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Outside forces may push on our decision, but we are the ones responsible for choosing what we want to choose. He persuasively defends his view of soft determinism by explaining the definition of free will. He states, “In order for one to define free will, one must look into how the phrase is commonly used. ” The way a philosopher interprets free will is different than the way a common person will do so.

Stace defines free acts as acts that are directly caused by a person’s internal thoughts or desires coming directly from the person. Not free acts are those that have outside forces pushing a person to do something a certain way such as a threat or harm. This was very different from what other philosophers have stated in the past. By providing examples of free will, Stace points out that free will clearly does exist. It wouldn’t make sense for free will not to exist since it is compatible with determinism.

MGT560 DS: Module 01: Introduction to Leadership

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of everyone around the globe.
This pandemic has made us change the way we operate and behave. The pandemic has also changed the way organizations conduct business and move forward. As we have explored, some organizations have created strategies to work around the pandemic in an effective way while other organizations have not been as effective and have had to close their doors.
Dr. Khalid Jindan (2021) mentioned in his article that “the challenge of the coronavirus disease may have caused a degree of adjustment, but it could in no way affect Saudi Arabia’s determination to go forward” para. 5).
Thinking about this:
Select a KSA leader who has helped to keep Vision 2030 moving forward amid the challenges of COVID-19.
Discuss three leadership characteristics that this leader possesses and provide examples of how they have demonstrated these characteristics.
Explain how these three leadership characteristics have helped the leader keep Vision 2030 successful.
Jindan, K. (2021). Saudi vision 2030: Enlightened leadership, steady transformation.
Arab News.
Answer should be no less than three (03) paragraphs related and well explained to the question.
Answering the instructor question reply after posting the discussion answer is required.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (requires supporting citations) along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer.
P.S. this is a (0.75) mark discussion question, so please put my budget limit under consideration ?