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Gas Exchange Essay Research Paper Describe four common app essay help Law

Gas Exchange Essay, Research Paper

Describe four characteristics of Alveoli that allow them to transport out

gas exchanges expeditiously o


so that the respiratory surface is much larger and much

more gas can be exchanged, o

surrounded by capillaries?

so that instances are exchanged by diffusion as a

effect of the different partial force per unit areas of O and C dioxide, O

the barrier between the air in an albeolus and the

blood in its capillaries is merely approximately.5 micron ; o

the air sacs have their ain capillaries so that they can

transport away the O and CO2. Explain the necessity of a airing system

airing lungs- the exchange of air with the

atmosphere takes topographic point by majority flow as a consequence of chagnes in lung volume. Pull a diagram of the gas exchange system including windpipe,

bronchial tube, bronchioles and lungs State the difference between take a breathing and cell respiration

Breathing- inspiration. This is merely taking in air into

the organic structure

Respiration is the dislocation of glucose utilizing O.

Besides, take a breathing is carried out by the organic structure ; respiration is carried out by

single cells. Explain how exercising improves the operation of the bosom and

the lungs o


shot volume O


tidal volume O

taking to a lowering of both rates Explain how and why take a breathing rate varies with exercising

Variation in take a breathing rate Os

addition in co2 degree O

lowering of pH O

detected by chemosensors ( in aorta and carotid

arterias ) o

send urges to take a breathing Centre of encephalon ( encephalon root ) O

nervus urges to diaphragm and intercostals musculuss to

increase contraction/relaxation rate O

nonvoluntary control, but to some extent governable

voluntarily Outline a Health job associated with gas exchange

? The lung is

usually protected by ciliated cells run alonging the windpipe and bronchial tube. The cilia

expanse out atoms in the respired air that are caught in the mucous secretion secreted

by the goblet cells. These cilia are paralysed by chemicals in coffin nail fume.

Cancer cells originating in the bronchial tube by and large do non hold cilia. 5.5

Homeostasis Define Homeostasis the care of a changeless

internal environment which ensures that an being? s cells ever see

those conditions which permit effectual functi

oning. Explain the Concept of homeostasis with mention to organic structure

temperature and degrees of blood glucose a.



Monitoring & # 8211 ; Thermoreceptors 1. Skin

temperature is monitored by thermoreceptors in the tegument 2. Blood

temperature is monitored by thermoreceptors in heat Centres in the hypothalamus


Heat Adjustment mechanisms 1. Warming

down a. Vasodilation b. Sweating 2. Warming

Up a. Vasoconstriction B. Increased

cell metamorphosis c. Shivering B.

Glucose Adjustment mechanisms


Glucose degrees monitored by chemoreceptors in Pancreas 1. Degrees

rise due to diet or let go of from liver and musculuss by demand 2. Degrees

autumn due to respiration or transition to other metabolites or for storage

( animal starch )


Adjustment mechanisms 1. Degrees

rise a. Pancreas

cells glucagons which stimulates liver cells to change over ( enzymically ) animal starch

straight to glucose. 2. Degrees

high a. Other

pancreas cells secrete insulin that stimulate


Cell respiration


Increased soaking up of glucose by musculus cells


Increased transition of glucose 1. to

fat ( in adipose tissue ) 2. to

animal starch in a. liver

cells b. musculus

cells Explain the construct of Negative Feedback

Internet Explorer. a house thermostat- when the temperature in your

house drops below the preset thermoregulator degree, the thermoregulator turns the furnace


When the termperature rises above the preset

temperature the thermoregulator turns the heat off. A divergence from a & # 8216 ; preset & # 8217 ;

status stimulates a response that reduces the divergence. State that The nervus ( thermoregulation ) and hormone ( glucose

ordinance ) systems are involved in homeostasis. Describe the constituents of the Nervous System

Central Nervous System

Peripheral Nervousnesss?

Particular cells called nerve cells?

Carry electrical urges quickly State that the hormone system consists of secretory organs which release

endocrines that are transported in the blood Define Excretion

The remotion from an being of the toxic waste

merchandises of an being. Define Osmoregulation

The control of the osmotic and H2O potency in a

cell or inside a life being State the Functions of the kidney



Answer the following questions

Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)
Q1. Examine with suitable examples, how “organization strategy provides a valuable contribution in achieving organization vision?” Give an example of a Saudi company and assess two examples of organizational strategies and operating plans. (2 Marks)

Q2. X Ltd. manufactures plastic products and sells them for SAR 350 per unit. The firm’s variable cost per unit is SAR 90, while its total fixed costs are SAR 110,000. The company expects to sell 1,800 units in the coming year. Calculate the following: (2 Marks)
Degree of operating leverage
Margin of safety in units
Margin of safety in SAR value
Margin of safety in percentage

Q3. What is regression analysis and how does it help in estimating a cost function? Interpret your results with a numerical example. (2 Marks)

Q4. A plastic product is manufactured by SLT Company. For total costs, the company estimates the cost function. The number of units is the cost driver. The following details were gathered:
(2 Marks)

Total Cost (SAR)
Use the high-low analysis method and answer the following:
Calculate Variable Costs and fixed costs.
Determine the cost function.


Q5. The following information is related to CTH Corporation which manufactures a single product: (2 Marks)
Selling price per unit: SAR 800
Variable cost per unit: SAR 240
Total fixed cost: SAR 400,000

You are required to calculate:
Contribution margin per unit and contribution margin ratio.
The break-even point in units and break-even point is sales value SAR.
Pretax profit of the company if it sells 1,400 units of the product.
The number of units required to sell to reach a target pretax profit of SAR 200,000?


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