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George Mason University New Biomedical Enhancement Technologies Questions

George Mason University New Biomedical Enhancement Technologies Questions.

1. Which claim best characterizes Buchanan’s position regarding possible new biomedical-enhancement technologies:A. We should try to eliminate their wide-spread use. B. We should accept and encourage their development in the fastest time possible. C. We should proceed cautiously but continue to be on the lookout for any possible harms they might cause. D. We should avoid forming opinions on their possible benefits and harms until they are actually invented. E. None of the above2. Buchanan thinks that the goal of new enhancement technologies should be:A. To create a super-human race. B. To improve the reproductive fitness of individuals. C. To control the population of human beings on earth. D. To improve the quality of lives of individuals. E. None of the above. 3. According to Buchanan, the main concern over biomedical enhancements coming in through the back door is that:A. They may be smuggled into the country. B. They may be available only to a small minority of wealthy individuals who can afford them.C. They may fail to receive the kind of study and attention that front-door enhancements would receive.D. They may undermine our human nature.E. They might be corrupting of otherwise good people’s characters by disposing them to illegal activity. 4. According to the master engineer argument, genetic enhancements are morally wrong because:A. We should not attempt to genetically enhance people until the scientific community attains the status of a master engineer, metaphorically speaking.B. They represent a drive for mastery.C. There will never be a master scientist or engineer who can guarantee the safety of genetic enhancements.D. Mastery is a vice, not a virtue, and enhancements aim at mastery. E. Evolution is like a master engineer, so any genetic modification to ourselves will be for the worse.5. By Pleistocene hangovers, Buchanan means:A. Biological traits that we have today that are the result of selective pressures that existed thousands of years ago but no longer today.B. Biological traits that we have today but would not have had in the environment that existed thousands of years ago.C. Biological traits that are better in terms of quality of life to have today, even though the selective pressures that allowed for those traits do not exist today.D. Selective pressures toward perfection that feel like a hangover because perfection is impossible. E. Selective pressures that exist today that tend to push human beings away from the pursuit of perfection.6. According to one anti-enhancement argument, genetic enhancements threaten to change human nature and that is a serious moral concern because it is:A. Unnecessary.B. Unnatural.C. Unfair.D. Undermining of our genetic redundancy.E. Underwhelming.7. According to the extreme-connectedness principle:A. It is an extreme position to think that human beings are strongly connected to each other.B. It is an extreme position to think that human beings are not strongly connected to each other.C. Given expected inequalities of access to biomedical enhancements, the social connectedness of people will be put under extreme strain.D. Various aspects of a human being are closely tied to one another.E. Various aspects of a human being are not closely tied to one another.8. Buchanan believes that a change to our human nature:A. Would threaten to destroy our evaluative anchor or what we think of as morally good for human beings.B. Would threaten to destroy what we take to be a virtuous character.C. Would be undesirable because it would threaten to bring about a post-human, apocalyptic phase in our existence.D. May or may not improve the quality of our lives depending upon the details of the change in question.E. Must be avoided because it would threaten to destroy the essence of who we are.9. Buchanan thinks that a reasonable understanding of the concept of human nature is one that is:A. Part nature, part nurture. B. All nature, no nuture. C. No nature, all nurture. D. No nature, and no nurture. E. None of the above. 10. Buchanan thinks that inequalities in access to biomedical enhancements would be:A. Morally undesirable, irrespective of the consequences.B. Morally desirable, irrespective of the consequences.C. Either morally desirable or undesirable, depending on the consequences.D. A violation of a moral duty to fairness.E. Not a morally relevant consideration.11. Concerning the risks associated with new biomedical technologies, Buchanan argues that:A. We should embrace a single master risk-reducing principle. B. We should embrace a single precautionary principle. C. We should focus only on the possible or expected benefits of future biomedical technologies. D. We should embrace a number of common-sense risk-reducing principles. E. We should insist on an absolute prohibition of the development and use of new biomedical technologies. 12. Concerning the costs (to consumers) of biomedical enhancements, Buchanan thinks that:A. Higher costs will tend to bring about a better quality of enhancements.B. This will not be unfair to relatively poorer individuals because they will be allowed to volunteer as guinea pigs.C. Costs are not an issue when it comes to something as socially valuable as biomedical enhancements.D. Some consumers, who could not have otherwise afforded enhancements, will be able to enter enhancement-lotteries that will at least give them a chance at enhancement.E. Costs will decrease over time.13. In response to one of Michael Sandel’s arguments against the moral permissibility of biomedical enhancements, Buchanan claims that:A. We are unjustified in supposing that the allocation of enhancements will be unfair.B. We are unjustified in supposing that the allocation of enhancements will be efficient.C. We are unjustified in supposing that everyone (or even most) will be motivated by a drive for perfection.D. We are unjustified in supposing that everyone will even have an identifiable motive to enhance.E. We are unjustified in supposing that enhancements will ever bring about a state of human perfection.14. Which is not one of the framing assumptions that surrounds the biomedical-enhancement issue:A. Biomedical enhancements are personal goods.B. Biomedical enhancements are public goods.C. Biomedical enhancements are market goods.D. The government will have a limited role, confined to the regulation of the market for biomedical enhancements.E. Biomedical enhancements are a zero-sum game.15. In response to the argument that biomedical enhancements threaten to undermine a proper appreciation for what we have, Buchanan says that such appreciation:A. Is a virtue and we should be cautious about new technologies that threaten to undermine it.B. Is not a virtue, so there is no worry of enhancement technologies threatening to undermine it.C. Is a vice because it tends to make us lazy and unproductive.D. Is a vice because we have a moral duty to continually strive to improve ourselves.E. Is a character trait that we want other people to have, but not ourselves to have.16. The fear over love drugs is that they may create or sustain relationships that are not:A. Lasting. B. Authentic. C. To have supposed to happen. D. Illegitimate. E. Illegal.
George Mason University New Biomedical Enhancement Technologies Questions

Dublin Institute of Technology Advice for Advertisement Recommendations.

Proposal for recommendations. You have to propose recommendations on how to improve the advertising effort Be specific and include examples as applicable. Make sensible recommendations on its advertising strategy Suggestions must be based on previous discussion regarding the target market, position and advertising objectives identified Justify your thoughts. Give your advice of advertisement combined with the following article (APA style) Target Market Demographic The target market of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair series is effectively segmented by age, gender, occupation, etc.. from the perspective of demographic. More specifically,target consumers are between the ages of 20 and 50, with anti-aging needs, mainly white-collar workers and high-income women. In this regard, the consumer’s AIO will be used to explain below. The first one is Activities. Women in this age group are under great pressure from work and often work overtime, so there is a need to fight against aging. When it comes to interest, As women get older, they are less interested in cosmetics than in skincare products, so they have a positive opinion of skin care products. Psychographic High frequent users of Estee Lauder have a lifestyle that is fashion-conscious and functionalist. Most of them are the fashion images of discriminating upper society. Compared with the average woman, they like to read international women’s magazines, such as Cosmopolitan. They had a concern with the reduction of collagen in the skin. New methods of market segmentation, product launch, distribution, advertising, and promotion are derived based on the above findings. Mix marketing: The high price makes the high-end positioning popular, and the product itself is full of anti-aging and repair ability outstanding. With the promotion of the whole network, and the good location of many stores. Make the target market very successful. Positioning(related to competitors) Advanced Night Repair products are suitable for all skin types. Repair, brightening and anti-aging are the main effects of the product, so it is applicable to a wide range of people. In general, Estee Lauder‘s main competitors are Lancôme and Shiseido. Estee Lauder‘s star products Advanced Night Repair and Lancôme GENIFIQUE are similar in composition and have the same effect of brightening skin, repairing skin and anti-aging. They are both all-in-one essence with little price difference. The two essences are often paid attention to and compared by consumers with the same needs. In addition,SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE POWER INFUSING is a competitor of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, especially in Asian markets. The prices of the two products are almost the same, and the suitable skin types are similar. In terms of efficacy, Shiseido essence pays more attention to enhancing the self-repair function of the skin and preventing aging and other skin problems. Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Night Repair series attract high-income women through its anti-aging and restorative function. It precisely locates the needs and interests of consumers, and stimulates the target consumers to actively consume.
Dublin Institute of Technology Advice for Advertisement Recommendations

Deliverable Length: See assignment details. I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central).

Reflective Summary: Review and reflect on the E-Marketing Customers Discussion Board. Based on your review and reflection of new learnings in this course, write at least 400–600 words on the following:

What have you learned from others’ responses?
What were the most compelling points from the interaction with your fellow students?
How did participating in this discussion help in your understanding of the Discussion Board task?
What is still unclear after the discussion with your classmates that needs to be clarified?

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.
Deliverable Length: See assignment details

MAN 551 Keiser International Business Marketing Strategy Discussion Questions.

Select ONE of the two topics ONLY1. Is there a difference between domestic and international marketing? What factors should be considered in a global marketing strategy? Justify answers! OR2. Exporting plays a big role in international business. Research and explain the “pitfalls of exporting” and the “strategic role” of foreign factories. Which of the two is easier?Write 3 paragraphs with 6 lines each, 2 references from peer-reviewed journals from your online library from 2009 to current.Policy: You must make a minimum of three substantive contributions on two separate days of the learning week to each discussion topic, with the first to the professor. Post your response to the first discussion question early in the learning week (no later than Wednesday), and then respond to a minimum of two other classmates’ posts using critical thinking skills – meaningful and thought provoking. Your initial post must be 3 paragraphs 6 lines in length with a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed references in APA format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from, as they present a biased opinion. Use peer-reviewed articles to support your thoughts!Please submit your initial discussion post to Discussions – SafeAssign Checks for an originality check. Make corrections as required. After making corrections, you must submit to this week’s discussion thread or your discussion will not be graded.
MAN 551 Keiser International Business Marketing Strategy Discussion Questions

1 1/2 page paper

1 1/2 page paper. Can you help me understand this Economics question?

Locate an article written within the past year from one of the following sources (Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, or the Wall Street Journal) that discusses an aspect of applied macroeconomic theory being covered
Topics that can be discussed:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Consumption, Investment, Government Spending, Exports/Imports
Real GDP and Nominal GDP
Comparative GDP The Journal Assessment will include a detailed summary of the article, your reaction to the article, your answers to the below questions, and a complete citation of the source (or sources if you choose to use additional sources to back up your point of view with factual evidence). HIGHLIGHT WHEN YOU ANSWER THE QUESTIONS

Describe the applied macroeconomic theory the article refers to.
What is the author’s main point?
Who is affected by the situation described in the article, and how?
How is the information in the article relevant to you and concepts being covered in this course?
Do you agree with the author’s opinion or with the actions described in the article? Why or why not?The Journal Assessment should have an APA title page and an APA reference page

1 1/2 page paper

Performance Management Issues

online dissertation writing Performance Management Issues. Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

You have been asked to return to your alma mater and speak to current students about performance management issues. To make the most of this experience for yourself and the students, write a four-to-five page paper (not including the title and reference pages) to help you prepare. Your paper should be written in a scholarly third-person tone; it should be in APA format. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, your paper should address the following:

Explain the concept of “performance management.”
Identify the most prominent types of performance management plans.
Compare the plans’ impact on the employee and the organization.
Discuss the relationship between performance management and compensation.
Evaluate the factors that should be considered when successfully implementing performance management within an organization.

In addition to the text, cite at least two scholarly references to support your discussion.
Performance Management Issues

Police Use of Force | Essay

There have been several issues concerning the policies that underline the use of force within the field of law enforcement. Favorable opinions, negative objections, and indecisive feelings about the use of force have varied throughout the public as well as within the criminal justice system when it comes to this policy. For a number of years, it has been extremely difficult in determining the proper definition of what is considered to be the use of force or the proper use of force, especially in regards to law enforcement. Ironically, there have been dozens of studies on police and the use of force and research concluded that there is no single accepted definition. “Must police use force?” Not only should the answer to this question include the circumstances surrounding the situation but it should also include the amount of force able to be used in each unique situation. This question will especially benefit a police officer when determining the amount of force that should be exerted on criminal suspects. Overall, in order for one to fully understand the various definitions of use of force, one must be able to appreciate the background, causes, and ways to reduce the use of force. The basic problem with use of force is the lack of routine, national systems for collecting data on incidents in which police use force during the normal course of duty and on the extent of excessive force and when force should be applied and how much. According to Buker (2005), “the term, “use of force”, describes a right of an individual or authority to settle conflicts or prevent certain actions by applying measures to either: dissuade another party from a particular course of action, or physically intervene to stop them (pg201).” Police are granted the authority to use force and being able to use force this is characterizes one of the most misconstrued powers granted to commissioners of the government. Law enforcement officers may define the use of force as, taking all actions to bring a hostile situation to a more manageable status. Adler (2007) found as leading police historians have demonstrated, early law enforcers worked in a hostile environment. Established during an era of soaring violence, when riots were commonplace and when social divisions cleaved cities into competing neighborhoods, American policemen, in Chicago and elsewhere, faced a daunting task. They were expected to maintain order, yet they lacked legitimacy and remained shackled to a partisan, often corrupt, institutional structure in which they were encouraged to use their influence and muscle for overtly political tasks, such as safeguarding their patrons and quelling labor unrest. All the while, American law enforcers battled to command respect and to control the streets. Types of Force There are several interpretations as to what is considered an excessive amount of force, which can vary from using bean bags guns, chemical spray, or batons. When these items are used inappropriately or excessively one may say this is using an excessive amount of force. However, since they are non-lethal they can be seen as reasonable use of force. Therefore, the amount of force a police officer uses does not solely depend on him or herself, but his or her discretion. Every situation that possibly involves the use of force is unique. Situations may be similar or seem to mirror one another, but no situation is the same. By situations varying from the differences in people, regions, beliefs, and backgrounds to tailor a particular definition, create certain guidelines for the use of force is difficult. Some people believe police should not have the power to use force, no matter what the circumstances may be. They believe everything can be solved along peaceful stipulations in which no one can be injured or killed (Ng, 2009). Then you have others who understand that in some situations, force is not only necessary, but is required, if serious, injury or death is avoided (Rahtz, 2007). When handling a certain situation police officers have a variety of force options from which they can choose. Officers have been granted the authority to use both physical and mental force to solve crimes and detain criminals. At certain times criminals can be very cooperative when being arrested, so there is no need for physical force the mere presence of the officer is enough to gain their control. When criminals are no so cooperative, the first step would be verbal commands, going forward the next stage to detain a criminal, would be the compliance hold which means applying physical force, which may be followed by the use of non-lethal weapons such as the baton or tasers. The last result would be resorting in applying deadly force, which by all means should attempt to be avoided unless considered necessary (Douthit, 1975). It is widely regarded that the police in any given society have a difficult job to fulfill. Dealing with criminals and placing themselves in harms way on a day to day basis is definitely an admirable calling. Although seen as difficult, there is an underlying sentiment in the general public that the job of law enforcement officers is relatively straightforward. Police are faced with tough moral decisions daily. They are to decide when and how to act when presented with violations of the law. When the use of force exceeds that which is necessary to accomplish their lawful purpose, or when their purpose is not lawful apprehension or self-defense but, rather personal retaliation, it is defined as excessive use of force and is unethical and illegal (Pollock, 2010). According to the United States Department of Justice (2008) the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) in Data Collection on Police Use of Force, states that “the legal test of excessive force is whether the police officer reasonably believed that such force was necessary to accomplish a legitimate police purpose.” However, there are no universally accepted definitions of “reasonable” and “necessary” because the terms are subjective and totality understood. A court in one jurisdiction may define “reasonable” or “necessary” differently than a court in a second jurisdiction. More to the point is an understanding of the “improper” use of force, which can be divided into two categories: “unnecessary” and “excessive.” The unnecessary use of force would be the application of force where there is no justification for its use, while an excessive use of force would be the application of more force than required where use of force is necessary (pg3).” Causes According to Alpert

CIN 375 The silence of the lambs film critical analysis

CIN 375 The silence of the lambs film critical analysis.

Use Present Tense4-5 pages (double-spaced) Must include a Works Cited page (use MLA citation style). Must be formatted according to MLA standards: 12-point font; one-inch margins on all sides;
double-spaced; page numbers preceded by your last name on the upper right corner of each
page., etc.It would be excellent to these elements in the article: the persuasiveness of their argument, the insight they show in working
with the films and critical texts, the imagination they bring to the consideration of gender and
sexuality in relation to cinema, and their expository strengths The theoretical concept is from the pdf document.A sample essay is provided. Upload the glossary as well in case you need it
CIN 375 The silence of the lambs film critical analysis