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Gay Parenting Essay, Research Paper

The construct that tribades and homosexuals work forces may be parents is often perceived in today? s society as impossible or immoral. Gay work forces and tribades are frequently viewed as excluded from holding kids because sexual reproduction is related to work forces and adult females merely. My attack to this uniquely controversial subject of homosexual parenting will be that of trying to analyse the Pro side foremost. Gays and tribades are human excessively and who is to state that they wear? t deserve equal rights in society. Society has to recognize that the modern household has developed into many different signifiers in recent old ages in that the & # 8220 ; atomic household & # 8221 ; is non needfully the most common signifier any longer.

Then I will try to analyse the Con side which expresses the fact that two people of the same sex should non be raising and rise uping kids together. Many believe that if the twosome is unable to bring forth kids together, so they shouldn? T be raising them as parents. Children need a balance in their lives and different sexed parents can supply that balance expeditiously. Each parent ( ma or pa ) socializes the kid otherwise and the kid needs to be introduced to both universes.

I will so continue to review both sides on strengths and failings, based on facts, surveies, and my ain sentiment, and so pull some of my ain decisions on this controversial subject of Gay Parenting.

Pro Position

There is no valid ground for declining to name sapphic and homosexual headed family households. They fall under every imaginable standard for placing households and the construct of a Family. & # 8220 ; They are groups of coresident kin supplying jointly through income-pooling for eachothers need of nutrient and shelter. They socialize kids, engage in emotional and physical support, and do up portion of a larger family web & # 8221 ; . ( O? Brien and Weir, 128 ) .

There are besides many homophobic ( the irrational fright or hatred of homosexualism or homosexual people, Biery 88 ) persons in today? s society who are the chief cause of negative stereotypes against tribades and cheery parents. These negative stereotypes all prove to be untrue and irrational, uncovering that homosexual and sapphic parents could be every bit as tantrum to consecutive parents.

The accusal that bulk of cheery work forces are child molesters has been rejected in that the overpowering bulk of child sexual maltreaters country heterosexual work forces, who abuse both male childs and misss. The fright that kids of sapphic and cheery parents will go sapphic or homosexual is irrational in that surveies show that the sexual orientation of the parents has no consequence whatsoever on sexual orientation of young persons. The concern that the kids of homosexual and sapphic headed households will non develop so called appropriate gender individuality or gender behavior has been introduced. This was proved wrong in that when comparing kids of homosexual parents to kids of consecutive parents, there was no important

difference in these two countries. The last stereotype affecting the fright that emotional harm will consequence the kid due to get bying with the issue of holding sapphic or cheery parents. Once once more this was proved to be false and the general psychological well being of kids in homosexual and sapphic families lucifers that of kids of heterosexual parent families. ( O? Brien and Weir, 129 ) .

These common stereotypes heard often in today? s society have all been proved wrong and nescient. Therefore they illustrate that homosexual and sapphic parents are continually stereotyped against below the belt and unjustly. Lesbians and gay work forces are popularly and normally thought of by society to hold a negative influence on kids. This places an tremendous strain and great force per unit area on sapphic and homosexual headed households, which is wholly unneeded.

& # 8220 ; When we assume male-headed atomic households to be cardinal units of affinity, and all alternate forms to be extensions or exclusions, we accept as facet of cultural hegemony alternatively of analyzing it. In the procedure, we miss the contested sphere in which symbolic invention may happen. Even continuity may be the consequence of invention & # 8221 ; . ( Weston, 145 ) . This is a really powerful statement in that it reinforces the statement that sapphic and cheery households are overlooked in society as even being a household unit.

Society must come to recognize that every household, non merely gay headed households, experience jobs in their places. An article which depicts some of the major jobs that some individual female parents experience is: Manhunts? and Bingo Blabs? : Single female parents speak out-M. Little, p. 164-181. This article will help one in recognizing that some persons will confront some quandaries and issues in life, but it is those issues and how a household trades with them efficaciously that will do them stronger as a household unit. Everyone trades with force per unit areas of mundane life and it is those who learn by them that are comfortable.

With specific mention to child raising, parents were told that jobs arise in all places, with all kids, and at all ages, the interesting fact being that the jobs do or make non originate but what method should be employed in covering with them when they arise ( Dickinson, 392 ) . Problems in the place are inevitable, in all signifiers of households, and those who believe that one signifier of household will hold more jobs and issues than others will necessitate to reevaluate their mentality to a more rational perceptual experience.

Society has to recognize that it is non 1s? sexual penchant that allows a household to turn and boom, it is the attempts of the people who make up that household unit. A household is based on trust and love, and if that is what these homosexual and lesbians parents are supplying for their kids, so why non allow them populate as they want.

Con Position

Many will reason that kids of sapphic and cheery parents do non turn up the & # 8220 ; same & # 8221 ; as kids of heterosexual parents.

Concern normally revolves around the issue that the kids will besides turn up to go sapphic or cheery themselves ( Baker, 105 ) .

In most civilizations, kids are raised to take on specific functions associated with their biological sex really early in life. Therefore, in most instances people maintain an individuality of themselves in footings of gender ( Blumenfeld and Raymond, 45 ) . ( This statement is expande

vitamin D on in the Chapter of Socialization and gender functions in Looking at Gay and Lesbian Life ) .

Many besides believe that kids need parents of the opposite sex to happen balance in their lives. Each heterosexual parent socializes their kids otherwise and kids need to see this difference for themselves.

An luxuriant description of maleness and paternity takes topographic point in, & # 8220 ; Fatherhood, Masculinity, and the Goodlife during Canada? s babe roar, 1945-1965, Robert Rutherdale. This article depicts how the pa of the atomic household & # 8220 ; had secured his household? s topographic point in the consumer markets and recreational chances of a profoundly acquisitive period & # 8221 ; ( 369 ) . It depicts some activities which male parents endured with the boy to guarantee maleness and machoness as the boy matured into a adult male himself.

Children need to recognize and witness how work forces and adult females trade with certain state of affairss otherwise, they need to be informed of different state of affairss that will happen to them throughout their lives ( depending on their sex ) , and they need each of their parents at different times of their lives ( example-and miss needs her ma at menarche and her pa to assist her with her auto ) . Some feel that if there is an instability so the kid will ne’er larn to place with the one sex that is absent from their life. This issue of balance has ne’er been proved to be true yet still remains an issue to some.

Another major issue confronting cheery parents is AIDS. & # 8221 ; The fact that the epidemic was foremost identified in the early 1980? s in the cheery male communities of North America. & # 8221 ; ( Weeks, ch 1 p. 15-45 ) . Aid? s is known as the homosexual disease it has been studied and many feel that homophiles are more prone and susceptible to undertaking the disease than straight persons. Many feel that the kids of homosexual parents are in increased danger due to the fact that AIDS is progressively spreading and if their parent has it so they are at high hazard to undertaking it.

The Chapter, & # 8220 ; HIV and the State of the Family & # 8221 ; in the text & # 8220 ; Transgressing Borders & # 8221 ; ( p. 19-33 ) , clearly depicts the issues confronting households, of all signifiers, in direct relation to AIDS. This may assist some to recognize the earnestness of this incurable disease. AIDSphobia is another issue discussed in this chapter. This is & # 8220 ; strongly related to heterosexism and homophobia damaging attitudes and patterns against sapphic and cheery work forces. Persons with antigay attitudes are far more likely than others to hold irrational frights about HIV transmittal ( Sears and Adam, 27 ) .

AIDS is a turning epidemic with no remedy that affect 1000000s. The earnestness of this disease is illustrated in & # 8221 ; From Reproduction to HIV: Blurring Categories, Switching Positions, Martin-256-269, in which persons narrate narratives of people populating with AIDS and these persons, while highly ill and about death, experience forsaking, by household and friends, and favoritism.

A great part of today? s society feel that kids should non be exposed to this disease if it may be prevented. Therefore they attack these homosexual parents seeing that AIDS is the & # 8220 ; gay & # 8221 ; disease. Society has to recognize that anyone may contract it and there is no 1 in the universe that is immune to it. It is up to gay parents every bit good as consecutive parents to guarantee in forestalling the contraction of this disease to any kid. Besides to protect themselves from undertaking it, the loss of a parent is traumatising to a kid.

Another chief issue against cheery parenting is the concern of safety for their kids. There is a concern that kids of homophiles will be harassed by their equals ( Brooks, 362 ) .

Many people in today? s society have a negative stereotyped attitude towards homophiles. This influence is so passed onto their kids in bend is so taken out on equals. This particularly effects those who have gay parents. That kid may be harassed at school, both mentally and physically, and teased invariably. This may so impact the kid psychologically, emotionally, and physically, either so or later in life. Children have progressively become more barbarous with equals and this surely does take its toll on the kid being harassed, whether the effects are seeable or non.

The kid populating with homosexual parents may non merely be harassed for holding cheery parents, but besides for being cheery themselves. Many have the thought that kids who grow up in a homosexual place become cheery themselves. They believe this to be true in that the kid learns the parents? ways and want to be merely like their function theoretical account, their parent.

Peoples have to recognize that in today? s society kids tease one another for the oddest grounds, if there is non a ground to badger or gang up on person, person is certain to happen or do up something merely to hold something to make.

In Conclusion, in analysing all of the facts, both back uping and rebuting the controversial subject of homosexual parenting, I fell that the stronger side proved to be that of back uping homosexual parenting. The information gathered on negative stereotypes against homosexual rearing proved to be wrong and inconclusive. Much of the information rebuting homosexual parenting was non based on concrete facts or surveies. The issue of AIDS, safety, and gender individuality are all issues that affect heterosexual headed households every bit frequently as homosexual headed households. It is how the household overcomes these issues that is of import. If these households are successful this will make a closer and stronger household tie.

In measuring the issue of cheery parenting, one would happen it hard to garner information rebuting the issue, bulk of the information that I came across was back uping. One will detect that literature and attitudes have changed and are come oning when covering with homosexualism. More and more persons are get downing to accept or come to footings with this controversial subject.

Gay and sapphic parenting should be treated as any other parenting manner would be treated. If they are willing and able to love and supply adequately for these kids, so society should let them to make merely that. Evidence proves that there is no difference between a kid from a cheery parent household to a heterosexual parent household, and hence there is no ground why these household units should be treated so otherwise.

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