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Glendale Community College Twisted Winery vs Stacey Case IRAC Analysis

Glendale Community College Twisted Winery vs Stacey Case IRAC Analysis.

IRACFrances has lived in an apartment for ten years when she decides to buy a house. Her one-year lease will end on May 1. On April 15, she orally contracts to buy Frank’s house for $100,000, with the closing (transfer of the deed) to take place on June1. Frank’s lawyer, who is out of town on vacation, is to draft a written contract of sale on his return to his office on May 15. Because Frances’s lease is terminating, Frank agrees to let her take possession of the house on May 1 if Frances gives him a down payment on the house of $5,000. Frances agrees and gives Frank the $5,000. She moves into the house on May 2, and the following weekend plants trees in the back yard. On May 10, Frank receives a written offer from Green to buy Frank’s house for $120,000. Frank accepts Green’s offer, asks Frances to move out of the house, and tries to return the $5,000 to Frances. Frances claims that she has an enforceable contract to buy the house. Frank claims that any such contract must be in writing to be en­forceable under the Statute of Frauds.Analyze using IRACQuestion 2 Breach 100 ptsUse IRACStacey contracts to buy six cases of vintage Stomp Valley wine from Twisted Winery for $1,200. The contract states that delivery is to be made at Stacey’s residence “on or before May 1, to be used for daughter’s wedding reception on May 2.” On May 1, Twisted’s delivery van is involved in an accident, and no wine is delivered that day. A message was left for Stacy telling her of the accident. On the morning of May 2, Stacey buys the wine from Happy Hill Winery for $1,800, and her staff prepares for the reception. That afternoon, just before the reception, Twisted tenders delivery of the wine at Stacey’s residence. She refuses tender. Twisted sues Stacey for breach of contract, Stacy files a counter claim.Use IRAC to analyze Stacey’s position.
Glendale Community College Twisted Winery vs Stacey Case IRAC Analysis

Table of Contents Introduction Background of the person Characteristics of his communicative behavior What Mark can do to become an effective communicator How to apply these conclusions to my own communicative behavior References Introduction It takes great leadership to approach people and talk to them effortlessly. My cousin has struggled with these concepts all his life because he is a shy person. However, he is an ideal depiction of the importance of listening skills as well sensitivity to others. Background of the person The person chosen for analysis is an individual I have known since my childhood; he is my cousin Mark. His parents and mine lived in the same neighborhood for approximately seven years, so we interacted frequently. After Mark’s family moved out, we would still meet each other at family gatherings or arranged visits. Therefore, I would say that he is someone I really know. Mark also understands me; he is the kind of person who does not judge others easily without giving them an opportunity to know them well. Characteristics of his communicative behavior Some people would argue that Mark is an ineffective communicator owing to his introverted behavior; however, I would say that such people have prejudged him since he has so many desirable communication skills. Mark’s verbal communication is unique in a number of respects. Mark rarely dominates conversations; when in groups, he will not try to outshine others. Instead, he will struggle to stay under the radar or be invisible. Furthermore, my cousin sometimes stammers or goes silent when he meets new people. The most perplexing part about this is that he has trouble expressing himself even when the new acquaintance comes from his field of expertise. When I confronted Mark about this issue, he told me that getting tongue-tied has prevented him from ever approaching a girl. His current partner was patient enough to get over those long periods of silence during their first dates. She usually does most of the talking in their relationship. Gamble and Gamble (2009) explain that in communication, one’s message or the content of the communicative process is essential in interpersonal contacts. People must think through the things that they need to talk about. In Mark’s case, this is a huge challenge. In terms of his non verbal communication, Mark often has a difficult time looking people in the eye. Regardless of our relationship, he still struggles with this from time to time. The problem gets worse when meeting new business contacts. It is a good thing that Mark works from the house as an online forex exchange trader. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This means that he does not have to go out and meet new people. Mark is also uncomfortable with body contact and often refrains from touching someone when speaking to him or her. It is quite difficult to read my cousin’s facial expressions because he rarely has any. In fact, he does not use hand gestures to support his statements, and this gives strangers an impression of a cold and detached person. Sometimes Mark can come off as restless and fidgety; he likes to play with his fingers and hands, which can be distracting. I also realized that Mark will go to great lengths to maintain a comfortable distance with the people he is speaking to. Silence is an important non verbal cue in Mark’s communicative style. He will pay utmost attention to the person talking to him, and will recall even the most technical part of a conversation. Relationships form a vital part of communicative behavior according to Gamble and Gamble (2009). These authors explain that effective communication builds relationships. It fulfills the need for people to be in control, affectionate and included. I believe that Mark has fewer relationships than some other people I know. However, he treasures these few relationships. He will work hard to keep them going because he knows that it will be a while before he can make other friends. Mark is always careful about creating misunderstandings when communicating with his friends. He often gauges what he has to say before he says it, and sometimes goes overboard with this. Mark may refrain from expressing his feelings right away, if he senses that it may cause negative consequences. Most people who really know Mark admit that they trust and respect him. Since trust-building is an important part of communication, then one can assert that my cousin is effective in this area. It is relationship creation that is a problem for him. What Mark can do to become an effective communicator Since Mark’s communication inefficiencies often start with new acquaintances, then he needs to work on his conversation initiation skills. He could work on introductory phrases and words to tell strangers in social gatherings and the like. He can also try to compliment people when meeting them for the first time (Wade
SHMI 8 Aspen University Internal External Evidence in Health Care Systems Paper.

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Part IExplain the difference between internal and external evidence. How can each of these types of evidence be utilized for quality improvement in the clinical setting?Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. Part IIAssignment:Quantitative ResearchWrite a fully developed and detailed APA essay addressing each of the following points/questions. There is no required word count; be sure to completely answer all the questions for each question in detail. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at least one (1) source using citations in your essay. Make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page are required. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.Conduct a literature search to select a quantitative research study related to the problem identified in Module 1 and conduct an initial critical appraisal. Respond to the overview questions for the critical appraisal of quantitative studies, including:Is this quantitative research report a case study, case control study, cohort study, randomized control trial or systematic review?Where does the study fall in the hierarchy of evidence in terms of reliability and risk of bias?Why was the study done? (Define the problem and purpose.)Were the steps of the study clearly identified?What was the sample size?Are the measurements of major variables reliable and valid? Explain.How were the data analyzed?Were there any untoward events during the conduct of the study?How do the results fit with previous research in the area? (This may be reflected in the literature review.)What does this research mean to clinical practice?Additionally, be sure to include the rapid appraisal questions for the specific research design of the quantitative study that you have chosen. These can be found in Chapter 5 of the textbook (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, 2015).This critical appraisal should be written in complete sentences (not just a numbered list) using APA format.Provide a reference for the article according to APA format and a copy of the article.
SHMI 8 Aspen University Internal External Evidence in Health Care Systems Paper

Rasmussen Emotional & Psychological Post Crisis Trauma Is Psychological Disorder Ques.

Managing the emotions of clients involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of clients so that the Human Services Professional is sensitive to client needs when actively engaged with them. Sometimes clients may respond through anger, shock, or may not show emotions outwardly. Still, the Human Services Professional has to assist all clients with processing individualized thoughts and feelings so that a progressive plan of action for addressing the crisis can be developed.As you continue to develop the Crisis Support Plan for your chosen crisis situation, it is essential that you are ready to support a highly distressed client who is having difficulty working through the situation. In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling and grammar, address the following:Perform some library research to identify strategies that Human Services Professionals can use when managing clients in emotional and/or psychological distress post-crisis. Describe the techniques that you feel will be most valuable in your Crisis Support Plan. Be sure to cite your sources.What factors in your scenario need to be considered when developing a plan for supporting your highly distressed client?Why is it important for a Human Services Professional to manage highly distressed clients who are having difficulty managing their emotions independently? What are the potential outcomes (both positive and negative)?What are the things that one should NOT do or say when working with highly distressed clients?
Rasmussen Emotional & Psychological Post Crisis Trauma Is Psychological Disorder Ques

Gold’s Production and Processing Research Paper

This research revolves around the production and processing of gold as one of the most precious metals in the world. Gold was never actually formed and it is a natural element that can only be obtained through mining. In that case gold is itself a highly valuable mineral categorized among other precious metals such as platinum, silver, palladium, and uranium among others. Gold is acquired as pure yellowish metallic element through mining. The nature of the primary locations from where gold is extracted is examined in this research. Other significant aspects such as the environmental concerns tied to the material as well as the infrastructure and labor involved in its production and distribution are also examined in this study. This research also tries to compare the cost of Gold relative to other similar commodities in the market such as silver, bronze and diamond among others. However, there is no way we can examine the overall production of gold without mentioning the environmental concerns associated with the overall usage of the material by humans. Gold has always been regarded as the most valuable commodity in the human history owing to its obvious dazzling beauty as well as the relative scarcity commonly associated with it. Gold can be defined as a naturally occurring commodity of metallic element which is highly reputed for its great economic value and worthiness. As the most precious metal on earth, the production, usage and distribution of gold is equally significant, and it involves a lot of concern from diverse population across the world (Jenkins 279). There are many societal issues associated with Gold in the various places where the commodity is produced. Mining of gold, processing and its distribution is observed to have broad social as well as societal benefits for many people in the world. For one, apart from the economical value of the commodity to the global economy, the overall gold industry has continued to offer job opportunities for many people ranging from the work force in the mines to the category of personnel in the entire gold market sector. Just like any other mineral, the production of gold is quite a complex and hazardous exercise that requires explicit human and machine effort to accomplish. Today, gold can primarily be found in very minimal concentrations of solvents and in this case, the only way of extracting the material existing in such small quantities is by establishing large open pits known as ‘mines’ through blasting where large amounts of ore would be excavated. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As we all know, mining processes have never been safe since pre-historic times and they would be observed to create a potential environmental threat both in the course of the mining exercise and even after the exercise has been accomplished. Some of the most common risks in gold production is the blasting exercise and the poor disposal of cyanide; a toxic solution used in dissolving and extraction of gold. The biggest environmental concern in the production of the commodity would be the disposal of the overburden stuff removed from the mine zones or pits. However, the current observation of the ‘Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act’ requires all gold miners to observe a number of measures in ensuring that humans, wildlife and the environment are protected from the exposure of hazardous components from gold mines. Various mining operations in the U.S. and other countries have taken extra precautions in accommodating cyanide solution in special pads that are lined with plastic membranes to avoid leaching (Kesler 67). Cyanide waste is also treated through various processes such as photodegredation, oxidation and hydrolysis. These processes would facilitate the complete breakdown of the harmful chemical thus minimizing its hazardous effects to people and the general environment. More importantly, cyanide can also be recycled for reuse and this would greatly take care of the harmful toxics associated with it. Apart from the various environmental issues mentioned in this research which may be associated with gold production, there are other major social issues as well attached to the overall practice of gold production. The exercise of extracting the commodity from the underground is observed to have caused inexplicable problems to masses all over the world. Communities have been displaced and their traditional livelihoods spoiled as people are evacuated from their homes and lands to create space for more responsible mining fields. However, it is this severity of the social as well as the environmental issues associated with the production of the mineral that has generated a big concern from the global authorities leading to interventions of governments in the moneyed industry of gold. This really explains the reason why governments are observed to own the largest gold mines in most of the largest global producers of the commodity such as China, Russian and Australia. This has resulted into exaggerated politics in the gold mining industry making it one of the most corrupt sectors in the world. We will write a custom Research Paper on Gold’s Production and Processing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As I mentioned earlier in this essay, the production of this precious metal is a complex and costly exercise which involves many hazardous processes. Human labor, diesel fuel, machinery, electricity, and explosives, just to mention but a few are some of the necessities required to bring gold into our markets right from the soil where it is extracted. This must be enough to explain the levels of extravagancy associated with the mineral’s production no wonder its great worthiness and value compared with other similar materials. Even though its market prices keeps on fluctuating constantly, gold is arguably one of the most expensive commodities on earth and for thus, its price has remained relatively high to that of most physical things based on a per weight basis. According to Frank and Stengos, gold is extremely more expensive compared to other similar commodities in the market such as silver, diamond, and bronze (553). However, the high demand and the great value of gold in the commodity market has been as a result of not only its practical applications in various sectors of life but more as its significant role as a store of value and as an investment. The overall production of gold however, has been surrounded by a big controversy regarding the cost of production labor compared to where and how the commodity is used in the contemporary world. Issues have been raised that cheap labor is used for the production of gold when compared to its final value and abundant usage in numerous ways. Personally, I tend to agree with this observation; what the people in the gold mining industry, especially the miners get for their hazardous work is very dismal compared to what the commodity fetches out there in the markets. Gold, just like soil is observed to be everywhere and currently, there are many countries producing the commodity to cater for the global consumers. Gold is not rare, but what makes it rare is its high value and worthiness compared with other minerals; the two qualities which make it a preserve only for the rich in the society. In this regard, there are no any concerns about limited supply of the commodity. All the same, no one can foretell an increase in its cost. In fact what we expect to see is further fluctuation of gold prices as a result of increased production and supply. Gold is indeed among the few elements on earth known to be chemically stable. This makes it resistant to any chemical changes that might physically spoil its surface and for this reason, it has found use in diverse sectors of life. The only environment risk associated with gold production would be in the mining process where cyanide solution is applied to facilitate its extraction (Strelow 116). Chemically, gold is less reactive than most similar elements of its nature. It also does possess high luster as well as higher melting points compared with other metals. Pure gold is observed to be non-toxic and would cause no irritations when ingested by humans. More significantly, gold is a noble metal and this explains its user-friendly nature to humans since it does not react with other substances and neither is it flammable. Not sure if you can write a paper on Gold’s Production and Processing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another notable advantage of gold is its recyclability nature and this would guarantee for an eco-friendly products of gold, all coming in exclusive high quality. It is also another way of giving the customers a value for their money out of the used products. owing to its outstanding economical value, gold would previously be used as a form of currency before it would be transformed into a common industrial as well as investment commodity of all times by many nations in the world. As observed in the findings of this research, the production and distribution of gold has diverse societal and social benefits to people across the world. Big environmental concerns are constantly administered to ensure that human as well as animal health and safety is well-taken care of. Gold is widely used in our world owing to its nature and value and this would progressively serve as a form of employment for many people in the entire gold industry. Out of this research, we have got to see the value of gold compared to other similar materials. Some of the social, economic and environmental issues associated with the gold industry have been given much concern in this study. More importantly, there is also a discussion about the broader range of problems that would be associated with the hazardous activity of extracting the commodity from the mines. This research has also examined the politics and propaganda surrounding the gold mining industry as investors and governments take significant roles in the control of this moneyed sector. Finally, out of this study we get to learn the nature of gold as a recyclable non-toxic element. All these qualities are enough to make the commodity and its products user-friendly to humans. Finished products of gold are safe and healthy for our lives and for this reason everybody would like it. Works Cited Frank, Murray.

CU Dealing With Complexity Essay

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As the producer and correspondent of a television or radio news magazine (like 60 Minutes, VICE News, or All Things Considered),
you have been assigned to deliver an informative 12-minute segment on
one of the contemporary issues you and your classmates have been
discussing during the past three weeks. Corporate policy requires that
you consider insights from two or more academic disciplines for example:
nursing and social work, or philosophical ethics, psychology, and
biology. (Note: These are only examples; you are free to choose your own
disciplines!) It also requires that you interview credible
representatives of at least two distinct positions on the issue. You
need not remain neutral on the issue; in fact, you are expected to state
and defend your own position with clear reasoning in your own words.You will choose which of the complex social issues to present here.
The intended audience for your segment is an intelligent but perhaps
uninformed public, so this is your opportunity to engage them in an
issue that matters to you.Demonstration of Proficiency
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:undefinedCompetency 1: Explain the nature of ethical issues.
Explain a selected contemporary issue, with reference to practical instances. Competency 3: Engage in ethical debate.
Describe the relevant contributions to an issue from at least two different academic disciplines. Competency 4: Develop a position on a contemporary ethical issue.
Explain at least two distinct positions on an issue.Defend one’s personal ethical position on an issue. Competency 5: Communicate effectively in the context of personal and professional moral discourse.
Create a video or audio presentation that reports on a contemporary social issue from multiple perspectiveThe final script for your production should, of course, include APA-style citations and references. You may submit the assessment itself in either of two formats:I need a script to read as audioOption Two: Produce the audio segment
as you would for broadcast as a radio program or as a podcast. Once
again, you will be the correspondent, but you are welcome to invite
others to participate or record yourself in different roles. As with the
video option, you may record the audio in any way that suits you,
making sure to submit the audio file or a link to it as the submission
for assessment.Include the following concepts in this assessment:Explain the selected issue you selected, with reference to practical instances.Describe relevant contributions to the issue from at least two different academic disciplines.Explain at least two distinct positions on the issue, considering each fairly.Defend your own position on the issue clearly.
CU Dealing With Complexity Essay

The Hong Kong Government Commerce Essay

The Hong Kong Government had decided to build the new runway in HKIA. It will bring the advantage and the disadvantage to Hong Kong. It will identify the third runway’s impact by review the literatures. Moreover, it will do the survey with the Hong Kong citizen to identify what factor they are concern with build the third runway and whether support to build the new runway. It also review the case study to identify which factor needs to concern during construct the third runway in Hong Kong. After doing the survey and review the literature and case study, I expect to find out the answer whether to build up the third runway and the reason to support the answer. Aim This project will identify the impact of the new runway in HKIA and find the answer which is whether to build the new runway. I will find out the answer through review the literatures and do the survey. The third runway is an issue which we need to concern. In the past, HKIA had contributed directly to Hong Kong’s economy. Hong Kong’s aviation industry generated HK$78 billion in value added contribution in 2008. It represents 4.6% of Hong Kong’s GDP. In 2010, it supports the four pillar industries of HK. They are tourism, trading and logistics, financial services, producer and professional services which together accounted for 58% of Hong Kong’s GDP in 2010 (Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.a). The new runway will bring the advantage and the disadvantage to Hong Kong. We need to analysis it whether it is better or not after build the new runway. Objective 1. Find the reason of the HKIA need to build up the new runway. 2. Finding literatures for the discussion or information about the third runway, such as any positive and negative views, suggestions, analysis the impact which the third runway will bring about the HKIA to build up the third runway. 3. Gathering the view of people support and oppose to build the third runway in Hong Kong International Airport by work out a questionnaire/survey. 4. Gathering the concern factor in Hong Kong International Airport by review the case study. 5. Analyse the data of (3), (4) and compare with literatures to determine problems that is impact of build the third runway which is Hong Kong local concern. 6. Suggestion of recommendations and conclusions will be based on the above data. Background Table -1 tentative layout of the Three Runway System (Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.e)The Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world’s 10 busiest passenger airports. In 2011, 53.9 million passengers used HKIA and 3.9 million tonnes of air cargo passed through Hong Kong (Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.b). The AA had considered the long term development of HKIA. To cope with the increasing air traffic demand and competition, Airport Authority has published “Master Plan 2030” and makes a three-month consultation to gauge public opinion on HKIA’s future development. 73% of respondents supported the proposal to build the third runway to meet the airport’s long-term growth demand (Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.c). The development of the third runway is involves construction of a third runway, related taxiway systems and navigation aids, and airfield facilities, the third runway aprons and passenger concourses, expansion of the existing Terminal 2 etc. Tentative Layout of the Three-Runway System Critical review of literature The reason of build the third runway The demand of HKIA in the 2030 The International Air Transport Association Consulting had estimated by 2030: the flight movements are estimated to reach 602,000 flights with a CAGR of 3.2 %( Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.d). It reflects the demand of the HKIA is increase in the future. Table -2 the demand of flight movement (Airport Authority Hong Kong n.d.e) HKIA Flight Movement Projection (Up to 2030) – The base-case demand forecast shows that annual flight movements at HKIA will reach 602,000 by 2030 The capacity of two runway in HKIA For the capacity of the two existing runway in HKIA, it is 54 flights/ per hour in 2007, 55flights/ per hour in 2008, 58 flights/ per hour in 2009, 62 flights/ per hour in 2011, 68 flights / per hour in 2015. It is the ultimate capacity of the two runways in 2015. If no action taken, the ultimate capacity would be saturated around 2020 and it would take more than 10 years to complete a new runway (Dr. C.K. Law 2012). The airport competition The HKIA have competitors in Asia. The nearly all major hubs in the region are having plan or complete to build more runways. The Seoul Incheon Airport’s third runway taxiway system began in 2002 and was completed in 2008. It currently service with forty four million passengers. For capacity of the flights, it cans capacity of 410,000 flights and nearly 4.5 million tonnes of cargo per year. The Seoul Incheon Airport is continued to expand. The construction is set to continue until 2020. After the construction, it will be able to handle one hundred million passengers, 700 million tonnes of cargo and 530,000 flights per year (Halcrow 2011). The Construction cost is about US$1.22 billion (Aviation Policy and Research Center, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics 2007:8). In Mainland China, GuangZhou Baiyun Airport also implement the third runway and will be completed in 2015(Dr. C.K. Law 2012). The view of different people in Hong Kong for build the third runway The view of Hong Kong Government In March 2012, the secretary for transport and housing Eva Cheng stated that the HK government would show the support to the Airport Authority. The Airport Authority can proceed an environmental impact assessment which is expected to take two years, must cover marine ecology, noise and air quality, and plan design details and financial arrangements (Alisha Haridasani 2012).” The view of the airline Cathay Pacific has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 66 years and today connects the city to 170 destinations around the world (Cathay Pacific 2012). For the view of Cathay Pacific, it believes that a third runway is the only viable way to ensure the long-term competitiveness of Hong Kong as an important international airport. John Slosar, the Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific, stated that the third runway is importance for Hong Kong citizen. It can bring the welfare for them. Moreover, the third runway is vital the sustainability of the Hong Kong economy. The demand of build the third runway is become increasing. He also mentioned that the existing runways are already heavily used through most of the operating day that finding take-off and landing slots for additional flights is increasingly difficult. The existing runways will saturate between fifteen and twenty years early before the forecast of 2040. Mr Slosar said that as the airport becomes busier and busier, the capacity of the two runways will soon be saturated. If Hong Kong does not decisively to build the new runway, it will lose its advantage for competitive in aviation industry (Cathay Pacific 2011). The view of environmental group in HK The WWF is the one of the environmental group in HK. It supports the sustainable development of Hong Kong, and the associated benefits for its citizens (WWF n.d.a). However, it has a number of serious environmental concerns about the third runway proposal. The Chinese Dolphins, the fisheries and carbon emission are the WWF hopes the Hong Kong government will consider during build the third runway (WWF n.d.b). The view of the citizens in Hong Kong The Hong Kong Airport Authority was held the three- month public consultation on Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030. It was held between 3 June and 2 September 2011. It was done 24,242 of the questionnaire during the public consultation. For the result of the questionnaire, it indicated that the majority of respondents 80% agree or strongly agree that Hong Kong Airport Authority should make a decision urgently on Hong Kong International Airport’s future expansion plans. There are 73% of respondents prefer the three-runway option, with 11% opting to maintain the two-runway system and 16% remaining neutral(Airport Authority Hong Kong 2011). The impact of the third runway in Hong Kong International Airport Economic impact In fact, the aviation industry is essential role in Hong Kong’s development of economic. The professional services, trading and logistics, financial services and tourism are affecting mostly by the aviation industry (James Tong 2011). The new runway can increase the economy. After the Enright, Scott

Module 5: Discussion 5a: Chronic Disorders

Chronic disorders impact life in many ways. How can a chronic illness impact daily living activities? What strategies can be utilized to maintain function and comfort? Do you have any personal information to relate to the class about a person with a chronic disorder or illness? If possible, you can interview someone with a chronic disorder about how it influences/impacts their life. Sometimes a chronic illness brings out the best in people by providing support or in direct care giving. Think about this when answering the questions. Instructions: Make your initial post by 23:59 EST Wednesday of Week 5. The initial “thread” must be at least 250 words in length and include an accessible resource; citations must be written using APA format. Respond to two other classmates’ posts by 23:59 EST Sunday. Responses must be at least 50 words in length. Some of the characteristics of effective Discussion Board participation are: Discuss items that will increase everyone’s understanding. Discussion postings should show evidence of review of earlier postings; comments should not be isolated and disjointed. Communication skills, such as attentive and purposeful listening, interpretative and integrative skills are evident in well thought-out postings. There is a willingness to test new ideas rather than offer only cautious or “safe” comments. Students should interact with other class members by asking questions or challenging conclusions. There will be assignments presented for the Discussion Board. This is intended to add to the educational experience, not to just add busy work. Make certain that references are utilized. Link to APA format guide The Owl at Purdue: Link

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