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The creation story is known and read by most people in the world. This paper is an attempt to analyze the meaning and relevance of the creation story in our everyday lives and in society as a whole. Historical and Literary Contexts The story of Genesis 1 was written during the Babylonian Exile. The Israelites were moved to the Babylonian Empire, in 586 BC, when the Judah Kingdom was sieged by the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar. The King and his army surrounded Jerusalem in order to try to get them to surrender, and would not give in to any negotiation.

The King of Judah tried to escape during this time, and when he did Nebuchadnezzar estroyed the whole city, including Solomon’s Temple. All the surviving Judeans were taken back to Babylon to be used in his next attack. It would be assumed that because the King is taking them back to his country, where they would be subjected to harsh conditions, but he let them have relative freedom. They owned their own land, created their own businesses, although they lost their hometown and Temple.

The Judeans did not have their sacred Temple, which they believed was the only place that their God would visit them resulting in the loss of faith that their God was ctually with them. The life that they lived there wasn’t bad. They could make their own money, and live freely. They had to learn the language of Babylon, Aramaic. While they told stories to their children of their God and of Jerusalem, they also learned the Babylonian religion the Enuma Elish. The priests created a day of rest on the seventh day of the week, Just as Genesis states that God did on the seventh day of creation.

On this day all their actions would be devoted to worshipping God. The Priests created this story to give the people of Israel assurance that their God did not bandon them during this time, and that there was a purpose and meaning for their life (Birge 27-32). The Genesis creation story is not the only creation story in the Bible. The first creation story was written by the Priests, while the second creation story is the Yahwist account. The second creation story was written in Judah, by scribes that wrote for the King David and continued to write as different people took the throne.

The first creation story tells day by day detail about what happened when God created each day, while the second story goes into detail about the creation of man, reation story starts everything on Earth is already created. Although the first story was written after the second creation story, it is placed at the beginning of the Bible as the first chapter and opening. The first creation story is placed before anything else in the Bible, because it tells of the creation of day and night, water, land, plants, fruit, seasons, animals; the base of Earth needed for all to live.

Lastly, God creates Man. The second creation story elaborates on this, with the creation of woman, and the encounter with the Garden of Eden. The storytelling and wording of this creation tory is what draws the reader’s attention due to the simplicity of the writing and the strong visual images that it creates. It puts a picture in the minds of the reader of what the Earth looks like as God is creating it for all of Man to live in. The reason why this passage is put first is because the Earth is the first thing that God creates.

The Bible is in chronological order that started at the beginning of creation and goes to what will happen at the end, or Judgment day. Form, Structure, and Movement The passage of Genesis 1:1-2:4 would be considered a short story. While this lassification could be argued, it seems most reasonable because there isn’t 100% fact that this creation story actually existed. Although the definition of a story states that it is based on fiction, this story may not be all fictitious, but the story has been passed down for many years through word of mouth.

Due to this fact, the words could have gotten mixed up; someone could have gotten someone’s name wrong for memory is not always accurate. Word of mouth is very powerful, and because the creation story was passed down from generations in families, the story is more believable because they trust their family. Another person reading this story may take on the belief that it would be considered a historical narrative because of the fact that the story had been passed down for so many years so one of their ancestors had to have seen the Lord to know this story from a first-hand experience.

Everyone thinks and interprets things differently, therefore the views on what type of genre Genesis 1-2:4 falls under could be something different for everyone, depending on the viewpoint that you take about the subject. Strong believers of the Bible could take a limited inerrantist perspective, when they believe the Bible is without rror only in those things it communicates that are necessary for a human beings salvation[… ]” (Birge 39). Or on the other hand, they could take a strict inerrantist perspective when everything in the Bible is considered errorless.

I don’t think that I would consider myself neither a limited inerrantist nor a strict inerrantist. I don’t know enough about the history of the Bible or the stories of the Bible themselves to know whether I believe that the Bible is errorless. I know that when I am interpreting the Bible I cannot only read the passage but I have to consider the context of the assage and the chapters that surround the one that I am reading. 1. Creation of the fundamentals of life (Genesis 1:1- 1:19) a. Creation of day and night (1:1-1:5) b. Creation of water and land (1:6-1:11) c. Creation of vegetation (1:12- 1:13) d.

Creation of time 2. Creation of animals (1:20-1:25) a. Creation of birds and aquatic animals (1:20-1:23) b. Creation of animals of the land (1:24-1:25) 4. The completion of heaven and earth (2:1-2:4) a. Creation of holy day (2:2-2:4) Analysis Genesis chapter one begins with the line “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 11). The author started this book in the Bible with a strong tone, not explaining who God is, or any history behind how he came to be. In Words of Delight, the author comments that God does not need a statement about where he came from, or what he is doing (Ryken 92).

What is the central theme in “The mask of the red death”?

What is the central theme in “The mask of the red death”?.

What is the central theme in “The mask of the red death”?

Literary Analysis Paper Description: The study of literature is not meant to be an exercise solely for the purpose of enjoyment. Literature is an art. The greatest written works often have several layers of theme and symbolism, which much be interpreted by readers. Completing these interpretations is often not easy; doing so requires critical thinking skills. These skills are also required when writing about and defending these interpretations. A successful analysis of literature must be well-organized and thorough if the writer’s interpretations and conclusions are going to be believable. This is no simple task, but it is your task, as you are now charged with thematically analyzing any work we have read this year. Instructions: Pick any short story we have read this year and identify its central theme. Once you locate this theme, think about the arguments and items of evidence throughout the text that support this theme. The question you will be answering in this paper is: What is the main theme of my chosen literary work and how does the author develop it? To answer this question, you must write a complete, closed-form essay that includes an introduction, thesis statement, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. To be successful in writing this essay, it is important that you maintain a solid organization and to defend your arguments well with evidence from the story and your own analysis. As you begin to plan your essay, important questions to ask yourself are: – What is the theme? – How do characters (both main and supporting) and their actions help to convey this theme? – Is this setting important in establishing this theme? – Do the story’s central conflicts help to develop the theme? – Is there any symbolism in the work that relates to the conflict? Assignment Specifics: – Length: Minimum 750 words, Double-Spaced. – Use Times New Roman, 12-Point Font – Due: October 28th This paper is for a high school student

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