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There are several operational risks tied to oil and gas leaks, given that wear and tear, which are a result of corrosion and erosion, begin immediately after plant constructions commence and go on throughout the life of the plants. Thus, all plants require serviceability and maintenance to make sure that they operate safely. Statistics show that managed maintenance is a cost effective approach to deterring the risks associated with these plants (Watermeyer, 2002). This is because the chemical reactions corrode oil and gas pipes, which then leads to expensive losses in case of leakages and accidents. In this scenario, regular monitoring eliminates this catastrophe by propelling prior actions before damages occur. Either a digital x-ray system or conventional X-ray piping taking digital radiographs of the affected areas should be employed to assess material loss through accurate measurement of radiographic density (Watermeyer, 2002). Thus, this project intends to investigate the advantages of using conventional X-ray piping to inspect gas and oil plants over digital x-ray criteria. This report will mainly cover factors related to cost, man-hours spent, and risk as well as safety. Assessing available options This section documents the results of this feasibility assessment of each of the two options. Cost Engineers acknowledge that digital x-ray imaging has the capability of delivering radiographic images at cost efficient prices (Watermeyer, 2002). There are reduced costs, which are associated with few inspection durations and involved personnel. In addition, the consistency in operator decision-making is higher as compared to operational decision-making in conventional imaging techniques. As compared to digital imaging, conventional x-ray piping is more involving and requires additional operational costs and increased number of personnel (Watermeyer, 2002). The table below shows the cost savings evident in using digital imaging over conventional x-ray piping. Table 1: Cost comparison of digital imaging and conventional x-ray piping (Compare Costs, 2015) Digital Radioscopy Film Radiography Space cost (Computer workstation) 10 sq. ft. = $20/mo Space cost (dark room, janitor, plumbing, processor, illuminator, film and checmial storage) 300 sq. ft. = $500 /mo Equipment Envision Scan 12×14 $ 102,365 CD storage rack $ 10 Equipment cost: $ 102,375 Amortized over 5 years: $ 1706 /mo Equipment: Film Processor 28,000 Film feeder 8,700 Dark room 25,000 Tank set 280 Silver recovery unit 2,000 Pump station 900 Twin illuminator 640 Film filing cabinet 900 Equipment cost: $ 66,420 Amortized over 5 years: $ 1107 /mo Re-occurring costs per 1000 exposures: 1 CD-R disk 10 cents Re-occurring costs per 1000 exposures: Film, chemicals, waste disposal, processor maintenance, and other consumables Re-occurring costs: $ 6000 First, conventional x-ray piping engineers require substantial knowledge of the technique if they are to review hard copy data. With this, relying on technicians to interpret a defect obtained from a conventional x-ray piping helps little in cost savings. Therefore, confirming a defect requires hand scans and manual backups. While more plants are likely to embrace the cost efficient nature of digital x-raying in the future, dismissing conventional x-ray systems is obscene and dangerous at this stage. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Man-hours spent Another aspect that requires focus when evaluating the advantages of conventional x-ray piping over digital x-ray imaging is the number of man-hours spent (Watermeyer, 2002). Conventional x-ray piping takes on a rather elongated approach that requires additional personnel and man-hours as compared to digital techniques that are easily improved and enhanced with few personnel and with few man-hours. In digital x-ray imaging, engineers are capable of adjusting the brightness of different regions to ensure maximum clarity and definition without involving more personnel or additional time. With a single pass, the digital x-ray imaging technique is able to show all defect structures, thereby eliminating manual adjustments associated with most conventional x-ray piping (Watermeyer, 2002). This cost efficient approach streamlines the time taken to carry out imaging and the personnel required during the process. Historically, the inspection of oil and gas transmission has taken place using conventional x-ray piping because the technique is easy to interpret and can be operated with minimal training. Despite this easy interpretation, conventional X-ray piping is at a disadvantage because it uses manual reporting and its interpretation may take longer hours. Risk and safety assessment of the two techniques Conventional X-ray piping is extremely powerful and efficient to use, because of its ability to study internal composition of oil and gas pipes (Watermeyer, 2002). However, while many opt to use it, others are reluctant because of its high radiation dosage. It also leaves a contamination area that increases exposure rates to radioactive material. They therefore have strict exposure requirements that increase the costs of their use. On the other hand, the lax exposure requirements of digital x-ray imaging are a result of their environmental safety and compliance. With all the risks and safety concerns addressed, the quality of inspection using digital x-ray imaging is enhanced because of the improved visibility associated with the technique (Watermeyer, 2002). Table 2 below summarizes the quality aspects associated with using both techniques. Table 2: Image quality (AEA Technology PLC, 2005). Technique Resolution/ sharpness Contrast Noise/ granularity Fine grain film with lead screens *** ** *** Fine grain film with fluorometallic screens ** ** ** Computed (filmless) radiography but without spatial image processing ** 1 *** Computed (filmless) radiography with spatial image processing ** 1 * to ** Note: For this study, many stars mean better high resolution, sharpness, contrast, and reduced noise. The simple scoring system rates the best as three stars. The table above compares the results of using digital x-ray systems and conventional x-ray piping in relation to quality. The images obtained from both systems have a near similar quality when viewed against the processing parameters. We will write a custom Essay on Gas
Molson is a successful beer brewery company in Canada. It was found in 1786, which made it the second oldest Company in Canada so far. Molson Company is recognized as the most preferred beer brand in Canada and it also possess the fourth largest market share in global beer industry. Molson Company faces a challenge in 2007 due to its unsuccessful marketing strategy. The campaign intended to engage with the target market of age 19 -24 through social media. This campaign held a contest, Cold Shot, which encouraged students to compete with other college students by posting as many pictures as possible. This contest ended up creating unexpected negative publicity against the Molson Campaign. Many students and administrators complained about the harm of reputation brought by this contest. As a result, Molson Campaign had to pull the promotion under the public opinion. There are three alternatives that allow Molson Company to engage with the target market. The first alternative is Microblogging, which encourages students to update their status through social network while they are drinking. Molson’s drinkers could also follow up the latest Molson’s events on site. The second alternative is to build a Molson Educational Center to promote legal drinking message for students and young adults. Young adults are invited to visit the educational center to explore more about Molson’s history and experience different fun activities in the center. The last alternative and also the recommendation for Molson’ campaign is to create Molson Apps that educates students to avoid overconsumption of alcohol through playing the information games. Students could win different valuable awards by playing it. As more games are played by students, the more awards they can get. This does not only enhances Molson’s relationship with target audience but also successfully promotes the correct drinking behavior they should have toward their future drinking. Identification of the Problem Molson Company, currently, is facing a challenge in reestablishing its brand as a brand that promotes and encourages responsible alcohol consumption. Molson’s problem is to determine if it should continue to use the social media sites for future promotions in marketing its brand. Due to the previous failure in social media marketing, Molson Company has caused various universities

MGMT 7 Union Cycliste Internationale Week 5 Daily Attendance Research Paper

MGMT 7 Union Cycliste Internationale Week 5 Daily Attendance Research Paper.

Example1Problem 1The average daily attendance of a small amusement park is 4,219 people. In order to increase the average daily attendance, the park owners decided to lower the price for admissions. For the first 25 days after the highly publicized price reduction the average daily attendance was 4,537. You can assume that the population standard deviation is 674. Assume that these 25 days can be considered a random sample of the days to come and that daily attendance follows a normal distribution.Test at the 5% level of significance whether the price reduction was effective. Explain your approach and result.How and why would your answer to a) change if the significance level had been 1%?
MGMT 7 Union Cycliste Internationale Week 5 Daily Attendance Research Paper

3 – Business Strategy PowerPoint / Exec Summary

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EZ-Pleeze management has tasked you with preparing a presentation for senior executives based on the work you have previously completed (in Task 1 and Task 2). You will create a formal slide presentation with speaker notes that showcases and supports your strategic recommendations for the company. You will also be required to create an executive summary, to be given to senior executives, that highlights your presentation.
Prepare a presentation and executive summary to generate support and resources for implementation of your strategic recommendations for EZ-Pleeze by completing the following sections:
A. Create a slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) (suggested length of 8–10 slides) with speaker notes for the senior executives at EZ-Pleeze.
1. Discuss within your presentation the current state and the purpose of the company’s strategic plan.
2. Include the EZ-Pleeze SWOT analysis within the presentation.
3. Include a completed strategic planning implementation table within your presentation, using the attached “Strategic Planning Implementation Table Template,” that includes strategic recommendations, start dates, evaluation dates, and resources needed.
a. Justify within the presentation the recommendations, timelines, and resources needed for EZ-Pleeze based on the completed strategic planning implementation table.
Note: The slides in your presentation should include only the main points you wish to make, with more extensive information included in the presenter notes section of the presentation.
*Executive Summary*
B. Provide an executive summary (suggested length of 1–2 pages) for EZ-Pleeze senior executives that summarizes the purpose of the strategic plan, the SWOT analysis, and the strategic recommendations.
C. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
*** So need a 8-10 slide PowerPoint with speaker Notes
**Need a Executive Summary 1-2 Pages tat summarizes purpose of strategic plan
Attaching the following:
Case Study for Info
Strategic Implementation Tablet Template —- TO BE USED IN POWERPOINT
SWOT – Created from other TASK
SWOT Analysis paper – created prior – task 2
——– Let me know if any questions!!!

3 – Business Strategy PowerPoint / Exec Summary

Never Leave Your Family Behind English Literature Essay

In Flight Patterns the protagonist William, from the very beginning of the story, faces internal conflict within himself about his family and work. He spends very little time with them but he also has to do his work. Before he leaves for his business trip his wife pleads with him to stay and though his desire is to stay, he cannot. She urges him by saying “Oh, the plane will be filled with other salesman. Let some other salesman sell what you’re selling,” (Alexie 38). Despite her attempts to make him stay, Will says goodbye to his family and leaves home. In many of Sherman Alexie’s stories he talks about the struggles of many contemporary Native American families (Peterson 65). Fekadu, his taxi driver, starts telling him his life story and how he cannot see his family. William realizes that he has a lot in common with the cab driver. Devastated by Fekadu’s story, William is quickly drawn to the idea that he too may lose his family one day because he gave the impression that planes were evil, also the impression if he left he would leave his family in harm’s way and he also made him realize that work was taking too much of his family time and that is why he cancels his entire business trip to stay home with his family. First, William decides to not go on the plane because Fekadu has made a negative impression of planes in his sub conscience. Neither William nor Fekadu understand it but Fekadu’s story is subliminally telling him that going on the plane is a bad idea. In Flight Patterns planes represent a one way ticket away from home. “I [Fekadu] kissed my wife and sons good-bye that morning, and I kissed my mother and father….. I went to the base, got into my plane, and flew away” (Alexie 48). William’s daughter planted the seed to think that going on the plane is bad because she thought terrorist would hijack the plane and then Fekadu watered it by telling him he had to kill hundreds of people because he was part of the air-force. Fekadu also tells him how he had to leave his country, family, and all his possessions behind and take his plane and fly to France (Alexie 49). Even though William is an active traveler, he has a bad image imprinted in his mind about planes. Fekadu is feeding him dark thoughts and that is shaping his mind to not go on his flight. He is giving him the feeling of loss since he lost his family because of a plane and William might lose his too. Second, William did not go on the plane because he heard how Fekadu could not defend his family and from that he concluded that leaving his family would also leave them in harm’s way. Fekadu stated, “I could only pray Selassie would leave them be. He had always been good to me, but he says me as impulsive, so I hoped he would know my family had nothing to do with my flight.” (Alexie 49) Haile Selassie was an Emperor of Ethiopia.(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). When Fekadu was telling him that he would drop bombs over cities and kill many people, William had a vision of his “wife and daughter huddling terrified in the basement”.(Alexie 48) He is upset because he is not there to protect and be with them if they were ever in that situation. He could not forgive himself if anything bad happens to them. The only way for him to be there in times of need is if he quits his job. William feels worse when Fekadu tells him of how he was not there to defend his family. “Fekadu left his wife and sons 30 years earlier when he defected from Selassie’s dictatorship by flying his military plane to France, where he received asylum. He’s never seen them again” (Wadsworth 1). The only way for him to be there for them in times of need is if he is with them and separated by work and this leads him to not go on the plane. Finally William decided not to go on the plane because work was taking too much time away from his family. Work is the reason why William never gets to see his family. Work is the reason why Fekadu had to leave his family. “He hated to leave but he loved his job,” (Alexie 39). At the beginning of the story William was upset because he travels a lot and never spends time with his wife and daughter and after Fekadu told him his story Will’s foundation was shaken. Fekadu told him that because of the work he used to have; he can now never see his wife and children (Alexie 49). William fears the same thing might happen to him. Fekadu’s story dealt with how he lost his family and had to deal with consequences of his work; William felt the same way too. He has a hard time believing what Fekadu has to say but he does not want to deal with what the person he was describing had to go through and so he decided not to go on his business trip. In conclusion William could not go through with his business trip because he was devastated by Fekadu’s life story. He used him as an example and learned from him and his relationship with his family. He realized that flight represented distance from family and if he was distant he might lose them. William could not go through with his plans because he realized that if he is far away from the all the time he would never be able to protect them when they need his help. He also canceled his trip because work took time away from his family. Since Fekadu’s relationship with his family was ruined because of his work William took it as a lesson to put his family before his job. “By the end of their journey to the airport, the men have found common cause, laughed together and understood each other. And William has found the resolve to follow his heart,” (Wadsworth). William decided not to go because his heart and mind did not want to leave and after hearing Fekadu’s story William was encouraged to not leave his family behind. As a result he cancels his business trip and stays home with the family.

Health Sciences homework help

Health Sciences homework help. In the workplace, we may hear a statement, joke, or remark that is unkind or inappropriate. Often the speaker might appear to do so in a way that is not intended to offend, but comes from other experiences or lack of awareness as to how they may be received.It is up to you as a manager to set the tone for how these comments are countered in order to create an inclusive environment.Choose one of the statements below (clearly identify in your work which statement you chose).”We don’t serve those people here.” (Reference to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients)”He should go back to his own country.” (Reference to someone of a different race)”She just slows us down.” (Reference to a disabled worker)”Why doesn’t he retire already!” (Reference to an older employer)In a 2-3 page paper, suggest some ways in which you would professionally respond if you heard the comment by your subordinate in the employee lounge. Include how you might approach the employee (immediately, privately etc.). Provide specific comments that you might use in your discussion and consider how the individual might defend their actions. What further conversation might this lead to?Explain the ethical and legal (if any) implications if statements such as the one you chose would continue. What might be lost in your workplace if the statements are allowed? Include at least one resource you could use to help your conversation. Identify whether there is a legal guideline to share with your employee.Rubric:Include how you might approach the employee 30 Provide specific comments that you might use in your discussion and consider how the individual might defend their actions-what further conversation might this lead to? 35 Discuss the ethical implications if statements such as the one you chose would continue. What might be lost in your workplace if the statements are allowed? 35 Total 100Health Sciences homework help