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Global Prices Setting Research Paper

What Is The Best Approach For Setting Prices Worldwide? Setting commodity prices is a complex exercise that calls for multiple considerations; the exercise becomes even more complex when commodity prices are set for foreign markets. There is no single best method to set price globally, however, there are some factors to be considered; international prices are affected by currencies differences, trade barriers like taxes and logistic channels adopted by the exporting company. To set international prices a company has to consider total costs incurred to deliver the commodity to the market; after accounting for all the process, then a margin of profit is added on the cost to reach at the commodity price; it is important to consider prices of similar and compliment commodities when setting the final price. The main determinant of price will be the price charged by competitors and the target market that a company targets. The best pricing model to use is price discrimination and price skimming strategies of price determination (Carlon, 2009) Which Variables should be considered For Foreign Customers? The following are the variable to consider when setting prices globally: Taxes and duties charged on the products Cost of production incurred either in the country of manufacture or the country that the goods will be sold the target market and the expectation they have regarding something will also be factor to consider – though it cannot be given a monetary figure, marketers should be aware that they will consider it. Fixed costs in the country of production; these cost include but not limited licenses fees, rent and administrative costs, cost of transport, insuring costs and labor costs. Where In The Global Company Should Pricing Decisions Be Made? Prices for commodities in the global markets should be set in two different stages/places The first’s stage is from the country of exportation; at the factory, the factory determines the price of the goods; the cost includes freights and insurance when transporting the good to the port of destination. (The cost is called CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The second point of price determination is at the country of sale, the office adds all costs incurred in the country to determine the total cost of the commodity. The final selling price of the commodity is determined as the sum total of all costs incurred to reach the commodity at the store plus a profit margin that the company wants to get (Maskell, 2003). Should Prices Vary Across Markets? By Customer Types? Over Time? The price of commodity cannot be the same in different countries; this is because there are different expenses that are incurred in different countries and unique to that particular country; for example import duties are dependent with a country at hand. When selling to different classes of people, prices should be different; the use of price discrimination as a tool of pricing helps in selling the same product at different people at different costs. Prices for commodities should not be static since they are determined by other factors that keep changing; a company cannot afford to have constant prices. Should Price Play An Active Or Passive Role In International Competitive Strategy In the international market, the role that prices play is an active role, which depends on the target market that the commodity addresses; if the international company has good reputation, it can sell its products expensively and ride on the advantages offered by its strong brand. Alternatively, if the country is able to produce at a low cost that the cost of the market country, then prices can play an active role in international competition. If prices change in international markets, then a company should be willing to adjust the prices downwards. Prices can be used as a market entry system thus; it has an active role in international market (Nagle and Holden, 2002). How is pricing in global markets related to a firm’s objective(s)? The main objective of an organization is to make profits and grow its capital base; to do this the need for products to be sold at a profit margin should be realized. The price sold in international market determines the profit margin of a company; thus it affects the objective of a firm directly. Another main objective of a firm is to diversify in international markets and remain a leader in the market; price that commodities are sold determines the success in the international market as well as the market share. We will write a custom Research Paper on Global Prices Setting specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What are or could be a firm’s objective(s)? Why? The following are the main firms’ objectives maximize profits grow it shareholders wealth and ensure that all stakeholders interests have been taken care of Product development and ensuring that the company maintains a leadership role in the industry it is engaged in. The reason why organizations have objectives is to ensure that they are able to be accountable to their stakeholders using a set mechanism of evaluation; objectives also define why an organization is in existence (Noreen, Brewer and Garrison, 2011). Explain the underlying economic theories supporting pricing in global markets. International marketing theory, cultural intelligence theory and the free trade theory support pricing in global markets, according to international marketing theory, a marketer should analyze target market and determine the forces that are likely to affect the prices set. The company should ensure that its prices are competitive. Free trade theory advocates for minimal government intervention in national and international trade and giving forces of demand and supply a chance to determine commodity prices. Suggest how changes in the environment may affect pricing in global markets. Economic, social, and market forces changes in the international market influences commodity either prices upwards or downwards, for example if the rate of import duty reduces the cost of production of a commodity will reduce thus the company can sell cheaper (Ison and Stuart, 2007) Use graphical analysis to supplement your response on how consumers decide The graph below shows how consumer decides with differences in prices charged to commodities in international market. (Ison and Stuart, 2007) References Carlon, S. et al., 2009. Accounting: Building business skills. New York: John Wiley

Anthropology homework help

Anthropology homework help. This paper should demonstrate your ability to close read, analyze, and contextualize a work (or works) of Renaissance literature. You are not limited to texts we have read; nor are you limited to Shakespeare or even drama.,Read, analyze, and contextualize a work (or works) of Renaissance,Objective, This paper should demonstrate your ability to close read, analyze, and contextualize a work (or works) of Renaissance literature. You are not limit ed to texts we have read; nor are you limit ed to Shakespeare or even drama. Your paper should assume from the outset a considered and well-stated theoretical/contextual perspective or lens. A few examples: Are you approaching your topic from the lens of emotion and affect theory? From a certain philosophical, moral, social, religious, legal, etc. perspective? Are you looking at the work(s) in the context of form or genre. Or in the light of possible sociopolitical functions?,Identifying this perspective or lens will provide a framework with which you can formulate and ultimately make a clear and concise argument. In order to make a successful argument you will need to explain the lens you are using, why you are using it, and how you are using it to arrive at your particular reading of the text. That is, you will need to contextualize (or “situate”) your argument just as you are contextualizing the work you are analyzing.*,More details;,In order to write a successful paper, you will need to read and re-read your chosen text closely and carefully. This is particularly important because now you are returning to/reading the text with a new lens. With your lens/argument in mind, many new, salient, generative details and connections will emerge that you may have missed in your previous readings which will either support or provide counter-examples to your argument. A successful paper requires a solid paper topic. I have provided step-by-step instructions for coming up with a topic, developing your argument, and implementing textual evidence (see “How to Write a Literary Analysis Paper” on Canvas).,*E.g.: Daniel uses his introduction to situate his argument in the contexts of affect theory, assemblage theory, and the philosophical and medical understandings of melancholy, as well as in the cultural context of the literature he planned to discuss.Anthropology homework help

Discussion post response

programming assignment help Discussion post response. Paper details Hello, This is the 2nd part of the discussion post assignment. Must respond to 2 classmates posts in at least 200 word in APA format. Below is the first post to respond to: First classmate’s post to respond to….must be at least 200 words. Tyler Ryan Ryan DB1 The article that I chose to use for this discussion board is from CNN and was written by Christina Maxouris today. The title of the article is “In 19 US states, at least half of the adults are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.” This article is extremely reliant on data to support its message. In the article a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s website is provided. This link takes the reader to the dataset that contains the most up to date vaccination numbers for the whole country. Once in the dataset, you can quickly break the data down into several categories including by state or age group. Obviously, this article would not exist without the access provided to the vaccination data by the CDC. If Maxouris simply said, “there are a lot of people vaccinated and could not provide specific numbers or data, then nobody would be able to decipher what her definition of “a lot of people” means. Most of this article is focused on descriptive analysis rather than inferential analysis, however, there are examples of why Maxouris believes that people are hesitant to receive the vaccine which would be inferential. Statistics and public policy go hand in hand in many cases. Statistics and datasets are becoming extremely important in nearly every industry. It is important to be able to measure the results of actions when it comes to policy making. As new laws or programs are put into place, statistics and analytics can help to both project and observe outcomes. It is important in today’s world of transparency to be able to produce data that supports certain policy actions. In the case of elected officials, statistics and metrics may help them to be re-elected if they can show how much money they brought back to their constituency. Program analysis is another major component of public policy. This process involves continues evaluation of government programs. Through these evaluations, they can figure out which programs are working, and which need to be changed. There are two major components according to O’Sullivan et. Al. that makes for a good research question. The first is the question must be able to be answered with observable or empirical data. The second is the question must have multiple answers. These two components help to make for a good research question. One example of a research question that meets both of these tenants could relate to covid-19. The question could be something like, “What correlations are there between the rate of vaccination for Covid-19 and hospitalization rates?” This question can be answered using data provided by the CDC and has multiple different options for answers. References Maxouris, Christina. 2021. “In 19 US States, at Least Half of Adults Are Fully Vaccinated against Covid.” CNN. Cable News Network. May 20. O’Sullivan, Elizabeth. 2017. Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public Administrators. Routledge.Discussion post response

Positive Relationships and Academia Performance Essay

Positive Relationships and Academia Performance Essay.

I’ve provided the introduction of the whole paper, an argument for each body paragraph, and 3 sub-points derived from the argument of each body paragraph. what you need to do is to develop each body paragraph and add a conclusion.The paper should look like:IntroductionBody paragraph 1: Positive relationships can improve student academic performance. 3 reasons. ExplainBody paragraph 2: Positive relationships are good for teenager’s mental health. 3 reasons. ExplainBody paragraph 3: Love in college is the purest. 3 reasons. ExplainConclusionSources: you need to use 1 journal article, 1 book, 1 websiteFor journal article you need to choose one from what I provided.Word requirement: the whole paper: 1000 words (work I provided is roughly 200 words, so you need to write another 800 words)
Positive Relationships and Academia Performance Essay

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey Project

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey Project.

Task 1
designing a conjoint for your b-school’s café. In particular, you’re in
charge of the daily pizza orders. Pizzas are tricky—while they’re a
simple food, they can be created in a zillion combinations. What factors
should you test in terms of your fellow students’ likely preferences?
Wheat crust vs. white, thick vs. thin, plain cheese vs. sausage vs.
sausage and green pepper vs. vegetarian (you get the picture). Design a
conjoint that would result in identifying 2 or 3 popular slices that
your café managers could order every morning. The student body knows
you’re responsible—how do you make most of them happy? Task 2Activity: Create
a short customer satisfaction surveys for the B2B and B2C customers of a
company selling laptops or similar products. How do these surveys
differ from each other?
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Customer Satisfaction Survey Project

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