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From the seven principles of mission command, you must identify and 5 that had the most impact on Operation

From the seven principles of mission command, you must identify and 5 that had the most impact on Operation Anaconda. The format is APA student format. Must have 4 references. Please read the attached files and watch videos on the topic. The principles of mission command can be found in the TC 7-22.7 Chapter 5.
A diverse ethos like India not only showcases unity in diversity but also the potential to create waves in innovative thinking. India, largely an agro-based economy has undergone a massive facelift in the recent decade due to the dotcom boom, giving the economy a phenomenal push. Statistics reveal that India will be a youth country in the coming decades. Given the immense knowledge pool, diversity and youth population at the country’s disposal, it is only natural to predict that India will be the global leader. At the same time, amendments are required to manage these great resources effectively to deliver what we dream to achieve. Challenges faced by India Inc. are not only population burst, corruption, terrorism, etc but also management of youth
University of Nairobi Points Presentation Report.

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Write points for presenting from this paragrapgh.Creating a business website and reaching social media platforms play an essential role in the business world to attract new customers, companies use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. One of the reasons that companies like to use social media because social networking sites give companies the opportunity to interact with their customers. Customers’ comments on Twitter or Facebook benefit such companies to know the costumers’ needs. As a result, companies will be able to identify the best digital marketing strategies regarding costumers’ feedbacks. In addition, social media simplifies the consumer’s accessibility to a company’s products and its offers. Some companies utilize hashtags to help costumers identify them easily. Therefore, social media such a great tool for marketing any business. The social media platforms have influenced the development and growth of the business companies in sultanate of Oman and that related to the population of people using the social media platforms. Sultanate of Oman had reported a record of 4.14 million social users, and this was equivalent to 80.2% of total country population in January 2021 (Kemp ,2021). Therefore, all different types of Omani business ownership forms prefer to use the social media platforms to reach their large target market at lower cost. The below figure shows the most used social media platforms in Sultanate of Oman, December 2020:
University of Nairobi Points Presentation Report

ECO 2013 Miami Dade College Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Report

ECO 2013 Miami Dade College Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Report.

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Macropoland, a country that is a natural gas and oil importer, has a natural rate of unemployment (at the full employment level of GDP) that is about 4.5%, and the long run average rate of inflation over time has been about 2%. However, during the period 1973-1974, the country experienced an inflation rate of about 15% while simultaneously experiencing unemployment of nearly 13%.
At the present time, Macropoland is experiencing very sluggish consumption and investment (a result of a fall in the housing market), and unemployment has again edged up to around 9%. Inflation is very low at 0.4%.
Macropoland has just hired you as their economic advisor. You have a big job ahead of you. Using your knowledge of aggregate demand and aggregate supply, can you explain what happened in these two time periods?
ECO 2013 Miami Dade College Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Report

MLA format 700-850 word Essay Plagiarism Free

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Instructions: Critical evaluation essay. In this essay, you will be critically evaluating a classic argument.The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America Decide whether this argument is successful or not. If you decide this essay is successful, discuss why. You may use the structure of the argument, the tone, and the various types of support (ethos, pathos, and logos) as proof of the argument’s success. Make sure that your thesis has an introduction that contains a hook and a thesis, body paragraphs that discuss one proof at a time (one paragraph per example), and a conclusion. If you decide that the essay is not successful, then discuss the fallacies that the argument makes. You are still required to have a strong introduction (hook and thesis), body paragraphs that discuss one fallacy at a time, and a conclusion. You may also discuss how the essay is successful with reservations. In this case, point to both the support and the fallacies you have found in the work.This paper should be at least 700 words, but no more than 850. The paper should be formatted correctly MLA style and written in third person (do not use the words I, me, us, we, or you). The essay should also contain citations and a works cited list based on your selected essay in the assigned readings.
MLA format 700-850 word Essay Plagiarism Free

Analyzing the Flesh and the Spirit by Anne Bradstreet

Five Literary Criticisms Throughout history, there have been many religious faiths and practices that aim the same goal in different ways. One of them was Puritanism and the Puritan believed that the best way to gain admission to heaven was to focus on how sinful they were. Anne Bradstreet was the first Puritan figure in American Literature and in her poem titled The Flesh and the Spirit, she discussed Puritan practices. This essay will analyses the poem with 5 literary criticisms, including Marxist Criticism, Feminist Criticism, New Criticism, Reader-response Criticism, and Psychoanalytic Criticism. Starting with the Marxist Criticism, we need to look at the era’s economic conditions first. Anne Bradstreet lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the colony was highly dependent on the import of staples from England. The Puritan dislike of ostentation led the colony to also regulate expenditures on what it perceived as luxury items. Items of personal adornment were frowned upon. In the poem, we see two characters discussing what kind of life people should have. The sister named Flesh tries to explain to her sister named Spirit that the World has everything that could keep them happy and content. Flesh’s this kind of approach to the earthly goods is totally against Puritan believes. As the colony Bradstreet lived in already frowned upon luxury items, the sister Spirit says, ”My Crown not Diamonds, Pearls, and gold, / But such as Angels’ heads infold.” Here, she means that she doesn’t have a materialist personality. The poet, Bradstreet, reflects her colony’s world-view for the economic matters in those lines. When we try to analyze this poem using the Feminist Criticism, we simply need to ask some questions regarding to poet’s sex, education, and then look at the characters. The poet was a woman. And when we read her biography, we see that she didn’t attend any school but was educated by his father. This informs us that she lived in a male-dominant society because girls didn’t attend school even if her father was a steward. The characters in the poem are also girls and they discuss religious matters. Here, the author breaks the male-dominant society and makes her female characters question the religious matters, especially the Puritanism. When the subject is religion, one shouldn’t even question the most unimportant thing. But the sister Flesh questions it and all she says is totally against the Puritanism seen in the poet’s colony. Since the poet herself is a woman, we can assume that a woman discusses a religious practice in a male-dominant society. Analyzing a poem with New Criticism requires a person not to take background information of the poet, poet’s other works or the story in the poem into consideration. When we read what Spirit says about earthly goods and how she criticizes what Flesh claims that people need to enjoy them, we can understand that this poem reflects the Puritan beliefs. Words used in the poem belong to the English spoken at least 350 years ago. Metaphors were also used in the poem. The character Flesh is a metaphor for earthly items, such as diamonds, pearls, and gold. The poem is not also in a stanza form. It looks like a wall of text. This means that the poet didn’t want to separate what is wanted to mean. It means that the poem is all about the same thing. Rhymes used in the poem also makes it sound better and that way it attracts readers’ attention. When I try to analyze this poem as a reader with the Reader-response Criticism, I can directly say that this poem is about Puritanism; therefore, religion. Since Spirit seems to be more dominant in the poem, the poet’s environment is a Puritan society. I’d say this poem is not different than other religious poems because they all aim one goal: Heaven. It is the way they discuss what to do in order to go to Heaven. Flesh seems to be a sinner character whom readers should avoid. I don’t know whether it’s okay to blame a character to praise a religion or religious practice, but this kind of behavior would make me more uninterested in that religion or practice. As the verses say, ”No Candle there, nor yet Torch light, / For there shall be no darksome night.” they just sound to be impressive sentences that attract people to that religion – no different than that of all religions have. To analyze this poem with the Psychoanalytic Criticism, we need to analyze the characters’ thoughts, their fears, and what they do to suppress their fears. When we look at what Spirit says in the poem, we can understand that her core issue is fear of God; thus, she adopted the Puritan beliefs in order to go to Heaven. On the other hand, Flesh is just opposite of Spirit. She displays everything that is against fear of God. This can also be interpreted to be an avoidance as her defense mechanism, since she tries to avoid any religious thoughts and want to enjoy all earthly pleasures. To sum up, this essay tried to analyze the poem titled The Flesh and the Spirit by Anne Bradstreet with 5 literary criticisms. With the Marxist Criticism, we looked at the era’s economic conditions and tried to reflect Bradstreet’s colony’s world-view for the economic matters in her poem’s verses. Using the Feminist Criticism, we tried to explain how Bradstreet broke the man-dominated society and used her female characters to discuss religious matters. With New Criticism, we tried to show figures of speech and what the poem’s form means. Reader-response Criticism was used to explain what the author of this paper understood from the poem. And finally, with the Psychoanalytic Criticism, we tried to identify characters’ core issues and their defense mechanisms.

Accounting Question less than one page Single-Spaced

Accounting Question less than one page Single-Spaced.

finance assignment about Asymmetric information tradeThis is finance assignment about trade. The first file is instruction. Please read the instruction and requirement very carefully. You only need to write question number 5 less than 1 single spaced page. (in the 2.3 Instructions for how to write your report). No. 3,4,5,6 files is the data we made. You may need this data, and please follow the instruction. You can some references to write. Please use academic language to write. Only 1 paged single spaced not more.This is the question(5) Given the structure of the signals follows the true ‘final’ price as below: = − ( 300 − 50 ) What do you think would be an “optimal” set of first two signals to receive? What would be the ‘worst’ set of first two signals to receive?
Accounting Question less than one page Single-Spaced