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Geog writing -02

Geog writing -02.

The country I chose to write is : South Republic AfricaWord count at least 550Choose one of the three prompts below. As usual, follow the assignment guidelines and post a draft (including images, links, and citations) on your discussion thread. You should incorporate your images (and map!) into your text, they should not be random images tacked on at the end. Remember the Our World in Data. (Links to an external site.) It will be a good resource this week!Remember, when you make your map, you can use your own data that you find on the web (though you need to cite that source as well). In many cases, it will be faster to go this route than searching in the ArcGIS Online database. Look at the tutorial posted on canvas to see how. Remember: Your map will not change the world or even be that groundbreaking. Just make a simple map that fits with your topic. Make sure you share it properly so that when you copy the link to your assignment, we can access it. —Prompt 1Where does your state or region fall on global rankings of development and urbanization? Consider the core-periphery model. Where would your state or region fall or be categorized in this model? In other words, where is it in the core-periphery relationship? How has the spread of globalization influenced your region’s position in the dependency theory model? Use evidence to back this up and use the terms as defined in your text. Prompt 2Look up 6 indices of development for your region (if your region has multiple states, pick one). Include economic, HDI, and well-being as discussed in your text. Find 3 others. (eg. Happiness, literacy, gender equality)? Where does your country fall on each of these indices? What does this tell you about the development of your region? Compare these with other countries and see if the pattern matches what you’d expect to find in similarly developed countries. Finally, frame the development of your region in a positive light if it’s generally considered a peripheral region and if it’s a core region, define it as a problem or what it lacks. Prompt 3What is the primary city in your region (usually economic or political capitals)? How is this city usually framed (Progressive? Developed? Modern? Backwards? Dangerous? others?). Why is your city framed this way? Find ways of telling an alternative story of your city (if it’s seen as a modern city, tell a story of how it is not using examples or stories or data you can find to tell an alternative story). Use data to back up your answers. PreviousNext
Geog writing -02

GCU Culture and Perception Intercultural Communications Paper.

In 1,000‐1,250 words, complete the following:1. Describe the cultural identity of a particular cultural group and how the culture’s identity is represented symbolically in the culture’s communication patterns, values, language, architecture, pastimes, art, relational roles, societal systems, behaviors, etc. (Comp 2.1 Interpret the meaning of symbols across cultures.).2. Compare and contrast symbolic representations of a particular cultural group via media channels in that culture, in the U.S. media, and academic research findings. 3. Evaluate the role of mass media channels in intercultural communication. What impact do mass media have on intercultural perceptions and interactions?4. Project must have a minimum of five scholarly sources.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.
GCU Culture and Perception Intercultural Communications Paper

Performance Appraisal – Case study of Coca and General Electric

Table of Contents Introduction Analysis of Co-Cola’s Employee Performance Appraisal Purpose of the Performance system in Coca-Cola Effectiveness of the system General Electric Purpose of the system Objectivity and effectiveness of Forced Ranking References Introduction Performance appraisal is a systematic and continuous process that involves the rater and the ratee, where the former evaluates the performance of the later with respect to laid down standards (Bauer

ENC1101 American Multilingualism A National Tragedy Article Analysis Paper

assignment helper ENC1101 American Multilingualism A National Tragedy Article Analysis Paper.

“American ‘Multilingualism’: A National Tragedy” by Franklin Raff
“It’s Time for Miami to Embrace Bilingualism” by Phillip M. Carter

I need to analyze and synthesize these 2 articles in 1750 words but 1500 is okay. 

Grading Criteria

Does your introduction present the main idea or question you plan to focus on?
Do you effectively summarize the texts?
Is your thesis clear, specific, and easily identifiable?
Analytical Section:

Is your analysis clear?
Does it show that you have wallowed in the complexity of your texts?
Does it map out and explain a number of important similarities and differences in your texts?
Does it include relevant points about the rhetorical features of the text?

Synthesis Section:

Is it clear how the texts and their authors have influenced your own thinking on the problem?
Does your synthesis show your informed, independent thinking?
Do you convey something that is new, surprising, or somehow risky/arguable?

Is your style and tone appropriate for your purpose? Is the essay well-written, grammatically and mechanically?
Do you show an understanding of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing?
Have you cited sources appropriately using MLA style?

ENC1101 American Multilingualism A National Tragedy Article Analysis Paper

Explain the time period 1870-1920

Explain the time period 1870-1920. Paper details The only sources you may use are the textbook, American Horizons: US History in a Global Context Volume 2, by Michael Schaller Oxford University press, any edition will work. and my online lecture notes. The easiest way to cite sources is to use MLA parenthetical citations that includes the author’s last name and page number (Mayer 199). Your essay must have MLA citations from Schaller in every paragraph except for the intro and conclusion. Your first paragraph must contain a series of arguments that you intend to historically prove in the text of your essay. Never pose rhetorical questions in your essay. Rhetorical questions are cheap literary devices that make your writing style non-assertive and give the reader the impression that you are not in control of your essay or the material. Immediately give the reader your overall argument, and then, in succeeding sentences of your first paragraph list supporting arguments in chronological order. The supporting arguments should be chronological in order and build on each other. The topic sentences of your paragraphs must do more than simply describe what the paragraph is about, they must also state why the paragraph is important to the overall argument of your essay. In other words, the topic sentence summarizes the paragraph, but also links it back to one of the supporting arguments that you listed in your introductory paragraph. You must have dates or at least periodize in almost every paragraph. Paragraphs should be one-third to one-half page in length. Finally, your essay must have a conclusion that restates your original argument in light of the data and facts that were discussed in the text of your essay. A paragraph is at least four sentences long. The conclusion restates the thesis of your intro. Then summarize specifically what you covered and end To obtain an optimal grade your essay must be clearly written. Clarity of style, proper grammar, spelling, analytical organization and logical coherence are essential. if you wish to receive a passing grade. I don’t expect you to cover everything so focus on the main themes and explain why they were important This is dry academic writingExplain the time period 1870-1920

3 page paper American history

3 page paper American history.

Write a 3 page double spaced paper for my American history class. Four possible topics are provided, and you must discuss two in the paper. Discuss the Reconstruction (13th, 14th, and 15th) Amendments to the US Constitution.What are the key differences?Why did Radical Republicans decide that the 13th Amendment was not enough to undo slavery’s legacy? Historians still debate whether Reconstruction was a success or a failure for African Americans.What do you think? What were the main driving forces behind Reconstruction?What were the obstacles? The three Reconstruction Amendments are often called the “national supremacy” amendments.How did they change the relationship between the federal government and the states? Attached are the requirements/outline to be followed. Only one source can be used and it is the PDF I am attaching. No outside sources permitted. Paper must be written like a native English speaker. Free of spelling, grammar, syntax, or mechanical errors. 3 full double spaced pages of writing in Times new roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins all around.
3 page paper American history