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This means that liquor outlets can refuse entry and alcohol to any member of the pubmic without giving a reason. Question 2 * People orientated – beverage managers must be comfortable leading their employees and working with the public. a manager is expected to walk the floor and talk to patrons. * Honesty – in some cases beverage manager’s work for the owner of the establishment, who has entrusted his or her managers with the restaurants profits and supplies.

Stealing from the establishment or other dishonesty is a fast way to lose the owners trust. * Organized – a good beverage manager will know the key to success is preparations. This means ensuring beverages are fresh and ready to place when customers arrive, beverage managers must be strong administrators. * Flexibility – a beverage manager may be required to work late hours, especially if employed at a bar. You will need to be prepared for all situations. A good beverage manager has the below 5 characteristics: * Confidence * Honesty and integrity * Good management skills To be able to work well under pressure * Reliability Question 3 On-consumption – an outlet where liquor is served over a counter or to table for the customers to consume on the premises. Off-consumption – an outlet where liquor is sold to the public for consumption elsewhere. The liquor must be sold unopened in sealed containers. Question 4 A bar control system is important in order to attain correct and accurate stock control. Question 5 Possible discrepancies

The stir method means the ingredients are added together and then stirred to ensure mixing in one of two ways: Mixed in the glass or mixed in a separate container and then strained into the serving glass. Question 11 This means that when a cocktail is shaken with ice, the ice thaws too quickly, diluting the liquor with water and making the drink weaker. Question 12 a) Rum: 1) Cuba Libre – 1 ? Tots white rum Top up with cola according to taste in a highball glass with ice. Lime or lemon wedge to garnish. 2) Bacardi Cocktail – 1 measure Bacardi rum ? measure grenadine ? lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass b) Brandy: 1) Brandy Cocktail-1 ? measures brandy 1 measure cointreau 2 dashes of sugar syrup 2 dashes of angostura bitters Add ice and stir gently, strain into a cocktail glass 2) Stinger – 1 measure brandy 1 measure creme de menthe (white) Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass c) Gin: 1) Gin and It – 1 measure dry gin 1 measure Italian vermouth Pour over ice unto a cocktail glass garnish with a cherry 2) Dry Martini-2 measures dry gin 1 measure dry vermouth Mix and stir gently and serve in a cocktail glass garnish with a twist of lemon and an olive.

Question 13 1 ounces Whiskey 5 ounces Soda Water Mix ingredients in a highball glass two-thirds full of ice. Stir briskly and garnish with a lemon twist. | Question 14 Balloon glass. South African liqueur brandy is wellington or old fashioned. Question 15 Sambuco is a liqueur, it is usually meant to be drunk before meals but people prefer to have them as shooters. It is most often served on their own in a liqueur glass or as part of a cocktail. Question 16 The binder: made up of one leaf which holds the filler together. Covers the inner part of the cigar completely.

How should abuse of authority be monitored, regulated, and/or prevented.

How should abuse of authority be monitored, regulated, and/or prevented..

Requirements: 1) Stage 1: Look at the prompt, complete a freewrite, and ask questions on the topic before making plans for research and the rest of the writing process. a. You may find it helpful to begin with a case that ignites your interest in the prompt. For instance, see if you can find an example from Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide or The Circle. Or, you can consider a real-life example from a newspaper article. Find a case study or story that interests you. 2) Stage 2: Conduct research (first exploratory then final), read and annotate these sources, and produce an Annotated Bibliography a. You should begin with exploratory research. See what you can find on the topic. See what interests you. See how many sources are available on your area of interest. b. Then, you need to select a minimum of 5 academic sources (articles, chapters, or books) and 3 popular culture sources that speak to your specific topic. Read each source and produce an entry for the Annotated Bibliography. 3) Stage 3: Write a working outline 4) Stage 4: Write out draft and revise your final paper for clarity, accuracy, and conciseness. Prompt #1: How should data be used to solve a social justice issue or problem? (Find and describe a social justice issue or problem. This example, which can be real or fictional, can be used to illustrate the social justice issue or problem. Conduct research on this issue and/or how data can and should be used. Make your argument.) Prompt #2: How should abuse of authority be monitored, regulated, and/or prevented. (Find and describe an example of an abuse of authority. This example, which can be real or fictional, can be used to illustrate the problem of abuse of authority. Conduct research on this issue of abuse of authority and ways to monitor, regulate, and/or prevent this abuse from happening. Make your argument.)

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