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Four Generations in the Workplace Research Paper

There exist two opposite opinions regarding diversity in the workplace. In the proposed video entitled “Four Generations in the Workplace”, the author reveals one’s point of view by stating that the business employing four generations of workers is more effective than others that do not have such an attitude to celebrating diversity in the workplace. The opponents of such a position believe that for the steady growth and prosperity, businesses need only the youngest employees who are full of energy, proficient in information technologies, and have a contemporary way of thinking (Barak, 2013). The following paper aims at evaluating the information provided in the “Four Generations in the Workplace” video. The video “Four Generations in the Workplace” gives an overview of how the employment of workers belonging to different generations can contribute to a firm’s work effectiveness. This video shows that people from different age groups are raised in different cultural backgrounds, and therefore, they have different experiences and worldviews. The author of the video believes that having employees of diverse background has a positive impact on the decision-making process for any business. Besides, one is confident that working with the four generations of people can make a business smarter and more effective. Addressing the arguments of the opponents, they believe that for the steady growth, prosperity, and leading position at the market, businesses need only the youngest employees who are full of energy, proficient in information technologies, and have a contemporary way of thinking (Barak, 2013). These people deny the experience that the employees belonging to the older generations have accumulated and rely on the energy and ambition of youth (Barak, 2013). They also feel that employing people from different generations decreases the ability of a business to have an atmosphere of mutual understanding among the staff members (Barak, 2013). Evaluating the two points of view on the subject, the position stated in the video under consideration appears more reasonable, as well as it is related to the body of evidence that numerous scholarly resources provide. According to Robbins and Judge (2015), celebration diversity in the workplace contributes to the business effectiveness for many reasons including increase of the firm’s intellectual potential; increase of the firm’s productivity; increase of the firm’s customer-orientation potential; improvement of managing. Shared life experiences and common values unite the people of one generation (Robbins
intro to biomedical system analysis using mat lab and Write a SIMULINK model for this system.

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intro to biomedical system analysis using mat lab and Write a SIMULINK model for this system

Final Assignment AHE426. Paper details I have attached the picture here so please read everything detail and write the essays by answering all the required questions. And also use external references in to the course book “ Ledlow, Gerald R: Stephens, James H.(2018). Leadership for health professionals, theory, skill and Applications (3rd) edition. And of course it’s all APA style citationsFinal Assignment AHE426

Pure Rationality in Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” Essay

It is tempting to ascribe to events and characters those supernatural and irrational qualities that author tries to enforce on readers. But what in literary world seems to be unconditioned and free-floating “eidos” in reality is determined by scientifically constructed patterns and laws. Thus, we need to rely more on the common sense than on the visionary and esoteric perspective. Science tends to transform literary multidimensial space in transparent casual plane. So, let’s follow it in this effort, while discussing Poe’s story The Fall of the House of Usher. From the beginning of the story when narrator comes to the Usher’s house on his invitation, we can easily that Usher’s behavior which would later form the symbolic fabric of the story is determined by the number of symptoms that can be scientifically identified. Among them are hyperesthesia (high sensitivity to light, smells, and sounds), hypochondria and hyper anxiety. So this deceases that can be easily discerned and analyzed are main reasons for Usher’s strange behavior and thoughts such his believe that the house he lives in is sentient and that this particular sentience results from the specific arrangement of the vegetation and masonry circling it. After Usher’s sister dies they decide to hide her body in the house’s vault. After a week narrator and Usher become anxious. This can be explained not for some mysterious reason as a coming storm or some irrational reasons but more likely by the fact that Usher’s anxiety and psychological instability transmitted to narrator, thus creating the atmosphere of something entirely supernatural taking place. Common sense could also explain this strange atmosphere by the coming storm, which must be understood not as some mysterious force but just as simple nature phenomenon. The supernatural features of the story are also exaggerated by the fact that the bog surrounding the house glows in the dark like it glowed in the painting of Usher. This is also simple nature phenomenon determined by the natural law and the fact that bog glowed in Usher’s painting too is simply a coincidence. When narrator reads the story of The Mad Trist and light-electric and sound effects start to fill the house as the story unravels it can be easily explained that the strength of the storm and the mystique of the story interlaced to produce this affect on those men’s consciousness. Then, the comeback of Usher’s sister which was considered to be dead and then her real death with her brother can be explained by the fact that she never died and her death was the play of Usher’s imagination. Moreover, Usher could simply place her sleeping in the vault and that explains why she died in real after coming back. A week in vault without water and food made her naturally sick and she got finally exhausted. Usher was so psychologically destructed that after seeing his sister, who he considered dead was so stunned that died of fear. Finally, the destruction of the Usher’s house can be explained by the fact that its base was not solid and the change in weather conditions caused it destruction. Moreover, the level of Victorian engineering was not so high so there could be some deficiencies in house construction. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As we see, rational and common sense explanation is the only possible way to understand the reality even if it is depicted in the literary form. Everything that happens has its natural grounds – this is the lesson of Enlightenment and we, modern people must follow it and do not fall into esoteric prejudices debunked by the pace of science and technology, which are the liberating force of modern civilization.

“Jobs, Qualifications, and Preferences” by Wertheimer Case Study

programming assignment help Table of Contents Introduction Details Conclusion and Personal Opinion Reference List Introduction It should be noted that hiring individuals to certain positions is a complex process, which requires taking into consideration many different factors. As stated by the author of the article “Jobs, qualifications, and preferences”, the aim of appointing a person to a specific position means choosing someone who will provoke the appropriate reaction when performing his or her duties (Wertheimer 1983). Apart from that, Wertheimer (1983) explained that the majority of jobs at present include interpersonal relations, which implies that recipients of service will inevitably produce reactions to the individual’s performance. Details Importantly, there are such jobs, which lead to the fact that person’s background, nationality or some other feature will either contribute or hinder him or her from completing the duties. For example, the author stated that the way people perceive a police officer affects his or her efficiency. In turn, it implies that if the police officer provides service to the African-American population, he or she would be perceived better if he or she was African-American as well (Wertheimer 1983). This phenomenon means that this population group might share similar beliefs and have a similar background, which could help them understand each other easier. Moreover, it implies that sharing this peculiarity will enable the police officer to build a more trusting relationship with the population group. This approach to hiring is based on reaction qualifications. It means that a person will be chosen out of many applicants on the basis of the individual’s capability to provoke the necessary reactions among the respondents. Another example of a difficult situation connected to reaction qualifications is when a school needs to decide whether to choose a teacher with a loud, firm voice and strict manner to teaching or the one with a higher qualification but with a foreign accent and a mild, thin voice when choosing someone to work with difficult learners who have problems with their behaviour. The dilemma lies in the fact that the first specialist will be able to ensure discipline in the class and the children will be able to concentrate on the studies while in the case of the other specialist, this person will be able to teach the students using the best teaching practices (Wertheimer 1983). In such a situation, the decision will be made based on the needed reactions a teacher could produce when working with the kids. This hiring principle seems reasonable; nevertheless, it means certain discrimination issues. In addition, it is difficult to say in which occurrences reaction qualifications should be counted and when they are inappropriate. The author stressed that the application of reaction qualifications approach is explained by the important factors that exist in society, which are difficult to change (sex, race, class and so on) (Wertheimer 1983). These background aspects are rooted in social developmental patterns, and it is impossible and insufficient to deny them or leave unconsidered. Conclusion and Personal Opinion The approach reviewed by the author as well as the provided examples and justifications seem adequate. However, it is difficult to decide when qualification reactions should be considered. Moreover, it means that when one person is appointed to a certain job, many other people with higher qualifications could be discriminated based on their religion, race or any other aspect. Apart from that, if this approach should be applied widely, it is important to decide when and based on what characteristics it will be appropriate. Despite the fact that this hiring method can be effective indeed, it is very difficult to say if it is discriminatory or not. In addition, it is uneasy to consider all the possible variants when this principle could be applicable. Thus, although reaction qualifications can be effective, it implies the existence of certain difficulties and controversies. Reference List Wertheimer, A 1983, ‘Jobs, qualifications, and preferences’, Chicago Journals, vol. 94, no. 1, pp. 99-112.

Darwin on the Origin of Species Research Paper

Evolution by natural selection is considered the backbone of biology. It is proposed that modern students should have time to read the literature of naturalists regarding their perception of evolution. This is endorsed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Lussel Wallice. Darwin commenced his superb creativity in evolution by natural selection with the initiative of divergence. Darwin’s idea was expanded by botanical arithmetic. In Darwin’s perception he discovered that a direct comparison between the old and new species from different parts of the world will lead to several indifferences between the features. Geographical botany enabled Darwin to spot differences not only amongst categorized species from different places, but also amongst similar species. Domestic diversity results from artificial selection. The continuous emergence of domestic diversity, results in the divergence of the natural species. This made Darwin to attest on the availability of transmutation by means on natural selection. Charles emphasizes on the principled availability and essentiality of selection. This is due to the fact that this is a consequence of the diversity among species as well as the struggles. Darwin expands on selection. He states that selection is brought about by the heritability and natural variation which further comprises of the endurance plus reproduction. He emphasizes on the continued existence and sufficiency of the species. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Darwin supports his argument concerning the theory of evolution by natural selection with different features, for instance fossil records, embryology as well as morphological characteristics. The divergence in the features of species can only be spotted after a long period of time. In this theory, living organisms tend to compete for the available resources; organisms with sophisticated features tend to survive while those organisms that don’t fit simply perish. The living organisms reproduce, thus passing their unique features to the next generation. The Darwinian revelation as a source concerning the origin of species is valid. The source fully emphasizes on Darwin’s perception concerning evolution of species specifically natural selection. Perceptions from various authors and naturalists are also outlined as evidence of Darwin’s perception regarding the origin of life. This is an academic source. This is evident since the article is a product of the University of California. The source also entails views from researchers as well as academicians. The source has biases. This is derived from the author’s recommendation as well as the contents of the article. The source majorly focuses on the positive views concerning the Darwinian theory of evolution. The author also urges educators today to principally focus on Darwin’s ideas regarding evolution. He prefers Darwin’s perception to arguments from other researchers concerning the theory. The source would be good for a research paper as it encompasses perceptions from various researchers and naturalists. We will write a custom Research Paper on Darwin on the Origin of Species specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The author, James T Costa, is a biology professor at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. He has written several journal articles, two books, abstracts, correspondences and various articles as well as scientific papers that he has presented. He has also held several seminars and given special lectures, exhibits and panel discussions over his career. His arguments basically have a bias toward Darwin’s theory. Darwin was more able to influence avid readers about the authenticity of metamorphosis rather than of his own proposals that drove the process. As stated by Costa “he pointed out that he never argued that it was the sole agent of transmutation, despite claims to the contrary” (Costa 2003, 1030). Despite converse claims, Darwin pointed out that he did not dispute that the primacy of natural selection as being the single source of transformation and he stuck by his views. Regardless of several deliberations on the process of evolution, biology has relied on evolution as a main pillar. Reference Costa, James. Teaching Darwin with Darwin. Massachusetts: Belknap/Harvard University Press, 2003.

Superb Company’s Entry into Spanish Market Research Paper

Marketing Plan Project Description of the company, its operations, and decision of expansion Superb Company, stylized as SUPERB, is an American business under the information technology and communications sector, established in 1996. The headquarters of Superb Company are in New York City. Superb has about 10000 workers with 150 of them engaging in research and development. It seeks to expand to other countries starting with Spain. Its aim is to realize over 150,000 workers in more than 15 countries around the globe by 2030. It currently has three research and development institutes in the US; and in 2015, Superb invested 100 million dollars in research and development, an increase of 10 million dollars from 2014. In 2015, the company made a profit of 55 million dollars. Its products, mainly the D1 smartphone, are currently sold in the US, but the company seeks to expand and enhance its profitability. Superb established D1 as an innovative form of smartphone particularly for the young generation in the United States. Currently, Superb aims at serving not just customers based in America, but seeks to develop and become the most successful company and greatly reputed international brand. Presently, Superb Company is diversifying with a scope of products such as the D1 smartphone amid others. The majority of smartphone users in the US are progressively endorsing Superb as a commendable product. Attributable to aggressive and tactical marketing endeavors, D1 has turned into the company’s most excellent brand on revenue creation. Appropriate country for expansion Superb Company seeks to expand and start operating in Spain. One of the reasons for choosing Spain is because the telecom companies presently operating there have not completely exploited the market since they have not developed Android to the same extent as the iOS (Recio-Rodríguez et al. 1). This signifies that there is a broad sector of the market to take advantage of through the Android application. For the customers in Spain, Superb Company will enhance the improvement of the Android application to get hold of a sizeable audience. This opportunity appears to be amid the most critical for the success of D1 in Spain. Currently, most of the companies operating in Spain target iPhone clients since they have a tendency of using more for every purchase, but with Android commanding over 65% of the US smartphone market, Superb Company is now evaluating these numbers closely. Planned entry strategy The best market entry strategy for the expansion of Superb Company’s operations into the Spanish market is the joint venture between the company and Apple Inc. In the joint venture, both Superb Company and Apple Inc. will make arrangements (usually competing) with the purpose of gaining ample strength for the venture with each company holding a sizeable share both in financially managing and running the business. The joint venture will act as a substitute to the creation of a fully owned manufacturing endeavor and will provide the companies with benefits that encompass sharing of the required capital and possible risk, for instance, minimal government intervention attributable to the creation of the union. Other gains encompass more stringent management of production, marketing, promotion, and other business approaches, as well as enhanced local market intellect offered in the joint venture entry method (Chang, Chung, and Moon 317-337). The greatest drawback that Superb Company and Apple Inc. could face in the Spanish market is the occurrence of conflicts of interest between them, particularly on concerns such as the sharing of profits, contribution of the money required for investment, the mode of managing the business, and other main marketing approaches. Nevertheless, similar to other instances of partnership, there are numerous approaches for the minimization of the threats of conflict of interest through cautiously selecting ideas, and having regular meetings to discuss the arising issues to reach amicable solutions. Taking into consideration the joint venture strategy, in addition to Spanish and global expansion approaches, Superb Company will keep on expanding through first establishing a robust manufacturing and marketing presence in Spain with the help of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. will offer insights on the operations of the government, rules, internal affairs in the market, and suitable distribution mechanisms. In the course of five years, Superb will gradually amass capital, labor force, and knowledge of the Spanish market that will assist it to stand alone and have the capacity of alleviating any possible risks. Although profit will be shared in the joint venture, disagreements might arise in the course of marketing endeavors, and management may generate challenges. Superb could seek to start operating independently after five years in the joint venture. The joint venture approach is significant as it will help Superb Company to boost its performance and reputation in the Spanish market, enhance its funding and management proficiencies, and expand major business competences to refine technological expertise (Calvo-Porral et al. 309). Critical operational factors that will affect the company Mobile phones’ market in Spain developed considerably in 2015 when judged against 2014 as it marked a 5% improvement in volume, which is attributable to the enhancement in internet connectivity around the nation, increased employment, and a broad scope of alternatives in medium and low-cost phones having enhanced technological attributes. Furthermore, mobile phone operators in the country have resolved to stop giving out cellphones the moment their clients get into a contract, a move that has raised the number of mobile phones sold within the country. In a bid to counter the existing crisis, the Spanish government embarked on numerous restrictive monetary strategies that influenced the information communication and technology industry strongly. Among such strategies, tax increment may be amid the most detrimental for the sector. Increasing the taxes signified reduced buying power for mobile phone customers and considering that products from telecommunication companies are not necessities, the industry could experience a tremendous decrease in sales. Nevertheless, not all strategies by the government affect the telecommunication sector negatively. In 2013, the Spanish government established a strategy to promote information communication and technology companies by enhancing success in this area. The government provides grants and special financing plans to existing and new companies (Lin and Pazgal 94-103). Such acts of assistance are beneficial, but considering how enormous the required ventures in this sector is, telecommunication companies such as Superb have much to do to realize triumph and sustainability. Cultural profile of the local area The aspect associated with culture, environment, and stakeholders are of great significance for Superb Company’s entry into the Spanish market (Samiee 659-661). This will necessitate the directors of the company to seek ways of boosting social awareness and undertake measures such as waste processing and the application of renewable energy, in addition to corporate social responsibility initiatives in its initial operations in the market. This will promote positive reception by the local government, distributors, consumers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The Spanish government began liberation endeavors on the telecommunication sector in 1987, and complete liberation was eventually realized in 2003. From that moment, the hindrances of entry were decreased significantly although a few are still extant and make it challenging for companies to venture into the market. Superb will hire a diverse workforce sourced within Spain. Some of the major hindrances to the entry in the market that Superb Company is likely to experience encompass Know-how, Fix Outlays, and Brand Differentiation to mention a few. In this regard, Superb Company will require huge ventures in technology supplies and connectivity boosters. Since such an investment demands not just a onetime outlay but regular maintenance and fixing expenses, the required capital is high, but the joint venture between Superb Company and Apple Inc. will offer adequate resources to satisfy the high requirement. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Country Analysis Cultural Analysis The standard of education in Spain is not as high as in the US, although it is progressively improving. In this regard, Superb Company will select some of the executives it hires from Spain to go to the US for some further training, which will also ensure that they benefit from international experience and improvement of language proficiencies. Currently, the Spanish government has initiated programs for the promotion of equal opportunities with respect to job stipulations. In this regard, Superb Company will consider suitable incorporation of women, who have for a long time been discriminated against, in its labor force. Moreover, regulations necessitating the employment of people with disabilities in Spain demand Superb Company to ensure that at least 2% of its personnel are individuals from this group (Yang 239). Cultural factors such as religion, social formations, business practices and customs, and political and legal frameworks have a powerful impact on the success of Superb Company in Spain. These aspects will have a strong influence on Superb Company attributable to the increasing demand for mobile phones and internet connectivity. The application of the internet in D1 coupled with its low price will appeal to a huge segment of the Spanish market. The demand for D1 will be particularly high because of the recent decrease in the usage of landlines in Spain. In this regard, the Spanish population will switch from landlines to the D1 smartphone. Moreover, some consumers will replace the house landlines with the Superb Company’s smartphone. Superb Company will be keen to follow the set labor laws and safeguard the welfare of its employees to avoid conflict between the management and the employees or the government. The company will also adhere to the General Law of Telecommunications to ensure collaboration that will assist it spread its network to a wide customer base and invest in the country fruitfully (Yang 239). Economic Analysis Spain stands at the 14th position globally regarding nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is amid the major nations with respect to purchasing power parity. It has a population of 46.8 million people and its GDP per capita is about 30590 dollars. Spain is hence ranked as a high-income economy and is one of the nations that have exceedingly high human advancement. After the 2007-2008 financial crises, the economy of the nation dropped into recession, and the country suffered a series of poor macroeconomic performance (with high joblessness being the worst). Increased levels of unemployment created difficult conditions for the majority of the families since even the employed experienced reduction of salaries, which consequently affected savings and buying-power negatively. This created a difficult situation for new businesses venturing into the market and deteriorated the economic situation of the country. Nevertheless, the joint venture by Superb Company and Apple Inc. will create projects to boost employment opportunities and focus on the local population to occupy positions within the company (Yang 239). This will go a long way to bettering the economic situation of the country. Since there are just a few trade restrictions for Superb Company in Spain, the company will exploit the aspects associated with scientific and technological structures to ensure that it is not phased out in the market. Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis When marketing D1 in Spain, the first thing ought to be the development of an apparent approach into the manner in which the smartphone will appeal to would-be consumers. Particularly, the company will determine the cost, technological expertise, and internet connectivity as the fundamental needs that the product will satisfy. Moreover, irrespective of the excellence of D1, it will experience strong competition in the market. Some of the competitors in the market encompass Bq, GeeksPhone, and Silent Circle to mention a few. To suit a wide scope of consumers in the Spanish market, Superb should regularly modify the existing model of D1 and keep innovating through the knowledge and expertise gained in the venture. Pricing and promotion will act as significant marketing strategies that the company will employ to attract customers in the Spanish market. Superb Company will employ price and promotion in its efforts of increasing the customer base. Sales promotion (for instance, free trials, discounts, contests, and coupons) will attract consumers who may end up developing loyalty to D1 (Ripollés, Blesa, and Monferrer 648-666). Similarly, reducing the price of D1 compared to other smartphones in the market will draw consumers and increase sales. Getting ready to combat the competitors and their major competitive benefit will enable D1 to react via such things as price reduction or increasing advertisements. Most importantly, the company will incorporate its brand name, logo, and D1 into the non-advert content of media, which include print media, music, TVs, videogames, online through such things as social media, and emails to mention a few. This will be an effective means of reaching and communicating with the customers. Works Cited Calvo-Porral, Cristina, and Jean-Pierre Lévy-Mangin. “Influence of switching costs and satisfaction on loyalty towards smartphone service providers.” International Journal of Mobile Communications 14.4 (2016): 309. Chang, Sea‐Jin, Jaiho Chung, and Jon Moon. “When do wholly owned subsidiaries perform better than joint ventures?” Strategic Management Journal 34.3 (2013): 317-337. We will write a custom Research Paper on Superb Company’s Entry into Spanish Market specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Lin, Yuanfang, and Amit Pazgal. “Hide supremacy or admit inferiority: Market entry strategies in response to consumer informational needs.” Customer Needs and Solutions 3.2 (2016): 94-103. Recio-Rodríguez, José, Carlos Martín-Cantera, Natividad González-Viejo, Amparo Gómez-Arranz, Maria Arietaleanizbeascoa, Yolanda Schmolling-Guinovart, and Jose Maderuelo-Fernandez. “Effectiveness of a smartphone application for improving healthy lifestyles, a randomized clinical trial (EVIDENT II): Study protocol.” BMC public health 14.1 (2014): 1. Ripollés, María, Andreu Blesa, and Diego Monferrer. “Factors enhancing the choice of higher resource commitment entry modes in international new ventures.” International Business Review 21.4 (2012): 648-666. Samiee, Saeed. “International market-entry mode decisions: Cultural distance’s role in classifying partnerships versus sole ownership.” Journal of Business Research 66.5 (2013): 659-661. Yang, Jessie. “The use and abuse of patents in the smartphone wars: A need for change.” Journal of Law, Technology,