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A study of friendship in John Steinbeck’s classic novel Of Mice and Men.

This paper analyzes the classic American novel by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men. It looks at the lives and relationship of the two main characters George and Lennie, as they drift from ranch to ranch as migrant farm workers. The paper provides biographical information about Steinbeck’s life. The author writes that “Of Mice and Men” is a novel of crushed hope and the cruel certainty of the American Dream.
“It is a story of friendship between two men, one apparently worldly but in fact faithful to his companion, “a nice fella” who means no harm but does not know his own power and does “bad things” as he likes to handle and stroke soft, warm animals, whether the fur of mice rabbits and puppies or the hair of women. All who observe them come to desire the bond between George and Lennie, as they are not like other guys. Each one begins by imagining the connection between the little guy and the big one, but their suspicions are soon overcome by Lennie’s simplicity and George’s protecting love for him, a love that as a final point swells to killing his friend so that no one can hurt him.”

Analyze a logistics firm such as UPS, FedEx, Maersk Line

Analyze a logistics firm such as UPS, FedEx, Maersk Line.

During this Session-long project, you will analyze a logistics firm such as UPS, FedEx, Maersk Line (ocean shipping), DHL Aviation, Landstar System (trucking), CSC (railroad), or Kinder Morgan (pipelines). Almost every company uses logistics in some way, but in a logistics course, companies that specialize in it are more useful as case studies. Please select a publicly traded, for-profit corporation. Such organizations are required to publish annual reports, and make other information available to the general public. They are also more likely to have a strong presence on the Web. Please do not select a company whose main activity is transporting passengers, such as United Airlines or Greyhound Corp. Owing to the high value and unique requirements of their “cargo,” transportation companies are different in many ways from other logistics firms. Further, do not select a company whose primary activity is the movement of information, rather than goods. Telecoms and online services are also in a world of their own. For this course in global logistics, two additional restrictions are imposed. The company you choose must be active in international logistics, and not merely logistics within one country. (It need not be an American company; in the short list above, for example, Maersk Line is Danish, and DHL is German.) Further, the company must have been around for at least 50 years. That’s because some of the analyses involve the company’s responses to globalization, a relatively recent phenomenon. If possible, choose a company with which you have some experience, either as a customer, employee, or the friend or relative of an employee. Further – and this is important — you should read all four SLP assignments in advance, and choose a company for which you can find the required information. SLP1 Assignment: This assignment has two parts. Please respond to both of them. Part 1: Please give a brief, yet comprehensive description of the company you’ve selected. Your essay should include the following information (not necessarily in this order): The industry segment to which it belongs. The overall condition (size, strength, trends) of the segment. The company’s position within the segment; dominant, competitive, or bit player? The services provided by the company. The company’s core technologies

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