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Gas and the Alaskan Oil Reserves: A Mistake buy essay help Engineering assignment help

This paper discusses the negative side of drilling for oil in Alaska.

This paper examines the debate over oil drilling in Alaska. It suggests that it is not necessary even given current and possibly future gas shortages in America. It gives various reasons to the adverse affect of using Alaskan oil reserves including the Exxon Valdez incident, the development of supplementary energy sources, and environmental issues.
From the paper:

“As gas prices have risen over the past year, the term “crisis” has been tossed around a great deal, suggesting a number of different possibilities. Among these: Americans may soon run out of gas, Americans may soon be paying five or ten dollars per gallon, and the American will stall utterly if there is not enough cheap gas available. In fact, of course, none of these speculations is true. What is true, and what will be discussed in this paper, is that these higher gas prices are indeed a wake-up call to Americans that something must be done to change our expectations about where our energy will be coming from in the next century.”

Econ book report

Econ book report.

Write a 3-4 page book report (double-spaced) on a book you have not previously read that is on the list at The report should discuss the book, any arguments it makes, and how it related to Micro Economics.

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