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“Democracy is more a way of life than a form of government. ” – Abraham Lincoln. The framers of Indian Democracy would have never thought that one day their brainchild would be the largest Democracy in world. After World War II all the countries which gained independence and became democratic along with India have either turned into dictatorship or come under army rule. Ever since India, achieved freedom, it has emerged as a vibrant democracy. An Indian’s pride, our democracy has been setting examples across the globe.

It’s the strength of our democracy that every nation in the world, regardless of minor issues, wants to make India its partner. A long process of history has made India a gigantic motherland of many races, tribes, linguistic groups and religious communities which exhibits a fascinating mosaic of racial intermingling of cultural intermingling. The future of democracy in India however depends on the ability of people to preserve its root and strengthen the system through constant effort.

Our democracy has given equal opportunities to all its 122 crore population. Nobody either in the government or outside the government is bound and neither is free against the interest of our system. The above line emphasize on the latent strength that our democracy possesses. For instance, the Executive – President is the Head of the Nation, Supreme commander of armed forces is indirectly at the interest of the Legislature which in turn is kept in check by the Judiciary which is again answerable to the Legislature.

The coming of 21st century saw India as a democracy expanding its reach beyond the horizon. This can be easily observed that after 60 years of Independence from centuries of bondage we are the fastest developing nation in all facets. “We face the biggest threat from students of Bangalore”, US President Barack Obama was heard quoting this after his recent visit to India. It’s just another feather of pride to our democracy which has given all of us a chance to bloom and have a say in the government. Where there is a head there’s always a tail. No

doubt, our democracy has come strong against many odds by people/organizations who tried to break down our democracy, but it’s too strong to be fallen. In recent years India has been crisis ridden, scams all over, internal threat to our Governing machinery. A couple of goons begin from a small village rising to state and now affecting a massive 22 states, are the biggest threat to the machinery of democracy, they blow up schools, hospitals, security personnel and to the extent of killing our representatives to the government and still the government hasn’t resolved a method to tackle this problem.

Violence occurring on communal basis takes hundreds of lives at the time when we have SECULARISM written boldly in the preamble of constitution. When the country is weak from within, no wonder outsiders utilize the opportunities to the best leaving us with attacks like 26/11, Bomb blasts and many more. All the efforts by the Armed forces safeguarding the frontiers are in vein simply because our democracy is gradually losing its efficiency to deal with its own internal matters.

Democracy means ‘by the people, for the people’. But what has happened in the near past indicates that democracy in India has shifted its meaning to ‘by the people, for the RICH people’. It’s frustrating to see to hikes, scams everyday in news but who are to blame? We, Yes we who just shrug off our responsibilities and choose wrong person as our representatives who end up misusing our trust. Prices of daily needs are just getting beyond the reach of common man.

Issues like this has lead to serious concerns – the population living below poverty line today is more than the population of 1950, 70% of the children are malnourished, one forth of the population today goes to bed with an empty stomach, people who live below the poverty line has no access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation or proper health facilities, lakhs of youngsters drop early schooling only to earn for daily needs only because of failure of the machinery of democracy.

Was this hope and expectations of great leaders like Gandhi Ji and Nehru Ji from the youth of coming generations for whom they fought for the independence? We Indians are kind of sentimental people and we go by the void promises made by people, who just care of increasing their vote bank and never cares of the voters’ plea, which we vote. Recently, I read about a MP who visits his constituency once not every month and neither year but once in his whole term and still manages to win the elections.

It’s not the failure of government on its part but to large extent it’s the common man of the country who have let this happen. A mere 45% vote turnout in one of the major cities just signifies the poor patch of democracy. The real threat is again poised from within. Illiteracy, prevalence of casteism, over – population is the factors which once removed can make the government a full fledged people friendly body. We enjoy every right in theory, but not in practice.

Real democracy will come into being only when the masses are awakened and take part in the economic and political life of the country. There is an urgent need for the youth of the nation not to dream for Dollars or Euros but to increase the value of our own rupee. Youth are the intellect of today’s society they grasp the problems well and come out worth creative solutions. After all we all belong to that very nation which saw sons like Bhagat Singh, Azad, HJ Bhabha and Rajiv Gandhi. Its time for the youth to go above the traditional method of government and a radical change is needed.

Sitting in front of the television or news paper and saying this leader is incapable and various things is not the solution, unless people come to the real ground and understand that the whole country is facing the same problem as of their individual ones there would not be fruitful results. Even after more than half a century of independence we are still not completely free, the future of this democracy lies solely in the hands of the coming generation and only then the GRAND and the example – setting democracy would be back to its own roots.

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College for All Philosophy” and Student Loan Debt.

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