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For your first written assignment please consider the question “Is music a universal language?” Your essay should be one Essay

For your first written assignment please consider the question “Is music a universal language?” Your essay should be one full typed page (250 words). In your first paragraph, state the question and your position. In the second paragraph define “music,” “universal” and “language.” In your third paragraph consider whether music is, in fact, a language. Give reasons pro and reasons con. In your final paragraph sum up your conclusions. Please use at least three different musical examples.

programming Help

Note: if you ever played a game called diablo 2 lod and used the website called d2jsp, this job is for you!!
I believe they call what im looking for a web dropper but i could be wrong.
I’m looking for a program that will allow me to advertise my gear on a website, (not mine website) i dont want to just post a link to show what i have, i want to display every item at once. look at this link for an example. i will also post a picture.
Debuci’s Unique Glove * Boot * Belt – Topic – d2jsp
– i want to make adjustments to the font/ wording/ adding pictures – i will need help making those adjustments
– i want to make this program look very similar to the link and the pic
Note – any programming language is okay as long as i can use it and make adjustments
let me know if these instructions are clear enough

Discuss Methods of Validity in Test Construction

For your first written assignment please consider the question “Is music a universal language?” Your essay should be one Essay Discuss Methods of Validity in Test Construction.


Instructions In 2002, Boholst constructed a Life Position Scale for the purpose of finishing his dissertation. The construct life position was one of the variables he studied in his doctoral dissertation titled, The Influence of Life Scripts and Life Positions on Psychopathology and Positive Mental Health: A Structural Equation Modeling. He had to construct this scale because there was no available one at the time. In 2005, he and two other authors wrote another article that found modest correlations between Life Positions and Attachment Styles—validating the scale by establishing the relationship between life positions and a variable that was theoretically argued to have conceptual parallels or to be “similar” with it. In 2012, Isgor and two other authors translated the Life Position Scale into Turkish and established its reliability and validity. This is often a realistic scenario where a tool slowly attains credibility by a gradual validation process across the years—often by different authors. For example, in 2004, Weisner wrote his doctoral dissertation in the University of North Texas on the relationship between Affective Traits and Life Positions. Hadzi-Pesic and others more recently (2014) validated the Life Position Scale and found correlations with alcohol addicts’ personality. Validity: While an instrument may be reliable it does not necessarily follow that it is valid. A reliable instrument could be “reliably” erroneous! Validity on the other hand, however, necessitates that the instrument be first reliable because an inconsistent set of scores on a psychological scale can never claim to capture the construct it is trying to measure. Instrument validity has often been defined as the capacity of a scale to measure the construct it claims to measure. How do I know, for instance, that the depression scale I constructed really measures depression and not another variable such as loneliness? Well, I could ask a psychiatrist to provide me with a group of patients diagnosed with depression, gather another group of non-depressed individuals, administer my scale, cross my fingers, and hope that the former group would score higher than the latter. What method of validation would you call that? Or I could correlate my depression scale with an entirely unrelated variable such as monthly salary and with a slightly related variable such as loneliness. I should then hope that depression will have very low correlation with salary and a moderate correlation with loneliness. How would you call that method? For this task, write a paper that addresses the following: Discuss the different types of validity that have been employed—whether implicitly or explicitly to validate the life position scale. It is ideal therefore to read articles in chronological order starting with the A Life Position Scale, Life Positions and Attachment: A Canonical Correlation Analysis, and Life Positions Scale Language Equivalence, Reliability and Validity Analysis. Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. References; Please see attached article

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Intelligence Threat Assessment Assignment

Intelligence Threat Assessment Assignment.

Intelligence Threat Assessment Assignment



This assignment is worth 15% of your grade.  It consists of a is a 5-6 page written (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double spaced) threat assessment on your topic.  


Written Threat Assessment:  Believe it or not, I want you to have fun with this assignment.  You are to assume the role of a CIA intelligence analyst who is putting together the agency’s input (on your specific topic) for the DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment which will be presented to Congress.  Therefore, your goal is to produce an “all-source, fused” intelligence assessment.  I realize that the bulk of your sources will be OSINT, but you are required to use at least one additional intelligence source (i.e. HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT and/or MASINT information).  For example, is there a subject matter expert on campus whom you can interview, or someone even out of the area whom you can interview via telecon or e-mail?  Are there commercial satellite images available regarding your topic?  Can you find transcripts of telephone calls or other conversations?  When it comes to OSINT sources, I want you to be creative as well.  As such, you are required to use an OSINT source that originates from another country.  For example, are you able to read English language newspapers from that country or watch their news programs (i.e., Al Jezeera)?  Do they have a website?  Are there academic journals from foreign universities with articles on your subject matter?  If so, what are they saying about your topic?  Remember, as an intelligence analyst, you do not want to be guilty of “mirror imaging” so ensure that you take other leader’s, State’s and organization’s motivations and goals into consideration.   You are only limited by your imagination.


Now because this is an academic exercise, you will need to properly document your sources.  I would like you to use APA’s Parenthetical Citation Method and have a Bibliography at the end.  This means that for any information that isn’t your own original ideas/work, you’ll need to cite the source and page number in parentheses at the end of the relevant sentences.  You will also need to have a bibliography at the end with at least five different sources (including the two required above).  Again, I will be closely checking your sources and will give “bonus” points to those who go above and beyond to get information.




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The QSEN competencies

The QSEN competencies.

The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative aims at preparing nurses with the competencies needed to improve safety and quality in the workplace. Modeled after the past recommendations from the Institute of Medicine, QSEN has developed a set of six competencies necessary for healthcare providers to deliver high-quality safe care. These competencies include patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality improvement and informatics. The QSEN competencies aim to assist healthcare providers and nurses to use systems thinking. Systems thinking is the ability to recognize, summarize, understand how all elements in a complex system interact. Using references in the Readings and Resources section in addition to the book, discuss each of the QSEN competencies and why they are important in professional practice. Remember to define each of the competencies with a reference. Respond to the following questions: What are the QSEN competencies, define each Why are the QSEN competencies important to professional practice? How important is it for students in nursing to understand each of the competencies and how to use them in practice? Provide at least two references. and Intro and conclusion, cover page Will add and attach resources that can help

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