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Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay

Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay. Our modern age is characterized by a great struggle for democracy and equal rights for all layers of society. People are trying to get rid of racial and sex prejudices. That is why there is a tendency in society to give more and more attention to women, their rights, and role in society. Being isolated for a long period of our history, women now are coming out of the shadow, becoming more and more significant for the social and political life of the world. However, it is still difficult for them to obtain equal rights with men. Under such conditions, women should obtain more power to help the rest of them in the whole world and try to change it for the better. The problem is that even nowadays, in the age of tolerance and democracy, women have fewer chances to obtain a good education or find a good job because of still existing sex prejudices. Traditionally, women are expected to become teachers or get some other occupation, which is considered to be feminine (Online Guide to Women in the Workforce: Past and Present, 2013). However, things changed due to some historical events and activists among women who did not agree with the existing state of affairs. The aftermath of WWII led to labor scarcity, and women obtained their chance. Moreover, guided by feminist thinkers like Gloria Steinem, women began trying themselves in the sphere of business (Online Guide to Women in the Workforce: Past and Present, 2013). This fact just underlines the importance of a good leader which can inspire woman to fight for their rights. There are not many women which can influence society. However, Gloria Steinem is one of them. She is “a writer, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist” (Who Is Gloria? n.d.).She has influenced greatly the development of feministic movement and improvement of the state of women all over the world. Being an ardent supporter of ideas of feminism, she devoted all her life to attempts to release our society from manifestations of sexism. She created a special informational center whose main aim is to guarantee children nonsexist, multicultural education (Who Is Gloria? n.d.). With this in mind, it is possible to call her a person, which can help the rest of women to improve their status and become more confident in their forces. However, there is an opposite opinion in a coherent society. Its adherers consider women to be not able to perform some masculine work and that is why they should concentrate on traditional feminine duties, such as raising children, caring about household and being a good wife for her husband. Adherers of this idea have their own evidence. They state the fact that very few women have real power in the modern world, that is why they think that it is not womens main duty. However, these people forget about some historical peculiarities which influenced womens fate greatly. That is why, in a coherent society which proclaims ideas of tolerance women have chances to change their life. Having analyzed the data, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. First of all, it should be said that even nowadays women still have problems with finding a job or realizing their potential. That is why they should struggle for their rights. They can be inspired by powerful women, who have achieved some successes in society. Gloria Steinem can be one of them. Being very powerful women, she tries to get rid of sexual prejudices and help women all over the world. She can really make women want more and struggle for their rights. Reference List Online Guide to Women in the Workforce: Past and Present. (2013). Retrieved from Who Is Gloria? (n.d.). Gloria Steinem. Retrieved from Gender Studies: Powerful Women Essay
Interprofessional Collaboration Nursing.

Draft a proposal of 4–5 pages for the development of an interprofessional team to address a problem in delivering safe, high-quality health care.Read each portion of the assessment carefully and see if the suggested resources can help you complete it.SHOW LESSEffective interprofessional collaboration is an essential strategy for health care leaders in delivering safe, high-quality health care and reducing costs. The ability to establish effective professional relationships among internal and external resources is the foundation of collaboration (Lawson, 2004).This assessment provides an opportunity to consider the practical value and implementation of a collaborative strategy in your professional practice or area of interest.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:Competency 1: Explain the concepts, principles, and characteristics of effective health care leadership.Analyze the factors contributing to a problematic health care issue.Competency 2: Explain the role of health care leaders in facilitating interprofessional collaboration.Explain the need for interprofessional collaboration to improve the quality and safety of health care in specific instances.Assess the effectiveness of a particular leadership approach in building and maintaining interprofessional collaborative relationships.Develop a collaborative plan for improving the quality and safety of health care in specific instances.Determine the leader’s role in implementing collaborative health care improvement projects.Competency 4: Determine the influence of the practitioner-scholar role on professional practice and leadership development.Determine how the scholar-practitioner model might be applied in resolving a particular health care issue.Competency 5: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, in an appropriate form and style, consistent with applicable organizational, professional, and scholarly standards.Develop a strategy for communicating the progress of interprofessional teams to organizational leaders.Write coherently to support a central idea, using correct grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting.PreparationHealth care leaders often find that resolving a problem in delivering safe, high-quality health care requires the combined effort of a number of agencies, departments, and individuals.For this assessment, identify a quality-related situation or problem, relevant to your professional practice or area of interest, that requires the collaborative effort of several departments and individuals to resolve. You will assume the role of team leader and draft a proposal for the organization’s executive leadership that outlines why this interprofessional team is necessary, who should take part in the collaboration, how the team will function, and how progress will be reported.A project proposal should identify the situation or problem, identify the causes or contributing factors, present a plan of action, provide details about the plan, and provide reasons why the plan should be undertaken.Note: Remember, you can submit all, or a portion, of your draft to Smarthinking for feedback, before you submit the final version of your proposal for this assessment. However, be mindful of the turnaround time for receiving feedback, if you plan on using this free service.Proposal RequirementsWrite a proposal for assembling an interprofessional team. As you begin drafting your proposal, consider your goal and the needs of the leaders whose decisions will be based on the information you provide.Note: The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the Interprofessional Collaboration scoring guide. At a minimum, be sure to address each point. In addition, you are encouraged to review the performance level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. You are provided an example proposal, to illustrate what proficient-level work for this assessment looks like.Proposal Format and APA StyleUse the simplified Project Proposal Template, linked in the Resources, to draft your proposal. You may organize the content of your proposal in a format used in your organization. An abstract is not required.Your proposal should be 4–5 double-spaced pages in length, not including the title page and reference page.Apply correct APA formatting to all in-text citations and references.Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.WritingBe concise, but thorough. Your readers need sufficient and accurate information on which to base their decisions, and do not have time to sift through information that is not pertinent.Express your main points, arguments, and conclusions coherently.Use correct grammar and mechanics.Be sure to support your claims, arguments, and conclusions with credible evidence from 3–5 current, scholarly or professional sources.Proofread your writing.Plan ContentAnalyze the factors that have contributed to the problem. ( Hint: Examine the reasons for ineffective communication, not just the communication itself. Reasons may include staff burnout, workload, staffing shortfalls, attitudes, assumptions, and so on.)Consider whether certain combinations of factors might be contributing to the problem.Explain why an interprofessional team is needed to address the problem and achieve expected project outcomes.Determine who should be on the team. Identify the disciplines or areas team members should come from and any specific job titles prospective team members should hold.Describe the knowledge and expertise each discipline has to offer in resolving the situation. In addition, consider the level of creativity and problem-solving skills that are needed.Assess the effectiveness of a particular leadership approach in building and maintaining interprofessional collaborative relationships. Consider how effective that approach is in:Encouraging participation by all team members.Engaging reluctant or resistant team members.Maintaining a respectful platform for members to voice their ideas.Develop a strategy for communicating progress by the team to executive leadership.Determine which approach to communicating with leaders will be most effective and efficient.Determine whether you will have regular meetings and generate status reports.Develop a collaborative plan for resolving the problem.Identify the ethical or political issues that are relevant factors in your proposed solution.Identify the social, cultural, or economic factors that are relevant to your proposed solution.Explain how you would address the ethical, political, social, cultural, or economic factors you have identified as relevant to your plan.Describe your role as a leader in implementing the proposed solution.Determine how the scholar-practitioner model might be applied in resolving the problem.Consider how theory, research, and the published work in the field, in conjunction with your own experience and professional knowledge, might be used to develop strategies to analyze and resolve the problem.
Interprofessional Collaboration Nursing

Powerpoint on 10/90 rule

Powerpoint on 10/90 rule.

Explain the 10/90 Rule (PowerPoint)DO NOT use quotes straight from the source, summarize the text in your own words. Please read the information related to this weeks points and paraphrase it and/or provide your thoughts and ideas on what it means to you in relationship to the knowledge that you have thus far.Assignment Instructions: You may find newer and older resources listed each week in the Lessons and Assignments; however, the older resources are still relevant in content and concept. The relevancy is noted in that they build on the structural foundation of web analytics. We must be aware that Web Analytics is always in motion, and organizations are seeking to create actionable insights driving the decision making process.Please feel free to explore your own research for eBooks, journals and articles that best answer the topics and assignments. Do your best to locate resources that are no more than three (3) years old. PLEASE DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESOURCE AND OR REFERENCE.2006/2007: The start of the 10/90 RuleLocate the book “Web Analytics an Hour a Day” by Avinash Kaushik in the APUS Library and answer the 10/90 Rule assignment. Found on pages 81-84 Chapter 4. Web_Analytics_An_Hour_a_Day_Chapter4.pdf this assignment you are going to create a PowerPoint Presentation describing the 10/90 Rule; explain how it is used and why it has sound foundations in actual implementations. Be sure to include the following in your PowerPoint: Note:this assignment requires an audio component see below.Required 5 to 7 slides in length (does not include the cover and references slides). Choose an executive or business theme for the presentation. You must use any or a combination of the following: images, photos, clipart, in your presentation to convey a point you are trying to make. You must include audio to each slide to serve as your speaker notes. Explain each slide as if you were presenting to upper management in a presentation. (Note: Your presentation is more of a summary, while your audio presentation would be a detailed explanation of the slide. The purpose of a slide show is to provide the lecturer or presenter with a guide to their spoken presentation.) Include an audio component to each slide. Explain each slide as if you were presenting to upper management in a presentation in your own voice. (Note: The audio recording should not be a word-for-word spoken work of the written presentation. Presentations serve as a guide for the presenter.) Use APA references and citation to support your content and points. Include a references slide at the end of the presentation.Presentation tip: Remember, your presentation is to try and describe what the 10/90 Rule is all about, why it is important for an organization to use this rule, what are the benefits and advantages of this rule.Grading Rubric for Presentation:RequirementsPointsRequired 5 to 7 slides in length (does not include the cover and references slides)15Executive or business theme for the presentation used10Include an audio component to each slide. Explain each slide as if you were presenting to upper management in a presentation in your own voice15You must use any or a combination of the following: images, photos, clipart, in your presentation10Use APA references and citation in text10Include a references slide at the end of the presentation10Timeliness: Late submission deduction-10Conveyed the 10/90 Rule Effectively stressing the advantages30Total Points100Assignment Objectives:Describe the importance of the web analystExplain how the web analytics applications fit into the organizations strategiesDescribe successful Web Analytics strategiesPlease submit a PowerPoint Presentation, and use APA references in support of your answers
Powerpoint on 10/90 rule

The Perspective Of The Eclectic Theory Philosophy Essay

best essay writers The decision of choosing the market entry strategies is a very important decision to any firm, because it affects the firm in the terms of international success, and will determine to a large extent the future performance of the firm in the internationalization process. The choice of the market entry strategy has always been an interesting topic for researchers to discuss, and the issue of choosing the entry mode is always taking place in the papers and articles that discuss the internationalization process. Consequently, a lot of theories that discuss and analyze the issue of choosing the market entry started to take place in the marketing literature to study the strengths and weaknesses of market entry modes, and to cover the gaps and issues of the market entry choice. The fact that not all the theories succeeded to cover the weaknesses of the market entry choice, in the same time, even the theories that succeeded to discuss this issue weren’t able to cover the entire issue. In other words, it’s preferred to use more than one theory to reach the integration in discussing the choice of market entry issue, and to be able to analyze it from all possible dimensions. In this project we decided to discuss the market entries from a theoretical and methodological perspective by analyzing the eclectic theory of Dunning( 1977, 1979, 1988, 2000) with the attempt to solve a real international problem in this 1st Semester Project by applying the research on the study case of Jarlsberg brand, who entered the market of USA and we seek to explain this decision of their market entry form, from a theoretical-methodological perspective. Further down it will be discussed in various ways in which it may be understood, analyzed and solved. We are expecting that using the eclectic theory will help us understand and analyze the market entry choice from a broader perspective; however, we’ll try to find out if the eclectic theory is the integrated theory of explaining the market entry choice by studying and analyzing it in the paradigm of Burell

Big Discussion: The Danger of a Single Story

Big Discussion: The Danger of a Single Story. I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.

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The Malpractices Of Hand Hygiene In Nursing Staff

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Hand washing practices are deteriorating day by day at public sector hospitals despite adequate knowledge. This study enlightens an approach to evaluate the knowledge and practice of standard hand hygiene in nursing staff to identify the causes of not adapting hand hygiene techniques during routine patient care work. METHOD: A cross sectional study was carried out from 15th May to 25th November 2010. A sample of 335 nursing staff was selected and was asked about their practices of hand hygiene through structured questionnaire at five major public sector hospitals of Karachi. RESULTS: The survey revealed that out of 335 nursing personnel, 71.6% were absolutely unaware of the fact that hand washing for 30 sec to 1 min can minimize the majority of infections, although 74.62% were aware of the fact that when hand washing is necessary to practice. Regarding practice, 35.5% use sanitizers while 47.2% use antiseptic or normal soap for washing hands, 67.8% practice hand washing before