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geology tectonics

The Earth is not getting any larger or smaller. What two tectonic forces keep the Earth the same size? Where do these forces occur with respect to plate tectonic boundaries? 2. Draw a diagram of an ocean-continent convergent boundary showing the following parts: ocean plate continental plate trench rising magma subduction zone volcano Benioff-Wadati Zone earthquakes folded mountain belt On this diagram, include a brief desсrіption of each of these parts. If anything is used from the internet please cite MLA.

Future direction

Future direction.

 Future Directions No unread replies.11 reply. This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcome (CO). • CO9: Examine future trends in community health nursing, including the impact of information systems and evidence-based practice. (PO8) Review this week’s lesson and assigned reading on the nurses’ role in population health, and reflect on what you have learned in this course. Address the following questions. • What future concerns are likely to impact public health? • How do you see global health concerns impacting your community? • Identify one way that you can implement population health in your community or workplace. Please share specific examples. Reading Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier. • Chapter 15: Health in the Global Community, pp. 275-278, 281-284 Required Article Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2017). Catalysts for change: Harnessing the power of nurses to build population health in the 21st century [executive summary]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Please be very detailed about this paper and make it robust, also use the article along with reading provided (St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier) above and cite them as references. Please Share specific examples.

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Analysis of Political or Gendered Discourse

geology tectonics Analysis of Political or Gendered Discourse.

Analysis of Political or Gendered Discourse

[WLOs: 3, 4] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

For your Final Paper in this course, you will complete a research project that involves collecting and analyzing samples of political or gendered language use. You will consider how discourse influences and is influenced by contemporary institutions or ideologies, and how it shapes ideologies of power, control, injustice, inequality, social change, and emancipation. In addition, you will create a discourse of your own that responds to the topic discussed in your chosen samples. (Please note, there are two parts to this assignment.)

To begin, choose a public speech, news story, or opinion article on a trending topic of interest to you. It is recommended that you spend some time reviewing the discourse sample you have chosen. Consider the theories of discourse analysis studied so far in this course and how they might be applied to the discourse to better understand the author’s intention, the work’s meaning, and possible interpretations by readers.


For Part 1 of your Final Paper,

·         Analyze your chosen discourse using two concepts or theories of discourse analysis outlined in your course textbook and other required resources (i.e. use of lexical grammar, Grice’s maxims, intertextuality, etc.).

·         Assess how language is used persuasively, offensively, effectively, or ineffectively to convey a particular social message or agenda.

·         Locate two other discourse samples about the same topic.

o    These can be excerpts in the same genre, or you may draw from other genres (such as blogs, social media posts, Tweets, video clips, multi-media excerpts, etc.).

·         Compare the arguments and language used in the additional excerpts to your chosen text, drawing upon concepts and theories of discourse analysis outlined in the course.

·         Assess how the three discourse samples shape and are shaped by ideologies of power, control, injustice, inequality, social change, and emancipation.

Remember to incorporate three credible sources (in addition to the course textbook and the three discourse samples) into your discussion. It is recommended that you find sources through the Ashford University Library; you may also use the articles listed under the Recommended Resources in each week of the course.


For Part 2 of your Final Paper,:

·         Create a blog post (of approximately 250 words), a Facebook post (approximately 250 words), a series of Tweets (250 words total), or an Infographic that responds to the topic discussed in your chosen text.

o    You may choose to agree with the views expressed in your chosen text, disagree with them, or merely address the issue in a new way. If you choose to create a blog post, the Writing Center resource Writing a Blog Post (Links to an external site.) can assist you. If you choose to create an Infographic, visit Canva (Links to an external site.) for access to a free online site that will assist you in creating the graphic. Watch Intro Tutorial for Making a Canva Infographic (Links to an external site.) for additional help.

·         Assess the effectiveness of your discourse, referring to at least two concepts or theories discussed in the course.

·         Evaluate how your discourse responds to the existing discourse(s) of contemporary institutions and ideologies.

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Surname 4 Name Instructor’s name Course Date submitted Business Process Enterprise Application

Surname 4


Instructor’s name


Date submitted

Business Process Enterprise Application Packages

Product choice Product Data Management

Product Design Product Data Management

Product Launch Enterprise Resource Planning

Product Production Product Data Management

Product Testing Content Management

Product Marketing Enterprise Search

Product Valuation Business Intelligence

Market Research Business Process Management

Market Choice Supply Chain Management

Market Definition Supply Chain Management

Market monitoring Product Data Management

Market valuation Product Data Management

Market Testing Business Continuity Planning

Market Progress Determination Business Continuity Planning

Product Progress Content Access Software

Legal Obligation Collaboration Systems

Expansion Determination Business Intelligence

Expansion Launch Enterprise Resource Planning

Expansion Valuation Enterprise Resource Planning

Expansion Progress Enterprise Resource Planning

Client Onboarding Process Customer Relationship Management

Client Valuation Customer Relationship Management

Stakeholder Choosing Process Enterprise Asset Management

Business Automation Business Intelligence

Workflow Determining Information Worker Software

Workflow Maintenance Content Access Software

Product Re-engineering Content Management Systems

Product Assessment Content Management System

Billing Process Billing Management

Quality Assurance Process Product Data Management

Safety Audit Business Intelligence

Legal Checks Identity Management Systems

Agent Billing Process Billing Management

Stakeholder Evaluation HR Management System

Stakeholder Valuation Process HR Management System

Credit Checks Accounting Software

Trip Booking Process Enterprise Asset Management

Staff Medical Assessment Enterprise Asset Management

Risk Management Enterprise Asset Management

Vacation Request Assessment Business Staff Management

Customer Support System

The application helps the business interact rightly with the customers. At first, the application will be pre-customized and will bear the details of the business and the products it offers. After that, its performance will be improved with respect to customer requests, preferences and habits. This strategy is meant to make the business popular with the customers.

Ordering System

During the business launch, there will be a pre-existing ordering system developed by hired experts. The system will help customers choose products and place orders online which can be paid instantly using electronic means or later upon product delivery. The system will be developing with time and necessary improvements will be done to ensure perfect performance.

Bulk Order Submission Web Service

After three months of operation, the business will have a Bulk Order submission web service. The website service will be developed by hired experts who will perform as the business’s IT experts. The essence of this website is to let customers who require huge numbers of products to place their orders online and manage their payment, timelines and delivery parameters.

Internal Financial and ERP System

In the first month of operation, the business will put in place an internal financial and ERP system. The system will be fully developed by external experts hired by the business. It will provide information on the nature of cashflows in the business. It will show the number of sales, production costs and stock availability while at the same time highlighting business loans, grants, and all other forms of equities. The idea of having the system is to have a central information system that shows the financial position of the company.

Customer Data Retrieval Web Service

On the second month of operation, the business will launch a customer data system. The system will be developed by the company’s IT personnel. It will provide customer information and history in the business. It will highlight customer details for future references. The strategy is important as it will show how the business has been doing in terms of customer service.