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Geography of the middle east

Geography of the middle east.

question: Is Syria a real threat to the American interests in the Middle East? Why? Why Not? Elaborate on your answer and give specific examples.should be analytical and relevant to the topic, minimum of 500 words, use assigned links from belowAssigned Readings and DocumentariesSyria Profile: A chronology of key events (, Syria: Islamic Empire History ( Inside The Secret Revolution ( Undercover ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria:
Geography of the middle east

Capella University Organizational Research Methods Communication Assessment.

Write a 500-word response to the following question:With consideration for organizational research methods, what will be your next steps as you move onto the next course in the program? Aligned with assessment

1: Analyze strategies and historic trends that drive optimal
organizational design, including those addressing diversity,
communication, power dynamics, and agility in the market. CSLO 2
CSLO 2: Analyze organizational development practices and research frameworks that guide organizational research.
3: Begin to utilize a Systems Thinking perspective and the tools of
Design Thinking to address organizational challenges through research.
4: Begin to demonstrate the qualities of a University of Phoenix
scholar-practitioner-leader in the context of your daily work and
interactions with others.

Capella University Organizational Research Methods Communication Assessment

Legislative Matrix Essay

Legislative Matrix Essay. Instructions Legislative Matrix For this assignment, you will develop a Legislative Matrix based upon the specific legislators in a residential/geographical legislative district in your state. You will identify elected six (6) officials from your legislative districts including: 1) local Councilpersons or County Commissioner, 2) Federal House of Representative, 3) Federal Senator, 4) State House of Representative, 5) State Senator, and 6) the Governor. You will identify the committees each legislator is a member of, and you will discuss any active legislation bills and/or past legislative initiatives he/she is involved individually. This information will be used to assist in the development of the Legislative Communication assignment next week. Use the – Legislative Matrix Template. Assignment example – Legislative Matrix Exemplar Texas Submission Details: Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format. Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Attachments Legislative Matrix Template.docx (17.57 KB) Matrix Exemplar – Texas.doc (88 KB)Legislative Matrix Essay

SEU Decision Theory Risk Management Government & Alliances HSBC Bank Discussion

essay writer free SEU Decision Theory Risk Management Government & Alliances HSBC Bank Discussion.

HSBC in China Your assignment this week will focus on the case study HSBC in China (p. 563). We once again visit the country of China, this time to look at the financial and banking sectors. China acceded to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, which was important to integrate China into the global economy. The WTO requirements guaranteed China entry into the important financial sector, setting it on a course to become a financial powerhouse.Reflecting on this week’s content focusing on ethical leadership, strategy, and alliances, develop an essay responding to the following questionsHow has HSBC adapted its global strategy to operate in China, both before and after China’s WTO accession?Discuss HSBC’s strategy for entering and operating in other emerging markets. Where has it found success, and where has it faced setbacks? Why?What are the pros and cons of HSBC’s “Managing for Growth” strategy?Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Be 7 pages in length, which does not include the title page or required reference page, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.Use University academic writing standards and APA-7 style guidelines.Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.A total of five references are required for this assignment
SEU Decision Theory Risk Management Government & Alliances HSBC Bank Discussion

Understanding of Buyers’ Behavior Report

Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to understand the consumer buying behavior. The findings that were noted are that a consumer has diverse requirements and wishes. The marketers should search for relationships between their products and lifestyle group, for example for a middle-aged she would prioritize her needs to cosmetic surgery this is to enable her to feel like she is still young and the lowest need being tattooing and piercing and since she is mature and she would like to present herself in a respectable manner she would only prioritize on cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and laser skin treatment. And The old lady, she would prioritized her options to eye surgery to avoid wearing glasses, followed by the laser skin treatments to prevent her from looking too old and avoid the wrinkles from appearing Thus, buyers with different ages have different needs and spend different amounts on necessities and non necessities. Thus, the marketer should have be able to know the target market of its product and ways in which he/ she could attract these markets e.g. the could be able to attract consumers through promotions like bonus packs to prompt the consumers to buy and perhaps buy more than they otherwise would. Introduction Consumer behavior is a rational psychological process which allows consumers to critically evaluate their purchase options with the aim of justifying the reasons behind their purchases in order to maximize their own satisfaction. Consumer behavior involves on how consumers decide whether or not to purchase a product. The consumers’ decision is usually based on consumers decision making process with respect to understanding what the consumer wants, consumption and disposition of goods and services, activities, decision-making units ( overtime) (Kotler 2003, 12). Consumer behavior means more than just the way that a person buys tangible goods; it also includes consumers’ use of services, activities experiences, and ideas. Marketers are very concerned with the manner in which consumers buy products and services. However, marketers are also intensely interested in consumer related to using and disposing of a product. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This include; acquisition – the process by which a consumer comes to own the product; usage- the process by which a consumer uses the product; and disposition – the process by which a consumer discards a product (Porter 1990, 8). The sequence of acquisition, consumption and disposition can occur over time in a dynamic order. Entire markets are designed around linking one consumer’s disposition decision to the customers’ acquisition decisions, for instance, when consumers buy used cars they are buying cars that others have disposed of and should be aware of it. Body modification Some of the image altering options reflecting the variety of behaviors by the illustration were: body art for fashion (tattooing and piercing); cultural body art as a reflection of ethnicity; myriad services of cosmetic enhancement- laser skin treatments for wrinkles and hair; Botox, collagen, cosmetic dentistry; body contouring using systems such as endermologie; eye surgery instead of using glasses; cosmetic dentistry i.e. veneers and whitening; and cosmetic surgery. Marketers have to identify its customer’s reference group so as to meet the customer demands. A referenced groups influence on particular individuals varies depending on particular products and brands therefore in some instances the influence of this group may either be significant or insignificant. Reference groups appear to influence both product and brand choice strongly e.g. Some consumers have body parts pierced as a form of self expression, while others do it to fit into a group, still others believe that body piercing is a form of beauty or that it enhances sexual pleasure. individuals often purchase goods and services that reflect their particular age at the time of purchase. With time, consumers buy different products and services that would best suite them that time. For example where, for a female teenager she would be more concerned with her appearance be fascinated with tattooing and piercing for beauty as well as cosmetic surgery during her teenage years, but during her middle aged when she is more mature she tends to be concerned about how her appearance will influence her children, as a mature lady and responsible and respectable lady. We will write a custom Report on Understanding of Buyers’ Behavior specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More People tend to relate what they believe in and how the behave with the groups they are associated with. The groups play a very big role as they tend to introduce individuals to new practices and lifestyle, they also influence the behavior expressed by an individual while they also demand a compliance of the stipulated practices. Interview Results AGE/GROUP OPTIONS TEENAGER( 16- 24) MIDDLE AGE WOMAN(33-46) OLD LADY ( 50 AND ABOVE) Cosmetic surgery 3 10 7 Tattoo

Morgan State Cyber Security Activities & Framework & Protect Paper

Morgan State Cyber Security Activities & Framework & Protect Paper.

Review Section 3 (from page 15 to 27) Safeguarding Your Information from the PDF document of NISTIR 7621 (Small Business Information Security, The Fundamentals by Celia Paulsen, and Patricia Toth (available in Blackboard)1.Write a report of 4 pages 1 space (font 12) Word documentThe report should include two parts:A. A brief description of how each of the 5 security activities workB. List in priority order and justify why/how you chose your top 3 activities as more important than the other 5 activities.Write report of 4 pages 1 space (font 12) Word document about Target Security Breach
Morgan State Cyber Security Activities & Framework & Protect Paper