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Gender Studies homework help

Gender Studies homework help. A proposed study with a clearly defined purpose is more likely to benefit from a more focused research problem, and a firmer research plan and design.,Purpose is more likely to benefit from a more focused research problem,A proposed study with a clearly defined purpose is more likely to benefit from a more focused research problem, and a firmer research plan and design.,The purpose statement defines whether the study will be of value: What information is needed? How likely is this information to influence decisions? How important and timely is the study? What is at stake (O’Sullivan, Rassel, & Berner, 2008)? Filling in the blanks in a simple sentence in the template below will help you to focus your purpose statement., Use this template to complete the Purpose section of your Prospectus:,The purpose of this _____ (quantitative, qualitative, or ,mixed-design,) study is to (understand, describe, develop, discover) the _____ (central focus for the study) for ______ (the unit of analysis, person, processes, groups, site).,Firstly, use the Prospectus Guidebook as your guide. Secondly, the Historical Alignment Tool (HAT) matrix as a guide for your planned research focus. The purpose of the HAT is to support the creation of your dissertation Prospectus by documenting both the developmental evolution of. Also, the alignment among the problem statement purpose. Further, potential significance. Additionally,  research question. Furthermore, theoretical framework. Also, research design and methodology (“method of inquiry”), data collection and analysis method, and implications for positive social change. Every decision that you make regarding one of the components of your Prospectus should be thoughtful and deliberate. In order to ensure that it aligns with the components that both precede and follow it. To do this well often takes a number of iterations as you research, gather, digest, and analyze new information about your research topic.,More details;,Use of the HAT will provide iterative documentation of your rationale for making key research design and methodology decisions. Update the HAT after each Ph.D. residency and at the end of every quarter, to (a) validate your choices, or (b) explain how new knowledge or thoughts have informed changes in your dissertation research design and methodology., To prepare for this Discussion, review the Dissertation resources in this week’s Learning Resources. In addition, review the Walden’s Doctoral Capstone.,Resources located in this Week’s Resources, paying special attention to Learning to Accept Feedback. You have already received feedback during your first few weeks and it is important for you to know you will constantly receive feedback throughout the entire process. This at times can be overwhelming and frustrating. It is important you use these resources and all the resources on Walden’s Doctoral Capstone Resources. The better you understand what expectations are of you, the more successful you will be in this process and finishing the end goal of your Dissertation.,By Day 3, post your research problem statement. Following the research problem statement, include both the purpose statement and background sections of your prospectus in the same post. You may attach a Microsoft Word document that includes the problem. Secondly, purpose statement. Also, background sections of your prospectus if you wish, but the full text of the document needs to be included in your initial post to this discussion. Please keep in mind that your instructor may require a Word document attachment for purposes of evaluation, feedback, and grading.,Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.Gender Studies homework help

Ethics in Wealth and Friendship Narrative Essay

Ethics in Wealth and Friendship Narrative Essay.

write a essay about Share the WealthWe discussed a case study on copying (or sharing) software. We also discussed sharing music and videos. Do you believe it is ethical or unethical to copy (or share) software under any circumstances? Did it make a difference that Jennifer provided input? (Our case study was a very specific situation – what is your position about software copying in general?) Defend your position.REQUIREMENTSPhysical requirements of the paper assignmentCover page: separate page with name, course, assignment3-5 pagesBody of paper: double-spaced; no larger than 12 pt font; margins 1” or lessBibliography page (see below)Clearly select a position and defend that position; your stance on the main question above should be clearly stated and consistent. Use all three ethical theories as part of your support.Cite at least 5 of your classmates (be sure to choose quotes of substance) and list the names and dates in your bibliography.Find and use at least 2 peer-reviewed (also referred to as “scholarly”) sources; these must be cited appropriately in the body of your paper. These two sources must be in addition to your book.Include a separate Bibliography page at the end of the paper listing sources in MLA style (also list the students that you cite); this does not count towards the page limit for this assignment. All external references must include author, title of article, name of publication, date, and pages.Below are some questions that you might want to consider in your paper. You are not to answer all of these questions. The questions are designed to help you think about as you determine and defend your position.Does someone’s wealth (or lack of wealth) affect your position?Does the company that sold the software affect your position?Does the type of application (game software, medical software, word processing software, …) affect your position?What if it is your friend who is asking you to share the software?What if it is your boss?Would the ACM code of ethics (or any professional code of ethics) affect your position?Would any factor affect your position?What are the opposing arguments?Did anything in the discussion (in class or discussion board) make you look at this topic from a new angle?How does using the ethical theories that we learned in the textbook affect your position?Overall, what is the position of your classmates on this topic?Don’t forget – be creative! Take on the persona of a fictional character, write a play, develop a newsletter, write a letter to yourself from the future, take the opposite stance than the one you really believe, write a posting in your imaginary blog… or any other format you choose that conveys your position clearly, with evidence, student quotes, and citations.1. The ethical dilemma is whether or not Jennifer should use Linda’s code and show it off as her own.A more in-depth look at this dilemma is Jennifer could take Linda’s code and improve onto it and give it to her company, earning them the contact and her a bonus. Or Jennifer could not take Linda’s code and built her own from scratch, and in doing so, she makes it a lot more challenging to build a prototype in time, which means that it is less likely for her to receive a bonus or for her company to get the contact.Out of the two options, my opinion is that Jennifer should not use Linda’s code and try to build her own prototype from scratch. Even though Jennifer did write comments and 2 pages suggestions for Linda’s code she still did not touch the code base or write any of the actual code. And if Jennifer gets the bonus from her company it’s unfair that Linda’s isn’t getting compensated for her hard work and her code base.Will Mechler08/25/20202. Linda and Jennifer are fellow software programmer friends that work at different software development firms. Linda has began a project to create code that uses a GPS signal to help identify structures most vulnerable to wildfires. Linda has asked Jennifer to take a look at her code and to give feedback. Jennifer’s firm however is developing code that functions similar to Linda’s alpha code. Jennifer is given the ethical dilemma to whether to use Linda’s code to help her company deliver the prototype or not.Let’s say Jennifer does use Linda’s code to help quicken the time needed to code the prototype for the firm. Her chances of earning the substantial bonus for herself will one hundred percent be guaranteed but her friendship with Linda will most likely be questioned or even cut off. If Jennifer decides to build the code from the ground up without the help of Linda’s code then it will lower the chances of her getting that bonus and developing the prototype in time. Personally, I would write my own code from the ground up. Using Linda’s code would just cheat Linda in her time and effort in making the code on her own. But not only would you cheat Linda for work but you would most likely ruin the friendship you had. Money can not buy true friendship, so it is never worth it to obtain a substantial amount of money over a good relationship with another fellow human being.Brandon Truong08/26/20203.I don’t have enough money to buy it. Rule Utilitarianism: You have adopted a set of rules and know that pirating is bad. Yet you have no money but you want the song, therefore, you make an exception to pirate it.The retail price is too high. The company is gouging customers. Rule Utilitarianism: One may have a set of rules when shopping for music but when a retail company ask for more than it has to offer, you have have to make an exception due to the high price tag.Since I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, the company didn’t lose a sale. Act Utilitarianism: One may be giving himself an exception to his set of rule to make himself feel better about pirating the product.I’m giving my friend the opportunity to do a good deed. Act Utilitarianism: Giving my friend the opportunity to also be happy to get a song for free.Everyone else is doing it. Why should I be the only person to buy it when everyone else is getting it for free? Act Utilitarianism: If everyone is performing the action of pirating the product for free and is happy. Why not join the club and also be happy.This is a drop in the bucket compared to Chinese pirates who sell billions of dollars of copied music and videos. Kantianism: Since other people are pirating and profiting off of it. You may as well not purchase the item since is already being pirated and sold.Brandon Truong09/03/20204.I don’t have enough money to buy it. Kantianism: Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can use copying music without morality.The retail price is too high. The company is gouging customers. Rule Utilitarianism: Even if you thought that CD is too expensive, you shouldn’t do it in a way that breaks the rules and hurts others’ benefit.Since I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, the company didn’t lose a sale. Act Utilitarianism: Because you use illegal music instead of genuine music, music companies lose what should be their interests.I’m giving my friend the opportunity to do a good deed. Kantianism: Not only did it not make your friends do a good thing, but it also put you both in an immoral situation.Everyone else is doing it. Why should I be the only person to buy it when everyone else is getting it for free? Rule Utilitarian: If everyone, like you, doesn’t support genuine music, there will be serious consequences, and there may be no company that will release songs because they won’t be able to recover costs and make a profit.This is a drop in the bucket compared to Chinese pirates who sell billions of dollars of copied music and videos. Rule Utilitarian: Those Chinese pirates will be punished by the law for infringement, they will be forced to pay a lot of copyright fees, and you? Ready to be punished?Weipeng Lin09/06/20205.I don’t have enough money to buy it. Rule Utilitarian: pirating is to copy someone’s work and use or sell it as their own, so if people know that do not copy is a rule to follow then they should follow the rules and do not pirate it when we don’t have money.The retail price is too high. The company is gouging customers. Rule Utilitarian: each company must have its own rules, so it is not an excuse for people to purchase pirate products when the retail price is too high. The price must the reason why it is being too high.Since I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, the company didn’t lose a sale. Act Utilitarian: the company is definitely going to lose a sale because if people choose to buy it instead of pirate it the company will have a sale. Moreover, it is illegal to pirate, so if people get caught on pirating it would also decrease their happiness.I’m giving my friend the opportunity to do a good deed. Kantianism: if everyone just started to do this, many companies that sell authorized editions would close down. This consequence is not increasing total happiness.Everyone else is doing it. Why should I be the only person to buy it when everyone else is getting it for free? Kantianism: what are the consequences when everyone else is doing it? Authorized editions are getting more expensive. The authors would eventually lose all of their money and stop make songs or movies.This is a drop in the bucket compared to Chinese pirates who sell billions of dollars of copied music and videos. Rule Utilitarian: I think this one is a lot like the first one because these are excuses that people use to not feel guilt when they pirate when they know they should not do it or when they know they are breaking the easy-to-follow rulesThere are five discussions from my classamates that you need to cite, which is the requirement from my instructions. And you just need to cite their idea.
Ethics in Wealth and Friendship Narrative Essay

the questions is included in the requirements below

custom writing service the questions is included in the requirements below. I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

Use of comparable multiples is an accepted method of corporation valuation. If you have to value a corporation on the basis of multiples, what steps would you take to eliminate redundant factors? If you do not have the comparable multiples available for an industry, what would you do if you boss asks you to compute comparable multiples? Give examples of comparable multiples for a publicly traded company, please make sure your company is different than your classmates’ companies.
the questions is included in the requirements below

Measuring Program Outcomes Discussion Response

Measuring Program Outcomes Discussion Response.

STUDENT1:WilliamGood Day,
This week takes me back to the early 2000’s when I attended a course on
the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP). The Defense Systems
Acquisition Process, MCPP and many other DoD processes have inputs and
outputs (outcomes) for each phase of the process. I also think about
when the DoD for service requirements went from a Statement of Work
(telling the contractor how to do the work) to a Performance Work
Statement (describing the work to be done by the contractor in terms of
measurable outcomes with a quality assurance surveillance plan).
The DoD has struggled to manage its acquisitions in the most cost
efficient and effective manner. They have developed with the assistance
from outside agencies evolutionary, knowledge-based concepts that have
shown to produce more effective and efficient acquisition outcomes. The
problem is that several DoD programs currently do not employ all these
practices, and the results are cost increases, schedule overruns, and
poor product quality and reliability. There is also at times influence
from outside agencies (i.e. Congress, stakeholders) to make changes to
the DoD’s total portfolio of major defense acquisition which effects
program outcomes. GAO has done many studies on program outcomes and
provided recommendations for DoD to improve their acquisition process.
For instance, GAO reviewed the commercial market best practices and
identified key areas to the success of product development programs and
focused on how DoD can better leverage its investments by shortening the
time it takes to field new capabilities at a more predictable cost,
schedule and performance outcome. GAO has also developed a set of
knowledge metrics to determine whether programs have attained the right
knowledge at critical points over the course of a system acquisition and
facilitate the identification of potential problems that could lead to
cost, schedule, or performance shortfalls. One critical point of note is
for the acquisition process to achieve a high level of technology
maturity at the start of program development. Establishing program
outcome metrics allows for DoD’s program managers to have a baseline to
perform an assessment of the root causes of changes and implement a
corrective action strategy to ensure that the warfighter, Congress and
taxpayers are getting a return on their investment STUDENT2: MichaelGood evening class. I really like this weeks
discussion topic, as I feel that it is vastly overlooked, at least in my
experience as a contract specialist. I have had issues with the agency
that I have been recently assigned to support, where I have found
multiple cases of unauthorized commitments. The acquisition shop I came
to churns out tons of service contracts, with a fair bulk of them being
for small efforts of instructors coming to teach classes. The typical
contracts are for a set number of lessons. The issue was they were not
monitoring the progress of the programs, and instructors kept getting
sent, even past the point of them completing the contracted amount of
sessions. I think this is fair example of how not having a way to
measure a programs progress can be detrimental.Metrics are not going to always be clear cut, nor will the always be
the same. When you are determining the requirements of the federal
agency, it is imparitive that the needs are clear. I believe that this
greatly assists in being able to determine what constitutes the clearest
representation of progress/success. Sometimes it might be as easy as
counting numbers of deliverables, but in service contracts, it is a lot
more vague. If a contractor is being hired to conduct construction for a
new office building, there is no one numeric value that shows progress,
so you need to know how to identify objective characteristics that show
you how far along the program is.
Measuring Program Outcomes Discussion Response

DNP 835 URG Innovative Approaches to Health Care Change Theories Essay

DNP 835 URG Innovative Approaches to Health Care Change Theories Essay.

I’m working on a nursing question and need support to help me understand better.

Quality and SafetyThe Quality and Sustainability Paper is a practice immersion assignment designed to be completed in three sections. This is part one of the assignment. Learners are required to analyze and apply quality and/or safety measures specific to contemporary nursing science.General Guidelines:Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. This assignment requires that you support your position by referencing at least six to eight scholarly resources. At least three of your supporting references must be from scholarly sources other than the assigned readings..Directions:Write a paper (2,250-3,500 words) discussing the role of quality and/or safety in nursing science. Include the following:Define quality and/or safety measures and describe their relationship and role in nursing science today.Provide a contemporary example of how quality or safety measures are applied in nursing science.Identify the quality and/or components needed to analyze a health care program’s outcomes.
DNP 835 URG Innovative Approaches to Health Care Change Theories Essay

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