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GB530 Unit 6 Discussion Topic 2

GB530 Unit 6 Discussion Topic 2.

Marketing Current Events DiscussionsThis Discussion focuses on mass communications, advertising, sales promotions, and public relations. Select one article that applies to mass communications, advertising, sales promotions, or public relations. Compose a short summary (300–500 words) explaining why and how this article is relevant to your unit’s materials. Keep in mind, when responding to each unit’s Article Review Discussion, your opinion is highly valued; however, the ability to integrate concepts and theories to support your ideas is also critical. This is true, not just in this class but during your business career.Knowing what to do and how to do it is a valued skill in business, but knowing what to do and how to do it in every situation is the key to success. It is always important to apply theory to support your opinions! The better able you are to apply BOTH logic and theory — the better able you are to transfer your learning into practical application regardless of the task, project, or job.Important: Apply concepts or theories from your textbook Reading to your review in the Article Review Discussion Assignments. Include a relevant quote from Chapter 19: “Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications,” Chapter 20: “Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations,” or Chapter 22: “Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Database Marketing and Personal Selling,” of your Kotler and Keller Marketing Management textbook within your response. Include the Kotler and Keller reference at the end of your posting along with the reference for your selected article.Post your summary and reference information.Review other postings and compare and contrast your thoughts. What did you learn? What was your key takeaway? What other concepts or theories might be applicable?Note: Do not copy and post any article as Kaplan respects copyright protection; only submit the link/reference information.Remember that Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. NOTE: The article you find must have been written within the past 90 days.
GB530 Unit 6 Discussion Topic 2

This is a theory or ideology that states an individual, manager, has the obligation to perform actions that are of benefit or profit to the society as well as the organization. While ethical responsibility has it that an individual ought to be a good citizen, social responsibility has its focus on the individual being a good organizational citizen. Social responsibility has tended to be vital for the success of an organization such as businesses proving to be critical in increasing the total profits generated. Friedman Kinicki argues that organizations need to have placed their focus on profit generation rather than on social responsibility. (Kinicki, 2009) He argues that if focus is drawn to social responsibility, the organization will have been distracted from its real purpose- profit generation. Paul Samuelson argues that for firms to be effective they need to be concerned with the social responsibility as well as the corporate profits. His view that organizations have profound effects and influences in the society-for example they can bring about the problems of pollution-they should step in cases of averting these negative influences they create. Focusing attention of such organs as the government, organizations or individuals on social responsibility has a positive influence on the society, development and business (Kinicki, 2009). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In today’s competitive world smart business decisions not only are aimed at attaining maximum profits but are also concerned with having a comfortable and satisfied consumer population. Decision makers are having now under their objectives, the impacts of policies they formulate today have on the tomorrow’s choices. Jeb Emerson argues that organizations do not have to choose either social responsibility or profit generation (Kinicki, 2009). They can have it both ways whereby he terms this idea as blended value where the firms’ investments are operating both on the social and economic realms (Kinicki, 2009). Sustainability and philanthropy are issues that are inked to social responsibility. Sustainability is described as development that enables the current generation to meet its demands without compromising the ability of the future generations to access and utilize the resources. Philanthropy is concerned with the goodwill of the corporations to give charities that are aimed at improving the living standards and betterment of humanity (Kinicki, 2009). Social responsibility is the general view of the mangers that will ensure that its organization has a steady clientele. Customers tend to build trust on the firms that bear social and ethical responsibilities even if it means that they will have to spend more. Records of poor social and ethical responsibility as well will have negative impacts on the total profit generated. Consumers prefer association with organizations that they consider to be ethical and well organized. It is up to a particular firm to identify the ethical standards of its target consumers and formulate policies that align with them. Honesty and good citizenship enhance the profitability of the respective firms as well consumers’ need. (Kinicki, 2009) Conclusion In the recent past consumer have been frustrated by fraud accusations of firms and managers. The quality of services and goods offered by the respective companies as well as the procedures indulged in procuring them by the consumers have the monopoly of dictating and shaping the consumer attitudes. These factors determine the social responsibility of particular firms, which they have to satisfy in order to be successful in the society. Reference Kinicki, A. (2009). Management a practical introduction, fourth edition. Tucson, Arizona. Arizona State University Press.
Comparing Mental Health and Behavioral Health Disorders. I’m working on a Health & Medical question and need guidance to help me study.

Choose one mental health disorder and one behavioral health disorder, one or both being related to substance abuse. Write a 1,000-1,250-word paper in which you compare and contrast each disorder.
Your paper must include the following:

A summary of each disorder
A visual such as a table or chart that compares and contrasts the symptoms and behaviors associated with each disorder
A list of the provider roles that could work with this client in a collaborative team approach with descriptions of how they each may function within the team
An explanation for how to implement preventative programs for substance use disorders such as selected in this paper within an integrated health setting. Include the previously listed roles within the explanation.

Include a minimum of three scholarly references to support the information provided in the assignment.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
Comparing Mental Health and Behavioral Health Disorders

Documentary Summary. I don’t know how to handle this Law question and need guidance.

Documentary: Seattle is Dying (Produced by KOMO News 1 hour; Available on YouTube)
Homelessness, substance abuse and mental health are challenges inflicting urban communities throughout the United States, including right here in San Diego. The issue, which is often expressed as a “housing affordability crisis,” is so much more. The role public administrators have – from police officers to public health officials – is momentous. Pay attention to how the issue is impacting the quality of work life for police officers as well as how residents and business owners have lost faith in their elected officials. After reviewing the video, please answer the assignment prompts.
In a minimum 2 (full) page double-spaced paper:
1) Summarize The documentary or administration topic discussed and examples of information shared by the Documentary.
2) Apply at least two specific concepts from PA 301 reading assignments and/or lectures to what you learned at the presentation.
These are the things taught in the class. Pick some that are related to the documentary to answer question number 2

Define public administration, government, governance and politics;
Explain the growth in size and complexity of American government;
Understand the concepts of federalism, fiscal federalism, intergovernmental relations and the major financial relations between national, state and local governments;
Identify and define public policy and how official and unofficial actors and stakeholder groups influence the policymaking process;
Understand public/private partnerships and the arguments that have been made for and against the privatization of public services;
Explain how bureaucracies can have both positive and negative effects on delivering public goods and services;
Analyze effective leadership and management practices required for addressing the difficult challenges facing government agencies today;
Understand the purpose of budgets in government agencies;
Describe basic principles of the merit system;
Explain government’s role in both promoting and regulating private business activity;
Identify and explain the basic requirements for successful policy implementation;
Define accountability in government and reasons why it is necessary;
Understand why ethical actions of public administrators is imperative in all they do; and
Explore personal career options in the field of public service.

Documentary Summary

SUNY Morrisville Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Article Analysis

SUNY Morrisville Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Article Analysis.

The chosen article must present a new finding or discovery in science. (Within the past five years.) Carefully read this article and analyze it to answer the following questions. (ARTICLE ALREADY CHOOSEN) Briefly summarize the article. What did they study? What did they find?What is the observation being addressed? Is it an anomalous observation?What type of explanation (or explanations) are used? Are alternative explanations presented? Are reasons given why the specific explanation presented was chosen?How was the explanation tested? Was the test/tests used decisive?Is it a causal study? If so, what type? Were the causal links properly established? Explain.Did the paper contain any fallacies disguised as science? Describe them.What conclusions were made? Were the conclusions presented supported by the test results? Were any new questions raised by the conclusions? Your answers should be as long as it needs to be to concisely communicate the information needed. In the past, effective answers took 3-4 pages. Use as many words as is necessary to fully address each of the questions. For full credit, include enough discussion to support each of your answers.… ( Article)
SUNY Morrisville Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Article Analysis

Economics homework help

programming assignment help Economics homework help. Your responses should be well-rounded and analytical, and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion without explaining the reason for the choice.It is important that you incorporate the question into your response (i.e., restate the question in your introduction) and explain the legal principle(s) or concept(s) from the text that underlies your judgment.For each question, you should provide at least one reference in APA format (in-text citations and references as described in detail in the Syllabus). Each answer should be double spaced in 12-point font, and your response to each question should be between 300 and 1,000 words in length.16.1 Specific Performance The California and Hawaiian Sugar Company (C&H), a California corporation, is an agricultural cooperative owned by 14 sugar plantations in Hawaii. It transports raw sugar to its refinery in Crockett, California. Sugar is a seasonal crop, with about 70 percent of the harvest occurring between April and October. C&H requires reliable seasonal shipping of the raw sugar from Hawaii to California. Sugar stored on the ground or left unharvested suffers a loss of sucrose and goes to waste.After C&H was notified by its normal shipper that it would be withdrawing its services at a specified date in the future, C&H commissioned the design of a large hybrid vessel?a tug of a catamaran design consisting of a barge attached to the tug. After substantial negotiation, C&H contracted with Sun Ship, Inc. (Sun Ship), a Pennsylvania corporation, to build the vessel for $25,405,000. The contract gave Sun Ship one and three quarter years to build and deliver the ship to C&H. The contract also contained a liquidated damages clause calling for a payment of $17,000 per day for each day that the vessel was not delivered to C&H after the agreed-upon delivery date. Sun Ship did not complete the vessel until eight and one-half months after the agreed-upon delivery date. Upon delivery, the vessel was commissioned and christened the Moku Pahu.During the season that the boat had not been delivered, C&H was able to find other means of shipping the crop from Hawaii to its California refinery. Evidence established that actual damages suffered by C&H because of the nonavailability of the vessel from Sun Ship were $368,000. When Sun Ship refused to pay the liquidated damages, C&H filed suit to require payment of $4,413,000 in liquidated damages under the contract. Can C&H recover the liquidated damages from Sun Ship? California and Hawaiian Sugar Company v. Sun Ship, Inc., 794 F.2d 1433, Web 1986 U.S. App. Lexis 27376 (United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit)ÿ(Cheeseman 278)18.1 Good or Service Mr. Gulash lived in Shelton, Connecticut. He wanted an aboveground swimming pool installed in his backyard. Gulash contacted Stylarama, Inc. (Stylarama), a company specializing in the sale and construction of pools. The two parties entered into a contract that called for Stylarama to ?furnish all labor and materials to construct a Wavecrest brand pool, and furnish and install a pool with vinyl liners.? The total cost for materials and labor was $3,690. There was no breakdown in the contract of costs between labor and materials. After the pool was installed, its sides began bowing out, the 2 ? 4-inch wooden supports for the pool rotted and misaligned, and the entire pool became tilted. Gulash brought suit, alleging that Stylarama had violated several provisions of Article 2 of the UCC. Is this transaction one involving goods, making it subject to Article 2? Gulash v. Stylarama, 33 Conn.Supp. 108, 364 A.2d 1221, Web 1975 Conn. Super. Lexis 209 (Superior Court of Connecticut)ÿ(Cheeseman 311-312)Economics homework help

The Influence of American Imperialism on Our Economy and American Society since the End of the 19th Century Essay

Introduction In the 18th and 19th century, European countries especially the British and the French were scrambling and partitioning the Asia and Africa continents in order to access cheap source of labor and raw materials. This was accomplished by use of military power and also by establishing investments there. The United States of America was not involved in the scramble, the American imperialism only started later in 1898 during the Spanish American war where the United States of America saw the opportunity to gain colonies by conquering them from Spain in the Spanish-American war. At that time, many powers thought that they could be super powers only by gaining colonies. However, later, countries (USA included) discovered that colonies were not the only way for a country to gain power. While the United States of American did not use policy of acquiring extra territories, the country has been using its might to control political and economic decisions almost everywhere in the world through the spread of capitalism (Weber, 1978). To confirm its might, in the recent past, America has engaged in the gulf war, the NATO forces attacks on Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq and the continuous attacks on the Taliban as it tries to spread its imperialistic policies. Several years later especially after the Iraq attacks where the US forces were aiming at removing Saddam Hussein from power, the American soldiers are still there and the casualties from these wars have been increasing. As a result, many people have started experiencing the negative effects of American imperialism especially the American themselves since the unemployment levels has been rising and the country is still recovering from the 2007-2008 financial crisis which led to many US companies being bailed out or collapsing with many arguing that the army in foreign lands need to be recalled (Karl, 2005). Imperialism Theories There exist several theories that either support or criticize imperialism. According to the supporters of the Marxist theory, the trends towards expansion are not necessarily through conquering and alienation of foreign lands as most people especially political scientists like to define it but imperialism rather explains the changes which have been occurring in the political economic and also social activities as they try to advance their capitalist notions everywhere. These sentiments support the US spread of imperialism where it has been using policies and laws which countries that need to be assisted by the country have to follow. A country which needs aid from the United States of America but does not follow the laid policies is never assisted by the US. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In another theory by Kautsky, a capitalist country such as the United States of America cannot sell all the products within their country and thus they have to look for other countries where they can sell their products especially in the less developed economies. Kautsky observed this as the reason behind colonial expansions and spreading of imperialistic policies. He claims this was the reason for colonial expansions and spreading of their imperialistic policies. In the case of United States, rather than expanding colonies they use they imperialistic policies to access what ever they need. For example, a country cannot expect America to assist it if it has trade barriers against it even if the intention is to protect home industries. Conservative theories supports imperialism by indicating that imperialism exists in order to preserve the social orders among the developed economies. The theory further maintains that it is usually necessary for a country to secure trade and also maintain employment levels. The United States of America has achieved this by introducing legislations which protects internal industries from effects of trade liberalization. Finally, in political theory, imperialism helps a country by decreasing the strategic and political vulnerability of a country and the United States of America has achieved by ensuring there is manifestation of power thereby maintaining its status quo. Influence of American imperialism on your economy Social and political self determination from other countries has been challenging the American hegemony in different parts of the world. Other than the challenges above, as the United States of America increase its military supremacy and increase its capability of the army, the country has been accruing large debts especially due to the huge budgets which are allocated for its enormous military expenses. In return, this has increased America dependence on foreign creditors especially from the oil producing countries. As a result, the disparity or the differences between the American army and its own weak economy has just been increasing (Knauft, 2007). American imperialism has also affected the economy negatively. For example, the attacks on Iraq an oil producing country led to oil world volumes to decline and as a result the price of oil went up affecting the economy negatively since the high prices reduced the market basket for people all over the world (Americans included). We will write a custom Essay on The Influence of American Imperialism on Our Economy and American Society since the End of the 19th Century specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Positive impact of the US imperialistic policies has been in the increased trade. The US control land over seas where external production takes place, through this, it is able to engage more in international trade exporting more than it is importing thereby being able to earn more through the foreign direct investment as a result improving the economy as a whole (Cunningham, 2010). American society since the end of the 19th century Since the end of 19th century, American imperialism has led to most Americans living in fear of terrorist attacks. The critics of American imperialistic policies in the Arab world especially the Muslim extremists feel that Americans have been interfering with their governments when their soldiers inhabit their land. As a result, there has been the emergence of terrorist groups targeting both the Americans and their interests in the world. As the US imperialistic policies continue, most people have lost their lives especially most of the US soldiers who went to fight in Iraq. With loss of lives, families have been left widowed and as a result this continues to increase the emotional problems which the Americans go on with suffering. After September 11 attacks, America has seen the introduction of new regional command for defense which maintains that all the foreign acquisitions of the federal buildings to undergo security reviews in ascertaining their safety. As the United States of America tries to protect her interests, traffic along international borders has become difficult and the exchange of students and scientific visitors has been hampered and where in the past information was viewed as the cutting edge for profitability and democratization process with the state secrets reaching historic high levels as a result it remains to be observed whether the imperatives of restrictiveness and openness will be modified and remade in a way that will allow the accumulation of capital and other resources (Steinmetz, 2005): No one is no longer safe in what used to be the Promised Land. The impact of imperialism on people in foreign countries as well as in the US Changes have been witnessed in the political economic and also social activities as countries try to advance their capitalist notions everywhere. Nations that needs aid from the United States of America but do not follow the laid policies are never assisted by the US. For example, the Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh requested US president Truman for humanitarian assistance after floods swept harvests in his country but was denied help. Vietnam was viewed as communist and US wanted to control the country due to availability of resources like iron ore, rice and oil (Zinn, 2010). Thus the people of Vietnam were left to starve. Perkins (2007), argues that US government uses hit men and jackals to control foreign governments and their action determines who gains economically or military power. He cites nations like Egypt that became friendly to US and has since been receiving development aid. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Influence of American Imperialism on Our Economy and American Society since the End of the 19th Century by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The United States of America (capitalist country) cannot sell all the merchandises within their country and thus they have to look for other nations where they can sell their products especially in the less developed economies. Rather than mounting colonies the US employ imperialistic policies to access whatever they need. Those countries facing trade barriers are never assisted by the US even if their main aim is shielding home industries. The US has been introducing legislations that insulate internal ventures from the consequences of trade liberalization. Imperialism has also been assisting nations by curtailing the strategic and political susceptibility of a country; the United States of America has attained this by making sure there is manifestation of power thus maintaining its status quo. Conclusion The American imperialism has faced many challenges especially in the last century where many people have been against the advancement of its imperialistic polices. These imperialistic policies have affected the economy both positively and negatively. Among the positive effects has been the improved economy of the country through Foreign Direct Investments gained from the excess exports while on the other side, the negative impacts have included the rise in unemployment as most of the budget concentrates on military. Socially which might affect their economic performance; Americans live in fear of terrorist attacks from people who are against their country’s policies. Reference List Cunningham, D. (2010). Modern Imperialism and its Impact. Web. Karl, B. (2005). The US, Iraq and the Future of Empire. Historical Materialism. Vol.13. Iss.3, pp163-192. Knauft, B.M. (2007). Provinicializing America: Imperialism, Capitalism and Counter Hegemony In The 21st Century. Current Anthropology Volume 48, Number 6, pp 781-805. Perkins, J. (2007). The secret history of the American empire: economic hit men, jackals, and the truth about global corruption. New York, Penguin. Steinmetz, G. (2005). Return to Empire: The New U.S. Imperialism in Comparative Historical Perspective. Web. Weber, M. (1978). Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology, Volume 2. California: University of California Press. Reprint. Zinn, H. (2010). A People’s History of the United States. New York: HarperCollins.

Tort Law: “Butler v. United States” Case Study

Table of Contents Details of the Case The Sides’ Arguments during the Case The Ruling in the Case Conclusion References Negligence is usually discussed as a tort which is associated with performing a wrong act which causes damages or with failing to perform the act necessary to treat a person accordingly and to cope with the illness (Pozgar, 2012, p. 32-34). While referring to the cases of negligence which can be discussed in the context of the tort law, it is necessary to focus on the case Butler v. United States (2012) involving Kay Butler as a plaintiff and the United States of America and Veterans Administration as defendants. The decision on the case was announced on December 19, 2012 (Butler v. United States 2012, 2014, par. 3). The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals supported the judgment declared by the district court, and Mrs. Butler’s appeal was not satisfied because of failing to support the argument. In order to understand the aspects of the case, it is necessary to provide the case’s details, and analyze the effectiveness of the stated arguments in relation to the principles of the healthcare law and tort law. Details of the Case Mr. Butler, a husband of Kay Butler and a veteran of the armed forces, was diagnosed by a physician working at the Veterans Administration center in Durham, North Carolina, as having a vascular condition. Dr. Jonathan Gray concluded that Mr. Butler needed the urgent surgery. The diagnosis was announced in 2004. During the post-operative period, Mr. Butler was paralyzed from the chest down. The health state of the patient worsened significantly during the following months. Mr. Butler died from developed sepsis on March 15, 2005 (Butler v. United States 2012, 2014, par. 5-7). Mrs. Butler claimed to receive the compensation benefits from the Veterans Administration for negligent actions of the physicians which led to the death of the patient. Having received the benefits, Mrs. Butler appealed to court against the United States of America as a defendant in the case. The Sides’ Arguments during the Case The arguments of Mrs. Butler was based on providing the evidence to support the fact that carelessness of the surgeons, negligence during diagnosing and performing the surgery, and the lack of proper skill led to the injury and the death of the patient. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The claim of Mrs. Butler was satisfied in relation to the duty of the physicians and the Veterans Administration. However, the argument of Mrs. Butler against the United States to affirm the wrongful death of the husband lacked the evidence of the experts in the field (Pozgar, 2012, p. 34). The Veterans Administration and the United States as defendants provided the support to their arguments with references to the Federal Tort Claims Act and principles of confirming the fact of negligence. Referring to the North Carolina law, the expert witness is required to discuss violation of the standard of care (Butler v. United States 2012, 2014, par. 5-7). The argument of the defendants failed to reject the medical malpractice action in relation to the Veterans Administration, but the argument to support the position of the United States as a defendant was reasonable (Mandelstam, 2002, p. 54). The Ruling in the Case The complaint against the Veterans Administration was affirmed, and Mrs. Butler received the compensation associated with causing the death of her husband and necessary VA benefits. However, the complaint against the United States of America as a defendant because of the loss of consortium was not affirmed. It was stated that Mrs. Butler’s FTCA claim directed toward arguing the duty of the United States of America as a defendant cannot affect the received benefits and compensation (Butler v. United States 2012, 2014, par. 5-7). As a result, the previous decision of the district court was discussed as reasonable (Hammaker, 2010, p. 122). The problem was in the fact that Mrs. Butler did not present the required expert witness Conclusion In spite of the fact that Mrs. Butler’s claim related to responsibility of the Veterans Administration and physicians was affirmed, her legal argument to state the loss of consortium was weak because of impossibility to provide the expert’s evidence. In this case, the best legal argument related to the issue was provided by the United States of America as a defendant. Mrs. Butler’s argument related to stating the negligence in relation to the physicians’ activity was rather effective because she provided the evidence to support the fact that the surgical procedure was performed with violating the norms, and the physicians failed to diagnose the patient. All the elements of negligence such as the duty to care, breach of duty, injury, and causation were presented and supported with evidence. We will write a custom Case Study on Tort Law: “Butler v. United States” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this case Mrs. Butler presented a prima facie case of negligence. That is why, Mrs. Butler received the compensation. However, Mrs. Butler failed to provide the necessary support and evidence for the argument while appealing to the court against the United States of America as a defendant. While discussing the standard of care, it is necessary to provide the expert’s evidence to support the argument in North Carolina. The defendant provided the most convincing argument in this case, and the claim was not affirmed. References Butler v. United States 2012. (2014). Retrieved from Hammaker, D. (2010). Health care management and the law: Principles and applications. New York, NY: Cengage Learning. Mandelstam, M. (2002). Manual handling in health and social care: An A-Z of law and practice. New York, NY: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Pozgar, G. (2012). Legal aspects of health care administration. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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