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Gangs Essay, Research Paper

La Springer

Parent and Child Development

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Gangs a Violent World

Gangs are a violent world that people have to cover with in today? s society. Childs

feel that being in a pack is both acceptable and esteemed manner to populate. The inquiry

remains as to what had made these groups come about. The long-range reply to this inquiry can merely be speculated upon, but in the short term the replies are much easier

to happen. On the surface, packs are a direct consequence of human existences? personal wants and peer force per unit area. To find how to efficaciously stop pack force we must happen the manner that these ethical motives are given to the person. Unfortunately, these can merely be hypothesized. However, by looking at the manner worlds are influenced in society, there is good grounds to indicate the incrimination at several establishments. These include the forces of the media, authorities, theater, drugs and our economic system. On the surface packs are

Humanities Question

Module 04 ContentStep 1: Choose from one of the following three scenarios:You are a case manager at a homeless shelter. A woman named Annie is staying at the homeless shelter. Annie recently discovered that she is HIV , to your knowledge she has not followed up with her doctor. Several nights she comes in drunk, expressing that it does not hurt so much when she drinks. She often talks about her continued sexual exploits but does not share details. In the morning when she sobers up, she is tearful and regrets the night before. As you begin to talk with her, she describes a history of sexual abuse when she was younger, leaving home at an early age and her life as a prostitute to escape a violent relationship. She has a 6-year-old son she has not seen in over a year.
You are a case manager at a transitional housing program. A man named Bill has two children and needs a place to stay as he was recently evicted. His oldest daughter Claire, who is 15, often takes care of her younger sister Lucy, who is 8. She explains that her dad might leave for days, and they do not know where he goes. Bill has encouraged Claire to drop out of school to take care of Lucy so he can go to work. He also feels that Claire belongs at home doing the cooking and cleaning since that’s “all women are good for anyways.” Bill works odd jobs as a handyman and does not consistently hold a job for more than a few months. His wife left several years ago, but he does not like to talk about it, and the girls do not remember much about her.
You are a case manager for a long-term care facility that works with older adults transitioning back home after surgeries or rehabilitation. Juan, a man who recently had heart surgery and has a serious heart condition, has just transitioned home after a two-week stay at your facility. The doctor has given him instructions not to do any strenuous exercise or be out in extreme hot or weather. You stop by on a home visit and discover he is outside in below zero weather, shoveling with just a hat and sweatshirt on. He tells you, “It ain’t cold out, and I ain’t shoveling. I’m 80 years old, and I can do what I want in my own home.” When you enter his home, it is in disarray, there does not appear to be food in the fridge, and his prescription bottles are all empty. His wife died two years ago, and he does not have any children in the area.
Step 2: Pretend you are meeting with this client/family for the first time. In your first paragraph, share what exactly you will say to introduce yourself, your role, and what will happen next. Be sure to use quotes to indicate what you will say.Step 3: Develop a plan to work with the client and/or family in your hypothetical profile. The plan should be thoroughly explained in 3-4 pages:Reflect and summarize your client(s) current situation.
Identify strategies that will help your client develop intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
Discuss barriers to success, and how to avoid potential roadblocks.
Research one local resource for your client(s) and indicate what services they may provide for your client.
What emotions might your client be feeling, and what emotions might be triggered in you? How will you process your own feelings?
Be sure you are using client-focused language, empathetic responses, and awareness of client functioning levels. Incorporate one source from this week’s readings or an additional source from your own research to support your thoughts.Requirements:Your completed paper must be at least 3-4 pages long. All text must be in size 12 Times New Roman Font and double spaced. You must use one source from this week’s readings, or an additional source from your own research. All sources used must be in APA format, including a title and reference page.