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Free Trade Impacts on Korea Essay

Free Trade Impacts on Korea Essay. Introduction The concept of free trade has been viewed as one of the numerous advantages of the globalization process. With all boundaries removed, the owners of companies will be able to reduce the customs value related costs. In addition, they will have more options for managing their business processes. Thus, the costs related to logistics and especially transportation will be avoided. However, there is evidence that many developing states will suffer damage as a result of free trade. In the article titled “My Six-Year-Old Son Should Get a Job: Is Free Trade Always the Answer?,” the author analyzes free trade and its challenges to Korea, as well as the citizens of developing countries in general. Summary Ha-Joon Chang argues in his article that the system of free trade, which is currently being promoted in Korea, may stop the economic evolution of the state and threaten the well-being of its citizens. According to the author, not only the speed of free trade liberalization in Korea and developing countries, but also the scale, which the process has taken, affects the Korean business society. As the author explains, the rapid changes will destroy the Korean business and the Korean SMEs, which are far too weak and few to face the global competition. Thesis statement Though the article is well-written and has a strong point to make, the author shocks American readers into paying attention with the shocking idea of child labor instead of appealing to the readers’ common sense. As a result, the article turns weaker. Ethos, Logos and Pathos The fallacies of the article become clear after a close look at the comparison that the author makes. At first, the author speaks about governments throwing companies into the environment of free trade. Then, he starts talking about parents making their children to earn for a living. Such a parallel, though shocking, is not quite accurate. The author clearly appeals to people’s emotions instead of their common sense. As a result, the comparison seems rather loose and does not work well. The comparison does not make Chang’s point any stronger. First of all, Chang does not differentiate between between common family values of the Western family institution and business ethics in his article. More to the point, the author mixes the ethics and morals of two entirely different cultures. He contrasts the idea of child labor, which is quite common for the poor Eastern states, to the ethical standards of the Western world. True, the comparison makes a huge effect on the readers for the first couple of minutes. However, as soon as the shock wears out, a reader understands that the culture context cannot be compared to the economic one. Therefore, the overall impression of the article is rather weak, though the article is written very well. The author appeals to the traditional values of an average Western family, which seems rather manipulative in a business discussion. Breadth of the Research The author of the article does not use a lot of sources to support their argument. Still, the research can be considered rather broad, since not only economic, but also political and social issues have been included in the specified text. The author discusses the problem of poverty in the developing countries in the context of the global economy. Thus, he draws parallels between two cultures, i.e., the Western and the Eastern one. Therefore, the work that has been done to get the main argument across is quite impressive. On the other hand, the author considers only the issues that the citizens of North Korea are currently facing as they enter the world of the global economy. There is a brief mentioning of developing countries in general, yet the author never speaks about the specifics of the rest of the developing states. Therefore, a broader analysis of the issue should have been carried out. Tone and Language Though the author appeals to the readers’ emotions, he uses a rather neutral vocabulary. Sometimes, Chang includes specific terms; for example, such words as “liberalization” and “proliferation” (Chang 102) have been included into the article. These words add to the weight of the article. The words that are simpler also help Chang to convince the readers. By using short everyday words, he makes his argument clearer. Thus, he gains his readers’ trust and manages to prove his point. The tone is slightly persuasive because of the difficulty of the problem. Chang understands that his readers may be confused about the problem. Therefore, he prefers not to risk and clarifies every detail. This is a very efficient tactics for such a complicated issue. Conclusion Though the article provides a good overview of the free trade problem, it still lacks certain strength. It makes its audience feel emotional instead of giving them the factual information. The readers get emotional and cannot address the issue logically. As a result, the author fails to appeal to people’s common sense. Chang’s article could have been stronger if more opinions on the issue had been provided. Works Cited Chang, Ha-Joon. “My Six-Year-Old Son Should Get a Job: Is Free Trade Always the Answer?” Global Issues, Local Arguments: Readings for Writing. 3rd ed. Ed. June Johnson. Harlow, UK: Longman. 2013. 100–104. Print. Free Trade Impacts on Korea Essay
The Taliban is a political and religious movement guided by the strict reliance on Sharia Law, leading to multiple crimes against humanity (Giustozzi, 2009). All these ideologically and politically driven forces have had a direct relation to the military disturbances in the United States. Therefore, the Taliban actions against the civilians, as well as their participation in other terrorists’ actions have become the trigger to the U.S. intervention aimed at establishing peace and welfare and in Afghanistan, as well as exterminating the power of the Taliban. U.S. intervention into the Afghan Civil War was predetermined by the Taliban’s totalitarian power and terrorist approaches to governing civil population, terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001, and involvement of Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden in governing the country. Apart from unlawful and criminal actions against humanity in Afghan and all over the world, the Taliban was heavily criticized by the NATO and the U.S. officers for their cruel attitude to civilians, as well as for their direct participation in the terrorist attacks happened in September, 2001 (Harf, Lombardi, and McCoy, 2004). The legacy of these events are under the greatest focus and, the Taliban has been accused of their direct participations in the terrorist attacks happened in the United States. Such a situation triggered U.S. interventions with the political and social life in Afghanistan because they have a full awareness of the hardships that they should overcome to resist to the Taliban’s inadequate treatment of the peaceful population. U.S. military leaders were confident that the Taliban has a direct reference to Osama bin Laden terrorists operations against the United States and, therefore, it could be considered one of the underpinnings of their interventions to Afghanistan (Byman, 2005). There are many other opportunities that have led to the emergence of U.S confrontation with the Taliban forces, including their connections to some of the operations in which Bin Laden has been involved. According to the U.S. peacemaking forces, many criminal authorities and terrorists have direct links with Taliban. This is of particular concern to such notorious organizations as Al-Qaida, and influential military leaders, such as Osama bin Laden, Juma Khan, etc. Specifically, Giustozzi states, “[Khan] became close to Al Qaida during the late 1990s, and there is evidence that he helped move Al Qaida operatives around the region after US-led Invasion in 2001” (p. 15). Hence, the drug lord also had connections with the Taliban’s leaders and, therefore, U.S. military intelligence strong believed that this organization could threaten the security and welfare of the world’s population (Goodson, 2002). Relations of the Taliban to Al Qaida, therefore is irrefutable because of the increased pressure of the Taliban leaders imposed on Afghan villagers and farmers who should assist the leading drug dealers in growing poppy (Marcela, 2009). Finally, inappropriate tactics was chosen in their treatment of women in the country, which violated the universally accepted norms of treating humans in general. In conclusion, the Taliban has played the role of the trigger of U.S. interventions to Afghanistan due to the terrorist attacks to the United States threatening the safety and welfare of the entire nation. American officers considered the Taliban’s policy inappropriate toward civilians; they also accuse them of their direct participation in 9/11 events, as well as their cooperation with Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden. Rigid opposition to these forces was also premised on the U.S. aspiration to remove any displays of violation of human rights. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More References Byman, D. (2005). Deadly connections: states that sponsor terrorism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Giustozzi, A. (2009). Decoding the new Taliban: insights from the Afghan field. New York: Columbia University Press. Goodson, P. (2002). Afghanistan’s Endless War: State Failure, Regional Politics and the Rise of the Taliban. Washington: University of Washington Press. Harf, J., Lombardi, M. O., and McCoy, T. (2004). The Unfolding Legacy of 9/11. New York: University Press of America. Marcela, G. (2009). Massoud: An Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Afghan Leader, Webster: Webster University Press.

Answer around 39 calculus questions (mostly integrals)

Answer around 39 calculus questions (mostly integrals).

answer below 5 math questions please then refer to attached pictures for rest of questions , please answer numbering 1 to 40 so I know which answer is for which question or maybe go by the question number example the number to the first question in the first photo is SCalc8 7.2.007THANK YOU Evaluate the integral. (Use C for the constant of integration.) 1. p4 ln(p) dp Evaluate the integral.
2. (x2 + 3)e−x dx3.Evaluate the integral. (Use C for the constant of integration.)
e−θ cos(6θ) dθ 4.Evaluate the integral.
t es sin(t − s) ds0 5. Evaluate the indefinite integral. (Use C for the constant of integration.)
x2 sin(4x) dx The rest of the questions are found in PICTURES below. Please write down the answers by numbering them from 1 to question 40 in order so its easy for me to know which one is the answer to each question
Answer around 39 calculus questions (mostly integrals)

Investigation into the Effects of Technology changes on Labor Market

help writing As technology increases, the question that is at the forefront of policies is how Canada can ensure a sufficient level of human capital to meet the demand from a loss of low skilled jobs to trade and automation. Keeping pace with the changes in the market to reach the demand of high skilled jobs is of utmost importance to maintain a stable economic condition within Canada, as trade and automation are decreasing the demand for low skilled jobs-thus raising technological unemployment in the unskilled labor market. Economists are largely in agreement that the market must be transparent. Indeed, the establishment of a transparent labor market is presented as important for the maintenance of stable economic conditions in Canada whereby comparative advantage that high-skilled or high-educated workers have is reflected in technology changes. The effect of technological change (automation) and loss of low skilled jobs has already raised the Canadian government’s attention, and the Institute for Research on Public Policy has put productivity and skills into the policy for the Canadian labor market. At the same time, due to the growth of these activities, it became increasingly difficult to distinguish working time from the time of productivity and free time. The rise of the Internet has affected a large number of activities which confuse certain commonly accepted distinctions between production and consumption, creativity and efficiency, and work and leisure. On a more positive note, a reduction in working time thanks to machines is supposed to free people from the low-skilled manual and repetitive tasks. This point, which is being referred to as the ‘end of work’ (Beaudry, Green,

University of The Cumberlands Definition of Artificial Intelligence Discussion

University of The Cumberlands Definition of Artificial Intelligence Discussion.

I’m working on a computer science writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

What is your definition of AI? Please explain.What is your opinion of AI, is the technology currently available? Why or why not?Please note at least four AI technologies, explain if they are truly AI or something else. Thoroughly explain your answer.How is AI perceived as different in various industries and locations? Please explain.Be sure to use the UC Library for scholarly research. Google Scholar is also a great source for research. Please be sure that journal articles are peer-reviewed and are published within the last five years.The paper should meet the following requirements:3-5 pages in length (not including title page or references)APA guidelines must be followed. The paper must include a cover page, an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.The writing should be clear and concise. Headings should be used to transition thoughts. Don’t forget that the grade also includes the quality of writing.
University of The Cumberlands Definition of Artificial Intelligence Discussion

Syracuse University Historians Views on Reconstruction Essay

Syracuse University Historians Views on Reconstruction Essay.

I’m working on a history question and need support to help me learn.

Part one: Write a Paragraph: Describe the Traditional view of Reconstruction: (located on the first few pages of article)Part Two: Describe Four American Reconstruction Historians’ views on reconstruction.Begin with the name of the HistorianNext, include a direct quote from the articleFollowed by the page that the quote appearsLastly, state why this view is important for understanding Reconstruction.Skip a line and begin the process againFor Example: Joel Williamson in his book After Slavery:“….portrayed the period as a time of extraordinary political, social, and economic progress for blacks. The establishment of public school, the granting of equal citizenship to blacks, the effort to restore the devastated Southern economy, the construct an interracial political democracy from the ashes of slavery, all these were commendable achievements” (page 21)After each author’s position write why his view is important because … (How does this view increase our understanding of reconstruction?)Part Three: Write a Paragraph that describes the New View of Reconstruction
Syracuse University Historians Views on Reconstruction Essay

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