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Friendly letters have five parts: The Heading: The heading can include your address and the date. In casual, friendly letters your address is not necessary. The Salutation (greeting): This usually begins with Dear . The blank is for the name of the person you are writing. After you write the person’s name you put a comma ( , ) The Body: The body of the letter is the information you are writing in your letter. The Closing: In the closing the first word is capitalized and you put a comma after the last word. The c lassic friendly letter has five parts as follows: 1. Address Block

Includes your return address and the date of writing the letter. This block is usually right-justified. 2. Opening Salutation This is the opening greeting; typically “Dear John”. These days, in a letter to a close friend such informal greetings as “Hey John,” are also acceptable. Left-justify this block. 3. Body Block This is your actual letter content. It can be anywhere from a few paragraphs in length up to multiple pages. There is no hard or fast rule for the length of a friendly letter. Make it as long as you like, or as long as you think your friend would find acceptable o read.

The body paragraphs should be left Justified. 4. Closing Salutation This is where you say goodbye. Typically, closing salutations for friendly letters include such phrases as: “Yours truly,”, “Your friend,”, “All the best,”, Take care,”. These days, more informal closing salutations are also acceptable, such as: “See you soon,”, “Don’t be a stranger,”, etc. Left-justify the closing salutation. 5. Signature Block Since it is a friendly letter to someone who knows you reasonably well, Just sign your first name.

Also left-justify this block. Traditionally, a friendly letter would he hand-written and then sent by regular snail personal touch. However, in these days of software word processors, friendly letters are often created in typed form and appended to an e-mail as an as an attachment. This is acceptable, considering it is still more “personal” than a typical impersonal e-mail. IMPORTANCE Nevertheless, for those who still like to communicate the old-fashioned way, a sincere friendly letter is a nice personal touch.

For the receiver, it’s definitely a lot more pleasant to receive a traditional friendly etter than it will ever be to receive an e-mail or an instant message. For the sender, it makes them appear as if they really care since they have gone to the trouble of writing an actual letter. It is a method of communication that can be used by one to send the messages to one’s dear ones. There is a complete procedure that has to be followed after the letter is posted in order to reach the destination. The importance of letters is now reducing because of the emails as this is more efficient and quick method of communication then the letters.

But there are certain situations when the use of letters is preferred to the emails and the method of the letter is chosen mostly by the companies for official purposes. To write a letter is easier than the emails because there is no need of any specific device while writing a letter and everyone can use this facility very easily. Same is the case with the receiver because no specific device is required to access the letter as everyone has a home. Another biggest advantage of the letters is that the recipient of the letter can maintain the physical record of all of his mails.

One does need to take pain of switching on the computer in order to read the mails or the letters of the beloved ones. We can express our feelings in a manner. We can write everything what had happen ,but we cannot write in emails ,fax,messages. The advantages of the letter is that it provides a written communication, it can range from one to many pages, it does not use any output devices so it much cheaper, the written letter can be recorded, letters are good when people do know how to use internet facility and also it helps long distance relationships.

Letters can be good for his hotel because it keeps the record of what they have sent to the customers and it will give them a good relationship with the customers. A letter can be sent out to arrange some meetings, give ideas or to confirm an agreement. not every one has he time to switch on the computer and then Purpose of Writing a Friendly Letter The purpose of writing a friendly letter is simple, to keep in touch with other people, like friends and relatives. Before the invention of modern communication modes and methods, people depended mainly on letters to keep in touch.

Old people always comment that there is a certain feeling of satisfaction that they experience on receiving a hand written letter of a near relative or friend. I experienced a similar feeling, when my father, who was in Spain at that time, wrote me a letter describing the features of a very old chapel. Even though we have the most up-to-date technology to facilitate communication, I always feel that we should indeed be connected to our near and dear ones, by the way of emotions poured out in ink on that simple piece of paper.

Hollywood and History – Schindlers List 1993

Hollywood and History – Schindlers List 1993.

Hollywood and History – Schindlers List 1993 

Hollywood and History Paper: Steven Spielberg Edition Many of the films and television shows produced over the last century or so have centered themselves on European history, literature, and legend. Of course, many documentaries exist, but the average person’s impression history often comes from depictions in mainstream film, television, and more recently video games. Select one of the “blockbuster historical films” directed by Steven Spielberg (listed below), and write a 1,000 – 1,500 word paper addressing each of the following aspects: 1) Historical figures: identify and discuss at least one main character depicted in the film. Can this character be connected to a real person? If so, does the film accurately depict them? If they are a fictitious person, does this character seem historically plausible? (i.e. how do the characters fit into the historic context?) 2) Historical events (i.e. scenes) & themes: identify and discuss at least one historical event or theme that resonates through the film. (example: culture [literature, folklore; etc.], economics, politics/diplomacy, religion, war; etc.) How are these depicted? Did “Hollywood” get it right? 3) Use at least 5 academic sources to write your paper – please have all sources used for the paper approved by the instructor.

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