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Fortis College Centerville Week 4 Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion

Fortis College Centerville Week 4 Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion.

Discussion 1: Leadership Theories in PracticeA walk through the Business section of any bookstore or a quick Internet search on the topic will reveal a seemingly endless supply of writings on leadership. Formal research literature is also teeming with volumes on the subject.However, your own observation and experiences may suggest these theories are not always so easily found in practice. Not that the potential isn’t there; current evidence suggests that leadership factors such as emotional intelligence and transformational leadership behaviors, for example, can be highly effective for leading nurses and organizations.Yet, how well are these theories put to practice? In this Discussion, you will examine formal leadership theories. You will compare these theories to behaviors you have observed firsthand and discuss their effectiveness in impacting your organization.To Prepare:Review the Resources and examine the leadership theories and behaviors introduced.Identify two to three scholarly resources, in addition to this Module’s readings, that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors in creating healthy work environments.Reflect on the leadership behaviors presented in the three resources that you selected for review.By Day 3 of Week 4Post two key insights you had from the scholarly resources you selected. Describe a leader whom you have seen use such behaviors and skills, or a situation where you have seen these behaviors and skills used in practice. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain to what extent these skills were effective and how their practice impacted the workplace.
Fortis College Centerville Week 4 Leadership Theories in Practice Discussion

Contents (Jump to) Introduction. Literature Review. Methods. Results Anticipated. Conclusion. References. The aim of this study is to find out the economic factors, that have an impact on the growth of the stock market of the Russian Federation, and to determine quantitative figures of their impact. In order to reveal the correlation between the Russian stock market and economic factors, the method of regression analysis will be applied. On the ground of the examined literature I suppose, that internal factors will influence the growth of the Russian stock market in a greater way. The tasks of the study are the following. Firstly, I will make a literature review describing the factors which influence the growth of the stock market. Secondly, I will set quantitative figures of the impact of economic factors on the growth of the stock market. Finally, I will make a conclusion about supposed research results. Introduction. The modern world economy presents extremely difficult complex interrelations. In conditions when goods, capital and information easily exchange among countries, any disturbance in the economy of one country can easily spread over its boundaries. A high level of globalization of the world economy not only increases the effectiveness of the production and gives the potential for the development, but also increases system risks. The Russian stock market is rather developed and can be a successful ground for investment of money into valuable securities. For a long period of time, the concerned market has remained a permanent source of profits for the majority of the players from Russia and other countries. Most valuable securities of Russian enterprises undoubtedly give their owners great opportunities for carrying various transactions with the only goal to earn profit. Thus, in view of the fact that the role of the stock market as an instrument of inviting additional revenue grows, it is interesting to find out what factors have a great impact on the development of the stock market. It is even more important because of the nowadays unstable economic situation. Besides, the stock market heavily impacts the financial system, and this fact confirms the importance of this study. Topics, being studied in this research, are widely covered in the modern financial literature, but in a greater degree on stock market of the foreign countries. In the course of the works, the range of English publication of 2010-2014. The object of this study is the Russian stock market. The subject of this study is investigated factors that influence the growth of the Russian stock market. The aim of this graduation thesis is to find economic factors that influence the growth of the stock market of the Russian Federation, and to determine quantitative figures of their impact. To achieve our goal, this paper considers the following tasks: Analyze literature devoted to the studies of the factors that influence the development of the stock market. Determine quantitative figures of the impact of economic factors on the growth of the stock market. Make a conclusion about supposed research results. Literature Review. Research about the correlation between various factors and the growth of the stock market is one of the most examined topics for many economists. 14 macroeconomic variables were distinguished in the article by Srivastava (2010), including the wholesale price index, industrial production index, money supply, net export, exchange rate of the Indian rupee against the dollar, discount rate of the ten year government liabilities, and gold and oil prices. In the end of the analysis the authors come to a conclusion, that most impact on the Indian stock market is caused by the level of industrial production, wholesale price index and discount rate. In general, the conclusion was made that in the developing countries with an extensive wholesale market in the long-run, internal factors will have a greater impact, and their stock markets are less subjected to the influence of the global crisis tendencies. The same results were made by Al-Jafari
Forensic Financial Analysis on Macys.

Your mission is to develop a comprehensive report to your CEO based on the topics covered in the course. Your task is to analyze the company in this context and provide recommendations. You decide how each topic should be addressed, and include research to make/support your strategy/policy recommendations. Your report should include an assessment of your company’s corporate governance “readiness” and provide suitable recommendations to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and new regulations published by the regulatory bodies. In the spirit of a Forensic Financial Analysis, You should conduct an analysis of the firm’s financial statements and policies as a risk management exercise for the benefit of the company CEO. Look for any “bodies” buried in the statements and associated notes, as well as the types of information disclosed to the public (e.g., pro forma earnings). Your goal here is to identify any areas where the firm is vulnerable to SEC action (fraud or otherwise) and report these to the CEO as a preemptive risk mitigation action.
Forensic Financial Analysis on Macys

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Assume you are the CFO of a medium-sized company and you are advising the CEO on some upcoming strategic initiatives that will have long-term implications. In other words, these are important decisions. For your initial discussion forum post, address the following questions posed by the CEO: It appears we may need to raise more capital. Is expanding debt a good idea? Why or why not and should our given assets impact this decision? In our economic environment, should we issue bonds, common stock, or preferred stock? What would be some pros and cons? Or should we forego this immediate opportunity and buy back some of our outstanding common stock? What market conditions would make this a good move; what might be some pros and cons? Should we issue a dividend, or should we retain cash in the company for future opportunities? How might this impact future growth? Are we obligated to pay our shareholders a dividend?

Stevenson University How Andrews Uses Story Me and Earl and The Dying Girl Essay

essay help online Stevenson University How Andrews Uses Story Me and Earl and The Dying Girl Essay.

Jesse Andrews used the beginning of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl to establish the existential predicaments of his three main characters: Greg, Earl, and Rachel. Then he uses the plot in the middle of the narrative to either challenge the initial position of the character or to give them a chance to escape from that initial position. Choose one of the characters to work with. Then answer this question: What is Andrews doing with that character’s story to give them a chance to escape their predicament or to confront the challenge of their predicament?Enough evidence need to be used in order to support your answer to the question provided. link to book pages is below.…
Stevenson University How Andrews Uses Story Me and Earl and The Dying Girl Essay

Marketing Assignments

Marketing Assignments.

1st Assignment – Can you complete these questions. (budget range for each assignment. Work on the first assignment first)Marketing Strategies for Coprorate Success questionaire.doc Marketing Management, Knowledge and Skills, 11th Edition, by J. Paul Peter and James H. – ReferenceYou can get info about our business for the questionaire from the attached marketing plan 1st draft below2nd Assignment – Please read this carefully to make sure you understand. Deliverable – Second Draft of Marketing plan and presentation.My Marketing Plan is For “Creative Real Estate Investing Home Business” My business is Called ‘VIP Real Estate Solutions’Vision Inspired People – VIPAttached is my 1st rough draft of my plan and presentation 1st rough draft.Also, Attached is a Sample Outline to follow as a guide and a Sample Marketing Plan for a Car Wash to use as a guide on formatting and the context to be included. I am also attaching some research notes & stats notes.Please review first and give me your feedback on how you can assist me improve & complete a second draft in the next two days.I know that this can require more than 2 days to do a thorough job but this is just a 2nd draft and we will have adequate more time to do a 3rd & then final DraftAlso the second draft slides of the powerpoint presentation needs to have the content reduced to about 50% of the slide area. Its to much info and a little too busy.I am looking to make a decision very soon. & plan to complete this 2nd draft of the project within the next 2 days. 1 Day if I can. I just need a second set of eyes on plan outline.docVIP Real Estate Marketing Plan draft.docx VIP Real Estate Marketing Plan draft.docx VIP Real Estate Marketing Plan research notes.docxCAR WASH- MARKETING PLAN SAMPLE.docVIP Real Estate Marketing Plan draft.docx VIP Mareting Plan Presentation draft.ppt marketing plan outline.doc VIP Real Estate Marketing Plan research notes.docx CAR WASH- MARKEING PLAN SAMPLE.doc 
Marketing Assignments

C Programming Array Codes Input Report

C Programming Array Codes Input Report.

I’m working on a c++ practice test / quiz and need a sample draft to help me study.

When you take the order I will give you a word file with two simple questions on it, and I need you to give me two codes according to the file. Be sure to read the requirements carefully, please answer me in word form, TXT form or directly in the question. Thank you.  Please read the document I sent you carefully, follow the steps, and use the simple method to complete it.
Problem 1
if we have an array (a) of ints:
We would like to update the array so that an element of the array is updated by subtracting the  
first item to its right that is equal to or less than that element.
a={5,3,4,2,7,2,2,8,9}  ==> will become  a={2,1,2,0,5,0,2,8,9}
print the updated array, the sum of the array and a list of the
positions of the items that are not updated
Hint: You will need to think of nested loops and the use of the break statement as appropriate
Don’t touch main except to change the following statement to reflect your path.
  Your outputfile should be called myquiz4outf.txt ==> change the part /home/ec2-user/environment/quizzes/
   in the statement:
   string ofilename = “/home/ec2-user/environment/quizzes/myquiz4outf.txt”
3- You need to write the functions makeNewArray, sum, printArray – you need to fill in the parameters where it says parms
4- You MUST use the function printArray any time you print your array whether to the console or to a file. Don’t use anything
  else to print any array.
5- compile your program using the terminal  ==>    g++ quiz4sub.cpp -o quiz4
6- run it at and direct the output to       ==>    ./quiz4 > myquiz4outc.txt
7- compare your two files myquiz4outf.txt and myquiz4outc.txt with my output file quiz4out.txt and direct
  the diff outputs to diffoutf.txt and diffoutc.txt (the same as we did in quiz3)
8- You must not add any functions. Just fill the ones I higlighted for you to fill.
 You are going to read the words from a file into an string array and reverse the array, and reverse each word
 in the array.
 1- Don’t touch main().
 2- You need to fill the appropriate functions.
 3- Your input file is quiz4in.txt
 4- my output file is quiz4outs.txt
C Programming Array Codes Input Report

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