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Future Consumer Behavior in the Future: Digital Shopping to Dominate? Essay

It is undeniable that digital shopping will continue to influence the way consumers shop around for goods and services. This trend is expected to pick up as time goes by because everything seems to be working in its favor (Campbell 1988, p. 13). As a matter of fact, there is an argument that ten years from now, digital shopping will come out as the primary channel that will be used by consumers. This is based on the current trends that have continued to indicate a dramatic shift in consumer buyer behavior. Digital shopping is different from the normal traditional shopping and that is why there are various aspects that will make people to prefer it in coming years. This will depend on how marketers create, deliver manage and communicate a superior customer value experience. This is based on the fact that there should be something unique about digital shopping that will make it more appealing than traditional shopping (Bigne 2005, p. 14). It should be known that there are primary factors that will continue to influence consumer digital shopping behavior. The technology acceptance model will be a factor because technology will continue being useful in peoples lives. In this case, technology will be adopted and consumers will find it as a necessity in their lives (Bigne 2005, p. 26). The technology acceptance model gives us an oversight of how different consumers come to accept and later on use technology. Digital shopping is a technological advancement and a new approach to shopping and that is why it will come out as a new experience. The perceived usefulness and ease of use gives different consumers a reason to embrace digital shopping (Huang 2000, p. 29). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Technology makes work easier and this means that shoppers will not go through a lot of hustles to acquire different goods and services. Digital shopping offers various experiences and this will give consumers and customers an alternative to chose the best option. We all accept the fact that it is hard to resist the technological and digital wave that might come as time goes by. This means that digital shopping will be well perceived based on its past experiences. Most people are likely to join the idea of digital shopping because this is the trend to watch in coming years (Bigne 2005, p. 22). Consumers will form an intention to continue using digital shopping because there is proof that it’s much better than traditional shopping. In a broad perspective, there are potential determinants of consumer digital shopping behavior. The perceived complexity of digital shopping can have an impact on its uptake. It is less complex and people will definitely prefer digital shopping. Social norms and perceived compatibility will also encourage people to use digital shopping (Huang 2000, p. 32). The society is going digital based on various technological advancements and this implies that consumers will lean more on digital shopping. Personal and situational factors will encourage people to embrace digital shopping because it is more convenient than traditional shopping. This means that through digital shopping, a consumer can access a wide range of goods and services without any problem. Digital shopping brings a new experience to the whole aspect of shopping and that is why there have been numerous efforts to reduce transaction costs (Kotler et al 2009, p. 27). We will write a custom Essay on Future Consumer Behavior in the Future: Digital Shopping to Dominate? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As a matter of fact, digital shopping has various advantages that will encourage consumers to embrace it. In this case, it is convenient and saves on time and that is why it is here to stay. Reference list Bigne, E., 2005. The Impact of Internet User Shopping Patterns and Demographics on Consumer Mobile Buying Behavior. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. Campbell, D.J., 1988. Task complexity: A review and analysis. New York: Routledge. Huang, M., 2000. Information load: its relationship to online exploratory and shopping behavior. New York: Routledge. Kotler, P. et al., 2009. Marketing Management. London: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Isolation of Pathogenic Microorganisms

Isolation of Pathogenic Microorganisms. Food handlers with poor hygienic conditions working in motels, hotels, restaurants and road side food vendors in and around Vellore could be the potential source of infection due to presence of different pathogenic microorganism in or on their body. We conducted a test to detect the pathogenic microorganisms in the nail sample of 17 food handlers. The nail samples were examined for the presence of different pathogens by standard isolation procedure. In certain samples there was formation of transparent colonies in the SS agar, indicating the possibility of presence of Shigella and Salmonella typhimurium. Healthy human body is regularly exposed to microbes. The microorganisms regularly found on the surface of the healthy human body are countless in number and are called as ‘normal flora’. When a transient flora gains entry to the human body it causes infection. The entry of the pathogenic microorganisms is usually through the food, water and many a times due to poor hygienic conditions. Nearly 1.9 million people die annually at a global level due to pathogenic contamination of food and water. Even in developed countries an estimated one third of the population are affected by microbiological food borne diseases every year. Kaferstein and Abdussalam reported that up to 10% of the population of industrialised countries might suffer annually from food borne diseases. Accordingly food handlers with poor personal hygiene working food serving establishments could be potential sources of infections of many intestinal helminths, protozoa, enteropathogenic bacteria. Food handlers who harbour and excrete intestinal parasites and enteropathogenic bacteria may contaminate food from their faeces via their fingers, then to food processing and finally to healthy individuals. Compared to other parts of hand, the area beneath finger nails harbours the most microorganisms, and is most difficult to clean. (B.D singh). The poor personal hygiene of the food handlers could be the potential cause of the infection by pathogenic microorganisms. These microorganisms are transferred into the food, by these food handlers when they come in contact with the food, while serving or cooking. A study was undertaken for the prevalence of microorganisms and intestinal parasites in the food handlers in the University of Gondar and Gondar teachers training institute, Gondar, Ethopia. Coagulase negative Staphlococcus was predominant, with the presence of Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Serratia, Enterobactor, Citrobactor . Shigella, Salmonella, intestinal parasites like Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichura, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica presence was detected in the stool samples.( Andargie G et al. 2008 Dec ). Another study was conducted to isolate pathogenic fungi from dermatophytic samples. Out of the 500 hundred nail and skin samples, 19 fungal species were isolated belonging to the genera Alternaria, Aspergillus, Bipolaris, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Protheca, Rhizopus, Rhodoturella, Graphium, Exophiala, Malassezia, Trichosporon and Ulocladium. (S. Bakeshwain et al., 2011) Isolates of Geotrichum and Trichosporum spp. obtained from patients with a variety of dermal lesions were studied. Among 2,202 cases examined, microorganisms of these genera were recovered from 100; there were 38 isolates of Geotrichum and 62 of Trichosporum species. Most isolations were obtained from nails: 52 cases. (Angela Restrepo and Lucia Uribe). This study was conducted with the samples collected from the food handlers in and around Vellore district, aiming at assessing the prevalence of pathogenic microorganisms. METHODS AND METHODOLOGY: Samples of nails were collected from the food handlers of different restaurants, motels and road side food shops. A total number of 17 nail samples were collected from the hotels and restaurants around VIT College and other places in Vellore district. Isolation was carried out the biochemistry lab of the VIT University. First the nail samples were inoculated into the nutrient broth and incubated for 24 hours at 37°C. After the incubation period inoculums were taken from the different test tubes inoculated with the nail samples and marked as PBIFN 1-17 and were inoculated onto Nutrient agar. Nutrient agar- quadrant streaking was on the different plates. After incubation different kind of colonies were obtained, having different colony morphology. The isolated colonies were taken as inoculums to be inoculated in different differential medias. Photographs were taken of the different colonies obtained. The different medias used to inoculate with the inoculums from the nutrient agar are- EMB agar, Mc Conkey agar, SS agar. After inoculation onto these agars they were kept for incubation at 37°C for further studies. Microscopic examination – the isolated colonies obtained was examined microscopically. RESULTS: The samples were incubated for 24 hours at 37 °C and the further examination revealed the following results:- The sample no. 4 showed optimum growth on the Nutrient agar, EMB agar, SS agarIsolation of Pathogenic Microorganisms

BA 488 Upper Iowa University Business Discussion Question Responses

assignment writing services BA 488 Upper Iowa University Business Discussion Question Responses.

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R1I feel that insourcing is important for any type of business. Being able to have employees all throughout the business be able to put in ideas about ways to promote the business is a key. A business owners needs to listen to their employees as to what they think could help promote the business to become better. Most of the time these employees are frontline with the business and see what is happening on the daily inside the business. Where the business owner does more of the behind the scenes and doesn’t see what is happening up front. When it comes to outsourcing a new company just starting is going to want to invest in that. This is how they are going to get customers to view them and who they are. Outsourcing to poorer countries aren’t going to get a business far. A company can outsource to a poor country, but when those customers are satisfied they aren’t going to have the funds to be able to actually buy the product. Which is why that will lead to the company losing business. Although when it comes to a business outsourcing, they want employees who enjoy the job. This allows the employee to be outside of work and still talk to others about their job because of how much they it enjoy it. Comparative advantage can be used for any type of business. Although the biggest thing with it is to make sure that the government is enforcing some type of trade agreement. All governments have trade agreements so that goods aren’t being promoted all around illegally. Otherwise there would be companies selling products to the poor countries for little to nothing in hopes that they will be able to sell a lot and make a good profit. R2I think this true when companies are just starting out. They do not have a reputation built yet in their own country so insourcing makes more sense. Making sure that employees are secured in their jobs is important as well and that their job would not be outsourced by building a community that shows that they matter. Insourcing is an investment that can help benefit a company because it can help build a reputation in the country and get more loyalty to buy your product or service. If the company is really small or just starting out it would not be better to outsource non-essential tasks since they would be losing money. Another thing would be them not knowing any cultural differences thus making mistakes that could make them lose reputation and money.There are many consequences with outsourcing production like laws within a country, people protesting against the unsafe work conditions, and etc. An article talks about how multinational corporations in America are slowly moving offshore. It goes on how China has been exploited mercantilism and the American government is not enforcing the trade agreement. This in turn is making our trade deficit grow and making Americans lose tons of jobs from outsourcing. Using the free-trade model helps with comparative advantage however it helped China grow and deindustrialized in America. This tells us even if a country would have a comparative advantage it can still be taken advantage of if its government does not try to enforce a trade agreement (Collins, 2021).Reference:Collins, M. (2021, May 27). Please Enable Cookies. StackPath. think that insourcing has its benefits, just like outsourcing does. One thing I noticed in the article was that the author mentions that hiring a virtual assistant from another country was not the best move for him to make as it created more work for him (Kalis, 2018). Well, of course it wasn’t the best move – why would you hire an assistant who can only get to know you and your needs virtually? I think this one example might have skewed the author’s opinion – and let’s remember that this is an opinion piece – in favor of insourcing. Of course an assistant should be local and visible around the office, but some roles can truly be done anywhere in the world, so there is still value to a firm in saving money by outsourcing. That said, I think insourcing does benefit a company in many ways, for example in employee morale and job satisfaction. It may seem like a better move to outsource some tasks in order to have non-essential work done less expensively, but in some situations the actual best use of resources would be to beef up the staff on-shore and provide them with a positive, happy work environment – which in theory encourages the employees to give their all every day, leading to the company’s performance improving. As for the consequences of outsourcing, I look at it from personal experience, as I used to manage call centers overseas. One consequence to the home country is the loss of jobs that have been shifted to a site located overseas, but the lost jobs aren’t the only thing that takes a hit. Customer perceptions of a firm can change after they talk to an employee that they clearly recognize is based overseas, because the customer may feel animosity over a “foreigner” taking what they feel is a job that belongs in their home country. One consequence to the country the jobs move to is a labor market full of people ready to work, but not necessarily skilled in the type of work needed. For example, when I was working with our hiring managers in India, they commented to me that we had hundreds of applications for 40 call center jobs, and maybe a quarter of the people that applied had actually worked in a call center. But, because there was a surplus of labor and we were hiring, so many people applied that it took weeks to identify the actually qualified employees. I think that comparative advantage tells us that the work should be based where it can be done most efficiently at the least expense, which is basically the concept behind outsourcing, if you think about it. Now, the work may not be done much more efficiently in an outsourced situation, but almost every time it IS being done much cheaper than having the same work done on home soil. Here, the comparative advantage exists for the country that can deliver the best results – and expense is big factor in what the best results are. ReferencesKalis, M. (2018, April 25). Outsourcing Is a Shortcut; Insourcing Is an Investment. Entrepreneur.
BA 488 Upper Iowa University Business Discussion Question Responses

Help with some Finance for Business

Help with some Finance for Business.

The expected return for the general market
is 11.0 percent, and the risk premium in the market is 7.4 percent. Tasaco, LBM,
and Exxos have beta of 0.848, 0.677, and 0.506, respectively. What are the appropriate
expected rates of return for the three securities?
The appropriate expected return of Tasaco
is ___%
The appropriate expected return of LBM
is ____%
The appropriate expected return of Exxos

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Overview Of Hotel Marriott Tourism Essay

Marriott International, a worldwide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. Founded by J. Willard Marriott, the company is now led by son J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr. Today, Marriott International has about 3,150 lodging properties located in the United States and 67 other countries and territories. Marriott International was formed in 1992 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies, Marriott International and Host Marriott Corporation. In 2002 Marriott International began a major restructuring by spinning off many Senior Living Services Communities (which is now part of Sunrise Senior Living) and Marriott Distribution Services, so that it could focus on hotel ownership and management. The changes were completed in 2003. In April 1995, Marriott International acquired a 49% interest in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC. Marriott International owned Ramada International Hotels