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FSSC FSW Vision and Mission Statement Analysis

FSSC FSW Vision and Mission Statement Analysis.

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This assignment you will need to watch 3, 5 minute videos as well as view the university’s mission and value statement and critique it to the way you seem fit. You will also need a cover and reference page as well so 4 pages total. You can use the videos as references in the writing and you need to tie the writing back to the video lecture content. i will post a photo will all directions in it as well as post the videos and website to view the mission statement upon bid approval.
FSSC FSW Vision and Mission Statement Analysis

Successful cloning of the annealed primers into the pX459 plasmid will introduce a new NcoI cutting site. With the overall plasmid size of 9174bp remaining the same and the new NcoI site at position 2

With the overall plasmid size of 9174bp remaining the same and the new NcoI site at position 249, restriction enzyme digest with NcoI will result in ( ) fragments. The order of these fragments viewed on an agarose gel from the top (loading wells) to the bottom are the  ( ) bp fragment, followed by the ( )  bp fragment and the ( ) bp fragment at the last position.

Eastern Kentucky University The Value of College Education Discussion

term paper help Eastern Kentucky University The Value of College Education Discussion.

First edit my Rough Draft this is Erin comment Good rough draft, but I would take out the specific mention of Weissmann in your thesis. Your thesis needs to be an overall argument that you can use all three sources to support. -Your topic sentence should mention the argument you are making, not the sources. Your topic sentence also needs to connect back to the thesis.-Some of your paragraphs are great and you make a good argument. But, other paragraphs seem to be more a summary of the three articles. When thinking about this assignment, think about that you are making an argument about some aspect of college. Then, you use the three articles to support whatever points you are making. The three articles (McArdle, Rose, and Weissmann) are your evidence.-You are making a main point and then adding in quotes from the three articles to support YOUR argument. This is your argument!!!-Make your point in the paragraph and bring in the articles to support your point.this is Rachel comment INTRODUCTION: The intro of a synthesis paper is a great place to introduce the assigned readings in the paper and give a bit of context about them. Our prompt for this essay states that our audience is the professor/students that are familiar with the topic and readings, so you will not need to give a lot of context but at least mentioning the authors and full titles of the articles is a good idea. It could be helpful to mention all of the author’s main point from their essay and/or their overall outlook on college.>THESIS: I am having trouble identifying a thesis for your paper. This seems to be because there is not a specific argument throughout your paper that can be put into that thesis. It seems that throughout your paper, you are trying to answer all of the questions on the prompt. This can actually make this paper more challenging than it should be. I want to encourage you to think about your own opinion on college and the value of it after reading these articles. What do you think? That should be the main point of this paper. You need to narrow down your own opinion of college and its value and support it with main points. For example, focusing on question #1 from the prompt, your thesis could be “After reading these articles, I think that college has a high value because _____, _____, and ______.” That leads me to the synthesis portion…>SYNTHESIS: Once you have established the specific, main supports to your argument about college education, you should then look through the assigned readings to find your in-text supports. If you are discussing how having a college education will get you a job easier, you should find where the authors say something in support of you. Each of your points should be supported by at least 2 of the authors. You want to find these commonalities between the authors so that you can use them in synthesis. >OVERALL: You have a good understanding of what each author is saying in their articles, and you have incorporated in-text support pretty well. Now, you need to establish your own argument as the main part of this paper, develop a stronger, more specific theisis, and use these author’s points to back up your own points!Second:Look over the student comments on your rough draft. List the overall comments and suggestions that you received, and identify those that you will use in revising your draft and any that you disagree with or do not understand.Look over the comments Erin made on your rough draft. What revisions did you make based on those comments?Evaluate your workshop experience, including what worked well and what could be improved.If you didn’t participate in the peer-review workshop, reflect on your revision process or how you figured out what to improve.
Eastern Kentucky University The Value of College Education Discussion

Discussion Board: Impact Essay

In this discussion board activity, we will visit the website Science News For Students, (Links to an external site.) which contains articles on topics related to earth, ecosystems, and the environment. Examples of topics include pollution problems, ecosystem analysis, climate change, water or ecosystem resources, sustainability, or other topics related to this Environmental Science course. Objective: Determine the environmental impact of the following article: “Why today’s ‘fast fashions’ can be bad for the planet (Links to an external site.)” 1) Instructions: Describe how aware you were of this issue presented in the article before reading about it? How might this issue affect you or your community? What are your thoughts about the larger-scale effects (regional or global) of this issue? What do you think are two future implications, impacts, or outcomes of the issue at the local and global scale? Note: Your summary must be at least one paragraph (3 or more complete sentences). Responses will be subjective, based on or influenced by personal feelings or opinions. 2) Discussion: Respond to two other posts from your classmates, answering the following questions for each post: Describe two new concepts you learned after reading the post. Why did you choose to respond to the post: Does the post confirm or challenge the ideas in your original post? Note: Please answer each question in complete sentences. Responses will be subjective, influenced by personal opinion. peer’s 1.Collapse SubdiscussionChelsea Delatorre Chelsea Delatorre MondaySep 20 at 2:42pm 1) Before reading this article, I knew that people changing clothing styles often would cause clothes to be discarded much sooner than they would if they were worn until the clothing was tearing. This issue affects not only my community but the whole world. I think in our local community, the effect is not as prevalent as if you look at the chain effect across the globe. On a larger scale, the effects are very prevalent. Firstly, the wool comes at a cost of feeding the sheep (Sheep grazing can lower an area’s biodiversity). The factories create pollution: 8 to 10 percent of global emissions of carbon dioxide More than 92 million metric tons (101.4 million U.S. tons) of textile and clothing waste each year High water usage “To dye one kilogram of cotton, it takes more than 100 liters of water” Two implications to help with this issue are to buy used and if not, to buy for quality so it will last longer! A good example brought up in the article is to buy timeless pieces so they will be used more and stay in your wardrobe longer. When it comes to the industry, I hope we further into Anuradhi Liyanapathiranage’s findings. She created a mixture that is similar to Jell-o that would cut water usage down by 90 percent. Peer’s 2 Collapse SubdiscussionAdriana Margarito Adriana Margarito YesterdaySep 21 at 10:10pm 1: I was not aware of this situation before reading the article. This issue can harm the planet because of the factories that create pollution. my thoughts about the larger scare effects are the amount of water they use every year for the dye. One implication can be buying used secondly buy the good quality so that way it can last much longer.

Religion and Theology Essay

1. Discuss at least three insights from the readings (Long, Hogan, McMickle) and lectures that will inform your identity as a preacher and enhance your ability to preach with a particular community in a specific time and place. 2. Write a response to the following question: Why is preaching important to the life and ministry of the Christian Church? 3.If you identify with a religious tradition other than Christianity, respond to the following: By what means does your tradition pass on the basic tenets of the faith? Why is propagation of the tenets important?