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George Mason University Credits to Graduate Python Coding Exam Practice

George Mason University Credits to Graduate Python Coding Exam Practice.

calculate 120 credits to graduate in Python coding
1.  Input = Number of credits taken
2. Calculate: 120 – Input
3. Print a statement “You need XXX credits to graduate.”
Write the following program.
1.  Create a class for Music and the parameters are genre (for example, pop, rock, classical, jazz) and recording medium (for example, digital, cd, record) 
2. Create a child class for musicians;  the parameters would include: artist name, song, song release date
3. Create two instances from the child class (you can make up the data for this instance)
4. Print a sentence for each instance that says: “My favorite {genre} song from {artist name} is {song} released in {date} on {medium}.”
Debug and put the correct answer in colab.  Label this Question 16 in colab.
prompt = “nWhat is one of your favorite numbers:”
prompt = “nIf you would like to stop enter quit.”
while True:
number = input(prompt)
if number = ‘quit’
else: print(“What is another of your favorite number:”)
Prompt = “nPlease enter what you would like to order: ”
Prompt += “n(Enter ‘done’ if you are finished with your order.)”
while True:
Meal == imput(prompt)
if meal = ‘done’
else: print(F”You would like to order {meal.title()}.”)
create a txt file called dog.txt (Some examples could be:  poodle, lab, collie, sheltie, pitbull)
Fix this code-
filename = ‘dog.txt’
with open(filename) as dog.object
    for dog in dog.object
George Mason University Credits to Graduate Python Coding Exam Practice

What is a Focus Group? A Focus group is a certain number of people chosen to test a particular product, service, strategy, TV show, and other activities or objects intended to release in the nearest future. The primary purpose of any focus group is to make its participants express their opinions as to the product or service they have a chance to use and observe. This kind of research is usually implemented by various businesses that launch an innovative item or establish an entire market (Hennink, 2014). Basing on the focus group references, developers or designers might improve or reconsider the philosophy of what they intend to sell to their clients or the purposive audience. What Advantages Might the Focus Group Method Offer in Contrast to an Individual Qualitative Interview? The implementation of the focus group research method is better than the individual qualitative interview if an organizer of a study wants to have an understanding of how one’s product or service is perceived by a broad audience. This option is unavailable with the interview approach as it is aimed at the personal opinions of separate consumers (Krueger

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details Module 06 Written Assignment – Diabetes Case Study Module 06 Content Using the case study below, prepare a 2 – 3-page paper. A 21-year old female (A.M.) presents to the urgent care clinic with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever for 3 days. She states that she has Type I diabetes and has not been managing her blood sugars since she’s been ill and unable to keep any food down. She’s only tolerated sips of water and juices. Since she’s also been unable to eat, she hasn’t taken any insulin as directed. While helping A.M. from the lobby to the examining room you note that she’s unsteady, her skin is warm and flushed, and that she’s drowsy. You also note that she’s breathing rapidly and smell a slight sweet/fruity odor. A.M. has a challenge answering questions but keeps asking for water to drink. You get more information from A.M. and learn the following: She had some readings on her glucometer which were reading ‘high’ She vomits almost every time she takes in fluid She hasn’t voided for a day but voided a great deal the day before She’s been sleeping long hours and finally woke up this morning and decided to seek care Current labs and vital signs: What is the disorder and its pathophysiology that you expect the health care provider to diagnose and treat? Describe the etiology of the disorder A.M is experiencing. Identify and describe the clinical manifestations of the disorder A.M. is experiencing. Identify and describe the expected treatment options for A.M. based on the disorder and clinical manifestations. Instructions: Summarize the questions above and formulate what may be happening with A.M. and how you would improve her condition.Writer’s Choice

Anne Arundel Community College Intervention for Global Health Issues Paper

custom writing service Anne Arundel Community College Intervention for Global Health Issues Paper.

This assignment is part three of the global health issue paper assignment. After students write about their selected issue, they are required to develop a plan or an intervention to address the issue. Students, for this part of the paper, must assume the role of a consultant who with the data and information identified regarding the country of interest & the selected health issue, must then develop a culturally & systematically appropriate intervention to address the issue. Students should utilize the content covered in the course and conduct additional research to develop a sound plan. This paper should be a maximum of 2 pages. Papers should be thorough, complete, and thoughtful to indicate that you have read, examined, and can apply the concepts in the readings.1) Description of the plana) Discuss existing interventionsb) Relation of SDGs to the formulation of interventionsc) Discuss your intervention and rational for the intervention, why is it appropriate for the country and topic chosen? (Infrastructure issues, availability of healthcare providers and equipment, language considerations, etc.)d) Social/Cultural issues – How is this plan culturally appropriate? What issue(s) did you consider? (example: getting input and approval from community elders before proceeding)e) Note: The intervention can be one already implemented in the country and proven to be effective. 2) Implementation of the plana) How will the proposed intervention be implemented/structured?b) Estimated timeline, which health care professional will be utilized to provide services?c) Possible funding sourcesd) Which stakeholders will be involved (would you involve international agencies, if so which ones?)?3) Evaluation of the plana) How would you structure your evaluation of the intervention, who will conduct the evaluation?b) Possible evaluation methods – surveys, group discussions/focus groups, etc.c) Dissemination of the evaluation results – how would you share your results?
Anne Arundel Community College Intervention for Global Health Issues Paper

Achievement of The Production and Profitability Goals Ethics Discussion HW

Achievement of The Production and Profitability Goals Ethics Discussion HW.

This discussion comes out of the textbook. It’s an interesting one, in which three cases are described. One case is pretty clearly unethical, and another doesn’t show even the hint of unethical behavior. The third case lies somewhere in between. As you read and discuss, you should place the third case on a scale between the other two…is it closer to the problematic case, or is it closer to the case with no unethical behavior? State your reasons for placing it where you do.- 150-200 words- NOT formal writing – No need for reference page or cover page NOTE: I have attached the three cases
Achievement of The Production and Profitability Goals Ethics Discussion HW

Law Firms and Internet Use to Contact Business Computer Law Assignment 3

Law Firms and Internet Use to Contact Business Computer Law Assignment 3.

You are working for Karl and Dawn, experienced lawyers who are just starting their own firm. Karl claims that social media is a disaster. His Uncle, a judge, had to answer questions by the Judicial Board after tweeting some comments in favor of law and order and against drunk driving. A defendant took some general ideas he expressed and complained that the judge was pre-judging his case. The judge won the hearing, but feels that social media cost him time, grief, and trouble.Karl knows of lawyers who refuse to use any social media, because prospective clients take casual comments as if they are complete legal advice. Karl wants you to recommend a vendor or assist you with a user friendly website instead. He wants one that is informational only, that does not link to email or allow payments.On the other hand, Dawn says the firm needs a full service website that makes online legal work feasible and makes online credit card payments easy to do.Dawn also thinks some informational advertising on social media should be used. She claims that firms that don’t use both will not be findable by clients.Argue both sides. Show your sources and your own thinking.
Law Firms and Internet Use to Contact Business Computer Law Assignment 3

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