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Global Supply Chains : Problem Set : Inventory Aggregation

Global Supply Chains : Problem Set : Inventory Aggregation.

Your friend
, an entrepreneur living in Boston, needs your help. Jane is considering opening an on line store
a product that will have a logo of one of the top universities in Boston
She is very secretive at this point
and will not tell you the type of product

just that it comes in five colors and
contain one
of the 8
there are
rent configurations of the product). She asked another friend to make demand forecasts
. The
forecast indicates level demand over the year, with the average daily demand and the standard deviation of the
daily demand forecast shown in Table 1. Demand wil
l be independent across products but demand will be
positively correlated over time.Table
: Demand Forecast
has also contracted with an offshore manufacturing facility to produc
e the
products. Their lead

agreement specifies that ordered products will be received 12 weeks after the order is placed.
Jane will place
orders on a weekly basis (once per week).
Jane has the option of printing the logo herself (after a customer
s an order) or having the
offshore supplier print the logo. She
average printing cost to
0.75 per unit. Unfortunately, because the supplier’s manufacturing processes are typically setup to include
printing, there will be no decrease in
supplier production costs if Jane prints the logos. The offshore production
per unit
are shown in Table 2.
: Production Costs
Jane needs help with inventory planning.
In particular, she has two options in mind. The first option will consist
of holding final product inventory for all
of the
product configurations. She likes this option because she
would be able to
ship products
to customers
. The second o
ption would consist of holding inventory
of the five product colors, and print
ing the
university logo
herself before shipment
to customers
. She likes this
option because it simplifies inventory requirements.
For this assignment
create a
Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the two options.
The comparison
the annual holding cost of safety stock
for the “no aggregation” option, where all 40 final product
configurations are held in inventory, and (b) the annual holding cost of
safety stock plus the increased printing
cost for the “aggregation” option, where inventory is held by color so that only 5
different items
are held in
When analyzing the two alternatives, use a target product fill rate of 99%.
After explaining
inventory holding costs
, y
ou agree to use
an annual holding rate of 35%
for your
because jane will need to rent warehouse space
. However, this value is uncertain
. So,
you agree to use
a graphical display to show her how the options comp
are if the
holding rate is change
over a range from
15% to 50%.
The assessment of
work will
be based on
the accuracy
and clarity
and the graph
one Excel file, using a file name Lastname_
Global Supply Chains : Problem Set : Inventory Aggregation

W6: Thematic summary question

W6: Thematic summary question. Paper details   Art, politics, and identity: The works of art and architecture examined during weeks 5 and 6 often held an underlying political or social meaning that emphasized or redefined individual or group identities. In some instances, artists appropriated earlier styles that gave their works a historic pedigree. At other times artists broke with existing traditions to create something innovative and new. Discuss how artists and/or architects embraced or reacted against the art of earlier periods to create or restate political or social identities. Use five (5) specific and dated examples of works of art or architecture that support your discussion. These examples should be drawn from at least 3 different cultures or periods that we studied in weeks 5 and 6. The examples should be discussed fully within your narrative and not briefly addressed in a “bulleted list”. Your answer must be at least three pages in length. Your essay must be at least three (3) pages in length, must include properly cited peer-reviewed references to support your statements, and must be proofread for grammar and spelling. Make sure that you properly cite all references as plagiarized papers will result in a failing grade in the course.W6: Thematic summary question

HSN 476 UP Week 3 The Detailed Organizational Policy Cost Control Policy Essay

python assignment help HSN 476 UP Week 3 The Detailed Organizational Policy Cost Control Policy Essay.

Wk 3 – Cost Control Policy [due Mon]Assignment ContentIMPORTANT: Please review faculty announcements for guidance with this assignment.All health care organizations THAT PROVIDE DIRECT PATIENT CARE must be aware of cost controls, regardless of nonprofit or for-profit status. Managing costs at all levels of the organization affects the bottom line, which has a direct effect on all aspects of the organization. This assignment is designed to help you analyze why organizational policies are put in place.Find a facility-specific policy at a health care organization THAT PROVIDES DIRECT PATIENT CARE related to cost controls.Summarize the details of the organizational policy:When was the policy put in place?Was it adopted system-wide, in one department, or multiple departments?What does the policy address?What are potential ramifications of not following the policy at the organizational level? Unit level? Individual level?Explain how the policy impacts fiscal aspects of the organization:How does the policy act as a cost control?Describe how the policy impacts the quality of patient care:Does the policy improve efficiency?Are the goals to improve care and reduce cost?Explore the unintended consequences:What secondary affects does the policy have on the organization? Unit? Staff? Patient?Does the policy need revision?Suggest alternatives to the policy:In your opinion, is the policy the best way to address the issue? Support your position by explaining why or why not.Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years in an APA-formatted reference page.Format your assignment as one of the following:16- to 18-slide presentation: Speaker notes that utilize integrated professional citations are required for each slide.875-word paper
HSN 476 UP Week 3 The Detailed Organizational Policy Cost Control Policy Essay

Pet Tracking Solution in India

GPS enabled chip in the collar called Pet Tracker, which is designed specifically to track, Identify your pet if it gets lost.[1] Customer Analysis Pets fulfill a larger role than just being a companion – they are part of the family, and in some cases, considered as your children. For such owners loss of a pet becomes a traumatic experience as it is difficult to locate and recover a lost pet and the whole exercise becomes a nightmare. Another problem being faced by a large number of pet owners is that, while on vacation, or in their absence at work, there is no way to keep a track on their pets since most of the time the pets are either kept in a local shelter or with their neighbors. Pet industry in India is a multimillion dollar industry and has grown to approx. $900 million with a steady double-digit growth every year (Euro Monitor, 2011).[2] According to an estimate, in 2011, there were around 10 million pets in India and the number is growing by approximately 600000 per year in the Indian pet market. Some of the reasons for this growth can be attributed to the increase in pet adoption, rising incomes coupled with the increased trend for companionship, interest in owning pedigree and growing awareness amongst the owners to take proper care of their pets. Target Pet Owners will be our target market. We also understand that not all pet owners will be buying our product as such; we will target the segment that consciously needs the safety and security of their pets and who are looking for a solution to get a peace of mind in this regard. There is, however, no set age group that we can target, as owners of all ages would need this facility: the following groups of pet owners will be our primary target: Ardent pet lovers like Child-less and working Couples Owners of Pedigree dogs and high-end expensive pets People who already have pet Collar but do not have real time tracking facility Pet Groomers and Premium pet food buyers We will initially target customers in the middle and high-income group living in the four major metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Calcutta in India. The estimated market size for premium pet care product is around 144 Million USD [3] which includes products like daily hygiene, premium pet food, pet sitting, pet parties, spas and other Premium services. We are confident that our product will attract most pet lovers in this segment; however, Even if we get around 1% of the targeted customers, we should be able to make a sizeable entry into the market in the first year and as the customer base grows we will try to increase our market share in the future. We do underhand our product may not succeed or Store owners may not keep our product and we have create a strong brand via delivering quality and amazing customer service.[4](Threats). The main pains or frustrations I see for this segments are; Unable to track their lost Pet. Don’t have an easy and accessible one-stop solution to secure all safety and security requirements for the pet. The major gains that customer would be looking for are; Have one solution for identification and tracking of their pets and be able to use the information in user-friendly way. Get a peace of mind while on vacation, or busy at work or having a Pedigree Pet. Value Proposition / Positioning Product: The proposal is for Pet Tracker smart phone App that works with a micro chip which will be sold with a plain collar or can be installed on any existing collar. This chip will be installed in a way that it is not easily identifiable. If required it can also be implanted on to the pet, however, this method may not be acceptable to most pet lovers. The app will store all the information about the owner and the pet. Each pet will be allotted a unique identification number for updating all information in a user-friendly way, and tracking the location of the pet. We hope to please all pet lovers who are looking for a way to keep their pets safe and secure. “See Appendix 2″ [5] Collaboration: Our App will be based on GPS tracking system; we will collaborate with GPS service providers like Google maps for real- time tracking. Competition: Our product will have a comparative advantage over the others in the market as it will allow users to additionally track their pets. The existing collars in the market do not provide this facility. Real time tracking of pets will be the Unique selling Proposition for our product. [6] Price: Two pricing solutions will be offered; Identification For customers who only want to use the app and the Collar and do not need tracking, the app/Collar will be sold through Apple and Google play stores at a onetime nominal charge of $100. Tracking For customers who want both identification and tracking the app and the collar would be free but the customer would sign a contract for a monthly subscription of $7 or yearly subscription of $50 will be charged for tracking purposes.[7] Distribution We will offer our app and chip through the following channels; Pet supplies stores Pet grooming boutiques Vets and animal shelters Online through our website Media Based sales,, e.g. Facebook, twitter (for wide coverage) We will use various methods to determine demand through a survey of buyer’s intentions, past sales analysis and market-test method. Promotion Since we are providing a new product in this market we will aggressively promote our product through, print and other media, physical display at vantage points, and live demonstrations at pet stores etc. Appendix -1 Customer Motivation (Jobs Pains and Gains) Job to be done 1: Provide safety and security for Pets 2: Provides Tracking Facility and identification 3: Storage of all information about the pet and owner. Pains Have to spend lot of time and money to look for lost pet Difficult to prove the identity when pet is recovered at Kennel Can’t keep a track of my pet when left with a pet sitter. Gains Gives pet owners a peace of mind that their pet is safe and secure Helps one focus on other things rather the pet during vacations or when at work Easy to track and identify the pet when it found at the local kennel or animal shelter. Proposal We plan to introduce a GPS enabled collar called Pet Tracker which is designed specifically to track and protect a pet from getting lost. Pet Tracker is an innovative creation keeping the specific requirements of the pet owners in India and will be very useful for this class of pet owners. Pet Tracker will cater to all breeds of pets and will be available in multiple collar sizes and designs. Appendix -2 Customer Behavior Motivation Safety and security of the Pet and an assurance that the pet can be tracked real time, is the main motivation for a pet owner to go in for this product. The pet owners can concentrate on other important issues without worrying about the safety of their pets. Consideration -Threats In India there are Apps that provide a collar for the identification part of our product, but do not provide for the Tracking. If our Tracking Maps are not precise and efficient, we may not be able to get customers to sign up for longer periods. We will also have to constantly up grade and fine tune our product to compete with the new entrants in the market. New and innovative schemes will be implemented to keep our loyal customer base. Our product will have to have an edge always over the other similar products in the market. The market threats will have to be timely identified and intelligently overcome. Our main focus would be on delivering quality and customer service so that we are able to make a brand image in the market. We have to convince the Pet Store owner’s via the word of mouth effect where customers start demanding our product and then the pet stores will be eager to put our Collar in their Shelves. Evaluation As there are no products currently in the market which provide tracking of pets, the challenge therefore, will be to position our product ably on the attributes which show how it can provide value addition over the existing products. The key Attribute and emphasis will be on the tracking information. Appendix -3 Actions

Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 Crash Into the Great Hallingbury Village Research Paper

Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 Crash Into the Great Hallingbury Village Research Paper.

it is 5 pages paper about the Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 crash. Students will use the knowledge gained from the modules presented to assess an aircraft mishap involving multiple crewmembers. While the mishap information is available as public knowledge (National Transportation Safety reports, for example) and some re-creations may be found on the Web, the practicum is not expected to take the form of an accident investigation. If your paper is mostly a description of the accident, you are missing the point of the exercise. Rather it is expected that students will identify and highlight specific elements of the studied modules that are relevant to the aircraft mishap. These studied modules form the basis for peer evaluations. It is expected that these module subjects will also be researched, and that research applied to the relevant topics of the aircraft mishap. An example might be the use of slang acceptable in communications in this country but misunderstood by foreign aircraft operators. Presenters are also expected to suggest a different course of action which might have trapped these errors and changed the outcome as well as identifying actions that were performed well and in line with established practices of crew resource management. Students are expected to identify the links in the accident chain, the threats, and errors (using current Threat Error Management theory) which were part of the event.The research involved should involve as many primary sources as possible and available (cockpit voice recordings or transcripts, ATC recordings or transcripts, and the National Transportation Safety Board related documents as well as any FAA procedural or legal changes, and airline procedural changes resulting from the mishap).the paper should include the following: Planning:Leadership:Psychological Factors and Behavior:Assertion/Advocacy: Communication:Automation Management:Conflict Resolution: Stress:Checklist Discipline:Decision Making:Threat & Error Management:Situational Awareness:Workload Management:Teamwork:Emotional Intelligence:Corporate Pressure/Mission Mindset:and the swiss cheese model.
Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 Crash Into the Great Hallingbury Village Research Paper

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