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FYC reflection about the class

FYC reflection about the class.

Over this semester, you have reflected on your identity as a writer. As you have collaborated with your peers on writing assignments, your identity may have changed, or you may have become more determined to remain the same. Similarly, as you have observed the global impacts of your topic, you may have noticed that your topic affects not just your life, but the lives of other people as well.Write a reflective letter of 300 words that discusses your identity and your experiences with globalization and collaboration in this course. Address the letter to whoever you want–yourself, your friends, your hero, the campus squirrels.
FYC reflection about the class

You will now add information from this week’s materials to your Research Chart. In the corresponding section, provide the name(s) of the method you reviewed, its primary use and when it should be used, strengths and limitations of the method, ethical considerations, and one example of when the method could be used (include your interests or something more general). Length: Updated research chart, not including title and reference pages. Be sure to cite this week’s resources used in your assignment.
Table of Contents Introduction Description of the Organization Total Rewards Model of the Organization Segmentation of the Workforce and Competences of the Workers Recommended Changes to the Total Rewards Program Metrics for the Total Rewards Program Timeline for Implementation Conclusion References Introduction Nowadays, the process of designing the system of total rewards and performance management has a strategic approach. It is generally recognized that industries have different business environments. Therefore, it is important for the business to understand its environment and adopt changes and improvements. The purpose of the paper is to provide research findings of objectives, goals, and challenges of Lucid Marketing Inc., its current monetary and non-monetary rewards program, and the work environment. According to the research, some changes to the total rewards program will be recommended, including a description of the opportunities of a new program, and the risks of ignoring the recommendations. The metrics for assessing the total rewards program will be provided, as well as the timeline for implementation. Description of the Organization Lucid Marketing Inc. is a global company whose goal is to provide innovative marketing solutions for a wide range of products and services. The organization plays the role of an intermediate party for successful cooperation between its various clients and retailers. It works with the biggest retailers in the world, and its objective is to give the clients a unique opportunity to reach the people who are usually difficult to contact. Its core competence required for success is to offer a diversity of marketing strategies for high-level organizations, guiding them through branding, public relations, media, and marketing communications. The company has been able to maintain its leading positions in the market for more than a decade. It was capable of attracting diverse talents to achieve prosperity and success. Still, the management has to assure the security of the company’s future. The values of the company include attempts to guarantee steady development and growth of the organization. Lucid Marketing Inc. is searching for specialists with specific traits, such as intellectual, interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills. The current challenges of the company include the imperfect rewards tied to the goals which might not be mastered by the employees yet. Thus, the employees feel that the rewards should be calculated according to the produced work and current projects. Another challenge is that its current employees are aging and will be retired soon. Therefore, the company requires some new rewards to attract new workers from the next generation. There is a plan to invest in full-time positions abroad to attract diverse talents. The organization also needs some transparency in work-sharing and production. Total Rewards Model of the Organization It is a general opinion that benefits are “an important component of the employment relationship, providing employees with financial protection, access to health care and programs to support work/life balance” (Kwon,
do you believe that they were a terrorist group or freedom fighters? Please explain why or why not. Do you think their tactics were justified at the time?. Need help with my History question – I’m studying for my class.

The Sons of Liberty staged acts of resistance against the British government and agitated for revolution. Their tactics at times have led some to categorize them as a terrorist group. After reviewing the textbook and sources on the Sons of Liberty, the writings of Samuel Adams, and given what was taking place at the time (the Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, etc.), do you believe that they were a terrorist group or freedom fighters? Please explain why or why not. Do you think their tactics were justified at the time?
To receive full credit for this assignment your post must:Address the questions asked in the paragraph above in at least a 300-word post and cite all outside sources appropriatelyIn your initial post, include at least one interesting question the readings raised for you
Article of The Sons of Liberty provided by my professor
do you believe that they were a terrorist group or freedom fighters? Please explain why or why not. Do you think their tactics were justified at the time?

Footprinting and Reconnaissance Lab

Footprinting and Reconnaissance Lab.

Students are required to submit one screen shot from the each lab exercise. This will demonstrate that the student has actually performed the lab work and hasn’t just clicked Done until the lab completes. The screenshot should include output from the tool that is used in the exercise. The Student will need to do this for each lab exercise and then submit the screen shots in a Word document to the lab assignment folder for that week. For example, in week 1 students are required to complete modules 02, 03 and 04. If module 02 contains 5 exercises, module 03 contains 11 exercises and 04 contains 11 exercise the Word document should contain screenshot each exercise for total a of 27 screen shots, one for each exercise. This is an example for iLab Module 02 only. Students also will be required to submit screen shots Module 03 and Module 04 incorporate then into the document.
Footprinting and Reconnaissance Lab

Grand Canyon University EBP Guideline on Infection Control & Precautions Report

essay order Grand Canyon University EBP Guideline on Infection Control & Precautions Report.

I’m working on a nursing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Utilize the databases identified in the text to locate an Evidence-Based Practice Guideline, related to your topic identified in Module 1. Perform a rapid critical appraisal of the Evidence-Based Guideline by answering the following questions in APA format. All questions should be answered in detail and explanations offered according to guideline content when applicable.

Who were the guideline developers?
Were the developers of the guideline representative of key stakeholders in this specialty (inter-disciplinary)?
Who funded the guideline development?  
Were any of the guideline developers funded researchers of the reviewed studies?
Did the team have a valid development strategy?
Was an explicit (how decisions were made), sensible, and impartial process used to identify, select, and combine evidence?
Did its developers carry out comprehensive, reproducible literature review within the past 12 months of its publication/revision?
Were all important options and outcomes considered?
Is each recommendation in the guideline tagged by the level/strength of evidence upon which it is based and linked to the scientific evidence?
Do the guidelines make explicit recommendations (reflecting value judgments about the outcomes)?
Has the guideline been subjected to peer review and testing?
Is the intent of use provided (i.e. national, regional, local)?
Are the recommendations clinically relevant?
Will the recommendations help me in caring for my patients?
Are the recommendations practical/feasible? Are resources (people and equipment) available?
Are the recommendations a major variation from current practice? Can the outcomes be measured through standard care?

Be sure to include the database from which the guideline was obtained and please submit a copy of the guideline with your paper.
Grand Canyon University EBP Guideline on Infection Control & Precautions Report

Economics homework help

Economics homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the factors to prompt an economic or social change in the housing market. The paper also provides various questions to answer the paper with marks.,Factors to prompt an economic or social change in the housing market,Subject:, The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (Brexit) is causing implications on home ownership, the letting market, and also the real estate sales market in the UK. The repercussions are expected to be significant and major and also would influence nearly all spheres of life in Europe, as well as overseas. The key focus of the current coursework is to examine the factors expected to prompt an economic or social change in the housing market.,Required:, Using Office for National Statistics (ONS), The World Bank, ,,, Bloomberg and other sources, download Quarterly/Monthly data for house price of, all property types for three different Location in United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Wales, Northern Island and also Scotland) and other relevant datasets onto the statistical, software package as requested. Please note: each student is assigned different dates for the data set. Date: November 2016 to September 2019, Access and download the dataset.,Answer to the following questions:,Firstly, compute full descriptive statistics including mean, Standard deviation, Skewness, kurtosis and draw histogram. Interpret the results ( why the variation is higher or lower between the locations etc) (10 marks),Secondly, draw the scatter plot between London and 2 other different locations. Check for normality (perform Chi square test). (20 marks),Thirdly, using multiple regression analysis taking house prices as dependent variable for all locations, determine the impact factors (e.g. Interest rate, Economic growth, Mortgage availability, employment, Infla3on etc.) as explanatory (independent) variables for both regression models. (20 marks),4. Fourthly, test the significance of each independent variable (for all locations). Interpret the results. (10 marks),Lastly, perform F-test to test the significance of each regression model. Interpret the results.,(10 marks),Write a report discussing the house prices fluctuation and also potential impact of Brexit.,(30 marks)  ( around 1250 words),Attachments,Click Here To Download,Economics homework help

Cumberland University Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Questions

Cumberland University Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Questions.

1.How does prescriptive analytics relate to descriptive and predictive analytics?2. Explain the differences between static and dynamic models. How can one evolve into the other?3. What is the difference between an optimistic approach and a pessimistic approach to decision making under assumed uncertainty? 4. Explain why solving problems under uncertainty some- times involves assuming that the problem is to be solved under conditions of risk.5.Investigate via a Web search how models and their solutions are used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the “war against terrorism.” Also investigate how other governments or government agencies are using models in their missions.Questions 1-4 should be limit to two pages, Question 5 should be 1-2 pages. all the answers should be on a single document with APA formatting and reference.
Cumberland University Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Questions

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