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Our name]’s priority is to provide & maintain a strong commitment to healthy quality food, excellent customer service, and a relaxing ambiance. At [our name], we strive to provide Canada with a first-rate dining experience. We believe guests who dine at [our name] should leave enthused and sated, while making immediate plans to return. ” “We are passionate about food! We prepare the finest cuts of meats, obtain the freshest local produce, and we have impeccable service with a cheerful environment.

With award winning culinary artists, there is nowhere else you would rather be. ” [Our name] has the ambition to become the fastest growing restaurant chain in Canada. We encourage strong work ethics, innovation and reward staff for goals accomplished. With continued support and development for our employees, we mold [our name] as an attractive atmosphere for talented and unique individuals. “Whether you are looking for a career or a part time job, [our name] is the place for you. We recognize hard work through benefits and incentives for staff.

We are also a strong supporter for the local culinary college; we offer internships and scholarships with a long-term -commitment of support for our current and future generations as they make their way into the culinary world. ” GOALS Expansion * Our goal is to expand from our current locations in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta, and open three new restaurants in British Columbia. The new restaurants will be located in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria. Our aim is to have the three new establishments operating in two years, in time to benefit from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Our name] goal is to have one restaurant fully functional after 8 months of construction and training

Persuasive Essay: Transgender Athletes are ruining Women’s Athletics

Persuasive Essay: Transgender Athletes are ruining Women’s Athletics.

 Your persuasive essay must be 5–7 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and must be written in MLA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include at least four references cited in MLA format. Please use the three sources  provided plus an additional source of your choice. Sources: Boren, Cindy. “Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second Texas state girls’ championship.” The Washington Post, 25 Feb. 2018, Gleaves, John, and Tim Lehrbach. “Beyond Fairness: The Ethics of Inclusion for Transgender and Intersex Athletes.” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, vol. 43, no. 2, July 2016, pp. 311-326, SNHU Shapiro Library, Tucker, Ross. “On Transgender Athletes and Performance Advantages.” The Science of Sport, 28 Mar. 2019, Critical Elements Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction: This is where readers will have a chance to get an idea of what your essay will be about and what you will prove throughout. Do not give all of your information away here, but give readers a sample of what is to come. Do not forget to review your writing plan to make sure you are hitting all of the points that you planned out, while also stating your claim. A. Provides an overview of the issue you have selected, briefly describing main points and your argument. B. Compose an engaging thesis that states the argument that you will prove and support throughout your essay. This statement will give direction to your essay and should be well thought out. II. Body: The body is your opportunity to describe and support your argument in depth. Make sure your thoughts and evidence are clear and organized in a way that is easy for readers to follow and understand. A. Be sure that you write multiple paragraphs that are focused, clearly state their intent, and move logically from one to the other, building the thesis argument as the essay progresses. B. Your body paragraphs should support your argument by combining thoughts and ideas with evidence from sources. There is no such thing as a right or wrong argument; the key is how it is supported and the quality of the evidence used. C. Address and refute any opposing viewpoints to your argument. This is your chance to discredit any opposing views, thus strengthening your own. III. Conclusion: Think of the conclusion as a review of your argument. Use this section to restate your argument and remind readers of your supporting evidence. Think of this as your last chance to persuade readers to agree with you. A. Review your argument. This section should consist of a review of your main points employed to support your argument. Think of this as your last chance to prove your point or your closing arguments. B. Your conclusion should articulate insights about your argument established through your essay. This should follow logically from your essay, referring to key points or quotes used to support your argument.

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