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GCU Teaching Ethics the Mississippi Code of Ethics Hypothetical Situation Discussion

GCU Teaching Ethics the Mississippi Code of Ethics Hypothetical Situation Discussion.

Discussion:In reviewing and reading the Mississippi Code of Ethics, list two which you feel have most recently (this year) impacted teachers at your school OR list two which are extremely meaningful to you in your daily practice. Explain circumstances which can prevent these ethical issues from occurring. You’ll also want to address which of these have become more important since COVID has changed how teaching ‘looks’.Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post, 100 words minimum reply (3 replies as if you were replying back to my classmtes, you dont have to have their responses. Just reply back as if they wrote something similar to me.Writing Assignment:Describe a hypothetical situation which could cause an ethical dilemma (one that could happen in your current school) and describe steps which could avert such a hypothetical ethical misstep. You are presenting a likely problem with a solution. Include in your paper why educators should be bound to our Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct. You may want to brainstorm a new ethical dilemma that could occur since COVID has changed teaching and the classroom. Your paper must be APA compliant and include the Mississippi Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct as a reference or perhaps MS Code 37-9-59 (if applicable) and incorporate at least one of this week’s scriptural readings. You will need to use headings “Hypothetical situation,” “Solution,” “Christian Perspective” in your paper. See APA for using/formatting headings within the body of the paper.Requirement: APA compliant
GCU Teaching Ethics the Mississippi Code of Ethics Hypothetical Situation Discussion

MGT325 IS Security Management Information Systems Written Assignment.

Management 325 Research Paper/Project Requirements (Include a Paper and a PPT for presentation)Option 1: You are to research and detail a business/organization that is successfully applying Management Information Systems. Option 2: You are to research and detail an information technology “system”. Option 3: You are to research and detail an information technology product/solution that is greatly improving efficiency and effectiveness of a business/organization. Option 4: Detail, write and demonstrate a Software Program; full annotation and date stamped progress is required. The business problem this program will address must be submitted and approved by the instructor prior to proceeding; additional requirements will then be provided.You’ll be describing these in a report, and presenting findings in a class presentation.REPORT REQUIREMENTS for Options 1, 2 and 3:1. An Executive Summary … ½ Page maximum, 3 Points2. Detail your selection … what is it, what does it do, what problem does it address and how does it impact the user/business. Within this detail there must be association with at least 4 chapters of our text-book. Topics can include:- Competitive advantage – Telecommunications- Software- Hardware- Strategic Plans- Customer Satisfaction- e-Business- Global IT – Operations support- Information Technology – e-Commerce- IS Security or Ethics4 Pages maximum, 25 Points 3. Provide at least 3 but no more than 5 Diagrams/Tables/Charts/Graphs (infographics), which may include:- Infrastructure … can include network, integration and internet- Schematics/Technical drawings- Specifications … for the technical solution- Business Impact/Results … such as financial, customer satisfaction, competitive gains, system improvements3 Pages maximum. Must be legible and clearly annotated (what does it say/mean!), 20 Points.4. Answer the following:i. Why did you select this option? ii. In what way does this research/project support your gains in at least 3 of the courses Learning Goals/Objectives1 Page maximum, 12 PointsProvide a conclusion plus example of Critical Reflective Thinking/Learning … 1 Page maximum, 5 PointsAlso:- On the Cover-Page, provide your name(s), class name, my name and date.- Paper to be typed with 12 font, double spaced, neatly organized and stapled. Each page will have topic headings in bold, and show total pages (pg.1 of X). 5 PointsList and detail all your references!!!!!! MUST BE DONE TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THIS PAPER
MGT325 IS Security Management Information Systems Written Assignment

Computer Applications (Excel).

Hello, I need help in my Information Systems Applications (Excel) on MyIT Lab which contains the following simulations questions in the following chapters respectively. In chapter 8, =12questions, capstone and 12questions simulation exam. chpt 7 has 15 simulation questions, 15simulation exam questions and capstone. chapter 6 = 11questions, chapter8 = 19questions. Chapter 7 = 10questions, chapt 6 =18 simulation training questions 18 simulation exam questions and capstone. chapt 9 = 16questions for simulation training and capstone. Chapt 10 excel simulation training =11questions andcapstone. Chapt 11 simulation training=21questions and capstone. Chapt 12 simulation training =15qustions and capstone. Please begin with the ones dated (7/5). The rest of the information will be given to the tutor in charge.I will appreciate an excellent tutor to handle this question for me and follow all the instructions required. The rest of the information will be given to the tutor willing to assist in this questions within 10hours. The questions are not lengthy but just to navigate the pane after putting the right information. I will appreciate any excellent tutor who will handle my work and be inline with the time.
Computer Applications (Excel)

ENGL 110 UCLA Literary Analysis of Fiction Essay Discussion.

I’m working on a english multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.

Your Name (Reviewer)______________________Author’s Name (Essay Writer)_________________What is the main impression? What appear to be the strongest and weakest features?Is the thesis clear? Does it seem too obvious or implausible? Explain.Does the author support the thesis well?Are the ideas expressed in the optimal order?Does the draft contradict itself or repeat itself?Are all the paragraphs well organized and succinct?Look again at the opening and closing paragraphs. Do they arouse a sense of curiosity and lend a sense of completion?Mark errors of spelling and usage.Comment on the appropriateness of the title.What are your concluding thoughts?
ENGL 110 UCLA Literary Analysis of Fiction Essay Discussion

Recruitment And Selection Best Practices Business Essay

Recruitment And Selection Best Practices Business Essay. The purpose of this report is to analysis the best practices followed by organizations around the globe for recruitment and selection of top level executives. This paper includes the summary of journals reviewed on this topic. We have described the best practices followed by leading organizations for recruiting and hiring top level executives. The role of the Human Resource Department is crucial at all the stages of recruitment. In fact it starts as early as identifying the need of recruiting and is continuous in nature. The Human Resource Department in any organization aligns the goals / objectives / strategies of the organization with the best practices followed for recruitment and hiring. It helps the organization secure the best of the best talent and also retain the talent in the long run. It is of utmost importance as organization vary immensely, be it the sector wise, geographic location, economic implications to name a few. The economic factor involved in the process of hiring and recruiting is immense. The pro-activeness of the Human Resource Department can help organizations save much cost of recruiting and hiring. To achieve this objective, necessary and sufficient training should be imparted to the executives of the Human Resource Department. . Introduction The process of enticing, screening, selecting and finalizing a qualified person for a vacancy or job at a firm is called recruitment (ACAS, 2012). The objective of hiring is to find a person whose skills, abilities and personal characteristics suit the position or role. Hiring includes fitting an individual with the requirements of the position. A company with the right people with the right skills at the helm can achieve wonders. Conversely, poor or uniformed hiring and recruitment decisions at the top most level can cost a company not only financially, but will have a negative bearing on the organization’s reputation with the stakeholders (Piovesan, 2007). Moreover, Piovesan states that ‘Businesses are only as good as the people who run them’ (2007, p. 52). Keeping this in mind, the likelihood of future problems can be eliminated if best practices are followed for recruitment and selection activities. Successful businesses are only built by establishing a robust recruitment process as hiring mistakes can be extremely costly and time consuming. The use of best practices helps furnish an organization with highly skilled, flexible and motivated employees. The best practices in recruitment and selection processes bring forth systems that are modern, proficient, professional and effective, and ensure that individuals who are recruited demonstrate commitment, ethics, and motivation, eagerness to grow and develop and most importantly have values that match with the organization’s values, vision and mission. This paper seeks to highlight the best practices involved in hiring top-level executives at organizations and how by following these practices a company can retain the pool of hired talent. Summary of Articles Reviewed A variety of literature was referred to while writing this paper. Recruitment and Selection by Hugh Secord and The definitive guide to recruiting in good times and bad by Fernández-Aráoz, Groysberg, and Nohria helped form the basic structure of the paper. The basic seven steps and best practices for recruitment and selection were formulated from these papers. These papers formulate a rich and structured approach to best practices in recruitment. Sally A.Carless in her article Psychological testing for selection purposes: a guide to evidence-based practice for human resource professionals(2009)explains in detail how job analysis can be done and its relevance to the recruitment process. The advantages of employee referral systems and e-recruiting and their implementation are discussed in How the best recruit the rest: Building a culture driven by employee referrals(Torrisi-Mokwa, 2006) and e-Recruiting Is Driving HR Systems Integration(Cullen, 2001) respectively. Recruitment and Selection: Best Practices Despite the universal acknowledgement that hiring good people is a crucial source of competitive advantage, only a few companies excel at one or more of the hiring aspects but only a select few companies such as – Southwest Airlines, McKinsey, Intuit, TCS and ServiceMaster have come closer to exceling in this process (Fernández-Aráoz, Groysberg,Recruitment And Selection Best Practices Business Essay

University of California Los Angeles Why Marketing Is the Best Career Analytical Paper

online assignment help University of California Los Angeles Why Marketing Is the Best Career Analytical Paper.

Analytical PaperAs part of the writing-intensive requirement, you will write a 2,000-word analytical research paper on the career opportunities and industry outlook for your chosen field. You will prepare an informal proposal, a draft of the analytical report, and the final, edited report.The purpose of this assignment is to help you become more knowledgeable about careers in business and will be helpful in your future career. Additionally, this assignment is to further develop your critical thinking and writing skills as well as determining what is appropriate evidence. By appropriate evidence I mean no Wikipedia, blogs, tweets, etc. Do not expect to get all of your resources just by Google-ing. You can gain access to scholarly journals and trade publications through the Library resources. You must include current (not more than 5 years old) journals and publications – not just websites.Your paper MUST be submitted in draft formats demonstrating the development of your paper to receive credit. If you submit a finalized paper for the drafts, you will NOT receive credit. Guidelines for the final Analytical ReportPlease take note of all the due dates for the assignments in the course schedule. Late papers will NOT be accepted. A minimum of SEVEN (7) varied sources are required, FIVE (5) of which must not be websites. Varied sources include professional journal articles and professional publications, reliable Internet sources, and possibly (but not required) an interview. You should cite all of your references used to avoid plagiarism.Any form of plagiarism will result in a zero for the entire research paper assignment. See Marymount’s Academic Integrity policy: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)The following breakdown will dictate the final grade for the research paper:Final Paper Your final paper should be no less than 2000 words and include a minimum of SEVEN (7) varied sources are required, FIVE (5) of which must not be websites. Your references should be no older than five years and cited in the text as well as listed in APA format.Your final paper will be graded on:Appropriateness of topicStructureGrammarSelection of sourcesMeet word requirement
University of California Los Angeles Why Marketing Is the Best Career Analytical Paper

Business Law ILAC Problem Scenario

Business Law ILAC Problem Scenario.

I’m working on a business law question and need support to help me study.

Pezla Pty Ltd (“Pezla”) is an Australian-owned company that is in the business of manufacturing expensive luxury cars. In December 2020, Pezla’s General Manager places an overseas order for various car parts. In January 2021, the car parts arrive at Pezla’s automotive factory. In early February 2021, Pezla’s mechanic installs the wrong brake and steering parts in several of their “Luxury V1” models (The “Luxury V1” is Pezla’s most expensive and popular luxury car). Pezla does not have a system in place to check for any production mistakes and unknowingly distributes the cars to various car dealerships for sale.On 25 February 2021, Max goes to “Cars R Us” (a local Brisbane car dealership) to collect and pay for his pre-ordered “Luxury V1”. On his way home from the dealership, and with one hand on the steering wheel, Max phones his girlfriend to tell her about his new car. With the phone to his ear, Max sees a green traffic light in the distance changing to yellow. Max attempts to slow down by pressing his foot against the brake. Unfortunately, due to the incorrect installation, the brake locks and steering do not work and Max is unable to control his car.As a result, Max drives through a red light and crashes into another car coming from the opposite direction. The crash causes injuries to him and the other driver, Sam. Max suffers minor chest and facial injuries and has to pay $5,500 in associated medical expenses. Sam is hospitalized and the doctors find that he has a fractured skull, damage to his lower back, and three broken ribs. Sam’s medical costs amount to $45,000 and Sam is unable to work for 6 months. At that time, Sam is on a fixed contract and loses $100,000 in wages. Advise Max as to any potential claims he has against Pezla.Advise Sam as to any potential claims he has against Max. Please use ILAC to answer this question.
Business Law ILAC Problem Scenario

CEFS 546 West Liberty University Community Disaster and Referral Plan

CEFS 546 West Liberty University Community Disaster and Referral Plan.

Community Disaster and Referral Plan Instructions The Community Disaster Plan is a practical assignment designed to familiarize you with the scope, nature, and extent of crisis services available within your local community and to familiarize yourself to the importance of being able to employ a community in action in time of a crisis. Preventing situations like what happened in New Orleans during Katrina. Refer to the Disaster Mental Health Guidebook found under Course content in your course. In addition to identifying local referral agencies and the significance of working closely within your community to establish a well-organized disaster plan, the mental health professional is held at high standards of proper self-care. After reading the Crisis Intervention; The Neurobiology of Crisis you will be required to develop a self-care treatment plan for yourself. This plan must take into account the five areas needed for a balanced life style. This assignment will have 3 parts; Referral list 50 points Develop a list of referral sources for your community dealing with various types of crises that may be experienced by your community. This plan will be a resource that you can use in your career. Include as many different types of referral agencies (counseling, shelters, food pantries, support groups, free clinics, pregnancy centers, etc.) as you can that are in a specific area. This can be where you live or where you might want to live. If you live in a rural area, expand your service area to include other surrounding counties in order for you to be able to meet the required resources. Make sure that this is original work and that you do not copy (plagiarize). Be creative with it and make sure it is organized and easy to read. Follow the guidelines below. Sources: 50 referral sources (no more than 10 hotline/internet sources).Number the referrals continually 1–50.At minimum, include the following information:Name of service providerPhone numberAddressSummary of services Formatting (current APA): Title Page must include the name of location or service area (ex. Central Virginia Area, Nashville Area, etc.).Bold topic headings throughout the paper (ex. Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, Psychiatric Facilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Food Pantries, Shelters, etc.).The paper must be organized and easy to read.Include a Table of Contents. Disaster Plan: 45 Points Use your guidebook and ACA website, to help you identify the steps of deployment of the plan and the persons responsible. Using your resource list and the guidebook formulate a plan addressing; Disaster mental health response strategies9 PointsDisaster mental health team strategies and interventions 9 PointsStrategies for interfacing agencies 9 PointsStrategies for completing a crisis debriefing 9 PointsStrategies for helping individuals to get back to pre-crisis state 9 Points Treatment Plan 95 Points Formulate a treatment plan for yourself covering the five prominent areas; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and social. Your treatment plan should indicate a well-balanced life style that will help prevent burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma that can develop working in crisis intervention. Use the insights you gleaned from reading Crisis Intervention: The Neurobiology od Crisis. Keep in consideration the significance of chronic stress and how it can affect your effectiveness as an interventionist. Formatting and Grammar – 10 Points
CEFS 546 West Liberty University Community Disaster and Referral Plan

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