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For the Final Project, you will be writing a 4-5 page report for our client. ……….. For part of

For the Final Project, you will be writing a 4-5 page report for our client.
For part of the assignment, you will need to pick your own competitor and use their link to analyze. So for example you could choose another Chamber of Commerce in a different nearby city, or since the chamber provides services to help business network you could use a competitor that also provides this service. There is a list of similar organizations here to give you some ideas:
In this paper you will give recommendations on how the client can improve their digital marketing using SEO strategies you have learned in this course (including the videos you watched, certifications you completed, and assignments). The report will summarize key data, provide commentary and actionable insights. So, it not only shows a client what work has been done, but it also explains why.
Here are the videos used in the course……. … …

Social Course Work 1

Social Course Work 1.

An assignment of 4,000 words (+/- 10%) based on a case study. Consider the role of the social worker in relation to the given case study. Your assignment should consider the role of the social worker as well as the legal and policy framework. A range of relevant theories, approaches and models and how they could be applied should also be included. The assignment should consider issues of interprofessional practice. Links should be made to values and ethics, HCPC standards and the Professional Capabilities Framework.

You should also consider how a social worker might take responsibility for his or her own wellbeing. The assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the key roles of Social Work and the theories, methods and processes for working with service users. You will also have an opportunity to consider the current context of Social Work practice and education and to explore the idea of professional competence.

You will be able to demonstrate your learning about the value base of social work and will be able to show an understanding of social work practice. You are expected to show a critical understanding of the concept of professional capability as applied to practice. The application of suitable theories, skills, methods and approaches in the case study should relate to the Professional Capabilities Framework and the Health and Care Professions Council Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for students and Standards of Proficiency for Social workers in England. (100% weighting)


On successful completion of the module, students will be able to

1. Demonstrate their ability to apply, to a case study, key Social Work theories, methods, skills and values linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework ‘Readiness for Direct Practice’

2. Demonstrate their suitability and readiness to undertake Social Work practice by applying and critically evaluating evidence-based practice knowledge.

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Children’s pop culture and consumerism

For the Final Project, you will be writing a 4-5 page report for our client. ……….. For part of Children’s pop culture and consumerism.

Children’s pop culture and consumerism

Paper details The paper should be 1500 words long, it is a difficult paper so please assign a good writer because I have no time to waste. the essay is divided into two parts but is like a normal essay introduction, body, conclusion. the first part you have to research the topic and provide an in depth discussion about a particular research project that was conducted on the topic, you need to provide 5 academic scholarly sources no older than 12 years, in other words youre providing the reader with an overview of the topic, this essay needs to be written in the scope of the new sociology of childhood this is a very important component of the essay, the second part of the essay is an analysis of a research paper that iam going to provide, so you need to deconstruct the research paper. it is important to mention children’s agency, rights, voice, children as social actors or not according to the research. its vital you understand the new sociology of childhood before attempting the essay I will try and provide articles so you can understand and reference, but they are not part of the 5 scholarly sources you need to research. this is a hard assignment so please find a suitable and qualified writer.

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