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Football in Saudi Arabia: The Soccer Al Nasser Club Essay

Leisure and play activities fulfill an important role in modern society. Through these events, people are able to relax and obtain some level of enjoyment. In addition to this, the activities enable the participating members and observers of the games to socialize with each other. Soccer (referred to as football by the Saudis) is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia. This paper will describe this game and explain its history in Saudi Arabia. The paper will discuss the Soccer Al Nasser Saudi Club in order to show who participates in the sport and who observes it. The elements within the game that contravene prevailing attitudes among Saudis and those that reaffirm them will be discussed. Football, a sporting activity commonly referred to as soccer in North America, involves players from two opposing teams who attempt to control a ball and score against each other. Each team has eleven players working harmoniously to score goals and avoid conceding any. The players hit the ball across the field to pass it over the opposition’s goal line. The team that has acquired the greater number of goals by the end of the allocated playtime is declared the victor. Soccer has been a part of Saudi culture since the formation of this nation in 1932. The sport was introduced to the Kingdom following the relations between the Europeans and the Saudis in the 20th century. After Saudi became a nation, soccer went on to become the national sport and it has remained popular to date. Saudi Arabia has been a part of the international football scene for decades. The nation founded its football federation in 1956 and over the following years, many football clubs have been established in the country. One of the most popular clubs is the Soccer Al Nasser Saudi Club, which was formed as an amateur association but grew to become a professional club in 1960. This Club has won many trophies including the Saudi Primer League and the prestigious Asian Champions League. The participants in Saudi football are male amateur and professional footballers. Amateur teams engage in competitive games as well as non-competitive ones mostly at the local level. Professional footballers are often involved in competitive events. The Soccer Al Nasser Saudi Club is very active in Saudi professional football and it has won many titles. Only men play in the team and the team’s coaches and managers are male. The club has many supporters in Riyadh and the rest of the country. A vast majority of these supporters are men of different ages. The supporters attend major matches and they engage in loud cheering for their team. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In some ways, football in Saudi Arabia contravenes prevailing attitudes in the country. For example, Saudis are very respectful and friendly to strangers. This friendliness is not obvious when playing football as each team has to view the opponents as rivals. The football fans engage in loud cheering for their team while they jeer at the opposing team. This public display of resentment for other people is not a part of Saudi culture and it only takes place in the context of the football match. When not engaging in the sport, Saudis are very friendly people who treat friends and strangers with great respect and consideration. There are some instances where Saudi football reaffirms patterns within the culture at times of non-play. To begin with, the sport reaffirms the segregation between men and women in Saudi society. Women do not mix with men in the public and this is evident in soccer. Men carry out the games and the observing fans are mostly men. In addition to this, there are no clubs for women in Saudi Arabia due to the societal roles of men and women in the country. Some aspects of the self-perception of Saudis can be deduced from their participation in football. Saudis value relationships between people in the society and efforts are made to make connections. Football is used as a forum for getting to know other people in the community. During the sporting event, the spectators engage in dialogue with each other and form friendships. The aspirations of the Saudi people to be winners can also be seen from the game. Professional and amateur footballers dedicate a lot of time and effort preparing for each game. After a victory, the team members and their fans celebrate the victory. Football is a sporting activity that fulfills an important role in Saudi society. This paper has described the game and shown its history in Saudi Arabia. One of the major football teams in the country, the Soccer Al Nasser Saudi Club has been described. Its participants and observers have been identified as being men. Football contravenes the prevailing attitudes of Saudi friendliness and hospitability. It affirms the segregation between men and women in society. From reviewing this sport in Saudi Arabia, it is clear that the Saudis value community life and these people view themselves as victors. We will write a custom Essay on Football in Saudi Arabia: The Soccer Al Nasser Club specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More
Walden University Mood Disorders and Self Harm Psychology Paper.

One of the more frightening child and adolescent issues is suicide. Suicide is a tragic event and is the third leading cause of death among adolescents (Somers-Flanagan & Somers-Flanagan, 2007, p. 155). Assessing suicidal children and adolescents as well as those who self-mutilate can be very difficult for many clinicians, and it takes skill to assess these issues accurately. Clinicians must be able to differentiate between suicidality and self-mutilation in order to assess the problem and develop interventions effectively.In most cases, suicide and self-mutilation (self-harm) assessments are conducted using clinical interviews. The most foundational principle in evaluating for self-harm is for the clinician to establish a positive working relationship with the child or adolescent. A valid assessment flows from a good working relationship because trust is established and communication is open. A good relationship does not negate the need to assess clinically the severity of the issue; therefore, clinicians must be skilled in assessing for self-harm.For this Assignment, review the media program Mood Disorders and Self-Harm,and consider the differences between suicidality and self-mutilation. Also, consider why it is critical to assess these two conditions accurately. Also, review Suicide Assessment Procedures, Documentation, and Risk Factors (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2007, p. 179–180) and Child and Adolescent Suicide Risk Factors and Warning Signs located in this week’s resources. Think about the importance of the suicide assessment to determine suicide risk in conjunction with common risk factors and warning signs.The Assignment (2–3 pages):Analyze the standard components of an adolescent suicide assessment and explain the importance of each component in assessing for suicide risk and why. Make sure to support your analysis with evidence from the articles by Sommers-Flanagan and the Child and Adolescent Suicide Risk Factors Warning Signs.Describe at least one component you might add or take away from the suicide assessment and explain why.Explain two differences between suicidality and self-mutilation in terms of the severity of each issue. Then, explain how severity relates to possible intention of a child or adolescent presenting with suicidality or self-mutilation.
Walden University Mood Disorders and Self Harm Psychology Paper

why you want to study Linguistics at graduate level why you want to study Linguistics at UCL what particularly

why you want to study Linguistics at graduate level why you want to study Linguistics at UCL what particularly attracts you to the chosen program how your academic and professional background meets the demands of this rigorous program What will I do with the degree afterwards 2 pages A little background about myself to help I have bachelors in Spanish Language and Culture, I studied abroad in Spain for a semester and was able to emerge myself in the culture and language while traveling around Europe and meeting new people from different walks of life. My sister Leah (9 years old) was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I had to watch her go through intense forms of therapy such as speech therapy and it intrigued me. I shadowed therapists while they did evaluations on her and had to take her to many of her therapies even now. Due to my personal experience with speech therapy I chose to do a bachelors in Spanish to be able to practice when done with my masters in speech pathology. I have no prior academic experience in speech which is why completing a masters in linguistics will introduce me into the courses required to enter such academic programs after being done. I want to get my masters degree abroad in comparison to in the states because of the prestigious and world renown education universities in London have to offer. below I have attached the link to the program in order to get some insight on the program itself.

BA 200 UIC American Southwestern Airlines Lost Item Policy Memorandum

python assignment help BA 200 UIC American Southwestern Airlines Lost Item Policy Memorandum.

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Module 5
Individual Complex Multi-Level Communication Development Assignment factsheetThis INDIVIDUAL ] PROJECT is a complex multi-level event development
assignment with content and expectations similar to that which you can expect to
regularly experience in the real world. Directions …
1. Read everything that is part of this assignment packet. Start by reading the
memorandum to you from Mr. James Rockford. Gain an overall understanding
of this event. 2. Consider what information you currently know … that which you have received
… it’s content … how, when and why you receive it. Think of this as completing
a jigsaw puzzle … what pieces do you have and what pieces do you need?3. Read and understand the content of the Communique provided to you … what
information is provided/requested, when, why and how … what information
has been shared, when, why and how … which individuals have need or nice to
know … which medium(s) used … which tone(s) used. Remember … paper trail
and CYA. 4. Determine the Communiques you must develop … what information do you
have/need, when, why and how … what information do you need to share,
when, why, and how … which individuals need to know and nice to know …
which medium(s) used … which tone(s) used. Remember … you want a paper
trail and CYA.5. Complete an Event Strategy Timeline Table (Word file provided), presenting the
dates, To, From, Medium, Cc, Bcc, PS, Attachment, Enclosure, Tone, and Subject
Topic details obtained in #4 above. Submit this Table as part of a
properly formatted and written memorandum to Professor Corte. Consider this
Corte BA 200 TTh Spring – 2021
Event Strategy Timeline Table the topic of the memorandum. 6. Consider ALL of the readings, viewings, subject specific videos, in-class
discussions, strategy sessions, team exercises and individual assignments on
memoranda, letters, routine messages, negative messages, and persuasive
messages … in other words, everything presented in this class to date.7. Submission Requirements
Electronic: Upload, within this assignment’s link by the due date and time.
a) Memorandum to Professor Corte presenting your Event Strategy Timeline
Table (#5) and
b) ALL of the communique you create related to the Event.
c) All required communique may be uploaded as one or multiple
documents. Complain Letter to Mr. James Rockford – Spring 2021.pdf Corte Response Letter to Your Telephone Call — Spring 2021.pdf ASA Lost Item Policy – Spring 2021.pdf
BA 200 UIC American Southwestern Airlines Lost Item Policy Memorandum

Examining the impact of the Enron Corporate Scandal

Examining the impact of the Enron Corporate Scandal. Enron is an energy-based company in Houston, Texas that deals with the energy trade on international and domestic based. Enron Corp. Is one of the world’s largest energy, commodities and Services Company was created out of merger of two major gas pipe line in 1985. Enron was created by merge between Houston Natural Gas and Internorth. Houston’s gas’s CEO Kenneth lay headed the merger of the two companies. After that Kenneth lay become the CEO of Enron. Earlier Enron was Enron was solely involved with the distribution and transmission of electricity and gas of United States. In merger, Enron incurred a large amount of debt, and which resulted deregulation, after this Enron was no longer had the rights of its pipelines. The company had to find a way to generate profits and cash flow. Kenneth lay hired Jeffrey Skilling to work for Enron as an accountant. Skilling suggested the practice of buying gas from a network of suppliers and selling it to it consumers at the fixed price with a contract. Enron was interested in the expansion, building, and operation of the pipelines, power plants, and other infrastructure. After just a year of operation Enron merged with a company called spectrum seven, a company whose chairman and CEO is the former president of United States, George W. Bush After just a year of operation. In 1999, Enron tried to expand their company by creating the Azurix Corporation, a water utility company. Overall the Azurix Corporation proved unsuccessful financially. The Azurix Corporation, due to their failure to make an entrance into the market, went under. Enron allegedly became successful, trading over eight hundred different products worldwide. Enron was named “America’s Most Innovative Company” by Fortune magazine from 1996 to 2001. Enron was on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to work for In America” in 2000. The company’s future appeared to be bright and promising continued success. Enron faced many accusations of building links to political power. The company’s connection to George W. Bush, and Houston’s local politics has received much attention in recent past. In 1986, Enron was involved with Bush’s company in joint drilling for oil. There are reports that Kenneth Lay and George W. Bush even shared friendship. Kenneth lay has employed politicians who have worked under George W. Bush also signed off on a law that deregulated Texas’s electrical markets, which coincidentally resulted in large profits for Enron. The company also had political links that reached outside of the United States. Enron created a massive and highly expensive power plant in India, even though many Indian citizens and the World Bank strenuously objected. Allegedly protesters in India were beaten up and arrested. The United States ambassador to India, who opposed the plant eventually, joined the board of Enron oil and gas The screws came loose in August 2001, when Jeffrey Skilling, the CEO resigned from office for unknown reasons. By October 2001, Enron experienced its first quarter where they did not report a profit. On November 8th, 2001 Enron told the SEC it was restating its earnings since 1997, reducing income by $. ENRON SCANDAL In Enron’s original natural gas business, the accounting had been fairly straightforward in each time period, the company listed actual costs of supplying the gas and actual revenues received from selling it. However, when skilling joined the company, he demanded that the trading business adopt mark- to -market accounting, citing that it would reflect “true economic value”. Enron became the first non-financial company to use the method to account for its complex long- term contracts. Mark-to-market accounting requires that once a long-term contract was signed, income be estimated as the present value of net future cash flows. Often, the viability of these contracts and their related costs were difficult to judge .Due to large discrepancies of attempting to match profits and cash, investors were typically given false or misleading reports. While using the method, income from projects could be recorded, which increased financial earnings. However, in future years, the profits could not be included, so new and additional income had to be included from more projects to develop additional growth to appease investors. However, Enron later expanded its use to other areas in company to help it meet Wall Street projections. Here are some detailed frauds in the Enron’s financial statement: Enron’s auditor applied reckless standards in their audit, which was showing conflict between interests. Enron financial statement showed the booking costs of cancelled projects as assets, with the rationale that to no official letter had stated that the project was cancelled. This method was known as “the snowball”, and although it was initially dictated that stay under $90 million, it was later extended to $200 million where all found “strange transactions”. Like “erratic cash flow” and huge debt. Enron was estimated to have about $23billion in liabilities, both debt outstanding and guaranteed loans. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase in particular appeared to have significant amounts to lose with Enron’s fall. Additionally, many of Enron’s major assets were pledged to lenders in order to secured loans, throwing into doubt what if anything unsecured creditors and eventually stockholders might receive in bankruptcy proceedings. IMPACT The collapse of Enron, the largest bankruptcy in U.S history, which led to thousands of employees losing their jobs and their life saving plans tied to the company’s stock, which was calculated as 401(k). Reputation of Andersen, Enron’s auditing firm, is damaged after company official admitted that thousands of Enron documents were destroyed. Those events lead to flurry of probes, including a criminal investigation by the U.S justice department of Enron .The SEC and the Labor department – as well as six congressional committees-is also investigating the company’s collapse. Enron officials have donated millions of dollars to Republicans and Democrats alike. At the heart of Enron’s troubles were numerous outside partnerships, set up to keep debt off its books, which were reviewed by Andersen. In addition, it was revealed that Enron has paid no income taxes in four of the last five years, using almost 900 subsidiaries in tax-haven countries and other techniques. A major issue brought to light by the scandal is Andersen dual role as Enron’s auditor and consultant, which critic’s claim is a serious conflict of interest. Andersen has been accused of over looking the huge sums of money kept off Enron’s books because Enron represented a potential $100 million -a- year in fees to the auditor. Enron fired Andersen as the feuding corporations both came under growing scrutiny for their roles in the collapse of the world’s largest energy trading company. REFEENCES Examining the impact of the Enron Corporate Scandal

Rasmussen College Role of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Discussion

Rasmussen College Role of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Discussion.

As a future Primary Care NP please tell us:
1.Please indicate the factors that have led you to pursue a MS in Nursing as an NP and your understanding of the specific role of an NP.
2.How have your experiences and/or skills (i.e. clinical/academic) prepared you for graduate studies andonline learning? 
3.If you have any course grades or a cumulative GPA below 3.0, please address the factors that contributed to this and identify strategies that you will employ in this program to ensure your success.
4.A typical student spends on average 20 hours each week on their didactic courses and more during clinical semesters. Given your professional and personal obligations, please briefly explain your approach to online learning and how you will accommodate the necessary academic and clinical requirements?
5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an NP (i.e. setting, scope of practice, change agent etc.).
Rasmussen College Role of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Discussion