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GAH Organization Quality Control and Accreditation Coursework

Executive Summary This section has covered core organizational competencies and functions for GAH. They include professionalism, evidence-based practices, effective communication, patient safety, patient-centered approaches and quality improvement. GAH shall ensure that it meets its core objective of providing safe and beneficial healthcare to the elderly. The facility will review its performances regularly to ensure that it meets its core objective. GAH management and staff shall demonstrate core competencies in leadership, teamwork and collaboration, communication and professionalism. GAH will operate under HIPAA ethical guidelines. In this regard, the organization shall strive to promote patients’ confidentiality, privacy and rights by protecting data. It will seek legal guidance on controversial issues about HIPAA guidelines. GAH will adopt IT system components to facilitate information sharing within and between different units. The facility recognizes that data transmitted through IT components require protection from potential unauthorized access. Overall, GAH will strive to meet all its core competencies, ethical standards and deploy IT systems to facilitate communication among various stakeholders. Quality Control and Accreditation Core organizational competencies and functions Professionalism GAH shall show high standards of accountability in evidence-based nursing practice. The facility will assess its internal practices to ensure that they are consistent with the legal and regulatory requirements, ethical and moral obligations, altruistic and humanistic principles. Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) GAH will identify, assess and integrate best practices and current research findings in care provisions for the elderly in Mission Viejo (Hughes, 2008). This will take into account patients’ preferences and values to ensure quality services and patient quality outcomes. Communication GAH will strive to facilitate effective communication between stakeholders. This would enhance mutual respect, shared decision-making processes, reduce risks to patients and facilitate care provision (Kavaler, 2012). Safety The facility will rely on clinically beneficial reasoning and thinking to develop a culture of safety for seniors. This will reduce risks associated with long-term care services (Kalra, 2011). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Patient-Centered Care GAH will foster patient-centered care through communication and collaboration with the patient and families. This approach will facilitate discussions, decision-making, respect for values, patients’ preferences and needs. It will account for patients’ age and cultural orientations to meet their unique needs and ensure effective care. Quality Improvement GAH is aware of the impacts of evidence-based nursing practices on patients’ outcomes. Consequently, the facility will use evidence-based outcomes to improve care provision to the senior citizens (Healy, 2011). It will also conduct regular studies and use outcomes to improve safety and quality of care to patients. Goal/objective for the core organizational competencies The main objective of all these core competencies and functions is to improve geriatrics care. Consequently, they will account for unique physical, cultural, psychosocial and social characteristics of all senior patients. GAH will aim to promote healthy aging and offer safe and beneficial care to seniors. A control method/scoreboard to be implemented at GAH to ensure that said core competencies and functions meet their goals and objectives GAH will develop a Competency Assessment Tool to evaluate achievements of the core competencies and objectives. The following standards will determine the Competency Levels at the facility. Excel level would show that the organization has met its competencies and functions in a given area. This performance will serve as the benchmark and model for the department. Meet standard requirements Achievements for the rating would be above the ‘Acceptable’ rating. These ratings shall indicate strong contribution to GAH’s competencies and functions in care provision for the elderly. Require improvement Organizational achievements in core competencies and functions do not meet the set standards. GAH must formulate strategies for improving performance in identified areas. We will write a custom Coursework on GAH Organization Quality Control and Accreditation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Not acceptable This will indicate the worst achievement in the core competencies and functions. The rating will indicate a lack of attachment or relationships to any given core competencies and functions. GAH shall evaluate achievement of core competencies and functions at the levels of care providers, managers and organizational. The evaluation procedure shall involve the following steps. Evaluation of job performance against the set objectives as a part of performance management process The organizational shall review all core competencies and functions to determine if they are relevant to the overall objective and goal. While there are a number of core competencies and functions, GAH will concentrate on the major ones with maximum impacts. All stakeholders will identify the most relevant core competencies and functions. GAH will assess indicators to identify core competencies and functions, which it has achieved and have contributed to the overall objective. All care providers and managers will indicate how they have contributed to core competencies and functions on a consistent basis under different conditions. Managers must review performances against the objectives and core competencies and functions. Performance assessment will be critical in this process. GAH shall review performances against short-term goals. The organization will identify critical areas of improvement for immediate improvement. Care providers and managers must agree on these specific short-term goals and identified improvement goals. For any identified areas for improvement, GAH will define core competency and function requirements, training and learning needs, expected outcomes, potential benefits and date of implementation. GAH will conduct assessments to review outcomes. For instance, the organization will focus on performance improvement to achieve it core competencies and functions. In this context, GAH will encourage staff to participate in self-assessment so that they can identify areas of strengths and weakness relative to core competencies and functions. AH shall use the outcomes to inform the improvement of performance objectives and show how personnel can improve their performance against objectives. In addition, GAH’s employees will use outcomes to identify areas in which they need personal improvement. For instance, GAH may decide to review the communication competency among all stakeholders and identify areas, which require immediate attention. Major competencies from management and staff when seeking JCAHO accreditation Leadership JCAHO requires healthcare facilities to demonstrate competent leadership. Leadership shall foster accountability, change management and partnership with other stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Thus, the GAH management team must demonstrate leadership skills that are necessary for running a long-term care organization (Greiner and Knebel, 2003; Kutsch, 2007). Teamwork and Collaboration The GAH management team will build effective relationships and promote open communications with all stakeholders in the health sector. This will foster shared decision-making in the organization. The team will act with integrity and in a consistent manner as it seeks to accommodate diverse opinions. Communication Nurses should be able to communicate effectively by using different modes, such as written, verbal and electronic. Professionalism Nurses must demonstrate professionalism when handling patients and other stakeholders. Not sure if you can write a paper on GAH Organization Quality Control and Accreditation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The ethical requirements under HIPAA Healthcare provision has become complex and requires effective regulations. Patients’ data pass from physicians, service providers to patients too. The industry is complex because of various relationships. This practice exposes individuals’ privacy to others and raises issues of ethical concerns (Pozgar, 2012; Jonsen, Siegler
Pepperdine University Fiscal Policy Tax Changes Crim Just Good Time Case Study.

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Please watch one of the following films (both found on Netflix) and answer the questions associated with each film. Please submit a 1500 (total) words essay outing your answers to each question. Please submit your work as a Times New Roman font double spaces PDF.Good Time (2017)1. How does differential association best explain the events that took place in the film? How does the theory explain the behavior and choices of the main protagonist and his brother? Completely define all components of the theory, then apply the theory to the film. 2. What other theories explored in the course can help explain the events that took place in the film? Fully outline the theory, then defend your answer with course content and content from the film.Uncut Gems (2019)1. How does Messner and Rosenfeld’s theory of institutional anomie help us understand the choices made by the main charter in the film? What type of strain reviewed in the class can be best applied? Completely define all components of the theory(s), then apply the theory to the film. 2. What other theories explored in the course can help explain the events that took place in the film? Fully outline the theory, then defend your answer with course content and content from the film.
Pepperdine University Fiscal Policy Tax Changes Crim Just Good Time Case Study

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Harvard Business School Customer Relationship Management Project.

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The paper must be 6 – 8 pages in length, double-spaced, using a size 12 standard business font, using 1-inch margins and topic headings listed for the format requirements.You are required to use a minimum of ten credible sources for research on your proposed solution and to correctly cite all references using APA style. Make sure you do not use more than 20% material from other sources so that 80% of the paper should be your original words.I have attached my initial project proposal and my final paper should be around that paper.Subject: Introducing a CRM tool to the company for effective interaction with customers.Name of the Company: IT Sutra Inc.
Harvard Business School Customer Relationship Management Project

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Part 1In C++, code a search algorithm that searches a list of strings for a particular song. The searching algorithm will have two inputs: the playlist, which is a string array that contains a list of songs in alphabetical order; and a particular song, which is a string. If the song is found in the list, the algorithm will return the index of the song, and it will return -1 otherwise.This searching algorithm will employ a divide-and-conquer approach similar to that in binary search, but with a slight variation. In binary search, a list is split in 2 sublists during each step; however, for your assignment, you will build and algorithm that splits the list into 3 sublists during each step.Part 2What is the time complexity (in Big-O notation) of your algorithm with respect to the size of the playlist? How does this time complexity compare to the time complexity of binary search (in terms of Big-O)?
Capella University C Algorithms Project

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Middle East College Strategic Risk in Retail Industry Question.

1- Introduction: About the Retail Industry in General2.Strategic Risk: in General 2.1 Cross-Cultural Risk 2.2 Country Risk2.3 Currency (Financial Risk)2.4 Commercial Risk3- Wite assessment of each Risk ( Cross-Cultural Risk., Country Risk, Currency (Financial Risk), Commercial Risk ) For example, if High risk, Low Risk, important Risk 4- Risk Register for Retail Industry: Better to be in a table.5- Response to Risk: 4 types of response to each risk: A. Terminate B. Treat C. Transfer D. Tolerate5. ConclusionReference ( 5 at least ), Number of words: 2000, Harvard stye, Citation, 0 % similarty.
Middle East College Strategic Risk in Retail Industry Question

Argumentative Essay writing on Artificial Intelligence a threat or not; supporting AI a threat for the future of humanity.

Argumentative Essay writing on Artificial Intelligence a threat or not; supporting AI a threat for the future of humanity..

this is the instruction for the essay.the topic i chose for the essay is Artificial intelligence is a threat. the thesis to this essay should have a clear thesis, clarifying the topic, your claim, and three main ideas that prove the argumentdo not use Wikipedia as a source.every other detail for the assignment is in the attached document.In this unit, you have read, researched and discussed materials related to your chosen research topic. Your goal for the research project is to create a 4-5 page multi-paragraph research essay that argues one specific viewpoint on your topic. Your essay should include an additional works cited page and include documentation (in-text citations) from your five sources. After you receive feedback on your outline, you will develop the research essay and participate in a peer review before submitting your final draft.Your essay needs to include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting ideas and examples all written in third person. The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the following three elements:
Introduction: A good introduction needs to get your reader interested in your topic, provide relevant background information for that topic and, in a thesis statement, state the main points that support your claim (stance) about the topic. You may choose to have 1-3 introductory paragraphs depending on how much background information is needed for your audience (the reader). Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction. (Review the Loudoun Campus Writing Center information about Writing Interesting Introductions.)
Body: In a standard 5 paragraph essay, you would typically have three support paragraphs that are developed from three main ideas in a thesis. But for a longer, extended research essay (such as this essay assignment), each main idea may need to be developed into more than one body paragraph. To do this, each body section needs to begin with a clear topic sentence that focuses the body section on a main idea of your argument. As you develop the sub points for a main idea, use transition words and phrases to tie your reader back to the topic sentence ideas and to move your reader from one sub point to the next, offering support and explanation between each sub point. When you use this method to develop a main idea, the sub points for a main idea often work well as separate paragraphs. You must also develop a separate counterargument paragraph.
Conclusion: A good conclusion needs to summarize the argument (reiterate the thesis and summarize the body of the essay) and to explain new understanding.
Other points to consider
Thesis Statement: At the END of the introduction, you need to have a clear thesis statement.
Thesis Template: the topic + your claim (viewpoint) + 2-4 main ideas. Example Thesis 1: Minimum wage should not be raised to $15 because it would increase unemployment rates and further increase the wealth gap amongst Americans.Example Thesis 2: Child beauty pageants should be banned because they distort a child’s self-image, put a child’s health at risk, and ruin a child’s formative years.
Language: The goal in argument is to persuade a reader to accept your side. As such, when you write I believe… I think… I feel and other such subjective, first-person comments, you are not trying to think about your READER; instead, you are offering your opinion. For this reason, it is best to remove first person comments and state your thesis as a blunt, arguable statement (written in third person). Ultimately, you want to convince your reader to accept your argument.
****************************************************below there is an attachment for the outline of the essay. All the requirements on the essay must be met.
Argumentative Essay writing on Artificial Intelligence a threat or not; supporting AI a threat for the future of humanity.