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GBA 498 Saint Leo University Strategic Management Presentation

GBA 498 Saint Leo University Strategic Management Presentation.

A PowerPoint presentation explicitly including the information presented below. The project is to be fully APA compliant. For PPT slides, text or graphics must be readable and slide titles must conform to those in the template. Ensure proper writing mechanics. DO NOT combine sections. Don’t be surprised if separate analytical tools produce similar results; this helps you identify trends. The following are the items that must be included in the presentation about the company/firm is Netflix Porter’s Five ForcesIdentify & describe each of the five forces (supplier power, buyer power, competitive rivalry, threat of substitution, & threat of new entry) impacting the firm; describe the impact on the firm.Strategic Analysis Firm’s Current Strategic StrategiesIdentify, name (using the list below), and describe the current strategies being used by the firm. The strategies to choose from are: i.Cooperative strategies (e.g. alliance, joint venture, partnership, outsourcing, licensing); ii.Intensive strategies (Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development); iii.Integration Strategies (Vertical / Horizontal, Forward/Backward). iv.Diversification Strategies, Related/Unrelated. v.Defensive Strategies (Retrenchment/Divestiture/Liquidation); or vi.Mergers/Acquisitions. Also, consider Porter’s generic strategies: cost leader, differentiation leader, or focus strategies.) Strategic OptionsBased on the internal and external analyses, recommend some specific strategic options for the firm to consider solving the problem, capitalize on the opportunity, or resolve the issue identified. Pick from the strategies listed above. Give specific examples of actions for each strategic option the firm can deploy.
GBA 498 Saint Leo University Strategic Management Presentation

In this module’s presentation, you were introduced to the different divisions of APA and the focus in psychology on research as the means to understanding the truth about phenomenon. For this discussion, you will explore your research area of interest through an exploration of the division of APA that most aligns with your research interest. Please go to the APA Divisions (Links to an external site.) web page and click “View All Divisions.” Choose a division that most closely aligns with your research interests and go to that division’s website. Look around the page and see what topics are currently being researched and talked about. Also, go to the journal for that division (each division of APA has its own journal(s)
Northcentral Positive Culture & Climate in a Multicultural Environment Presentation.

Discussion: Video Reflection (Separate from Assignment: Ethnicity and Race) The video segment, Acting White discusses how some African American students have attributed academic achievement to “acting white.” They attack achieving students for excelling in school, speaking Standard English, listening to the wrong music or having white friends. They see academic achievers as being traitors or disloyal to their race. By adopting values common to the dominant culture, these students are seen as tying to ignore their own racial history and experiences. As a result, many African American and Latino students do not study as hard as European American students and do not choose the more challenging classes. Write a discussion post responding to the following questions: Is this the way we want to see our future society?As an educational leader, how could such a situation impact your school community?What steps could an educational leader employ to prevent such a situation? Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy. Post your discussion by clicking on Start a New Thread and then click the Post button when you have completed your response. Assignment: Ethnicity and Race Based upon your readings and viewing the video, develop a PowerPoint presentation to reflect the following scenario: Assume the role as principal in a high performing middle school. The success of the school is dependent upon the positive culture and climate of the school which represents a wide-range of culturally, racially, and socioeconomically diverse community. Although the student population reflects a wide-range of students, the school has been academically successful and has been recognized as a model school in the city. The school community is supportive of your efforts, which promotes multiculturalism. The students view the school as their second home; student achievement and attendance is the highest in the district. The superintendent, who is new to the district, has been invited to present at the National Middle School Conference for Educational Leaders, based upon the successes in your school. She asks you to accompany her for keynote presentation titled; Promoting a Positive Culture and Climate in a Multicultural Environment. In this assignment, please share the PowerPoint presentation you will use at the conference. The presentation should illustrate the effective strategies you have implemented in the school which are attributed to the school’s success. In addition, the superintendent requests a paper sharing your researched-based strategies, approach and techniques implemented in the school, so she can understand you successful strategies. As a guide, your presentation should include; but is not limited to the following: IntroductionObjective of presentationWhat are the specific issues contributing to student achievement, diversity, and strengths of your students?Instructional approaches adopted to support diversity and achievement.Effective and reflective practices to reduce the achievement gapTeaching strategies used to support the diverse studentsSteps taking to engage the community in the school, which contributed to the school’s positive culture and climate.Conclusion References: 5 scholarly resources minimum; but other appropriate sources can be included! Paper length: 3-5 pages Slideshow Length: 15 to 25 slides
Northcentral Positive Culture & Climate in a Multicultural Environment Presentation

Grand Canyon Univeristy Condensed Statement of Financial Position Worksheet

Grand Canyon Univeristy Condensed Statement of Financial Position Worksheet.

Using ratios to conduct financial analysis must be done with care. One year’s worth of data is worth little; establishing a trend line over a period of years is the most useful approach. Using ratio analysis, we can examine liquidity, solvency, intergenerational equity, and revenue diversification. All of these factors can come together to provide a picture of the fiscal health of a government entity.Use the financial statements from Charlottesville, Virginia, to conduct your own analysis. The statement from the year 2013 is in Tables 26.2 and 26.3; the statement from 2012 is provided in Tables 26.6 and 26.7. Statements from two years are provided to allow a comparison between years. Use the format in Table 26.6 and add an additional column for FY2012 so that the ratios can be compared side by side.*Table 26 is attached*
Grand Canyon Univeristy Condensed Statement of Financial Position Worksheet

An Introduction To Business Environment Business Essay

online homework help An Introduction To Business Environment Business Essay. Business environment may be distinct as the set of external and internal factors which affect the decision of business. We can split business environment into two parts. The Micro Environment of Business are powers which are extremely interrelated with company and company can direct these type of environment by improving its capability and effectiveness. Suppliers are the party who supply raw material to corporation; customers are the people who buy goods from corporation; market intermediaries are those groups who facilitate company to sell its products; financial intermediaries are those institutions who provide loan, credit and move forward to company. Macro environment of business means all external factors which influence company and its business and there is no direct of company on these factors. In economic environment, we can contain government budget, import and export policies, economic arrangement and economic situations. In political and government environment, we can comprise legislature’s decisions, executive’s decisions and judiciary decision which influence company’s dealings. Socio-cultural environment include morality, belief, education, fitness of peoples and family importance. In natural environment, we can take in season, place elements, natural resources etc. Task 1 1.1: Purposes of different types of organization The way to make money is to go into trade. Then you are rewarded for the risks you take with the skills and information that you have. The simplest form is that of a sole proprietor. But when it comes to limited companies there are more regulations. You are not alone so it is not only regarding you. The corporation becomes the entity. You are in employment by the corporation even if you are the biggest investor. So your first duty is to the company. And for that the business pays you a pay. If you do really well for the company and create amazing value, you can be paid a bonus. An NGO is not a trade. It is based on social welfare. It belongs to ALL the members. Angelo Americans are loyal to delivering operational excellence in a secure and liable way, adding value for investors, employees, governments and the communities in which they deals. 1.2: Extent to which Angelo Americans meets the objectives of different stakeholders Business objectives: Business objectives are the ends that Angelo Americans sets out to attain. A business creates business strategies to allow it to achieve these ends, thus strategies are the way to the ends. The objectives and strategy that an Angelo Americans creates are determined by balancing the necessities of the different stakeholders in the association. The stakeholders are those persons and groups that are affected by and have a concern in how the business is run and what it achieves. Every business has a variety of stakeholders. The objectives that a company establishes are based on amalgamation of various interests of these stakeholders grouping. For example, an objective to be the market leader will help all stakeholders as customers will obtain high quality products, shareholders will obtain high dividends, and employees will receive good salary, and so on. Angelo Americans creates a hierarchy of objectives. At the top level an organization will often produce a ‘mission’ setting out the intention of the organization. This will be followed by a set of objectives relating to such aspects as: Objectives about market share. Objectives about customer satisfaction. Objectives about employee satisfaction Objectives about returns to shareholders. Objectives about cutting pollution. Objectives about reducing waste etc 1.3: Responsibilities and Strategies use in connection with fulfilling these responsibilities Becoming the leading mining company Angelo American’s plan is to be the leading global mining company becoming the industry’s employer, partner and investment of alternative. Sound strategy, a promise to sustainable development and good governance are necessary to achieve this goal. Our top priorities are safety in our operations, clearness and accountability in our dealings. Strategy: We are one of the major mining companies in the world, with operations in Africa, Europe, South and North America, Australia and Asia. Governance: As a worldwide organization, we comply with the main international standards of corporate governance. We direct and organize our company in a transparent and liable way. Sustainable development: We made a firm assurance to sustainable development in 2000. Today, sustainable development is fixed in our policies, strategies and everyday practices Task 3 3.1: Impact of Competition Act on Anglo American Anglo American plc is a British multinational mining company headquartered in London, United. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of platinum, with around 40% of world output, and a major producer of diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and metallurgical and thermal coal. It has operations in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America. First and primary among the changes has been the new Competition Act. This was passed in 1998, triggered the 1999 change in name of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to the Competition Commission (the significance of which I will return to shortly) and came into force on 1st March this year. This include two new prohibitions, the so-called Chapter I prohibition on anti-competitive agreements by firms-primarily, but by no means only, personal cartel activities-and a Chapter II prohibition on abuse of a leading position in a market, covering such matters as exploitation of purchasers through extreme prices, predatory pricing, undue discrimination etc. Under the new Act, the Director General of Fair Trading may examine alleged breaches and, if he finds either of the prohibitions have been breached, has powers to fine the company or companies concerned up to 10 per cent of their annual revenue for up to three years if the breach has been running that long. That could simply remove some companies’ profits for several years, which in turn could have severe consequences for their share price, and could even make them helpless to takeover. In short, these powers are very considerable and more serious even than those under the Treaty of Rome, which limits fines to 10 per cent of revenue. 3.2: Different Markets Perfect Competition: In concept of perfect competition exists, however in real life only near perfect opposition can exist. And the staple food and vegetables we buy from the market is perfect competition. In this type of market there are many sellers and many buyers so organization’s price and production should be good enough to magnetize customers. Monopoly: Companies which are state owned and entrance for other players are not acceptable. If we take example from Indian perspective there is one example we can consider of is Indian railway which is the monopoly as there is no other contributor exercising in the same market. Monopolistic Competition: Let’s take a general example. Look around your locality. There are some good numbers of restaurants serving their customers. Though they might be producing same kind of recipes, the branding would be different. And that’s the catch of monopolistic competition. In this market there are many buyers, many sellers and almost same items but different brand and fierce competition. In this market organization can utilize price skimming or price penetration policy. Oligopoly: In which a market is dominated by a small number of firms that mutually manage the majority of the market share. Duopoly: It is a different case of an oligopoly with two firms. 3.3: Influence of Market Forces For the past four years as a reaction to customer demands the majority of UK food manufacturer, retailers and fast food outlets have not been using GM ingredients. Many have already removed ingredients resulting from GM crops such as oil and lecithin. To attain this companies have established ‘identified preserved’ food chains in which the source of the raw materials is known, and they are tracked from field to supermarket shelf. At present, soya and maize are the major GM crops for which alternative materials have had to be sought because they are the only ones licensed for sale in the EU. The majority of processed foods contain soya, maize or their derivatives. The systems appear to be working well and most companies are operating to a 0.1 per cent threshold. Recent opinion polls indicate ongoing public resistance to the sale and growing of GM food and crops. It is clear that there continues to be no demand for GM food in the UK. Iceland Frozen Foods was the first high lane retailer to respond to consumer concerns, announcing in March 1998 their intention to eliminate GM ingredients from their own brand foods. Over the next 18 months, nearly all the chief supermarkets, food manufacturers and caterers followed Iceland’s lead. Since then many companies have taken their GM policies further to contain animal feed, derivatives such as oil, and processing aids such as enzymes. In 2002 the Consumer Association surveyed all the major food retailers, manufacturers and catereri to determine the extent to which these companies have successfully removed GM from their supply chains. Most companies have a blanket ban on ingredients and derivatives. Progress on animal products has been slower because of the short of labeling of animal feed and segregation in this segment. 3.4: Cultural Impact It is necessary to focus also on what people think, feel and do in and around organizations. Managers should be concerned about how the behavior of organizational members evolves, how employee behavior is shaped by group dynamics and social interactions. Numerous conditions have influence on managers when making a decision. In the background one of the most significant one is the method how employees behave and take steps in an organization. The organizational culture is a generic term to express the set of beliefs, norms, artifacts and values that represents the characteristics of an organization, and gives the context for behavior within it. To maximize organizational performance needs an organizational culture that inspire employees to learn, develop and give their very best. Task 4 4.1: Significance of International Trade Some case studies have revealed recent instances where UK-listed companies’ operations have had serious adverse impacts on workers’ health and safety, individuals’ and communities’ human rights, developing country economies, and the quality and accessibility of natural resources. While not all mining firms commit equally disturbing acts, and some companies genuinely try to examine the benchmarks for good governance already in place, there is persuasive evidence that such benchmarks are unnoticed with impunity by others. None of the companies critiqued in this report has been ousted from the LSE Main Market or AIM or been subject to a thorough official assessment of their alleged misdeeds. 4.2: Factors Affecting Mining Companies in UK The global mining industry is facing intensifying social, economic and political challenges, which means companies must include more complicated scenarios into their strategic planning, says a new study from Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). The report is called “Tracking the Trends 2012”, and it warns of a “perfect storm” of converging global forces, such as inexorable cost increase, unprecedented commodity price volatility, ever-tightening rules and mounting labor shortages disturbing mining companies. At the top of the list, is the cost of doing business. “What goes up does not always come down. With commodity prices surging to all time highs, accelerated production has become the mantra of most mining companies and costs are going up transversely the board,” says Deloitte. The report offers some strategies for getting costs under control, understand cost drivers, advance capital project management, improve energy efficiency, lock in supply, and spend to save. Chaotic commodity prices were second on the list, and Deloitte faults China, the foremost contributor to the multi-year boom, for preservation information that could facilitate miners to better direct their production schedules. 4.3: EU Policies The Organizational Dimension: From the outset, the greatest impact on Whitehall from EU attachment was felt by a group of Ministries that included the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF), and the assets. This group effectively acted as ‘lead’ Departments on the most critical areas of EU business. The FCO unspecified overarching responsibility for EU institutional questions; for communications between Whitehall and Brussels; for the operation of UK Rep; for inter-governmental foreign policy cooperation and for monitoring European developments in general terms. The DTI’s responsibility for external trade matters, for competition policy and, later, its leading role on the structural Funds made European business a key strand of its activities. The Sheer scope and density of Common Agricultural Policy decision making the both Financial and regulatory gave MAFF’s operations a strong European flavor. The Process Dimension: The nature of EU policy manufacture stimulated some significant change in UK policy processes. Adaptation to the EU’s novel institutional architecture and its crowded legislative agenda posed a stern test for Whitehall since activities had to fall into line with the very different timing, formats and methods of choice making Brussels. Much of the central administration’s response was largely in keeping with existing practice, though the passion of EU activities did put standard operating procedures under strain. For Parliament, the handling of EU legislation demanded new scrutiny procedures as well as means of holding the Executive to account for its activities in a policy process that did not easily lend itself to democratic accountability. For the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish authorities, the principal procedural issues revolved around their connections and involvement in the key formal and informal decision making structures. An Introduction To Business Environment Business Essay

Testing Program

Testing Program.

Mr. Smith is the Director of IT at a law firm located in downtown Chicago. He needs to plan for a network upgrade. He has decided that he would like to have a network analysis done before the upgrade so that he can find out which systems would require upgrades and to create a strategy to present to the senior partners that will include return on investment.The law offices occupy four floors of a high-rise building. The customer is experiencing network latency, especially in the Accounting department and in Human Resources, which both reside on the 32nd floor. The director of the Accounting department has expressed concerns about the security of his files. The Research, IT, and Corporate Administration departments all share the 33rd floor. The senior and junior partners and their support staff occupy the 35th floor, and the 36th floor is used for reception and conference rooms. The firm has decided that video conferencing is an essential component of its business and is looking to implement video conferencing as soon as possible so it can communicate with two new satellite offices that will be occupied in six months.The firm has one network segment for each floor, but has been experiencing latency. Each floor except the 36th has 10 to 20 printers. Each floor has a 100Mb uplink to the Data Center on the 33rd floor. There are approximately 50 PCs on the 36th floor, 150 PCs on the 35th floor, and 40 PCs on both the 32nd and 33rd floors. The servers for each department reside on their respective floors. Mr. Smith is concerned about network security and wants a recommendation to secure traffic of three specific departments: Human Resources, Accounting, and Corporate Administration.Answer these questions:
What type of testing program (Prototype or Pilot) would you recommend to test the video conferencing among the remote offices? Justify your choice of one testing program over the other.
What type of naming structure would you give to servers, network devices and end nodes in this network? Provide a few examples.
Explain why Mr. Smith’s existing network does not provide adequate security for the data in each department. How do you want to optimize the network?
Explain to Mr. Smith the function of each network device.
Will the needs of key departments change your network design? Explain your answer. Write a 3 – 5 page paper using the APA style that summarizes your findings, and provides enough detail to fully support your opinion.
Testing Program

Texas Womans University EBP Models In Nursing Practice Discussion

Texas Womans University EBP Models In Nursing Practice Discussion.

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Please respond to professor questions to posted discussion board and answer 1 person, word document attached. You sent me response to DB question last weekend, BELOW IS WHAT THE RESPSONE WAS Evidence-Based Practice Integration ModelsEvidence-based practice in medicine and nursing is increasingly changing patient’s experiences in receiving medical help. To enhance patients’ experiences, organizations should consider adopting at least one EBP model to enhance their practice. According to McEwen & Wills (2017), the models are imperative in creating evidence-based protocols and guideline that helps healthcare professionals implement evidence-based practice in the organization. Carmago et al. (2017) also add that adopting EBP models by organizations helps promote the quality of service patients receive since the use of the models increases the interventions’ reliability. Even though the available models differ from one another because of specific aspects, they all play a significant role in ensuring patients get quality services in the healthcare settings they visit. Therefore, organizations should strive to implement at least one model to ensure that healthcare professionals have a specific guide on EBP in providing services.The evidenced-based practice model used in the hospital I work for is the IOWA developed in 1944. According to McEwen & Wills (2017), the development of the model aimed at promoting quality care by utilizing research. The model provides guidance on decision-making about practice affecting patient outcomes. McEwen & Wills (2017) state that the model incorporates nurses’ triggers, which in essence, are nurses’ problems. Carmago et al. (2017) also affirm that the model advocated research use in practice would come about at the emergence of new knowledge or when nurses experienced demands that pointed to a vital need for change in practice. The model proceeds through various decision points and the feedback loops to ensure that all changes get evaluated. The model is significant because it considers the challenges or problems nurses encounter while providing services to their patients..Danielle,What experience have you had with the application of this model at your worksite? How are you or the nursing staff translating research into practice? How can following a model guide your practice?Dr. Swilley Next, respond to one of your peers’ responses:Review your peers’ responses and identify one in which a different EBP model is discussed from the one that you explored in your initial post. Discuss whether this particular EBP model also applies to your practice and explain why or why not.I added word document of all responses posted of other students in the class that chose a different model than me.
Texas Womans University EBP Models In Nursing Practice Discussion