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Global Strategy Business Plan

Global Strategy Business Plan.

As a group, we created a company called InterMED. The detail and introduction of InterMED will show in the file that I upload below. So please read this intro paper carefully before writing! The paper should include:Identify the environment (political, legal, technological) and the social responsibility and sustainability.Part 1: EnvironmentClear and engaging description of the environment in the global market using data to support claims. Part 2:
Product/Service portfolio
and opportunity
Product/Service portfolio and opportunity is clearly and persuasively described and linked to solving an unmet global need. Establish a risk management plan so as to avoid catastrophic losses and preserve business continuity over a long life-cycle.Part 3: Risk Management
Clear and engaging description of the risk management plan by citing substantial supporting information about the market and the business environmentAPA style search some diagrams/pictures will be better to support this paper. If you use any diagrams/pictures please put it in Appendix I.
Global Strategy Business Plan

Destruction is defined as Causing great negative and irreparable harm or damage.1 But then on the other hand love is defined as a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. 2 Based on just the definition of both words the phrase destructive love is an oxymoron; how can love possibly be destructive as its negative and love is defined to be a positive emotion; since both words contradict each other, if love becomes destructive was it real love to begin with? In all three texts, the writers explore the impact of a parental relationship having an impact on destructive love; In Plaths Collected Poems she explores the influence of parental love on her own relationship and becoming a mother herself. In Morning Song she portrays an affectionate parental love between a mother and a child. The beginning of the poem starts with Love set you going like a fat gold watch The opening line has a combination of personification, metaphors and a simile; initially the use of love being set portrays a more negative response to the reader as love cannot be set which suggests that the parental love shown has to be simulated. The birth of the child is equated to gold, the use of gold could mean the child is hard to love as its heart may be cold and hard or on the other hand it could suggest that the child is precious and is valued in the eyes of the parents. Plath uses a collective pronoun our to highlight that it is the participation of the parents in the conception of the baby and that it is the responsibility of both parents to value and look after the child when it is born. The first stanza is in the past tense and the rest of the poem is in the present tense, Plath does this to relate that when love is supposed to be there initially it is all in the past and once the baby is born the love between the mother and father changes as the father and his love is never mentioned in the present tense highlighting how parental love could be effectively destructive. In addition, Plath uses the speaker who has just given birth to begin to feel less attached to its child, Than the cloud that distils a mirror to reflect its own slow/ effacement at the winds hand. The child is a mirror image of the mother, but she wants this image to be permanent and knows that she cant hold onto this for long, the speaker realises that the child will gradually begin to establish independent personhood consequently feels less expressively attached to the child which then causes a destructive love between the mother and child. The simile, clear vowels rise like balloons suggests the feeling of the baby growing up and distancing away both physically as they grow older but also in terms of her parental love towards the baby. Throughout the poem Plath uses the speaker to employ a variety of downhearted images including a statue-like description of her child and a comparison of motherhood to the slow effacement of a cloud to show the speakers parental love. The use of new statue emphasizes that the child has no feelings and that the speaker cannot give any love towards it due to it being lifeless. This point closely links back to the description of the term gold earlier which couldve either meant the baby was being described as precious or a cold, hard, unloving object. The poem Daddy by Plath is a cathartic text which reveals the nature of her parental relationship with her father. As the poem seems to highlight aspects of Plaths life the audience believe the speaker in the poem is Plath herself. The basis of this poem is so that Plath can eradicate herself of these over-whelming sentiments as she feels neglected by her father after his death suggesting a parental destructive love influenced in her poetry. Plath uses the poem Daddy to symbolise the Nazi’ in the poem to be her father because he is German. The Jew being her which accordingly relates back to her own personal life experiences as she states Daddy, I have to kill you suggesting that she has to eradicate his control that he has over her. There are strong metaphors conveyed throughout the poem as feet and shoes are constantly being referred back to; Any more, black shoe. The shoe could represent a protector over the foot, where the shoe could be a metaphor for her father and the foot being the speaker.. The adjective black links to a different interpretation because it suggests the idea of the foot being trapped and the colour associates to death which means due to the idea of suffocating the foot could cause a destructive parental love. In the poem Youre, Plath again shows parental love but addresses an implied listener; its in the form of a dramatic monologue which makes the reader understand the she is addressing her unborn child. There are 9 lines in each stanza which links back to the 9 month gestation period suggesting the poem is about parental love. The title, Youre is the bringing together of two words which could link back to the poem and the love between a mother and child. The fact that the father has not been talked about in this poem could suggest that when the mother is struggling with the baby inside of her there is no love from the husband which shows a destructive love. The structure of the poem could add emphasis to the emotions of the mother during this period. In contrast to Plaths personal poetry Shakespeare dramatizes the relationship between father and daughter to explore issues of gender and social status. In Othello destructive love is directly influenced by parental factors such as Desdemonas father, Brabantio as he is against their love and marriage. The reason why her father is against it is influenced by the attitudes of the Elizabethan era; where witchcraft was common and consequently he accuses Othello of witchcraft: “Thou has practic’d on her with foul charms,/Abus’d her delicate youth with drugs or minerals”. At the time during the Elizabethan era, blacks were considered to be barbarians, and murderous heathens. It is a very rare thing that a black man would be able to obtain the rank of general in a predominantly Caucasian army. It caused quite a bit of jealousy among the other officers serving under Othello. 3 However, Desdemonas father, Brabantio and the mainstream of Venetians found it intolerable for Desdemona, a white woman of high class to marry a black man. Trifling acceptance was given to Othello because of his headship as the moor. Brabantio stated that Othello had a sooty bosom, a foul thief and a marriage Against all rules of nature. This is evidence to prove his racism towards him that just because he hast thou stow’d his daughter he does not like him suggesting Brabantio being a parental influence to their destructive love. Desdemona says she has a divided duty toward Othello and as her father says he would rather of adopt due to him being embarrassed she has fallen in love with a black moor. Divided duty highlights the fact that during the Elizabethan period, women had a duty towards men; they had to look after and be obedient towards them. Also, status played an important role within society as evidently portrayed by Brabantio suggesting how he would have rather adopted after he finds out Desdemona has fallen in love with Othello which literally means he would disown his own daughter due to her loving Othello. Even after calling Othello a foul thief suggests further how people within society cause love to be pressurised; giving a bad image to the Protagonist which in this case is Othello leading him to destruction by contributing influences and attitudes of characters within the play. In Romeo

Discussion questions (set 9: self control) • What are some example of real-world problems associated with self control people

Discussion questions (set 9: self control) • What are some example of real-world problems associated with self control people you know have dealt with? Discussion questions (set 10: explanation) • What specific ways can explanation be used to improve academic learning? • How could you design a program to promote better explanation skills in children? Discussion questions (Set 11: language) • If you were give $10 million dollars to develop a program to improve children’s language development, what would it look like? Discussion question (set 12: emotions) • What are some different ways social media might affect aspects of emotional development? • What are some situations in which you might feel guilty for something you did not do or mean to do? Discussion question (set 13: surprise) • Why is surprise hard for children to understand? Discussion question (set 14: morality) • Should parents always tell children the truth? • What factors other than cognitive skills might predict when children learn to lie or how often they lie? Discussion questions (set 15: Santa) • Do you think it is good to tell children about Santa? What are some potential benefits? negative effects? Discussion questions (set 16: learning from others) • How might learning from others be related to other cognitive skills, like theory of mind? • What about learning from others online? Discussion questions (set 17: adolescent intervention) • What are other ways to assess effectiveness? • What adolescent interventions are you familiar with? *please answer at least 1 question each set

Case Study #1 Instructions: Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review Instructor’s notes: Though

essay help online Case Study #1 Instructions: Case Study#1_Article: Carr, N. G. (2003). IT doesn’t matter. Harvard Business Review Instructor’s notes: Though this is an old article, it is a classic one starting to think about the relationship between IT and business strategy. There are many good views in the article, which can be further assessed in today’s business environment with the fact pace of changes in the field of IT. I believe this article can help you further understand the course materials covered so far. It can also provide some new insights into IT strategy. I hope you could enjoy reading this article, reflect what you have learned, and bring your thoughts. Layout

COM 120 Grossmont College Inappropriate Self Disclosure Discussion Board

COM 120 Grossmont College Inappropriate Self Disclosure Discussion Board.

I’m working on a communications discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

I want 2 responses to each of these classmates discussion board posts. Each response should be 150-200 words. Classmate post 1: I really do not have a significant other who engages in inappropriate self-disclosure, even after an entire extra day of thinking about this I still cannot think of anyone who is a significant other of mine who engages in inappropriate self-disclosure. I can think of situations where I have been in a public setting and heard someone engage in inappropriate self-disclosure and the best thing I can do is explain this situation. They were giving details about their romantic relationships with their significant others and not only was it inappropriate because most of the people at the table did not know them personally but also because people were eating there food. “Some people have trouble with what’s popularly known as “TMI…”” (Chapter 3, pg. 92).I believe they can improve their inappropriate self-disclosure by increasing their awareness of their surroundings. I understand that him and his close buddies may enjoy talking about those things, but most people do not, and especially with people we do not know closely. Another thing he could do is to save that conversation or topic for a more private scenery and private setting. I used silence, and I feel that by being silent this also was a form of hinting. I felt that not adding fuel to the fire of an inappropriate conversation was best and also being non-confrontational I felt would be the best route. The outcome of my interaction was the inappropriate speaker slowly started to stop speaking inappropriate and the subject was changed.I recently was visiting a friend at his house after we played a round of golf. Some observable qualities I noticed were his massive dining room table, his cool welcome matt and also his very large cat condo. My first-order realities would be he eats at his table often, he has a cat and has a place to wipe his feet when he comes in the door. My second-order realities would be he has a very large family that is why he has a large dining table, with the large dinners comes lots of guests, that’s why he has a cool welcome matt and he takes care of his animals more than average. A lot of people perceive things differently, due to the variability of our upbringings and life styles. Some things I could take one way, and the person standing next to me could have perceived it completely different. Second-order realities start to dig into the meaning of things or also could mean the way someone perceives it. I personally think a foreign accent is interesting to hear and is “exotic” but someone else could find them not interesting and possibly annoying. “(e.g., the accent makes her sound exotic.)”(Chapter 4, pg.105).Classmate post2: My sister is big on self disclosure. She might not realize it but she is. One thing about her and self disclosure that isn’t the most appropriate, is that she is almost too open. She takes self disclosure to a whole new level. When she posts on facebook, or is talking to someone new, she has a tendency to over share. The thing that I always hear is to never talk about politics or religion, and she does very much of both. She goes over boundaries when self disclosing and it has gotten messy for her because of that many times in the past. I think she just needs to work on self monitoring better. I actually wrote about it last week about how that is actually something she needs to work on. If she was just more aware of what she is saying, or just would think more before she spoke I genuinely think it would save her a lot of trouble and wouldn’t upset as many people as she has in the past. The alternative to self disclosure, silence, in the textbook is defined as “One alternative to self-disclosure is to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.” (Chapter 3 Pg. 94) I used this alternative back a couple weeks ago when my best friend Charly and I got into a pretty gnarly argument. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was about because it feels like forever ago. Her and I have very similar personalities so when we fight they have a tendency to get pretty intense. During this argument, instead of feeding into the chaos of it and making each other more upset than we already were, I just went quiet. This one I actually use a lot in my day to day life, exactly like this situation. I decided to back down, and just stop fighting. I didn’t want to say anything brutally honest or hurtful so I backed down and just went silent. I let her have her piece then apologized shortly thereafter and agreed to disagree. I think in that moment that was the best thing that I could have done because it resolved the situation almost instantly and we avoided a lot of hurt. When it came to using this alternative of silence, I used it because I figured it would deescalate the situation much quicker rather than if we kept fighting.Right now as I am typing this, I am on the phone with a friend of mine. My first order reality is that he is at home in bed with a movie playing in the background. My second order reality would be he is watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and that is one of my favorite movies. Our second order realities differ because we all think differently, and all have different likes, dislikes, and personalities. I could be hearing the movie and think how much I love Star Wars, and someone else could watch it and think it is lame that he is watching Star Wars. In the textbook it says “By contrast, second-order realities involve our attaching meaning to first-order things or situations” (Chapter 4 Pg 105) Everyone has different attaching meaning to different things, because we all are different.
COM 120 Grossmont College Inappropriate Self Disclosure Discussion Board

University of Rice In the Blood Act Film Review Questions

University of Rice In the Blood Act Film Review Questions.

Play Report Form

Name of Play
Give the major theme that you found in the play. Remember: Do not confuse ‘theme’ (overall idea; concept) with ‘plot’ (action; storyline). “Theme’ is what the play is about, not what happens to whom. 
In 3 to 4 sentences, (not just one or two words), give your opinions and critiques on the following areas using specific examples from the play.Make sure you use specific vocab learned throughout the semester.
In a full paragraph answer the following question: What was the best thing about the play? (Please use specific examples from the production) 
In a full paragraph answer the following question: What was the worst thing about the play? (Please use specific examples from the production) 
In one word describe the kind of theatre experience you had at this play.
Finally what advice would you give someone who was going to see this play?

Note*…. From here on out, you are answering questions about this specific production.  Make sure you use specific scenes from this productions and you use vocabulary you learned from the course. There are questions about “What’s your favorite/worst part?” from this play… Do not say “I like the subject matter” or “I didn’t like it because it is sad”…. That is every production of this play because that is the play itself… You are writing a critique of this production.  Whether you like the script or the story is not important.  Your job is to look at what is being attempted and if it was successful or not and WHY it was successful or not.  Break a Leg!

The Acting
The Sets and Scenery 
The Costumes
The Lighting Act 
Act II…Please be sure to complete this assignment in your own word document.  Break a Leg!

University of Rice In the Blood Act Film Review Questions