduction of the organization, and remember to think from the perspective of the leader of the organization. Your submission must be two pages in length. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,History homework help

PGU Personal Opinion on The Ten Most Rewarding Things in Life Discussion

PGU Personal Opinion on The Ten Most Rewarding Things in Life Discussion.

ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND NO PLAIGIARISM. USE SCHOLARLY/ACADEMIC RESOURCES FOR IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES What are the ten things that are most rewarding to you today?What do you live for and love in life? Mission statement rough draftMission StatementRolesCreate three long-term goals that support your mission.Why these goals are important to me.How to…Become a leader throughout my organization?Set a deadline for each long-term goal.What are the steps that will take me to my goal?Take a look at the steps in your list and prioritize them to the best of your ability.Try to give each step a potential deadline. HABIT 3 Time Matrix Quick Assessment (Upload scan or photo of two completed charts located on pages 64 & 65.) What are your top three priorities for this week? (Upload scan or photo of completed chart located on page 67.) Did you meet your Quadrant II priorities?If not, why not? In the space below, decide on a plan for how you will better meet those Quadrant II priorities next week. Where is your journey taking you?What little issues are blocking your energy?What is your purpose?Do you really want to pursue and follow your purpose?If so, why?If not, why not?What is and isn’t working in your life?What do you want to change about your life?I want to spend more time on my purpose and less time on Quadrant I, III and IV activities.Before you become overwhelmed, list some small changes you can make right now instead of trying to take on everything at once. Now that you’ve written down some of the “right now” things you can do, create several realistic, long-term goals and strategies that will move you forward on your journey. How are you going to hold yourself accountable for following through on your goals and strategies?What do you want to contribute?What interests you most?What do you feel passionate about?What is important to you?What do you want to accomplish?What do you believe in?What is your potential?What do you stand for?What values are most important to you?Make a list of your key roles and jot down an activity you will schedule in the coming week for each of them. What are your top five priorities? Take a few minutes to really think about them and then prioritize them in order of importance.Now look at your fourth and fifth priorities.Decide how you could delegate at least a small part of each to someone else so that those things continue to move forward with minimal effort on your part.Is there anything in the first three that could be delegated as well? Refer back to the things you chose to delegate to someone else.What kind of delegation did you assign – stewardship or gofer? Now look at your list from the perspective of stewardship delegation.Begin building trust by offering opportunities for growth.What changes will you make to your delegation?
PGU Personal Opinion on The Ten Most Rewarding Things in Life Discussion