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French Revolution: Liberal and Radical Portions Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The French Revolution was one of the most remarkable periods in French history, where the representatives of emerging bourgeoisie and people from the privileged classes wanted to underline their superiority. The crucial events started at the beginning of 1789, when the old regime was completely destroyed in order to make such concepts like reason and justice control the country. The French Revolution was divided into two considerable portions: liberal and radical. Liberal nobles sought to destroy royal absolutism, however they did not want to see an end of the ruling monarchy. Unfortunately, it was not enough for people to follow the example of liberals, and within a short period of time, the liberal French Revolution turned out to be radical, where radicals demanded freedom and rights from the government. The liberal and radical portions of the French Revolution had many similarities and differences: thought their representatives wanted some changes to be made, they used different methods to achieve their purposes, and radical approaches were more noticeable and effective for the country and its citizens. Discussion Origins of the French Revolution as the desire to see the changes. The end of the 1780s was a difficult period for many French people. More reasons to start a revolution became evident: widespread famine, considerable rises of prices, the desire of Louis XV to participate in wars that led to bankruptcy and spreading of internal trade barriers. There were no doubts that certain changes were obligatory for people. “The abuses attending the levy of taxes were heavy and universal. The kingdom was parceled into generalities, with an intendant at the head of each…” (Young 84) Both men and women comprehended that they had powers and ideas for giving a birth to a new age, a new period that aimed at realizing the principles of the Enlightenment. The peculiar feature of these ideas was its optimistic nature: prejudice and cruelty had to be replaced by liberty and inspiration. Oppression and tyranny should be stopped. This is what the vast majority of revolutionaries believed in. Of course, a hope that the presence of revolution promoted certain changes and made the government to think about the improvement of citizens’ lives and wellbeing was inherent to the French. However, it was not enough to proclaim the revolution as an event; it was also necessary to attract the attention of many people, help them unite, speak about their demands, and introduce the steps, which could be beneficial for them. The Liberal portion of the French Revolution as a good but a bit weak start. In order to present a thorough and informative comparison of the two different portions of the French Revolution, it is better to define the essence of each of them and clear up their strong and weak points. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the remarkable steps taken by liberalists was the August Decrees according to which “The National Assembly hereby completely abolishes the feudal system. It decrees that, among the existing rights and dues, both feudal and censuel, all those originating in or representing real or personal serfdom shall be abolished without indemnification” (Robinson 405). In general, the representatives of the liberal portion of the French Revolution were eager to support men’s access to Church and army positions, to limit the king’s power by means of constitution, and to present certain administrative reforms in order to develop religious toleration and fair court trials. These were the main ideas, offered by all liberal at the middle of 1789. However, those liberal steps could make the first move of the events and introduce possible changes. It was not enough to offer ideas and reforms, certain radical actions were required, and that demand gave birth to another more serious and determined step – the French Revolution with radical intentions. The actions of Radicals as a powerful means to achieve success in revolution. The representatives of the radical revolutionaries were so called sans-culottes. “The sans-culottes, like Jean-Jacques Rousseau, favoured direct democracy, which meant that the deputies in the nation’s Legislature (The National Convention between 1792 and 1795) should be ‘mandated’ by their constituents” (Lewis sec.2). One of their first demands was to decrease taxes, fix prices, and to solve the problems connected to counter-revolutionaries. The positive side of those actions was a desire to find the middle between poverty and wealth, for example, small farms and shops, which were able to gain recognition and bring financial benefits. If the liberals could not overthrow the government (monarchy), the radicals, in their turn, attempted to make citizens’ voice being heard. Thomas Paine, an English radical, served as the best example of how to persuade people take the radical side of the revolution. This portion of the French Revolution was famous by numerous steps and ideas, and, their attempt to attack the palace, where the king was, turned out to a brilliant step to demonstrate how serious their intentions were. The results of that attack were rather impressive: the king Louis and Marie Antoinette had to flee. This action was not similar to those of the liberals. People were upset because of empty words, they needed to take some actions and demonstrate that their power and their requests should be noticed and taken into consideration. We will write a custom Research Paper on French Revolution: Liberal and Radical Portions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The liberal and radical portions of the French Revolution as they are. In spite of the fact that liberal and radical sides of the French Revolution differed considerably, their influence to the general state of affairs and development of the country remained to be considerable. By means of the liberal French Revolution, the government got a chance to hear people and their discontents about the ruling power. Unfortunately, the liberals did not want to attract much attention to the seriousness of their actions and words. They wanted to promote some changes, but still, they did not have much time and abilities to make all their demands, interests, and dreams come true. Radical actions had to be more noticeable, brighter, and effective. However, it was the idea of liberals to change the situation in the country, this is why the actions of radicals depended on liberals and the beginners of the revolution. Conclusion The results of the French Revolution were influential indeed. The representatives of both liberal and radical sides achieved certain progress: the leading positions of the aristocracy, political injustice, and king’s power were weakened. The vast majority of aristocrats lost their benefits, and ordinary people got a chance to be recognized due to their skills and knowledge. The ancient regime was changed. The liberals performed their functions as public speakers and indicator that people could not continue the ordinary style of life and dependence on king’s interests, and radicals proved people’s intentions and used the most powerful actions to demonstrate their abilities. The county is a power of people, ordinary citizens, that may be controlled by the government to a certain extent. The French king lost a chance to protect his people and to show his care and support. This is why the results of his ruling led to the French Revolution, where such different movements like liberals and radicals had to be united in order to achieve success and recognition. Works Cited Lewis, Gwynne. The French Revolution, 1787-1799: The People’ and the French Revolution. 3 Feb. 2010 Robinson, J.H. “The Decree Abolishing the Feudal System, August 11, 1789.” Readings in European History 2 (Mar. 2001): 404-409. Young, Arthur. Travels During the Years 1787, 1788 and 1790. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991. 3 Feb. 2010 Not sure if you can write a paper on French Revolution: Liberal and Radical Portions by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More
Social Work writing assignment. I’m studying for my Social Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

SOCIOECONOMIC IDENTITY. How would you describe your socioeconomic identity? How has your family’s social/economic status shaped your self-concept, values, goals, and dreams? What are the benefits of your perceived socioeconomic status? What are the costs/conflicts? How does your socioeconomic identity differ from others? How might your socioeconomic identity affect your interactions as a social worker (or chosen profession) with others of the same/different social/economic classes? What are you going to do to ensure you work effectively with those having a different socioeconomic identity?

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Answer each question in a paragraph and change the way of the qustion to fit the answer.
Essays should be no less than 2, no more than three pages in length and should adhere to APA formatting guidelines: 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides, cover page (Running head/assigned title – centered) and page numbers on upper right hand corner. Add the reference page to the end of the paper. You do not need an abstract in the autobiographies.
Questions listed after each topic are intended to stimulate thought and do not need to be completely answered. However, students must respond to all BOLDED questions.
The point of the assignment: relate each topic to yourself. A learning tool for this process will incorporate use of the readings and videos related to the topics. You must use at least ONE APA reference in the body of your paper. Refer to Owl Purdue APA in-text citations for assistance with the format.
Each essay is worth 25 points and will be graded by the rubric listed below.
Social Work writing assignment

University of North Dakota Synthesis of Literature Research Paper.

Synthesis of the Literature: i. In the literature review, the student demonstrates a strong grasp of the knowledge of the existing literature in the research area of interest by synthesizing and integrating selected articles. you will review all the articles (14 total) in the paper I have uploaded and Synthesize common themes in each article that they talk about. you then Draws inferences from the results of synthesis. Articulates overall conclusions from the body of literature on the research topic.Extra Information: Take articles and separate them into qualitative and quantitative (you can see this under the critique of lit intro what ones are which) and in each group you will identify themes that are spoken about and used in the articles as a group. Whatever the theme is that is found (will be multiple) that themes will be the headings for this section. Synthesis of literature will be level 1 heading and then the themes identified (should be at least 3) will be level 2 heading. Also identify any sub -themes within the main themes. For this paper do NOT state it like this article from XYZ stated XYZ. You want to synthesize and combine the articles as a whole when speaking in this paper.So you can describe what was found for example but then list all the authors that is was found through. shouldn’t be a single articles you are referencing since you are looking at the articles as a whole. Here is a example not related to my paper topic just so you understand-Say you found people who found fruit are really healthy in all the articles. Then eating fruit is a theme. A sub theme would be what fruits& Fruits that are, green, purple for example. and then you would talk about why that is important. 14 sources will be used that are the articles in the paper I have uploaded. There are 7 qualitative and 7 quantitative.
University of North Dakota Synthesis of Literature Research Paper

3PL 4PL. Paper details   Instructions: You are a transportation manager who needs to outsource your reverse logistics processes. Therefore, you need to identify a reputable and cost effective third party provider that will ensure your returnable items such as your widgets, packaging, and waste materials are delivered to the central returns center. Go to the Internet and find two 3PLs or 4PLs and compare and contrast the two companies. Complete the “Finding a 3PL/4PL Report.” Also, cite the sources of the information collected and provide any additional information you deem necessary to support your discussion. In order to complete the requirements for this assignment you must post your report AND respond to at least one classmate. Finding a 3PL/4PL Report 3PL/4PL Scenario: Identify and describe each company selected for this problem or scenario. Actions Required: What actions are required to choose a 3PL or 4PL? What types of information are you looking for? Why? Be specific. What information did you find? How are they similar? How are they different? (services, pricing, IT solutions, etc.) What were the challenges? Solution: Explain in detail which company you chose to outsource your reverse logistics processes. Be specific and discuss the reasons for your selection in detail.3PL 4PL

logistics management

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The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
• Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
• Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
• Students must mention question number clearly in theiranswer.
• Late submission will NOT be accepted.
• Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your ownwords, copying from students or other resourceswithout proper referencing will result in ZERO marks.No exceptions.
• All answered must be typed usingTimes New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
• Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.
logistics management

Mission, Vision, and You

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Choose a company that has both a mission and vision statement. This should not be the same company you will choose for the assignments for Weeks 2-5.Prepare a minimum 700-word summary in which you address the following:Identify the company’s mission statement.Identify the company’s vision statement.Explain what role these have on the way the business operates. Evaluate whether the company’s actions seem to align to their vision and mission statements.Examine how the mission and vision of the organization might affect or guide you as an employee or manager in the company.Analyze what you think would be the effect if the company did not have a mission statement.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Mission, Vision, and You

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the topic is The impacts of COVID-19 on the business market (restaurants, retail) Please check the Sample and folllow it i need it to be written exactly like the sample it would be better if you use examples from saudi arabia must include : – A brief exposition of the context and/or background on your topic and why it is important. – Description of who are concerned with the problem – A problem statement that addresses the issue under study – A statement purpose and the position you are taking is explicitly stated. – The specific part you are researching and the methodology you will be using – The central research question is introduced. – Hypotheses are provided. – A brief explanation of theories to support the research. – A brief transitional sentence or paragraph provides a conclusion for the section.

NURS FPX4050 LA Valley College Developing Patient Centered Care Coordination Essay

NURS FPX4050 LA Valley College Developing Patient Centered Care Coordination Essay.

I ONLY NEED THE 4-5 PAGE SCRIPT WITH ALL THE SOURCES I HAVE TO MAKE THE RECORDING MYSELF !Develop a 20-minute presentation for nursing colleagues highlighting the fundamental principles of care coordination. Create a detailed narrative script for your presentation, approximately 4–5 pages in length, and record a video of your presentation.Nurses have a powerful role in the coordination and continuum of care. All nurses must be cognizant of the care coordination process and how safety, ethics, policy, physiological, and cultural needs affect care and patient outcomes. As a nurse, care coordination is something that should always be considered. Nurses must be aware of factors that impact care coordination and of a continuum of care that utilizes community resources effectively and is part of an ethical framework that represents the professionalism of nurses. Understanding policy elements helps nurses coordinate care effectively.This assessment provides an opportunity for you to educate your peers on the care coordination process. The assessment also requires you to address change management issues. You are encouraged to complete the Managing Change activity.Completing course activities before submitting your first attempt has been shown to make the difference between basic and proficient assessment.Demonstration of ProficiencyBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:Competency 2: Collaborate with patients and family to achieve desired outcomes.Outline effective strategies for collaborating with patients and their families to achieve desired health outcomes.Competency 3: Create a satisfying patient experience.Identify the aspects of change management that directly affect elements of the patient experience essential to the provision of high-quality, patient-centered care.Competency 4: Defend decisions based on the code of ethics for nursing.Explain the rationale for coordinated care plans based on ethical decision making.Competency 5: Explain how health care policies affect patient-centered care.Identify the potential impact of specific health care policy provisions on outcomes and patient experiences.Competency 6: Apply professional, scholarly communication strategies to lead patient-centered care.Raise awareness of the nurse’s vital role in the coordination and continuum of care in a video-recorded presentation. Script and reference list are not submitted.PreparationYour nurse manager has been observing your effectiveness as a care coordinator and recognizes the importance of educating other staff nurses in care coordination. Consequently, she has asked you to develop a presentation for your colleagues on care coordination basics. By providing them with basic information about the care coordination process, you will assist them in taking on an expanded role in helping to manage the care coordination process and improve patient outcomes in your community care center.To prepare for this assessment, identify key factors nurses must consider to effectively participate in the care coordination process.You may also wish to:Review the assessment instructions and scoring guide to ensure you understand the work you will be asked to complete.Allow plenty of time to rehearse your presentation.Note: Remember that you can submit all, or a portion of, your draft presentation to Smarthinking Tutoring for feedback, before you submit the final version for this assessment. If you plan on using this free service, be mindful of the turnaround time of 24–48 hours for receiving feedback.Recording Equipment Setup and TestingCheck that your recording equipment and software are working properly and that you know how to record and upload your presentation. You may use Kaltura (recommended) or similar software for your audio recording. A reference page is required. However, no PowerPoint presentation is required for this assessment.If using Kaltura, refer to the Using Kaltura tutorial for directions on recording and uploading your video in the courseroom.Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact [email protected] to request accommodations.InstructionsComplete the following:Develop a video presentation for nursing colleagues highlighting the fundamental principles of care coordination. Include community resources, ethical issues, and policy issues that affect the coordination of care. To prepare, develop a detailed narrative script. The script will be submitted along with the video.Note: You are not required to deliver your presentation.Presentation Format and LengthCreate a detailed narrative script for your video presentation, approximately 4–5 pages in length. Include a reference list at the end of the script.Supporting EvidenceCite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your video. Include your source citations on a references page appended to your narrative script. Explore the resources about effective presentations as you prepare your assessment.Grading RequirementsThe requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the Care Coordination Presentation to Colleagues Scoring Guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.Outline effective strategies for collaborating with patients and their families to achieve desired health outcomes.Provide, for example, drug-specific educational interventions, cultural competence strategies.Include evidence that you have to support your selected strategies.Identify the aspects of change management that directly affect elements of the patient experience essential to the provision of high-quality, patient-centered care.Explain the rationale for coordinated care plans based on ethical decision making.Consider the reasonable implications and consequences of an ethical approach to care and any underlying assumptions that may influence decision making.Identify the potential impact of specific health care policy provisions on outcomes and patient experiences.What are the logical implications and consequences of relevant policy provisions?What evidence do you have to support your conclusions?Raise awareness of the nurse’s vital role in the coordination and continuum of care in a video-recorded presentation.Fine tune the presentation to your audience.Stay focused on key issues of import with respect to the effects of resources, ethics, and policy on the provision of high-quality, patient-centered care.Adhere to presentation best practices.Additional RequirementsSubmit both your presentation video and script. The script should include a reference page. See Using Kaltura for more information about uploading multimedia files. You may submit the assessment only once, so be sure that both assessment deliverables are included.Portfolio Prompt: Save your presentation to your ePortfolio. Submissions to the ePortfolio will be part of your final Capstone course.
NURS FPX4050 LA Valley College Developing Patient Centered Care Coordination Essay