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For each module each week, you will write an annotation about the film The Exorcist. You will write a Essay

For each module each week, you will write an annotation about the film The Exorcist. You will write a one-paragraph annotation (one page or 200 words maximum) about the film. Include a strong thesis and three terms in each annotation. (Terms I have already used are: Setting, Theme, Subject, Protagonist, Antagonist, Villain, Character, and Foreshadowing) Do not include the same terms each week. Also, include one outside source. Detailed Explanation: You will use critical thinking by applying not only the journalistic questions (who, what, when where, why, how) but also the topoi (such as examples, definitions, evaluations, classifications, comparisons, contrasts, causes, and results) in your annotations about the films. You must annotate one movie each week, and each annotation shall consist of one paragraph that is at the very least 150 words and at most 200 words–which is about three-fourths of a page to a whole page). Each week, you will chose either one assigned film to respond to. You will be required to use three terms for each annotation each week. These terms should be in BOLD. You will find the terms in the Course Documents section. If terms are not included and highlighted, points will be deducted. Remember that the purpose of each annotation is to show your understanding of the film by analyzing with the terms, not just summarizing the reading, podcast, or film. Do not use the same terms each week. For every annotation, use new terms as you will locate substantial terms in the course documents section. Also of extreme importance is that you include a strong thesis at the beginning of your assignment. Lastly, you will include one source (cited) that relates to your assignment. You will use the elements of fiction and the elements of film–primarily character, plot, setting, narratorial point-of-view (“focalization”), style, and theme–to analyze the primary sources, which consist of the required movies. Students will demonstrate mastery in non-fictional writing (also known as “composition” and “explanatory prose”). Doing so requires not only increasingly thorough critical thinking, but also increasingly sophisticated organization, diction, and syntax. The annotations comprise the evidence. Students will also show mastery of a genre by analyzing typical characters, plots, settings, narratorial points of view, styles, and themes characteristic of the genre at hand (which will be one of the following: westerns, crime, science fiction, horror, Gothic, weird fiction, fantasy, or magical realism.)
Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp AMANDO TAGUINOD III a. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND AGENDA SETTING Problem identification the word itself identification, the first thing to be done is to identify what is the issue. After which is the organization and gathering of information on how to solve the problem and further working for solutions. Agenda setting, prioritizing the problem that needs a special attention down to the simple issues. Those under the salient issues are the once discussed and thoughts, ideas and solutions are organized in an agenda. Policy Formation After gathering salient issues. Policy makers under the legislative and bureaucracy adhere to the issue and develop a regulatory strategies on how to address the problem. Effective formulation and acceptable formulation will be made. In effective formulation, the policy makers identify whether the policy is implementable and efficient. If not, policy analyst will identify some alternatives. In Acceptable formulation the law makers will decide whether it will be implemented or rejected. It depends on the decision of the majority. Policy Adoption The third phase of policy development process. The policy is ready to be adopted by the Government for the future implementation for the solution of the problem and bring about a change in the state. Policy Implementation Implement the adopted policy. The policy will be implemented and distributed from the top (president) down to the officials of the local government and the different government agencies and other private agencies involved. Policy will then become rules and regulations and it will be applied Policy evaluation Is a critical thinking approach to assess the implemented policy and its outcomes. According to my reading upon assessment, statistical data and verbal data is made in order to produce a subjective and reliable outcome. It is the final process wherein all policy makers, legislators and officials determine whether the policy achieved its goals and find out if there are revisions and changes. Politics, Laws and budgets Workplace. Almost all of the establishments requires a nurse, 2 and more. The environment in these establishments are political ones. Such establishments are: big Hospitals, clinics, firms, schools, agencies under the government or private, Home care, and other health agencies. Policies are guidelines to many health facilities. The presence of a nurse in the different facilities is very important in the determinant of health of all the people involved inside the facility considering the available resources and be an influence and an advocate and make a recommendations to the upper level of the facility in order to maintain and to provide adequate resources in the organization. Government. As a Heath care provider, the policies and actions from the government extremely affects the lives of the people especially the underprivileged ones. According to my readings and research middle class countries such as the Philippines, its government finance most of the programs including health in the different sectors. Such funded programs are prenatal care, food safety, public highways, operates schools and some health care facilities. Bureau of fire protection, assistance to the poor and old ones. Federal government in the Philippines deciding who will be provided special attention and benefits depending on the kind of care needed examples are giving vaccines in community/adopted barangays, giving first aid to the people affected by typhoon and earthquakes and other calamities. We Nurses are influential in our respective fields and not just in Nursing but including all the aspects of health. We must be upgraded and well updated. We are responsible and competent enough to show the government our desires to bring about improvement in the health to our locality and to the national level through membership with Nursing Associations and active leader in other connected health associations, participates in debates and we will become powerful and influential in the policy implemented. Professional Organizations. I am an Orthopaedic Operating theatre nurse for 7 years in the Philippines and in Libya. We have developed organizations that helps in influencing the Operating Theater Nursing practice in the Philippines. One of the examples are ORNAP (OPERATING ROOM NURSES ASSOCIATION IN THE PHILIPPINES). As an active member, one of our goals is to become the leading advocate for Orthopaedic Operating Theatre Nurse based from quality practice from the developed countries like United States and Dubai. We disseminate updates, trends and trainings to our fellow Operating Theatre Nurse to the local government and some private and government secondary Hospitals or tertiary Hospitals. We have a contingency plan if calamity arise. We pledged and are held responsible to adhere to the needs of affected individuals, offering our support and totally practice our specialized profession based from trainings, continuous education and workshops offered by the government. For the operating theatre nurse and other health care professionals from the other associations, we can work as a team to effectively practice our advocacy to help every individual, family, and community share the available resources offered by the government. When Nursing Organizations joined forces it creates a big influence to the whole society. Community. As per definition, a community is a group that share something in common and an interaction within the group or with one another committed to share for the productivity and betterment of their living. We nurses can be an advocate by searching issues and influence interested people inside the community to be an active participant in mobilizing support and influence change. Furthermore, nurses can be a big help by gathering data’s and facts about the present health situation and identify what remedies or plan of action can be made to at least alleviate, reduce or eradicate the source of problem by implementing independent Nursing actions such as health education and evaluate it and further reporting to the local government. The target budget and resources will be given according to the reported scarcity. Such issues prevalent in the community is the outbreak of some communicable diseases. Decision – Making A.1 Rational model The structure, steps an focus of the model It is the process of logically identify the problem wherein all the members of the group must have a common identified problem. Each individual will be confronted with alternatives. The group will establish, evaluate and create alternatives, and must be ready with the consequences and finally implement and monitor the effectiveness and progress of the alternatives decided. The first step is verifying, defining and gathering information. In this stage each member will contribute in giving ideas, inspirations and inputs. Brainstorming is very important. The second step is to initially implement the solutions. Each member has its own ideas and contribution to explore alternatives through brainstorming if problem exist for it is best to work as a theme. Third step is objective assessment. In this stage, the theme will determine if the alternatives is successful or not. If not, other solutions and options to the underlying consequences must be ready. Choosing the best solution is the next step and secondary implement it. And finally implement the alternatives and monitoring the results and outcomes of the alternatives. This stage takes very long time. Advantages of using the Model The problem is done as a theme, brainstorming of each members to attain good alternatives is obtained. This approach is based on scientifically obtained data that helps in reduction of errors, assumptions and all causes of poor judgements. This approach also uses logic and a process and deliberating the possible consequences on the initial implementation of the alternatives to arrive a good and best outcome or final decision. Disadvantages or limitations of using the model This decision making process is unsuitable for quick – decisions. It requires a deliberation and a careful assessment of the alternative it takes time for this. It is used just for long-term decisions not for short term. It requires many information from the members. It also assumed an accurate, good knowledge of the alternatives and options. A.2 Garbage can model The structure, steps and focus of the model The model takes place when there is a disorder and uncertainties inside the organization because of the absence of a ruler or government control, fast turnover of positions in an organization and there is an unclear understanding of technology. The members of the organizations are not clear in understanding of the processes or the preferences of the decision makers. Members most of the time are not involved in the decision making. Garbage can models focus on giving many solutions but oftentimes useless because there is no appropriate problems identified. Sometimes there are problems arise and the solutions made is fitting to the problem. By resolution. I worked as a staff nurse in one of the private hospitals in our town. We have fast turnover of our chief nurse. The problems from the past chief nurse is still existing and endorsed it to the new chief nurse. The solutions made by the past is gradually implemented and waiting until the entire problem will be solved which is now passed to the present chief nurse. The problems and solutions made by the past is successfully solved even in the absence of the one who made the choices after period of working on them. By Oversight, For instance, The New Chief Nurse is not well versed with the activities or the kind of work environment he is into. He assumes that the choice made by the past Chief Nurse has an attached problems so he made another choice in a minimum span of time and energy. By flight.After having made the choices, the problems has not been solved because of the underlying problems attached to other choices. By flight, it delays the choices made by waiting until other problems attached to the choices solved by itself in time. If the problems leave the choice, it is the time to make the decision. Advantages using the model There is no brain storming with the members. It is applied for quick decisions in urgent situations because of the immediate leaving or absence of the (experienced) decision maker, ruler or the leader. Disadvantages using the model You can’t see the big picture of the problem and solutions if it will be successful or not. The lack of urgency in dealing with the situation is lost. The budget is limited. There is also a lack of coordination with other members. Conflict of interest arise. B. Explanations of the processes involved in each of the following types of decision-making processes and the levels within a healthcare organization they can be used and its examples. Structured decision Structured decisions are decisions wherein solutions are already identified and established (programmed). The manager is already used in solving this problem because the task is routine. The knowledge of solving the problem is readily available. An example is hiring nurses in the healthcare facility. The manager already planned a solution to the problem of the facility. Unstructured decisions Unstructured decisions are decisions in case of emergent situation. The solution is not planned that makes the situation uncertain. It is a trial and error approach that needs an immediate solution and brainstorming trying to solve the problem in a very short time. An example is the outbreak of an unknown disease that cause an abrupt number of casualties in a healthcare facility or fire break and the manager makes a decision that is unplanned. Strategic decisions The concern is deciding the organization’s objectives and to meet its objectives by identifying sources and then attain policies and finally disposition of the resources. In a Healthcare setting, one of its committees is responsible for the allocation of budget. In this stage, after structuring the facility’s fund strategic decision is applied. Assessing if the programme performs well with regards to structured decisions of reduction of the budget and staffs in the facility and providing other resources but maintaining its operations good performance. When objectives are met setting standards for operation will follow Operational decisions At this stage, the concern is on the effectiveness and efficiency of the specific task of employees according to the available resources, standards and scheduling of employees. Example is the monitoring of the operations activities daily. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp
Table of Contents Introduction Understanding interoffice communication The problem with interoffice communication Problems caused by poor interoffice communication Possible solutions Recommendation Conclusion References Introduction Communication is one of the key aspects that are of great significance in any organization. It refers to the continuous process through which an individual or group conveys information to a second party-recipient. According to Hargie and Dickson, communication refers to the process of sharing information, feelings and meanings through the exchange of both verbal and non-verbal messages (2004, p. 13). The information can be an idea, thought, data, instructions or even feelings. It is a rather complex process thus requires utmost attention from all the parties involved. Proper communication acts as a strategic resource that enhances not only the maintenance but also the increment of performance (Barrack, 1988, p. 102). When an organization lacks proper communication, many problems arise. This paper details the problem with poor interoffice communication; gives the problems caused by the same; provides possible solutions for the problems that arise from the phenomenon and gives recommendations for improving interoffice communication. Understanding interoffice communication For proper co-ordination and management, most organizations have put in place different offices. Each office has its own responsibility as far as the operation of the organization is concerned. Communication is thus a very important aspect that links the various offices within the organization together. Developing a community that every employee feels he is part of it enhances the exploitation of the full potential of the employees, which in turn increases their productivity (Berko et al., 2010, p. 54).Therefore, the overall performance of any organization depends on the effectiveness of communication between the various offices. Interoffice communication can assume different categories. It can be communication between equal status (title) holders within the hierarchy of a given organization. Communication also occurs between employees and their superiors and vice versa. The communication between superiors and their subordinates may occur in the form of memos, bulletins, as well as direct orders and statements. Other organizations also encourage informal communication between the various offices to enhance a friendly working environment. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Efficient communication is essential to enhance effective co-ordination of the activities within an organization. It requires the transmission of a clear and understandable message from one individual/office to another. The recipient of the message has to listen. According to Bente, listening refers to one’s availability for others as well as what they have to say (2009, p. 592). Feedback is an important aspect as far as efficient communication is concerned since it ensures a good reception of the message and understanding of the parties involved. This calls for everyone within an organization to be able to transmit a concrete and timely feedback (Mayer, 2010, p. 8). However, research has shown that efficient interoffice communication is yet to be materialized in many organizations. The problem with interoffice communication Different individuals have different complex communication techniques, which makes interoffice communication a complex process. Each individual has his/her own communication codes, which can be words, movements, facial expressions and feelings among others. Every person relies on a given combination of the codes to pass information that are unique to their personality. Behavioral scientists argue that nearly three-quarters of the population are distinct in communication mannerisms from any individual (Bolton R.
Park University Unit 5 Analysis Of Apples Video Marketing Campaign Discussion.

Unit 5: Discussion
11 unread reply.11 reply.
Choose a popular video marketing campaign. Using the ‘best practices for video marketing’ discussion in your text as a guide, explain why you think the campaign was successful. Remember share a link for your example.
It may be helpful to look at sources other than your text to respond to this prompt. 

Hello Class,
While researching marketing campaigns for this assignment, I had a couple sponsored clips come across my screen for a popular eyelash extension supplies and products company that I personally use myself. Paris Lash Academy (PLA) has uploaded a 34 second video on the their website homepage that stood out to me the most for several reasons. The video is compatible with my mobile device, the video is befitting for the platform it appears on, it is searchable and although it showcases the training courses available on the site, it is not an all out promotional video. One additional practice this video exhibited was, it worked with no sound (Ennis-O’Connor, 2021). The video has only upbeat music playing so whether it is muted or not, viewers can still understand the purpose and message behind the clip. When searching the companies Instagram, I found an informal video from the owner herself where she informed the audience about upcoming news and information about the company. This gave me, and the rest of the audience I’m sure, a glimpse into howPLA operates and made me feel confident about working with or purchasing from them in the future. The titles of both videos were clear, the production techniques were appropriate and they could be shared. I believe PLA is following the best practices for video marketing and it is literally helping build their brand at this very moment. I say that because while scrolling through their Instagram for this topic I watched their follower count rise from 48.5k to 48.6k.
PLA Training (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Barker, M. S., Barker, D., Bormann, N. F., Roberts, M. L., & Zahay, D. L. (2017). Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. Cengage Learning.
Ennis-O’Connor, M. (2021, April 15). Best Video Marketing Practices and Resources. Medium.
Eyelash Extension Supplies & Products. Paris Lash Academy. (n.d.).
Ja’Nice Locket-Dortch

Choose a popular video marketing campaign. Using the ‘best practices for video marketing’ discussion in your text as a guide, explain why you think the campaign was successful. Remember share a link for your example.
It may be helpful to look at sources other than your text to respond to this prompt.


My favorite video marketing campaign is the Nike Women: Better For It campaign. This campaign targeted everyday women and gave a depiction on how they felt working out by getting inside their heads. This used humor to motivate women by making them feel normal for their thought process while they workout.

(Wischhover, 2015).

“Nike claims that this is the largest initiative they have taken to support and motivate women in their athletic journey, no matter what stage they may be in. Nike stated the campaign is about “powering [women] to be better through services (Links to an external site.), product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level.”(Smith, 2016).
Our book gives the benefits of video marketing being
Engaging viewers
Large audiences
Building Brand awareness
Showcasing the Product
Generating Business Leads

Nike did a great job with all these things during this campaign. By channeling the realism of people working out and how they feel at the gym people felt as though they could relate and in turn looked at the websites and talked about it to their friends.
“Data on business to business (B2B) video marketing is harder to come by, but as early as 2010 Forbes found senior executives watching more video, more often, sharing with colleagues and taking action based on video content.19 In 2014 Digital Sherpa stated that 75% of executives watch business videos at least once a week”(Barker & Zahay, 2017).
Barker, D., & Zahay, D. L. (2017). Social media marketing: a strategic approach. Cengage Learning.
Smith. (2016, April 13). Nike Women: “Better For It” Campaign. Incitrio. (Links to an external site.).

Wischhover, C. (2015, April 15). Why I’m a Fan of Nike’s New Ad Campaign. Fashionista.

Park University Unit 5 Analysis Of Apples Video Marketing Campaign Discussion

University of Puerto Rico Human Being as Key To Humanity Progress Essay

University of Puerto Rico Human Being as Key To Humanity Progress Essay.

I’m working on a nursing exercise and need guidance to help me study.

Objetivo de la actividadMediante esta actividad los estudiantes reflexionarán sobre la dimensión del ser humano y sus implicaciones para su desarrollo y crecimiento como persona. Ello ayudará al estudiante a comprender las ciencias sociales y su pertinencia en la sociedad actual.InstruccionesPara esta actividad, creará un ensayo reflexivo sobre el tema “¿Por qué crees que los seres humanos viven en sociedad?”Realice una búsqueda sobre el tema, utilizando fuentes académicamente fiables y reflexione sobre la pregunta.Escriba en forma de ensayo sus reflexiones. Recuerde utilizar las reglas de citación correctamente cuando corresponda.La actividad es de carácter individual. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund).EntregableLa actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund). Entregar las respuestas en un documento de Word, letra Times New Roman, tamaño 12. Debe tener un mínimo de 300 palabras y un máximo de 350. Debe incluir las referencias en formato APA, de tres años o menos.
University of Puerto Rico Human Being as Key To Humanity Progress Essay

“Romeo and Juliet”: Play and Film Essay

assignment writing services When speaking about English plays, the majority of the general public immediately starts thinking of William Shakespeare. People who like his works and those who know just a little about him are definitely familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet, and its famous lines “For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” (Shakespeare 46). The play was rather popular in the 16th century when it was written but a new wave of attention it received in the 20th century due to the creation of filmed versions. Even though the film directed by Baz Luhrmann is considered to be the best innovative adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”, it implements lots of differences such as those related to the props, settings, music, and language. Just like Shakespeare, Luhrmann, showed his audience the story of two warring families. Their quarrels turn into fights with the weapon and negative consequences. The characters still have the same names, so that they can be easily differentiated and matched with one another. Those scenes and even dialogues that were written by Shakespeare can be found in the film, even those they are somehow changed to meet the requirements of the form (Lehmann 179). Preminger et al. claim that poetry is to be educative and pleasurable and both versions of “Romeo and Juliet” meet this criterion regardless of the fact that they had to appeal to the audience of a different time (133). Shakespeare implemented the jokes that were close to his contemporaries, mentioned the hierarchy that was present in society, and even added some allusions to real landmark events that took place in the 16th century. Luhrmann, in his turn, tried not to focus on those outdated ideas and resorted to the pop culture, which revealed the interests of the 20th century. As a result, both the original author and the director of the filmed adaptation pleased and entertained their audience. They attracted their attention with beautiful costumes and appealed to their ears with popular music. In addition to that, they spread those morals that were critical to society and educated the representatives of the general public in this way. The settings of the play and the film seem to be called in a similar way, but they can be found in different countries: Verona, Italy, and Verona Beach. The seaside area described in the adaptation resembles Miami, which means that the events were taken to another country. Of course, both settings reveal the environment that was peculiar to their time. In this way, people would hardly start thinking of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” as they see a city that is full of modern cars, multistoried buildings, and even hot dog stands. Those costumes that the author and the director wanted to see on their characters differ greatly, as they represent the fashion of two centuries. While in the play, people are in suits and dresses, the adaptation shows them in Hawaiian shirts and even leather clothes. The alterations of the traditional Elizabethan fashion also deal with the hairdo, as some of the Montagues have unnaturally colored hair even though they are boys. The language of the characters also is not the same. Of course, it was not possible to make the readers hear English or Italian accent of some characters when they were reading “Romeo and Juliet,” but such peculiarities were mentioned and revealed on the stage. Still, the filmed adaptation does not represent them. The thing is that the director believed it to be unnecessary. He considered that American English suited the play adaptation and there was no necessity to implement any changes: “When Shakespeare wrote these plays, they were written for an accent that was much more like an American sound, and when you do Shakespeare with an American accent it makes the language very strong, very alive” (Film Education 15). Music is one more element that makes the filmed adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” differ from the play and its performances. Luhrmann resorted to hip-hop music mainly. He added some sounds of electric guitar, which did not exist in the 16th century. When describing his decisions, the director claimed that he tried to add all varieties of music so that it could appeal to the diverse audience. In this way, he followed Shakespeare’s intention and gathered the contemporary church, folk, and popular music. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Having a closer look at Act One and the film scene that reveals those events that happen in it, the audience cannot but notice a range of differences. In Scene One, Samson and Gregory argue about their skills of swordplay near the Capulet’s house until Benvolio arrives, and Tybalt triggers the fight. In the film, Benvolio and the Montagues appear first in a car near a gas station where Tybalt and the Capulets arrive soon. In this scene, the fight starts, as one of the boys bites Abraham’s thumb. Here, the audience can see lots of differences in choreography in addition to the appearance of the new props. In the play, the boys are fighting with swords, which was typical for that time, while they have pistols in the film (Luhrmann). What is more, Shakespeare mentions that they are surrounded only by some observers, but Luhrmann makes them use other people’s cars and other extras. It is also interesting that the text of the adaptation does not change, and the characters speak of the weapon they do not actually have. The scene on the balcony is a well-known part of the play, and the director wanted to be impressive and touching. It reveals the feelings of the main characters and allows the audience to see that Romeo and Juliet’s love is strong enough to deal with all problems so many professionals believe it to be the highlight of the story (Rocklin 56). The director reduced this part so that it became much shorter. He also alters the setting to the swimming pool of the Capulet’s house while originally everything happened in the orchard. The camera focuses on the main characters during their dialogue, which allows the viewers to perceive the importance of their words and feelings. Thus, it can be concluded that the original play and its filmed adaptation reveal the same story of two young lovers even though they have a lot of differences. The author and the director wanted to make their audience familiar with the lives of Romeo and Juliet, so they did their best to make sure that their works would appeal to their contemporaries. In fact, this seems to be the main reason Luhrmann introduced a range of alterations to the play. His version was rather innovative, and it seemed that the director altered everything except for the love story, but the original play can still be easily recognized in his story. Works Cited Film Education. “Teacher’s Notes.” Filmeduction, n.d., Web. Lehmann, Courtney. Screen Adaptations: Romeo and Juliet. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014. Luhrmann, Buz. “Romeo Juliet.” YouTube, uploaded by Yi Tsou, 2016, Web. Preminger, ‎Alex, Frank Warnke, ‎

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Topic: Pharmacotherapeutics of Gastrointestinal DisordersFor the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), write a prescription for a medication used to treat GERD.Be sure to indicate drug name, strength, amount per dose, route, frequency of dose, amount to dispense, allow generics, number of refills and any special instruction to the patientAssignment Requirements:Before finalizing your work, you should:be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);consult the Grading Rubric (under Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; andutilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.APA formate 3 journal not older than 5 years old. NO plagiarism original work.
Gastrointestinal Disorders

Ashford University Psychology Research Design Discussion & Responses

Ashford University Psychology Research Design Discussion & Responses.

I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Be very detail and do apa format Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read the required articles by Skidmore (2008) and Henrich, Heine, & Norenzayan (2010). Carefully review the PSY635 Week Two Discussion Scenario. Apply the scientific method to the information included within the scenario and develop a null and a research hypothesis based on it. Using the hypotheses you have developed, compare the characteristics of the different experimental research designs discussed in the Skidmore (2008) article and choose the one that is most appropriate to adequately test your hypotheses. Identify potential internal threats to validity and explain how you might mitigate these threats. Apply ethical principles to the proposed research and describe the implications of this type of research in terms of the population(s) and cultural consideration(s) represented in the sample(s) within the scenario.
Ashford University Psychology Research Design Discussion & Responses