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Self-awareness is a never-ending process and to become effective social workers, you must be aware of their perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, actions, and values. Develop a comprehensive project using a three-generational visual GENOGRAM.  The fundamental goal of drawing a genogram is to organize the intergenerational system of family projections, identifications, relationships, experiences, and events, which have been influential in constructing the self.Your written analysis, must include one of the following assessment models; Multisystem Model (Boyd-Franklin,2003);Integrated Genogram Model (Chavis, 2004) or the Afrocentric Intergenerational Model (Waites, 2009).The paper will be evaluated on thoroughness of the introspective assessment of the above. Please utilize appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the content. APA formatting should be evident throughout the document including personal interviews.  CriteriaGrammar: Clarity in writing, sentence structure and grammerconducted family interviews with family members:Applied the theoretical concept to the genogramTheoretical conceptAssessment modelIntrospective assessmentGenogram

M7A1: Improving Quality Assurance While Balancing Cost and Access

M7A1: Improving Quality Assurance While Balancing Cost and Access.

 M7A1: Improving Quality Assurance While Balancing Cost and Access The optimal health care delivery system strives to deliver services of the highest quality, in a cost-effective and highly accessible manner. This can be a difficult balance to achieve. For your final paper, you will write an analysis and recommendation paper focusing on identifying a quality improvement issue. You will research the quality assurance issue in the literature and will develop an analysis of this issue. Suggested quality of care issues might include: Inappropriate use of antibiotics, opioids, or other prescription medications Treatment follow-throughs after inpatient stays Over/under use of health screenings Use of best practice evidence in obesity interventions Immunization acceptance Hospital-acquired resistant infections Health outreach during/after disasters Pressure ulcers in long-term care settings Addictions treatment Prescribing errors Use of limited formularies for treatment of health issues Lack of interpreter services for those in need of them Survival rates from cardiac events Another of interest to you. First, provide some background to your selected issue. Research recent Excelsior Library articles; credible government, white paper, or policy think tank reports; and health care organization analyses to learn about your selected quality assurance issue. Using this literature, provide a careful description of the quality issue, who is impacted by this issue (groups, organizations, sectors of the health care delivery system, etc.), at least two interventions already attempted to address this issue, and the degrees of success these interventions have had. Be sure to include demographic information, any pertinent policy/regulatory guidelines or other information, and any established quality indicators for your selected issues. Next, based upon your review of the state of the issue, provide an evidence-based recommendation for improving quality in your selected area of health care. Specifically, you will: Formulate and justify an evidence-based recommendation to improve quality of services. You will need to provide strong support from the literature. Briefly describe which stakeholder groups could be impacted by your recommendation, and how. Evaluate the anticipated and possible unanticipated effects of implementing your recommendation, particularly on access to health services and costs/financing. You will need to address at least one potential outcome for accessibility and at least one for cost. (If you find that you may compromise one or more of these pillars of health, please explain and state why you recommend moving forward anyway.) You will also need to postulate at least one unintended consequence. This may be toward one group of health consumers or providers, or in general. Propose three action steps to be taken to begin implementing your recommended intervention to improve quality. Describe how you will know if your intervention is working. In other words, how would you know that you have improved quality? Close by providing a recommended approach to ensure this recommendation would be sustained over time (g., after you have moved on). Your paper should be 8 – 10 double spaced pages in length. Be sure to support your statements with reliable sources from the library as well as highly credible sources on the Internet. Please use full APA style, including title page and reference page. Use the free resources from the Excelsior College Library, and the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab.

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